Jun 082011
 June 8, 2011

Strain Review by Culture Magazine
Red Hair Mistress

Red Hair Mistress is 100 percent indica and comes from the Regular Mistress strain (a new and improved version of the original Mistress strain). It has frosty trichomes, a full bouquet and a nicely packed bud–with lots of (you guessed it) red hairs. This strain, from Inland Empire THC in Riverside, has a nice, earthy taste with subtle floral nuances. Red Hair Mistress is also very potent and delivers a pleasant aftertaste with a mellow high. This unique strain gives a cerebral rush, but it’s also the type of medicine that is lucid enough to allow clarity of thought when you need to be off the couch and on your A-game. An enjoyably flavored bud, the strain is well suited for social gatherings. File this under: Take Home and Share. Those in need of treating sciatica, body aches, pain and insomnia, Red Hair Mistress is here to provide relief.

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Red Hair Bud Marijuana

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Skunk Red Hair Cannabis

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