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 June 3, 2014

medical marijuana south carolinaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Senate Bill 1035, a proposal to legalize cannabis extracts for medical purposes in South Carolina, has become law without the governor’s signature.

Under the new law, those with epilepsy will be authorized to possess and use cannabis oil that’s low in THC (tertahydrocannabinol), and high in CBD (cannabidiol), given they receive a recommendation from a licensed physician. TheMedical University of South Carolina will distribute the medicine to patients.

In addition to legalizing cannabidiol, the proposal will establish a clinical trial at the Medical University of South Carolina, which will study the effects of cannabidiol in controlling seizures.

The measure was passed unanimously by the Senate, and was approved 92 to 5 in the House.

With Senate Bill 1035 becoming law, South Carolina joins Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Iowa, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Kentucky as states that have legalized cannabidiol in 2014.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com



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  6 Responses to “Restrictive South Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Becomes Law”


    This bill actually WAS signed into law by Haley.


    Where is the oil to be distributed by the university coming from? Are they going to make it? Will they grow it? Will there ever really be CBD oil available? Will they be using some of the crap oil sold online? If so, what happens when people find out how ineffective the crap oil is? So many questions.


    Gov. Haley did sign this bill into law yesterday. Source: http://bit.ly/U9bAdZ


    Yet another worthless bill by castrated jesus freak politicians, hooray for the few this bill will help while the rest of us continue to suffer
    while the state decides who is worthy of treatment and relief. These bills discriminate by helping a small percentage of the state population while ignoring and passing judgement on the rest of us. Give us the whole plant and quit playing with peoples lives and health. I am so sick of the games these self righteous morons are playing while people are suffering and dying


    is it legal to prescribe medical marijuana for chronic back pain in south Carolina?


    is it legal to prescribe medical marijuana for chronic back pain in south Carolina?

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