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Seattle Hempfest 2012 – The Great I-502 Debate


A Panel Debate About Washington State’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Don E. Wirtshafter moderates the most anticipated panel of Seattle Hempfest 2012. Initiative 502 is on the Washington State ballot and would legalize personal possession of marijuana, with state-licensed cultivation for commercial stores. It also institutes a new per se DUID at 5ng of active THC per milliliter of blood, which is an unscientific standard for determining driver impairment.

From left to right: I-502 opponents Steve Elliott from blog Toke of the Town and Legislative Analyst Kari Boiter. I-502 proponents NORML Founder & Legal Counsel Keith Stroup and I-502 Campaign Director Alison Holcomb.


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  • moldy

    … just don’t smoke in your car dumbie. Case closed!

  • OH

    Gee, I dont know what to say, I just feel terrible when anyone with your kind of apparent personality, doesnt want to be involved with what I am doing. I know that Keith Stroup of NORML could deal with 88 percent of Americans back in the 1970s who disagreed with legalization – but to lose someone as awesome as yourself – to not have the approval of you – I want Keith Stroup to be as happy as possible – given that. I most dearly hope that you can forgive Seattle Hempfest, because they at least bowed down to you cool people and wouldnt endorse I – 502 ALL so as not to offend you, so I hope you can at least forgive Hempfest.
    Getting booed is easy, you should try it, lets see you get up on stage and say what you said on NORML and see if you get booed. What you say isnt true, its flat out flat false, “leaves every criminal statute”, my goodness man.

  • OH

    We must legalize cannabis, we need the revenue, we are not going to get by without that revenue. Al Capone is getting ready to kill or ensalve us all, we must do this. The DEA has no way to protect us from Al Capone, this idiocy of prohibition is a threat to our life. Once criminals take over, how do you defeat them? They are talking about lead or silver, not nice silver but silver chains of death – the alternative to lead or silver is we have to legalize now while we still can!

  • OH

    Work together? Get along again? Forget it, I condemn those opposed to I 502. The rest of you can get along if you want, I am not going to forget this betrayal. You hypocrites, you talk about being worried that people would get busted under I 502. How do you like the existing system in terms of people getting busted. I am not going to get along with you betrayers.

  • Brandyn

    Get I-502 to pass. I-514 will basically hold the fill-in of what we want. You get 502 to pass and you will see the amount of supporters. That will make 514 having an easier chance in passing. If 502 fails, then 514 will have way more ground they will have to make up. Yes 502 has flaws all over it, but passing this is a small step. But its a small step that pushes things forward smoothly. Im voting “yes” on 502, even though i know it doesn’t benifit that much. Then next year we fix it all with 514.

  • MaD Farmer

    This is NOT a LEGALIZATION Initiative. PERIOD. It isn’t. It is a very, very weak decriminalization~ that in fact, criminalizes things that aren’t crimes now. Take time to read the initiative. Don’t be a blind follower, just because it sounds good. It isn’t. And by the way, you can’t “outlaw” bugs. Mites are not subject to “legalization”… They are a pest. (Insect). A “Good” grower knows how to avoid/mitigate this issue without chemicals.

    Vote NO on I 502.