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 November 13, 2014

joe mcnamaraBy Amber Langston

“Let’s be honest; the war on marijuana has failed.” – Former Kansas City Police Chief Joseph McNamara

Recently, the country lost a hero with the passing of Harvard PhD and Hoover Institution fellow Joseph McNamara. Considered the “father of community policing”, McNamara led ground-breaking efforts here in Kansas City to reconcile the mistrust of police by citizens and increase public safety. As a prominent member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), McNamara stood at the front line of the drug war and found it a failure.

I had the privilege of working briefly with Dr. McNamara in 2010 for California’s marijuana legalization effort, and he was unequivocally the most potent voice of our campaign. I had hoped to someday invite Dr. McNamara back to Kansas City to speak about marijuana prohibition.

Though Joe will not be with us, LEAP Director Neill Franklin, former ACLU Director Ira Glasser, Representative Brandon Ellington, and Show-Me Cannabis will participate in a public forum from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on November 12 in Kansas City at the Mary L. Kelly Center, 2803 E. 51st St., to discuss race and the drug war. Please join us and help advance the cause for which McNamara fought in the last decades of his life.

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  4 Responses to “Remembering Kansas City Police Chief Joseph McNamara”


    Now I’m sad… But I’m sure Dr. McNamara would want the fight to continue.


    Thank you sir. God bless


    I have the supreme honor of having written the first article about LEAP. “Interview With A Police Officer” where I interviewed (by e-mail) John Gayder (now deceased).


    McNamara was chief of Police in San Jose and I remember him. I think of him pioneering against ‘war on drugs’ and for the legalization of cannabis. I think of all cannabis can do for disease and especially cancer and apopsis [cancer cell death]. I hope he had access if he wanted it, that’s all. Both Sunnyvale and San Jose have decent reputations, police force-wise.

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