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 July 23, 2014

Purple Zombie Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Purple Zombie marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. As the name implies, the Purple Zombie marijuana strain has purple coloring and can get you so high and couch-locked that you may feel like the zombie apocalypse is upon us. The Purple Zombie marijuana strain has dense, tight nugs, and is covered in trichomes. The smell from Purple Zombie is very fruity. I’ve heard it described as having a ‘plumb taste’ which I didn’t get when I smoked it, but I can see how someone could make that leap, especially since the strain is purple. The high from Purple Zombie is very strong and relaxing, making it great for helping with pain or insomnia.

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purple zombie marijuana strain


purple zombie marijuana strain


purple zombie marijuana strain



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    Look at that little boy-flower! Pretty buds!


    Unstable genetics or irregular light and feeding caused the solitary male flower, or it could be a recessive trait. They call me hermie :(

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