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Sheldon Adelson Donates Another $1.5M To Florida’s ‘Vote No On 2’ Campaign


Florida medical marijuanaThe Florida medical marijuana battle has been one of the hardest fought campaigns in marijuana reform history. Both sides are spending enormous sums of money. The ‘no’ campaign has received another huge donation from Sheldon Adelson. Per Saint Peters Blog:

Nevada-based billionaire Sheldon Adelson gave another $1.5 million in September to Drug-Free Florida, the committee behind Vote No on 2, leaders of a campaign against legalizing medical marijuana.

Adelson’s contribution came on Sept. 25, according to the Florida Division of Elections website. His donation made up a vast majority of the $1,500,590 raised by the group in the Sept. 20-26 reporting period.

To date, the Las Vegas casino-magnate has now given $4 million to the effort to stop Amendment 2, November’s constitutional referendum seeking to legalize medicinal marijuana. Drug-Free Florida has so far raised $4,735,877.

Recent polls for Florida’s Amendment 2 have shown the initiative narrowly winning in some cases, and narrowly losing in other cases. Florida constitutional amendments require at least 60% of the vote in order for the initiative to pass. If you have deep pockets, you should really consider making a donation to the Florida campaign. If Sheldon Adelson uses his money to defeat the campaign in Florida, he will no doubt use his money in the future in other states to do the same. We can’t let this happen.


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  1. Leave awful google reviews about his casinos: Nothing profane, as they will be removed, but until people are willing to strike back at what these donors love most (money). Leave the reviews about the Sands, Venetian, Macau Sands (china). His play here is a fight for your entertainment dollar.

  2. Too greedy to smoke the potential aid for his pain! Smoke idiot! Give your money to a WORTHY cause!

  3. You’ve just spoken for thousands of believers. THANK YOU. And, Yes on 2? I’m counting on a landslide and for Sheldon’s KARMA to come swiftly and soon!

  4. Finally! Somebody finally said it like it is. With marijuana, you can put away a ton of meds and thousands of dollars saved as well. GEEEEEEEEEEEZUS people!

  5. Captain Obvious on

    If Florida attempts to be one of the few states in the union with Illegal cannabis, you can count on a torrent of upset old people with lots of assets voting with their feet and moving. This will also cripple their tourist, restaurant, entertainment, and other businesses. You wouldn’t dare ban alcohol in Florida or their economy would collapse overnight. Time to legalize competition in a constitutional amendment! That will force these businesses to compete and hopefully provide better opportunities for workers in industries that have a history of poorly compensating workers.

  6. For me personally, it’s about alleviating pain. For years I had to take 15mg oxycodone, a strong opiate pain reliever several times daily. Since I began using cannabis medically, I have been able to stop taking oxycodone completely. I’m living proof medical marijuana is truly beneficial medicine.

  7. eric rodriquez on

    i have smoke so much weed on top of this doods parking lot at the venetian. in fact, on top of the venetian parking lot is one of the best places to smoke that side of the strip.

    and i have rolled through pallazzo and venetian thousands of times ripping wax with my source orb, he cant stop it either way

  8. eric rodriquez on

    1% is only 150K/year per person 300K household income, 1% means nothing dont fool yourself

  9. Does weed go with casino gambling? Not like booze does, I think. Maybe this is Sheldon’s concern. Meanwhile Nevada is deciding to allow other state residents with doctor notes to come for medical marijuana (MM) services and return home holding bud to California, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, to name some nearby states.

  10. You make a important point that will grow into common knowledge. CBD research is bursting into mainstream media and folks who abhorred the hippie horde have heard of this pain and tumor killer -a huge market there. Online I’m seeing strains of 5%THC & 5%CBD advertised. BTW THC is anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant for many. A 5-5 strain’s not a party drug but there will be big money in it.

  11. Whether it’s a Florida Constitutional amendment requirement or not, a 60% majority to pass legislation is still dubious and highly undemocratic. I fail to understand why people willingly choose to live in a State such as this.

  12. Medical marijuana is already legal in Florida. This is a little known fact. If amendment 2 passes it will take away your right to grow. Do some research, you will be amazed.

  13. His posts seem reasonable to me duplicitous or not. Maybe he’s just new to Weed Blog and was unaware that earlier postings are sometimes held for moderators.

  14. Supporting Friend on

    Please add Fibromyalgia to the list. Chronic pain brings about many more health issues.
    I know its not the be-all for everyone but I have seen it make “REAL” quality of living changes to others lives for the better.

  15. He’s just worried that all of those retireies in Florida will stop comming to his casinos. I sure hope it blows up in his face and he loses all that money. Residence of Florida canvas your neighborhoods and vote yes on 2.

  16. Unfortunately, the popularity of opiate pain pills have also placed an unnecessary burden upon those suffering from true chronic pain. The kind of chronic pain cannabis cannot help with.

  17. Well which one would you rather save, billionaires who don’t want medical marijuana or people who need it and are proven to.

  18. Nathan Rogers on

    Leave the propaganda to rest, vote YES on Amendment 2. Back sick patients everywhere, people unresponsive to traditional medicine and left behind to drag on until death.



    Multiple Schlerosis.

    Stage 4 Cancer.



    and many many more.

    Just because there are a lot of conditions that may respond positively to Medical Marijuana, DOES NOT EQUATE these people as recreational abusers.

    The main issue with marijuana is the street dealers aren’t selling medical marijuana, it’s bred to be more recreational and contribute the high that doesn’t help debilitating diseases and conditions, such as cancer and autism. Amendment 2 allows doctors to help patients without another option find a medicine that improves the detrimental effects of a disease and quality of life. People whom abuse marijuana cannot abuse the medical marijuana Amendment 2 is passing, the Department of Health isn’t allowing it and neither is the very essence of Medical Marijuana with the CBD content that high isn’t apart of the appeal.

  19. This is same POS that helped fund Mitt’s run last election. I hear he has ties to organized crime in Asia too. Hopefully karma will kill this asshole before he gives more money to the 1% slime balls.

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