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Rand Paul: Jeb Bush Is A Marijuana Hypocrite

jeb bush marijuana
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In a recent article in the Boston Globe, it became known that while Jeb Bush was in boarding school he consumed marijuana, and even sold some hash to at least on of his classmates. It’s fairly common to hear about someone Jeb Bush’s age having consumed marijuana. But what makes the revelations significant is that Jeb Bush adamantly opposes marijuana reform. Jeb Bush has made it very clear throughout the years that he feels those that consume marijuana, and especially those that sell hash, should be prosecuted. What Jeb Bush dismisses as ‘just part of growing up’ when it applies to him, is something that he feels other should go to jail for and have a criminal record for.

This hypocritical stance has drawn some harsh comments from Rand Paul. Per CBS News:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, accused Jeb Bush of “hypocrisy” Friday after a report in the Boston Globe chronicled Bush’s marijuana use during high school. Bush, a former Florida governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate, opposes the use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

“This is a guy who now admits he smoked marijuana but he wants to put people in jail who do,” Paul, who’s also mulling a presidential bid, said during an interview with The Hill newspaper. “You would think he’d have a little more understanding, then.”

In the Globe’s report, Bush acknowledged some experimentation with the drug during his time at Phillips Academy in Andover, an elite private boarding school in Massachusetts.

Jeb Bush wants to become President of the United States. If elected, he would join his father and older brother in doing so. That would be a disaster for marijuana reform, as I’m sure Jeb Bush would do everything he could to halt, if not reverse, all of the marijuana victories the movement has achieved since George W. Bush left office. How sad would that be knowing that Jeb Bush himself consumed and even sold marijuana at one point in his life. Jeb Bush truly is a hypocrite.

  • Sarijuana

    I don’t think Jeb is even being entirely honest about his use, (much like Bill Clinton), and I hope if he runs he gets called about by people he used to burn it with. Either way – Rand Paul is correct. Hypocrite.

    • wowFAD

      Stellarvoyager pointed out to me that Jeb (the whole Bush clan, really) has been very tight with the people who were behind the nefarious “Straight, Inc” — Betty Sembler used to work for Jeb, directly. That was after she was done using methods on teens likened to “highly refined brainwashing techniques employed by the North Koreans during the 1950s.”

  • Ted Mishler

    i imagine that people like him, who frown on a person’s human right to use their imagination

    through the use of cannabis, probably can not see the third image in the middle, which please see for yourselves below…

    third paragraph, second sentence of wikipedia’s definition of high treason says:
    Participating in a war against one’s native country

    paul harvey used to say of our minds to use them or lose them, and it looks as though politicians for the most part are people of the lost, sadly
    he sure is no leader, and GOOD people should NEVER ask his thuggish kind to rule them, where is his love for all people?
    Where are the high treasonous traitors love for those who use cannabis, that are discriminated against through anti-Constitution wrongful hate, that his kind of thug endorses
    there is more than enough evidence that the ancients used cannabis to get closer to God.

    Their banning religions that use cannabis is another traitorous act that goes against the very foundation of any country, especially one like this one that touts that they are for the freedom of all GOOD people…

    it is a lack of morals to be for the discrimination of others, and his irresponsiveness to cannabis consumers, while he bares false witness on them, tells me he is no practicing Christian, he sure does not practice doing unto others what he would want done to himself, which is a tell…

    While thousands die yearly on pills and alcohol, politicains would have us all believe their filthy lie, that it is ok for for people to needlessly die in their eyes.

    I have read that NO ONE ever dies on cannabis…

    It is telling of his irresponsibility, and a true sign of a lack of leadership abilities, which is so common today, just look at the national dept, we have people like myself that are prohibited from work, well, i’d rather have my own business anyway, but i should have the opportunity to work where ever i am qualified to do so, without the high treasonous discrimination, this is supposed to be a free nation

    why is it so common for low lifes to believe that their failure to achieve a higher state of consciousness, is a major achievement?

    why do they frown on bettering themselves though the evolving nature of entheogens, and they mistakenly think that their unkind behavior, being warrior loving bullies, is a model for a clean life style?

    there is nothing clean about one if they fill the temple of their own bodies with hate for another, and the want to imprison, confiscate, and ruin families who enjoy the benefits of cannabis

    God only knows what kind of wars that they are responsible for around the globe, surly they’re thuggish ignorance is responsible for the deaths of countless people, look at Johnathan Maggie, a para pelagic, sent to jail for his cannabis use, where he died when his breathing tube fell out, it is time we imprison despicable criminals such as those bent on warring on the cannabis communities across this fine nation, not respect them and vote for the evil scum.

    Or, at least we should all make it a point to discriminate against them for their want to hate what JESUS and the RABBIS used to do, and let them look for work, and be turned down so that they taste bread line food, let them see what it is like to find work only at minimum wages, it is perjury for politicians to say that they will protect the constitutional rights of ALL people, and then when they are in office, to war against the very people who vote for them

    who will start telling the truth?

    RT NEWS yesterday broached a subject I’d like to hear more of, only i missed most of it, stupid satelite system, but they told of a time in the 30’s when the people wanted a new system of economy, when they were fed up with the feds for getting them in that depression they were in, where they’re economic system they wanted to start was based on what was it technology or something, i wish i saw that whole thing, someone asked what is the matter of having politicians that are smart, rather than stupid “paraphrasing” And I have often wondered the same thing, i mean we need a guy in office more like the professor, not immoral thugs,
    well, got to re-up, later

    • ted mishler

      rt news is a strange network, they were shut down yesterday, then they come one, and talk about Ferguson mo., only to have a person of a darker complexion suggest that his hate of cannabis makes him so goody goody
      there isn’t any thing nice about any so called race of people who hate any other person due to their liking of cannabis, and yet, rt spent, actually wasted time telling of how the hater had it so rough.
      I notice the hater of the cannabis community crying of not being treated with love had plenty of hate in the cannabis community, come to speak of
      until people stop that attitude of hate
      seems only fitting that the cannabis users stay away from filthy minds as his, seems fitting then to discriminate
      but i am in means suggesting it is right to discriminate due to color
      i am suggesting that those who discriminate on people that happen to like weed, are not good citizens, or brothers
      cause hate is hate, no matter where it comes
      hate is really a matter of being just dumb
      and no amount of appearance makes them any better
      not even if they have an ivy league sweater
      so they can take their appearance of clean
      and shove it, cause they are just wanting to make slaves of the folk who use cannabis as they believe that it is not obscene to be mean

      • ted mishler

        but i am in “NO” means suggesting it is right to discriminate due to color, when will i learn to proof, where is the edit button?

        • Sarijuana

          edit is below your post, right after the up and down arrows and before “Reply”

        • ted mishler

          I pray to that God helps us all to have patience with one another, and pray that folk will stop hating on the folks who use cannabis for this that or the other, so that those who do enjoy the benefits of cannabis would be allowed to work in factories so that they needn’t have to ever be closed down, due to wrongful discrimination, and that meanness i do not think any one wants around, i pray that we will all be treated with respect, so that love, can more easily be felt, and seen, not just looked at as some grand allusional, to where folks will no longer think that the love of lack of cannabis, does not necessarily indicate that type of person’s character, i love the cosmical thought of togetherness, and know though that on the other hand that if people want to not allow us our due freedom, but rather to have us be their slaves, maybe the folk who like cannabis should be separated, segregated form those who hate it, just to instil peace, is one possible scenario, and it doesn’t matter the color of skin, what matters most is the love we have for another, still though, a separation of people does not seem right, as it boundaries on secrecy that i would personally care to see, as too many people miss out on that kind of think, you see, love out to the good folk, no matte the skin hue, man, this thirst, i need to re-up my mountain dew, American idol sure did display some great talent, and sang with all their heart, what great entertainment, and it warmed my heart to see and hear that, sometimes i have been told, that the thing on light poles is not a camera, but rather just a light sensor, like a cds cell, or a photo cell, which when it senses the lack of light, it turns on the street lamp to keep the area illuminated at nite, i just do not think he understands, he suggested that the dealers of cannabis to those who need and want it should be curtailed, so that they can pass the discriminatory urinalysis so that they will not be themselves, if they want to toke, they are asked to stop being their selves, or risk starving? if people want respect that have to give it, that is not doing unto another as you would want to be treated, i believe if he really wanted to get along, he would not call folks selling weed disgusting people or whatever he said, that is just wrong, and for rt to display the messages of hate, does no thing to bring the country back to togetherness, at which time, we all can celebrate freedom for all, and we all can get on with our lives, and all
          much love to the good folk and to God above
          better go before i get another ticket, no one told me they ticked after 5, what a rip, and it doubles if it isn’t paid soon, sheesh
          what do they want from us?

  • Ted Mishler

    They ban the alter, and make it a table, not an altered consciousness as was done for ions, how dare them suggest that they’re life styles are clean, they are despicably dirty, and if no one told them so, then they should cause it is the truth

  • Ted Mishler

    wow, i spent probably an hour on a post, to find that not only is it is still here, but awaiting moderation approval, i canceled my google plus account last nite due to my public setting being not shared with the public, its as though that people now have no freedom to be heard, wasn’t it crook cheyney however you spell his name, i am not looking it up, who said that people have the right to be speak but no right to be heard or something? my word
    at least we try
    will not cry
    now i am off to re-up
    people are out, ok, now time for me to pout:-)
    well, here is a prayer for a better tomorrow, where people like me will know no sorrow
    am now returning this laptop, as i am about to purchase one of my own
    borrowed things if they break, can make for unhappy feelings for goodness sakes
    besides this thing lacks
    no hard drive, no dos, no executable file capabilities, and most pages have to be encrypted using https, which really slows down page loading anyway

    • wowFAD

      If it’s one of the two I’m looking at, it probably took a little time to approve because it has two external links and a youtube video embedded. Just gotta be patient.

      • ted mishler

        guess you’re right
        it did get put up
        strangely though, i noticed that facebook refused to allow that copy and pasted post that i did
        hmm, i will attempt it again
        curious what folk think, or if they even are aware
        or if they already know or not, and even if they even care
        last nite coast to coast suggested some goings that can not be understood to me
        how do they justify profiting from selling heroin, and yet demonize those who use cannabis, and suggest that we are all going to burn in the hell they provide, to where they will never allow our employment, so that we will never have any care or money for tires for a bike that we can ride?

        Fakers, and by their own fruits, sometimes, we can get an idea of just what of person they might be, not always, as that is typecasting , but
        gritting and gnashing their teeth tells me what their thing is, and i will not say what it is, but i know
        and i really do not care personally what their drug of choice is, but if they believe they have to kill people for it, and discriminate against all others who use other things, like cannabis, and tell us we will all burn in the hell they make for us, as they black list us from obtaining employment, with their holy than thou attitude for not joining their club of hate, when in reality, they can be sometimes just deadly, and then we all have a problem with that i believe as that kind of thinking comes from below
        but it is not like surly all catholics are ruthless killers as coast to coast am suggested last nite, i personally knew a catholic in the past, and he was a nice guy, and taught me a lot on tv repair
        he even gave me his Heathkit dual trace oscilloscope, when he decided to give up his practice,
        every day he would go to mass, to help him maintain his happiness in his life, and to help him cope
        i remember we went to the now closed H.A. Williams electronic parts store one time and bought a 33g something horizontal oscillator tube for one of his tv sets, he used to fix tvs for a living, and when he retired, i was lucky to have met the man
        may he rest in peace

        • ted mishler

          typos, man, well, in my defense, i am un canna-medded, and being on the toilet all nite, makes it hard for me to feel rested and contented in the moment

  • reefer

    little off topic but…. any1 see the Newsweek special edition all about MJ? Mostly a propaganda piece with gems like how growers are causing environmental havoc(as if) and some really pretty pictures. it seems like the evil ones have given up on the legalization thing, and now there’s a GLOBAL movement to take away the RIGHT to personal cultivation.

    • newageblues

      They’re not going to be able to pull that ban on personal grows off. If it’s not dangerous enough to ban, it’s not dangerous enough to ban personal growing. Out of 4 states + DC that have legalized, only WA state bans personal grows, and there’s efforts being made to change that. They are also going to have to allow cannabis cafes, which are going to serve as a model of safety compared to alcohol bars.

      Illegal commercial grows are causing environmental havoc. Which is one more important issue for our side to use against the infinitely stupid prohibitionists.

      • been there

        While I agreed with most of your comment, I don’t see why you think they’re going to “have to allow cannabis cafes” while it is still on the CSA. If it were on the same schedule as say alcohol, I’d say it’s possible. However, alcohol is not on the schedule at all – which is where cannabis belongs as well. Deschedule instead of reschedule and it’s a whole different story.

        • yankee2

          Interestingly, on the basis of harm caused, whereas marijuana doesn’t deserve to be scheduled at all, but IS scheduled, and alcohol DOES deserve to be scheduled (and tobacco about 10x as much), they are not only not scheduled, but no one, least of all the prohibitionists, are even suggesting that they should be scheduled! It’s a complete, irrational disconnect.

          The reason for that disconnect is, of course, that the prohibitionist’s REAL motives are completely different from their stated ones. It is CERTAINLY NOT a concern for public health and safety that motivates them; it is, rather, a concern for losing their precious cash streams that motivates prohibition. It is a cynical selling out of American lives, by the millions, so that about 150K prohibitionists can make about $50Bn a year.

          The new Obama budget does, of course, preserve most if not all of those cash streams. They ARE the bottom line…

          • been there

            Yup! Thanks for elucidating.

      • yankee2

        It “not being dangerous enough to ban” never stopped them in the past… and they are bound to keep trying. In the future, it will be backdoor prohibition, i.e “prohibition by other names.” That’s why we should expect to keep on fighting. At some point, of course, The Industry will do most of our fighting for us (one of the few advantages of corporatization).

        • IJR

          One positive does come out of federal cannabis prohibition.

          Since large corporations (I am not anti-corporation) won’t touch cannabis right now, small time growers are dominating the market, especially in Colorado. There is a lot of very high quality cannabis being produced and bred in Colorado right now.

          While there would be a market for high quality cannabis no matter what, the feds are in a way ensuring that there will be small growers and very high quality cannabis.

          That being said it is time that cannabis is removed from schedule one status. Removed, not rescheduled.

          If a president is elected in the next election that wants to enforce federal cannabis laws we can finally have a long overdue state’s rights showdown.

          The prohibitionists have painted themselves in a corner and are doomed.

    • yankee2

      Regarding environmental “havoc,” every single road, parking lot or building does INFINITELY more environmental damage than a pot field, simply by ERASING every trace of natural habitat where they are built! Even FARM FIELDS do infinitely more damage, by reducing species diversity from thousands to approximately ONE, and by attracting tons of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

      YET, it seems, the people who complain about marijuana grows aren’t complaining about THOSE cases, are they? Why the hell NOT? Could it be because THEY are all profit-making industries? Because THEY are all built or owned by rich, established CAPITALISTS? Because the very same people who complain about marijuana grows are heavily invested in those OTHER kinds of environmental damage?

      I think so.

      When we understand that the ONLY reason there are pot grows in remote wilderness areas in the first place is because of prohibition, i.e. because it CANNOT be grown out in the open, the charge becomes ridiculous. If not for prohibition, there wouldn’t be ANY pot growing in our national parks and forests! If not for prohibition, most marijuana would be grown in greenhouses, and do FAR LESS DAMAGE EVEN THAN CONVENTIONAL CROPS!

      To try to blame marijuana growers, dealers and users for the limited, relatively minor environmental damage done by marijuana grows is HYPOCRITICAL (and false)… BEYOND THE FUCKING PALE.

      • IJR

        LOUD NOISES.

  • Nathaniel

    As I said in an earlier article, there is no chance I would ever vote for another Bush. Dad not so bad, Jr., the reason we are in two wars folks don’t want to acknowledge exists, or very little at the least. There has been enough warmongering for the last 100yrs. Time to stop policing the world, unless they ask.

    • yankee2

      Two wars, a half MILLION murders (an almost INCONCEIVABLE number), and at least $4Tn later, and half the world HATING AMERICA, and we want to go the same way AGAIN? THAT would be INSANITY!

      Can Americans REALLY be that stupid?

      • Denny

        Sure they can, they elected Obama 2x.

        • MrPC

          Right. All the intelligent folks voted for John McCain and Mitt Romney, because they wouldn’t have involved us in those insane wars. Hahahaha!

        • Nathaniel

          The Keynesian approach, when applied to new tech invested in your home country, can work and it did in this instance. Alternative tech has done nothing but grow with the grants given out. We now produce the most wind energy in the world [just in total output, not significant enough to stem the tide of global warming]. Basically every car company in America is now offering a hybrid. More biodiesel and ethanol is being produced than ever before.
          Conversely, the failed PPAHCA will long be remembered as the single largest payoff to a corporate entity since Clinton handed over our communications towers to five major media outlets. Additionally, the feds were purchasing corporate bonds at a rate of 60-80billion dollars a month for a period of a year, stabilizing the market, thus creating the appearance of a healthy economy, but really just another pay off to those who funded his campaigns. We have not seen real job growth [by this I mean jobs that are 40hrs a week, with full benefits med/dent/eye, retirement, paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid maternity leave, etc] for a couple years.
          I could go on and on about how bad his administration has been, but it still pales in comparison to what George Jr. brought us.

      • Jean Anne Lewis

        Let’s hope not.

      • Ron

        Yes, they can be that stupid. Remember that they re-elected W even after the catastrophe in Iraq. I was surprised that he would even vote for himself. Many will blame Obama for the sorry state of the economy (it has improved greatly since 2008) and the debacle in the Middle East (which was primarily unleashed by the chaos created by W’s war in 2003.)

      • Craig

        The short answer is a resounding YES.

      • IJR

        The Republicans and the Democrats are idiots.

    • Jean Anne Lewis

      Bingo! :-)

  • Sinclair

    So what Jeb is saying that all of those 18 to 24 year Olds that are locked up because of Marijuana should be let go since they are “just growing up”……. What a piece. What it really is that Jeb is just making excuses for himself with out a care for anyone else. Don’t worry Jeb your a Bush you could crap on the entire country and you will get some I’ll informed persons vote.

  • yankee2

    If Jeb Bush thinks that others should go to prison for dealing marijuana, maybe he should be the first to step up and volunteer? He DID commit the “crime,” didn’t he? Then according to HIS OWN REASONING, he should rot in prison for a few years. Or else STFU!

    If he runs for president, NOBODY HERE SHOULD VOTE FOR HIM. He’s a hypocrite, to the max (and that’s the least of the problems with Jeb Bush). That ANYONE would want another sneering, swaggering, anti-intellectual shrub in the WH BOGGLES THE MIND!

    • moldy

      Nice to hear from you again yankee2! I doubt anyone here would vote for the guy but it’s a scary thought having another bush in the yard.

      • yankee2

        The problem is that many people might be convinced that other issues, e.g. the economy, or another war, are more important than drug policy reform, which could divert support. I think it’s our business to show them that they are NOT more important, and that legalizing marijuana should be a top priority. Nice to hear from you again, too, moldy!

    • Denny

      Then Obama should be in the cell next to him…

      • yankee2

        Yes, since he STILL seems to think others should… he DID, after all, continue to fund the Drug War in his next budget.

    • Jean Anne Lewis

      You nailed it, man! :-)

  • WineO

    A hypocritical politician…..whodathunk?!?!

  • bradley hastings

    Just call him this: Jebthro Bodine Bush da third of the Bush (three) Stooges.

    • Jean Anne Lewis

      LOL! That’s what I’m talking about! :-)

  • Galin McMahon

    Any candidate who comes out in full support of full legalization has my vote. Even if it’s a (gulp) republican.

    • MrPC

      You probably won’t have to make that vote any time soon. Even today, it’s very unlikely any viable candidate would advocate full legalization. The best we can hope for is someone who calls for reform and reclassification to a lower schedule. And, of course, we can all hope for dismantling the DEA.

      • Jean Anne Lewis

        I feel the same way you do. :-)

  • kanttrussdiss

    i wish massa bush would smoak widd senator blunt

    ganjie is a tried and tru money maker less toxic than alchol i we survive well off attempted temperance from liquid libations why not let people tour our great diverse overfed nation with a regal buzz and drug that aid in appetite and digestion folks
    legalize !

  • G. Wilikers

    How typical of America today. One of the serious contenders for the highest public office in the land starts of his bid for president with a lie. Sorry, Jeb, but your easily ditched morality for the sake of expedience kind of tips me off as to how you (at the urging of your “aides”) intend to deal with any and all problems of any and all levels of severity. Gosh, Jeb, what the fark are you going to say when somebody calls you on something serious?
    Truely, would you want some weenie kneed compulsive liar trying to make, “Oh, I smoked but I didn’t inhale.” sound like a serious, grown up statement? What I would give for a man to walk out in front of the people and say, “Yeah, I smoked dope. I was in college and I liked it. But then I grew up and I don’t do that anymore. I quit (40, 50) years ago and that’s it. Now f**k off! Now, let’s head over to Clancy’s Bar and Grill and I’ll answer some more questions of a beer or two.”
    We are so screwed.

    • Jean Anne Lewis


    • kycountry

      GW…..I laughed out loud. Needed it :)

  • kycountry

    In my neck of the woods, we have an old saying, “isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black”? “Both” of them need to burn one and chill because neither has a chance if the voters can read. peace

  • Gino

    Damn right he’s a hypocrite. “This is a guy who now admits he smoked marijuana but he wants to put people in jail who do,” pretty much sums it up. And if he is hypocritical about that you can be sure he will be that way on other issues too.

    He won’t get my vote.

  • Avi Marranazo

    Another good reason to give Rand a chance!

  • this will continue until we get the word out to get something in place that affects them