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Seattle City Council Unanimously Passes Measure To Shutdown Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


seattle washington marijuana cannabis cup high timesSafe access to medical marijuana for patients has been under attack for some time now in Washington. In May the Seattle City Council proposed a measure that would shut down most of the medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle. Yesterday the Seattle City Council voted, and the result was not favorable for medical marijuana dispensary operators in Washington’s largest city. Per The Joint Blog:

A proposal to shutdown over half of the medical cannabis dispensaries located in Seattle has been unanimously approved by the city’s council. The measure, which was put forth by Mayor Ed Murray, will go into effect 30 days after he signs it.

Under the new law, any medical cannabis dispensary that opened after January 1st, 2013, and those who are distributing medicine to those under 21 (which was made illegal with the recent passage of Senate Bill 5052), will be forced to close their doors by July of next year, without the possibility of receiving a license to continue operating. It’s expected that 59 of the city’s 99 dispensaries will be forced to close.

Those that opened prior to 2013, and who are in good standing, will be allowed to remain open if they receive a license from the state Liquor Control Board (soon to be renamed the Liquor and Cannabis Board).

I’m curious to see how many dispensaries close, and how many stay open and fight. Although, resistance may be futile considering how hell bent Seattle and King County are on shutting most of these establishments down. I don’t see dispensaries getting around getting a license, but I really wish there was the opportunity for all Seattle dispensaries to pursue one. Telling dispensaries that they have to close, and have no option to pursue a license, is going to hurt a lot of patients who frequent those establishments. The free market should determine how many dispensaries there are in Seattle, not politicians.


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  • Marnee Maye

    They are already, natives born here can’t afford to live within the city limits any more…. pathetic.

  • Marnee Maye

    Yep! Team Avarice/Greed has taken over Seattle on SO many levels, it’s sad.

  • Marnee Maye

    The liquor board should NOT be involved in MMJ in any way, shape or form. They got split up by Costco and now want a huge piece of this pie. NO! YOU promote, produce, sell Death in a bottle; not one death caused by use of only MMJ…..EVER. If this isn’t a direct conflict of interests, I don’t know what is. Lobbyists, etc cost money……this state should just copy what Colorado is doing – it is TOO CLEAR the SUIT OF The CIty of Seattle do NOT have a singular CLUE as to how to run the MMH program OR it’s own city!!

  • kindwookie

    not true trent, three deaths may have a possible tangential connection to edibles, but none of them were directly attributable to edibles… one shot themselves, one was shot by someone else, and took a leap from a balcony… they merely had edibles in their stomach at autopsy


  • Mike Johnson

    All about the money!

  • SilentPatriot

    Asking for proof of your statement is neither foolish nor ignorant… moron.

  • newageblues

    How many people does alcohol kill and maim? and cannabis? Please answer the question.

    Is there a cannabis equivalent of fetal alcohol syndrome, which destroys a fetus’ chance of a decent life before it’s born?

    People can’t use alcohol, and order other folks not to use cannabis, that’s as unfair as it is unwise.(violence promoting).

  • trent

    Keep telling yourself that..The more research that is done the more truth of the truth will come out..It’s not a natural plant anymore you moron just like alcohol mad gets ahold of it and pumps it full of chemicals

  • trent

    So you cant OD on pot that you idiots are using butane to make..Its no better then meth..

  • trent

    You are a very ignorant fool. To much Obama Kool-Aid. Use that computer that I as a tax payer pays for or are you to damn stoned to understand that.

  • SilentPatriot

    And you expect us to take your word as an expert about anything? It is incumbent upon YOU to provide substantially indisputable evidence backing up such a claim.

  • roseannboffa@gmail.com

    cannabis is a weed, you can be allergic to any plant with pollen or mold which is usually the issue.

  • Denny

    Not true, you can actually overdose on it, and some people are actually allergic to it per the allergist I visited last week.
    Fortunately, I’m not allergic to it, but one of the allergy tests was for hemp which was negative.
    If the feds would grow a spine and reschedule it thereby opening the door for extensive, legitimate research and testing it would be a huge plus for people around the country who need and use it as medication.

  • 51504420

    Wow … The haters are out …. And so are the uninformed …

  • 51504420

    Woohoo ! The ” Legalization of the Free Plant ” was really a vote for government control … Good job marijuana activists on sealing the fate of people who need medical cannibus for cancer and other ailments .. Who cares in this environment anyway , let the government rule you all with control and fear …

  • The Man

    Good ‘ole King County… voluntarily giving up on a new revenue stream. Now people will just take a 15 mile drive and buy in Snohomish or Pierce Counties.

  • gayshooter

    OK. Let’s accept that. Marijuana 1. Here’s some stuff on opiates from CDC:

    “CDC’s analysis shows that 38,329 people died from a drug overdose in
    the United States in 2010, up from 37,004 deaths in 2009. This
    continues the steady rise in overdose deaths seen over the past 11
    years, starting with 16,849 deaths in 1999. Overdose deaths involving
    opioid analgesics have shown a similar increase. Starting with 4,030
    deaths in 1999, the number of deaths increased to 15,597 in 2009 and
    16,651 in 2010.”


    I’ll stand by my original premise.

  • Spoogy

    Trent you can’t OD on marijuana it’s impossible.

  • John Neilson
  • trent

    I don’t know computers good enuff to copy/ paste to prove it. Get online and research it. Its all there in black and white

  • tegan

    Where is there proof of that?

  • tegan

    I call bullshit!!!

  • trent

    Not true gayshooter. There was a death from pot last year in this ignorant state of Colorado from pot. The kid got ahold of his moms edibles and he overdosed.

  • moldy

    “…a free market should determine….”
    It’s only a free market for some. When it comes to weed it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s creating jobs or helping sick people. It’s just our greedy capitalists at work making sure that they get their cut(s).

  • gayshooter

    As a health care provider I couldn’t agree with you more.

    It seems to be OK to write for and dispense opiates and benzodiazepines by the truckload with all of their attendant deaths and injuries.

    BUT – cannabis? No documented deaths, little chance for injury and we have to limit it. They need to stop going to drug-company sponsored Reefer Madness marathons.

    As voters, taxpayers and EMPLOYERS of our representatives, we need to voice our displeasure.

  • Connie Williamson

    Following their line of thinking, maybe we should start closing pharmacies too! Opiate addiction is causing far more problems and the pharmacies are marketing it to people of all ages. Then of course the pharmaceutical companies make the drug, so the next plan should be to close them as well. Although MM is now a legal drug it is still being treated with prejudice. The voters of this state approved the use of MM and now the state is rescinding/changing/adulterating the laws as set forth. Its time to start a letter writing campaign to these lawmakers and remind them we can stand strong against this.

  • PhDScientist

    Something has got be done about this. Medical Marijuana patients need safe, legal, access to their medication. They’ve got the moral high ground on this issue. Its time for everyone to see this as an issue of morality and compassion. It is immoral to deny medicine to people who need it to save their lives or reduce their pain and suffering. The whole situation with respect to medical marijuana needs to be given the same respect as that for any other medication.