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Santa Ana Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raid Causes Major Controversy

Late last week a video was released that showed a medical marijuana dispensary raid in Santa Ana, California. The dispensary operators had a feeling that they were going to be raided, so they set up a secret video camera just in case. Every raid video footage I see breaks my heart and makes me upset, but the video from this raid was particularly disturbing. Below is a description of the raid, via the Los Angeles Times:

An officer examines what appears to be an edible. On the video, he tosses it into his mouth and flashes a thumbs-up gesture.

The dispensary’s manager, Marla James, an amputee who uses a wheelchair, told KTLA-TV reporters that she was victimized and intimidated by police.

The video shows an officer asking another female officer, “Did you punch that one-legged guerita?”

The female officer replies, “I was about to kick her in her [expletive] nub.”

The Police Department that took place in the raid has stated publicly that they will investigate what happened. That’s the good part. The bad part is that the Department has not put any of the officers involved on administrative leave, and have already came out publicly that they don’t feel the video shows what truly happened at the raid. You know, because video footage of what actually happened isn’t enough…egads. Below is an edited version of the video that the dispensary’s attorney released:

  • JohnS

    Orange County Fascists.
    Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Summer Hemphill

    Just another reason why more & more Americans have less & less respect for the law & those who’ve sworn to enforce it everyday. They should all be fired (including the Chief) & banned from any future job in the field of law enforcement. That being said these imbeciles get their marching orders from the Santa Ana City Council whose election campaigns are bankrolled by local businesses. The simplest way to demonstrate your anger with this outrageous storm trooper behavior is to spend your money elsewhere & tell the local businesses why your doing so. There’s nothing in Santa Ana that you can’t purchase elsewhere in a more enlightened community & shopping there will only encourage more of this reprehensible activity in the future. Tell your family,friends,neighbors & co-workers to – BOYCOTT SANTA ANA !!!!!

  • ted mishler

    they should be hanged
    what does it take to get attention of those who could actually stop the war against us, but for reasons beyond me, unless they are just wanting someone to kill them all?
    maybe prohibitionists are haters of not only our life, but their own, maybe they are suicidal psychotic dangerous people that should never had been in any public office

    • nowayjose

      fuck that ,eye for an eye

      • newageblues

        Sentence them to a ton of community service in a non-profit medical marijuana dispensary. let them be in charge of the garden, something like that..

      • ted mishler

        we don’t have to do a thing, let the world courts handle the scum
        you’d think that workers for the federal government would value positive work ethics, and that for this behavior, that with this matter, the feds would fire the creeps, not keep mum
        its as though the feds want a nation of slaves to tend their every need
        instead of pressing for policies that invoke freedom for all, they tend to coddle up to high treasonous war like constitution hating greed mobster gun toting bullies with greed
        how is the world to look at this country as any sort of a leader with gestapo like tactics such as this display
        lets pray for an end to the war against us even if all the culprits have to be hanged as they swing and sway
        the prez speaks with fear over some group they call isis
        maybe isis should take over, as the federal government is nothing but a war loving bankrupt mobster loving rape loving crisis
        well, i was wrong about isis, they must be stopped, look at this article:
        they act just like the feds, burning fields of cannabis, the trash
        I suppose there are reasons to kill
        to murder murderers in war doesnt make one a murderer, or does it?
        glad i was never in the military, fighting for freedom not granted

    • newageblues

      The main thing is to keep them from ever working as cops or private guards again.

  • I don’t understand why they’re doing this? Isn’t this a fully legal establishment in CA? They are behaving like they just uncovered a crack den and they found a treasure trove of evidence, but all they have there is a business’s legal property.

    Edit: Nevermind, according to the LA Times article it was operating illegally despite receiving a cease and desist back in February. So it was pretty stupid of them to keep operating an illegal business when the legal ones are having a hard enough time as it is, but it still doesn’t excuse the officers’ behavior.

    • Bob Mylow

      The city of Santa Ana passed a resent law only allowing 20 dispensaries. A lottery for a chance for permits was held November last year. This dispensary is one of several others operating without a city permit.

      • JohnS

        I think the point is that there are non-violent ways of handling the illegal operation than going in there as a “drug raid” with violent attitudes, destruction of property, stupidity, guns and back-up explosives.

        • ted mishler

          my point is that each and everyone of us should not need permits and permission for our freedom to grow cannabis in our FREE society

          Freedom should not be “illegal”

      • ted mishler

        I just read that santa ana has a population of 329,427.
        20 permits are to cover 329,427 people? Come on
        Who ever is making up the rules are forgetting what our constitution and freedom is all about.
        There is nothing wrong with all of us having an opportunity to go into business growing cannabis if we want to, yet prohibitionists only allow pharmaceutical companies to dominate each and every city with many many pharmaceutical outlet pill stores per city
        our country is broken monetarily, and they wish to prohibit us from work
        guess i will clean my pipe, this is stupid coming here and being insulted by the gestapo news

        • Bob Mylow

          My county has a population of over 400k and there is only 6 dispensaries. What many don’t understand is cities and counties limit store front type dispensary’s but not delivery services as much. While we only have to 6 there are over 72 home delivery type dispensaries in my area. My county closed most of them using similar methods as Santa Ana or worse threatening any realtor that did any business with them. In many ways it safer for both the consumer and the dispensary. You call the dispensary up there is a sign in required for them to check your doctor recommendation and your MMIC card. They make sure it’s real and the recommendation is current. Usually it’s a day or two before they do business with you. This way it’s private most have clean cut drivers and unmarked cars “some don’t ” Thing is I’ve not heard of the law enforcement bothering home delivery method as much. Main gripe many police have is it’s visible and many walk-in and out same day with cannabis with some dispensaries not having any records or having more cannabis on hand than registered patients. They also send in under cover to listen to the transaction. The words and phrase used can make or break a dispensary. Selling cannabis is against the law in CA. but donations can be accepted. Law enforcement having the ability to listen in on transaction can hurt. A simple slip of words could mean a future raid. Home transactions harder to get a warrant for or to listen too. Yes they do stings against some delivery venders but they don’t make good headlines. Santa Ana has over 20 home delivery services working the area.

          • Ted Mishler

            How do you become a delivery driver Bob?
            Thanks for your info by the way…
            may you never experience seedy weed:-)

  • Bob Mylow

    It’s funny they didn’t learn from the LA sheriff about the camera problems. 2 LA sheriffs were caught on tape in Aug 2011 planting guns and drugs on a dispensary bust. Now the policy for some departments is to cut all power to the building prior to raids to disorient the occupants. Or more likely in hopes that battery backup and night vision isn’t installed. The corruption goes beyond just few members at times. Higher ups know that it’s present but are willing to accept it so long as the departments or agencies don’t get a black eye in the process. The main point is the higher ups want the headlines of drug bust but not any flack for getting caught adding any dressings to the bust. One issue that later was lost is the 2 LA sheriffs were members of the “Jump Out Boys” an internal police gang. Who are no different than any other outlaw street gang. Accept they carried badges and could use the law as an excuse. Other LA police gangs include the “3000 boys”. Funny how quick they fade from the headlines. All they had to do was cover up their tats and business as usual. So the Santa Ana police are funny but to catch up with the big boys their going to have to get their hands dirty a little more. As in a pamphlet put out by the “jump out boys” states “We are not afraid to get our hands dirty without any disgrace, dishonor or hesitation”
    Were suppose to trust them and believe their there to serve and protect.

  • shmuelman

    Just a straight up strong arm robbery under cover of law. Only a recall of the district attorney will get this to stop.

  • ted mishler

    Are they suggesting this land is now only they’re land?

  • Dev O

    The cop who clearly consumed a marijuana edible should be FIRED for taking drugs while on duty. F- ing hypocrite!!!!!!!

    • ted mishler

      he should not be fired for cannabis use just like we shouldn’t
      he should be fired for stealing their product, and taking part in an illegal program designed for the genocide of all those who use cannabis
      how many people now will not be able to consume their cannabis medicine due to mobsters who think that the constitution is only supposed to protect the pill heads
      imagine, them joking about kicking someone in a wheelchair with a missing limb
      heartless tyrants should hang for high treason
      it is against the law to war on people in your own country
      third paragraph, second sentence

  • Sinclair

    Cops out of control, we need to legalize America. I am ashamed of those and all bad cops and there seems to be an overwhelming amount of bad cops in our country

  • bob

    Half the cops in the country only have jobs to take out innocent teens, minorities and now they are actually hurting everyone. The officers should be put in jail, they don’t have a licence for the thousand pound dispensary in their own office. If they were any one else they would be sued. If this were another time the officers who have wronged their public should take the place of those wrongfully imprisoned. End the drug war. Fire useless cops. Legalize plants so that farmers can make money again instead of throwing a man in jail for some fruit.

  • Jordan Shorette

    if Brandon coats lost his job for not using at work I wonder if the same prejudice will be applied here to these cocks with guns

  • The cops have to know Prohibition is ending. That makes it all the more disgusting.

  • Johnny oneye

    Off site recording. NJ weedman was smart by having footage of cops raiding mmj shop These people act like this all the time
    now the cameras changed all that.
    here comes a “gag” Order