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Presidential Candidate Rand Paul To Hold Reception At Marijuana Industry Event


senator rand paul marijuanaIt wasn’t that long ago that expressing support for marijuana reform was considered to be political suicide. That’s not to say that there weren’t political candidates that supported marijuana reform in the past, because there certainly were. However, those candidates were considered to be so far in the minority that they were on the fringe at best. That all changed in 2012. In 2012 two states legalized marijuana, and the game changed forever.

Zoom forward to 2015, and candidates are not only expressing support for reform, they are trying to push legislation that will help the industry too. At the beginning of this decade it seemed almost unfathomable to think that a major Presidential candidate would be holding a reception at a legal cannabis industry event. But that is exactly what’s going to happen later this month when Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul participates in the 2015 Cannabis Business Summit and Expo, put on by the National Cannabis Industry Association. Per Yahoo:

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., the most vocal critic of the “war on drugs” in the 2016 Republican presidential field, will host a “private briefing” on June 30 for campaign donors on the sidelines of the second annual Cannabis Business Summit and Expo in Denver, according to an invitation for the event obtained by Yahoo News.

It’s not clear whether any of Paul’s rivals for the GOP nomination will associate themselves with the gathering, which is put on by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). Other headline events at the June 29-July 1 forum include pot-themed sessions called “Running Your Cannabusiness,” “Cultivation and Processing,” “Money Matters,” “Finance, Accounting and Insurance,” and “The Law, Policy and Reform.”

“Now, Senator Paul is making history again by hosting a VIP reception and private briefing to talk about his vision for America,” the message says. “He will take your questions and talk about his support of federal medical marijuana, his push to reform banking laws so they do not deny services to legal cannabis businesses, his work on criminal justice reform, and his support of allowing states to determine their own cannabis laws.

“Never before has a major-party presidential candidate held a reception at a cannabis industry event, and NCIA is proud to host Senator Paul,” NCIA says. The event will be co-hosted by NCIA’s political action committee.

The 2015 Cannabis Business Summit will be held in Denver from June 29-July 1st. There will be a lot of industry leaders in attendance, and considering that Rand Paul will be participating in the event, I think it’s safe to say that just about anyone could show up. If you are serious about succeeding in the cannabis industry, you should attend too. Click on the banner below to find out more:

cannabis business summit and expo


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    You lose.

    All major datasets declared 2015 to be the hottest year (by far) on record.

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    I need to see a receipt from them or you will be a welcher.

  3. Good thing hillary isnt rich. God stop your bitching this is about getting cannabis legalized just like gay marriage was made official very very very very soon. Smoke cannabis and F the united states government!!!! Both sides can lick my taint!!! Practice anarchy!!!!!

  4. Thanks for your careful arguments. All of this may be correct. However, government must stay out of women’s bodies.

  5. Logical Thinker on

    But Justice would not exclude a person who cannot speak, from a decision making process that involves them.

    Senicide/gerontocide of the elderly with dementia or other disabling traits is no more evil than killing of the young, yet we nearly-universally accept that unless otherwise previously stated, our elders (even infirmed) have a right and an innate desire to live.

    We cannot hand-wave over a moral dilemma by saying “woman and doctor” when undeniably there IS a third person involved whose life is no less valid than the other two people. Society is doing itself a great intellectual disservice to allow real human death under the guise of choice.

    Whether at conception when the full attempting-to-grow individual human genetic identity is formed, or whether beyond at some point, the fact is that an unborn human has equal human rights to the mother. It is noteworthy that 1) all major organs are developing by 8 weeks; baby ‘looks’ fully human by 12 weeks. As Rand Paul points out, under the current legal system, a baby born prematurely is accepted as obviously fully human and has full legal protection of its rights, yet in the uterus the same baby can currently be killed. This is a gross inconsistency.

    And from medical textbooks:


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  7. Agreed. That is exactly what both sides want, pro-cannabis people fighting among themselves. And foul language truly has no place where you are trying to persuade closed minds, either. And while I am at it, I have a pet peeve with people that use “there” when it should be”their”. It just irks me haha

  8. If it comes down to rand paul vs. Bernie Sanders, vote sanders for the best marijuana policies. BUT rand paul vs. Hillary isnt even close. You better vote rand paul there… She only calls herself a progressive. She would keep marijuana illegal just like bill and barry “o” did.

  9. Abortion is such a thorny question. The further along in the womb, the more the fetus is a real human being. Late term abortion seems particularly horrible. Nevertheless, I do believe that government has no right to interfere with women’s bodies. The decision, right or wrong, must be between a woman and her doctor.

  10. Jordan Shorette on

    your about 2 days to late lol we are all well aware of the salon article

  11. Remember this class
    The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.

  12. Please notice that my posting was made long before the statement you refer to.
    And it was only done in a jocular fashion.

  13. i wonder what gerald celente has to say about rand
    rand is not in favor of legalization, is he
    he is in favor of mandatory drug screens in the work place to prevent us from a good paying job
    we must all seek out means to be off the high treasonous grid ideally
    and read and study chemistry, in particular cannabis alchemy so that we will all know how to more spirituality out of our weed
    see you at church in indy

  14. Too bad y’all drank the polical punch, both sides are evil. We need to start over since we’ve all been sold out years ago.

  15. Sorry, but I’m too old to be fooled again by a corporate courtesan like Hillary and don’t expect the Repukes to apologize for anything. Hillary is a Wall Street stooge and foreign policy hawk, a country club Republican at best, just like her whorish husband.

    I’ve never voted Republican and only infrequently voted Democrat. I vote my conscience.

    Sanders will change the debate and Hillary will inch in the direction and move to the right after the election. That’s the well choreographed routine.

  16. Fuck. I had no idea I’d run across so many right-wing fanatics on a site like this. Maybe you need to review how many corporations aren’t even paying corporate taxes and consider the trillions that are stashed away off-shore’t before you whine about how rich individuals can’t retire the debt. The DOD is the black hole of the debt problem, along with all those tax cuts for the wealthy. Unfortunately neither party has any interest in significantly reducing the DOD.

    And Rand won’t go after the DOD and there’s no other significant government spending, other than Social Security and Medicare. He’s already made his views on SSI clear – raise the retirement age means test benefits and send savings to Wall Street so they can gamble it away. (And yes, the FIRE industry has been the main contributor to his campaign. That’s where he and Hillary both have deep-pocketed friends!

  17. There’s a big difference for BELIEVING the lies that got us into a multi-trillion dollar war that maimed and killed millions, and TELLING the lies that got us there. And Hillary has apologized and admitted she was wrong. How about W? Cheney? Rummy made some recent revisions to his past, I hear.

    Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination for President. I intend to vote for him in the Primary.

    You certainly nailed Rand Paul.

    It really looks like our best option is to push Hillary to the left on Weed (and a few other issues). Voting for Sanders is the best way I can think of to do that.

    I vote Green when I can. I voted for Hawkins for Governor.

  18. Sorry, but the last time I checked it was Democrats who got us into Vietnam and Republicans who kept us there. I think your arguments start to get weak when you suggest there are major differences between the two. In fact, Hillary even voted for Bush’s Iraq fiasco, a did many others.

    I don’t think there’s anyone right now who supports legalization other than the Green Party and hopefully Sanders will change that. But then Sanders isn’t a real Democrat, he’s an independent social democrat.

    Just like Papa Paul, Rand is more interested in giving the power to throw people in jail for pot use to the states, rather than the Federal government. His faux libertarianism is more the old Dixiecrat ‘states right’ mantra.

  19. Jones Town philosophy? That’s just pure BS and you show your right-wing sympathies spewing that nonsense. The description of the different approach between Paul and Sanders is fairly simple to understand, so I’m not sure what confused you. Why don’t you explain why you disagreed with that post, if you can summon the courage?

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