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Seattle Sends Warning Letters To 330 Marijuana Businesses


seattle washington marijuana cannabis cup high timesIt could be the end of medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle, Washington. A letter, dated in September, was recently sent out to roughly 330 medical marijuana businesses in the Seattle area telling them to either get a license to operate, or close. One of the licenses that the letter is calling for is a state license. The sad irony being that the state won’t issue licenses to those businesses because there aren’t any to issue. It has been a long time coming for these businesses, many of which fought a patient registry system in Washington (among other regulations), which is required to start issuing licenses for those businesses.

I’m sure many of these companies will blame recreational marijuana legalization. Either way you look at it, it’s a sad day for safe access in Washington. Below is a summary excerpt of the letter, per Seattle PI:

Seattle also has regulations specific to “major marijuana activity,” which includes all activity that involves more than 45 marijuana plants or 72 ounces of useable marijuana.

Major marijuana activity is prohibited in certain zones. It is also prohibited everywhere in Seattle without a license issued by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (LCB).

Businesses that have been conducting major marijuana activity since before November 16, 2013 have until July 1, 2015 (or January 1, 2016, depending on action by the state legislature), to either: (1) obtain a state-issued license or (2) stop conducting major marijuana activity.

Any new (i.e., commencing on or after November 16,2013) major marijuana activity in Seattle must have a state license. If you began operating after November 16, 2013 and do not have a state issued license, you are in violation of City law and can be subject to enforcement action.

You can read the entire letter at this link here, which I encourage everyone to do. Hopefully the Washington Legislature can get a meaningful bill passed soon to help fix this mess.


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  1. John,
    After reading the views expressed in this forum, you’ve left very little room for assumption regarding your personal insight.

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

    PS.- Are you sure you aren’t taking heavy doses of some type of Opiate? Popping pills perhaps?

  2. I know this article and comments are older but I am having a hard time finding something and hope someone here will know. I am looking for the “NAME” of the Seattle GMO Cannabis company. All I can find are people saying that Soros and fellas from Microsoft are starting one. With all the legalization and such…..(not to mention, the residue heavily sticking to the sides of my bowls) I want to know the name so I can study them and make others aware of them.

  3. Dont you get it? Medical marijuana exists only to usher in legal marijuana. Now that washington state has legalized rec. weed, there’s no reason for medical. Except of course for the lazy old disease-ridden failures who are better off dead anyway. Get used to it.

  4. Well, you’re at least right about one thing. Everyone has the right to make themselves look like a total idiot. Of course that doesn’t mean that you have to exercise that right.

  5. Yo, Steve,

    I’m sorry if I displayed what appeared to be apathy toward people who are ill or in pain and find marijuana to provide relief and hope in their lives. I support the total legality of both medical and recreational pot. I’m not a cop, nor am I a supporter of “big pharmaceutical”. I have been a heavy pot smoker for 45 years. I think part of my frustration lies in the fact that weed has become way more than a medication. When I pass 4 “green clinics” in a mile, I realize pot is becoming a “cure-all” for just about every symptom. I think those who find relief from pot should have affordable access and those (like me) who love to get high should also have legal pot available. This doesn’t mean it should be promoted as a healthy habit. I have tried on so many occasions to quit and its the most difficult drug I have ever tried to quit. I experience numerous detox symptoms including weeks of viscous anxiety during detox (anxiety is not like coffee jitters. It can be a life threatening agony and when combined with depression, can completely destroy a life)
    I sweat buckets for over a month, severe insomnia, horrible headaches, intense shakes, anger, nausea, hopelessness and complex, vivid, horrifying stressful nightmares that have plagued me for months after quitting. When someone tells me I’m full of crap, I’m lying, none of this is detox related, I’m an exception (this affects 8 – 10% of heavy pot users- all one must do is check the internet to hear the thousands confessions and posts). It angers me when some fool tells me how much harder it is to detox from alcohol and cigarettes, or, shockingly sugar and coffee. I smoked cigarettes heavily for 30 years, and when I finally quit, the only detox I experienced was minor depression and cravings. Nicotine gum helped, but I had very minor withdrawals when I stopped the gum.

    If you think I’m making this stuff up then I consider that beyond offensive and it breaks my heart.

    Also, 1-3 puffs of reasonably strong pot will deliver the desired effect, so why the heck would a patient need to smoke 1-2 grams a day or more if the effect lasts a few hours? Your absolutely right if you say most people dont suffer much when quitting pot, or trying to stop temporarily,
    But to accuse those who suffer of being agents of the drug war, fakers, pitiful weaklings, or claim these monstrous detox symptoms exist naturally and pot will “cure them all”, is like saying coffee is a cure for tiredness, heroin is great for curing heroin detox.

    In conclusion, I love to smoke weed as most of my friends do, and I am not out trying to spread reefer madness nonsense, nor do I desire to deprive patients of their pot. There’s nothing I could do, even if I wanted to, to keep people from opening new mmj shops.

    But I say what I want and have a right to do so.

    Coffee doesn’t blast the mind with euphoric bliss so dont compare it to pot.

    I rest my case.


  6. So, in your sage opinion, “there are too many medical pot businesses”? Are there too many Starbucks too? The way the free market works is that when there are too many of ANY type of business, some of them start going broke. Isn’t that the way it’s SUPPOSED to work?

    You stated: “90% of patients are just people who want to get high”. Mr. Smith, you are simply regurgitating the lie being spread by the law enforcement lobby. Are you a cop? Do you have any proof that supports this ridiculous statement?

    If they close all these shops, many patients will die….it’s just that simple.

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