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 March 9, 2013

reddit trees norml marijuana shirtI have always preached the benefits of harnessing social media to help spread marijuana news and information. If you haven’t checked out Reddit.Com, you really should. There is a community for just about everything. The largest cannabis community on Reddit is R/Trees. I was extremely excited when I saw the following opportunity pop up, which combines my love for social media with my love for NORML. I gota get one of those shirts!:

By Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

One of the internet’s largest cannabis communities, R/Trees, is closing in on 420,000 members. To celebrate, they graciously offered to run a fundraiser to benefit National NORML’s work towards legalizing marijuana across the United States.

You can purchase one of their special edition shirts by clicking here. Proceeds go to benefit National NORML.

reddit trees norml marijuana tshirt

NORML would like to extend our utmost gratitude to all the good “Ents” over at R/Trees for putting this effort together. Be sure to check out their online community here.

Source: NORML



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