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Can You Ship Marijuana Through The US Mail?


PostalWorkerAccording to the U.S. government, more marijuana is being shipped these days through the U.S. Mail than ever before (see the link). The U.S. Postal Service has seen marijuana seizures increase by more than 400 percent since 2007. “There is no better way to ship drugs right now,” said San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne. “It’s going up all the time.” Marijuana shipments are up, while other drugs are on the decline. Between 2008 and 2009, there were fewer seizures of cocaine, heroin, opium, and methamphetamine.

Postal Service Inspectors recently found what appeared to be canned corn. But when inspectors opened the cans, they found bags of marijuana inside. The bags were heat sealed, the weight was the same as what was listed on the label of the can, and the can was professionally sealed to lock in the smell. The amount of marijuana seized by inspectors, has increased every year since 2005. There was an 84 percent increase from 2007 to 2008 and a 180 percent increase between 2008 and 2009. Inspectors seized 8,453 lbs in 2007, 15,521 lbs in 2008, and 43,403 lbs of marijuana in 2009. Despite the growing amount of seizures, the amount of inspectors has stayed the same during this time span.

An estimated 75 percent of marijuana seized by the Post Office has originated in four states; Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. However, this does not mean that other areas are not seeing marijuana shipments. Recently, a woman in South Dakota received 50 lbs of marijuana in the mail, which she thought was a television. “It was not what she expected,” said local Sheriff Duane Mohr, “It had an international post stamp on it, but they were crafty enough to print off a return address label with a Motorola logo on it just to make it look legitimate.”

There are 1,614 inspectors at United States Post Offices. They use K-9’s to assist in the searches, but it is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. However, it hasn’t stopped 1,278 people from going to jail in 2009, for trying to mail marijuana. The U.S. Postal Service offers a $50,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of people trying to mail marijuana via the U.S. mail system.

Have you ever tried to ship marijuana through the mail? I only know one person that had the balls to do it, but he was successful! He shipped a quarter pound of supers to his son in Texas. He did all the classic stuff like heat seal it, with fabric softener sheets inside of the heat sealed bag. Then he rolled it in syrup, then in coffee grounds, and then heat sealed it again. He wrapped the entire thing in layers of plastic wrap and put it in a box with some more coffee. At the time I told him he was throwing a QP down the toilet, but his son confirmed that it arrived, and that he was smoking it in his bong!




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  1. I just had a friend confirm that he sent some primo Oregon bud to his apartment in Arizona. He sent down a care package to himself full of different food but he took a peanut butter jar and hollowed out most of the peanut butter and put in an ounce of dank instead.

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  3. Ditto, I’m coming out to humboldt on the 27th, if you could get some names and prices we could meet up.

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  5. Hello am from Jamaica i ship weed to US every 2 weeks i ship large amount i have in guys in the UPS and FEDX down here so it is very easy to ship from you have your money which is no problem in the drugs business cause you will make double amount or more after the process is fulfill contact me if interested chadtheboss14@hotmail.com i will give you my number if your are serious

  6. I’m currently living in New Jersey and if you have been paying attention to the enforcement of medical marijuana they’re pretty strict over here. I don’t have health insurance and I suffer from a serious case of insomnia (it lasts for 3-4 days sometimes). It has been the only solution, and may I say easiest solution, to my problem. I’m very interested in getting some beautiful buds shipped out to me since it is hard to find in my neck of the woods. If anyone could help me with this, please e-mail me at thecrownjuelz@gmail.com.

    Thanks for your time.

  7. If anyone needs anything, I live in Northern California and only do shipping. I’ve got top strains and grade A quality, just pulled from the garden too. Email me at NYClaughter@yahoo.com if your interested ;)

  8. Yo statistics tell us that Tobacco kills more than anything whiles weed doesn’t and they are very much aware of this fact so y won’t they legalize it for it’s numerous uses for the benefit of mankind.

    I am in Ghana and trust me we have real gud stuf down here, I mean marijuana(ganja) not hemp or any other thing …. #1 highest grade but transporting it to USA is the problem, can some one tell me how to post it successfully without it being detected? I’m ready to do business with any serious person who knows how to go abt it and have links with UPS FDX or USPS send me email to kwameselasi@gmail.com

  9. Inmyanus@gmail.com. I can show all of you guys the under ground world for the right price where you will never have to worry about getting or doing any of this unsafe chatting again… From rolls to a+++++++++ medical grade weed and anything between that too hit me up.

  10. I’m starting to ship out the first and second week of December so hurry up. I have pounds and ounces of amazing quality garde A weed with the realistic price that comes with it. I’m a trustful dealer in Northern California who wants to KEEP customers, so if your a serious buyer and need a hook up, email me at NYClaughter@yahoo.com

  11. interested in getting weed shipped to me. ill buy 10 lbs a week easily….. just send me your phone number on email along with your prices. ill pay in advace too…. no jokers please


  12. interested in getting weed shipped to me. ill buy 10 lbs a week easily….. just send me your phone number on email along with your prices. ill pay in advace too…. no jokers please


  13. yall are cops and dumbasses, tryin to catch them fuckin federal charges haha. strap up sell your shit and re up with a real person quit playin games

  14. thisisgettingcrazy on

    this is interesting from the perspective of a law student. how exactly would an online sting operation work? from what i’ve learned so far it seems like it would be pretty tough to gather evidence as long as proper precautions were taken

  15. Do you want last names? What do you need names for? You,re just an asshole cop or nark trying to set people up.

  16. He was referring to the names of the strains. If the Feds want to waste that much money & resources tracking Qps in the mail then they’re really losing the so-called drug war.

    Besides. I think they are still busy trying to shut down the dispensaries on the West coast & Colorado.

  17. Ups is a BUST. You’re asking to get caught especially if its coming from Jamaica to the States thru them.

  18. Us to us shipping your good… Over seas customs sucks.. but worried guys really!!!!! Whats better than just telling the post man aka cop trying to get u to sign for a package… Aslong as u dont sign for it and tell them to return to sender.. your cool whats the risk???? I guess thats way there is people doing and u not.. there making money and you will never know who they are… Its safe if u take the right measures to make sure of it… I can teach everyone the way to the pile of gold if you really want it..please only people that really want to do business caliconnect@hushmail.com

  19. Bobby from Chicago. Looking forward to sampling that west coast hash. We are very close to passing the Medical Cannabis Bill here in Illinois. January 2012 is what I’m hoping for. “:{D

  20. Let me know what the perferred strains are… Willing to go on a depoist to harvet.. i can do half or whole crop sells… Have many friends and able to put together large weight deals if needed…. Cookies, hash, hash oil….. Smokless THC e cig… With 5ml of thc drop for the cig…. Smells cut to a min.. you can vap in the movies or the long car right family trips and noone would know you vaping…. Its the best ever …. Any request need could be filled


  21. Let me know what the perferred strains are… Willing to go on a depoist to harvet.. i can do half or whole crop sells… Have many friends and able to put together large weight deals if needed…. Cookies, hash, hash oil….. Smokless THC e cig… With 5ml of thc drop for the cig…. Smells cut to a min.. you can vap in the movies or the long car right family trips and noone would know you vaping…. Its the best ever …. Min or oz

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  22. We are a patient group from Florida and we have a strong demand in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. I am in need of potentially a large volume of high grade marijuana if it can be shipped meticulously discrete… Our source currently is within the state and charges high prices and offers no variety… We are interested in finding a better source with better grade bud and perhaps more variety at a lower cost… Please email me back and let me know what you have to offer.
    Eager to do business with a new supplier.


  23. 1

    Let me know what the perferred strains are… Willing to go on a depoist to harvet.. i can do half or whole crop sells… Have many friends and able to put together large weight deals if needed…. Cookies, hash, hash oil….. Smokless THC e cig… With 5ml of thc drop for the cig…. Smells cut to a min.. you can vap in the movies or the long car right family trips and noone would know you vaping…. Its the best ever …. Min or oz

    End of the year oz special buy 1 for 250 or 2 for 450 qp 875


  24. am looking to have some fresh flowers shiped to the windy city

    College student (sick of overpaying)
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  25. top shelf bong hits on

    Top shelf bong hits here.. thanks for all that have bought… Orders are flying off shelf… Looks like I’m going to need to expand to handle this… Didn’t relize how many repeat customers I would have.. harvest was 12/11/2011 still have some from that harvest. New harvest in the next week. Blow out specials on blue dream and grandfather purp.. purple haze is allmost ready to ship out … Finest northern cali has to offer…


  26. You guys are way to open on this public forum. Just a heads up, the Feds are cracking down hard at Postal over the past six months. I have had packages ripped off.. I only go FedEx right now. The heat is on at US Postal

  27. caliconect@hushmail.com is either a cop or a scam artist he said to many things that wasn’t really legit in my experience if i would have sent him my money he would of been dead by now tpng team play no games

  28. i live in alabama and have had chronic back leg and shoulder painsince 2000 and have been in and out of pain clinics and took all kinds of narcotics and other pills to control my pain.I recently weaned myself off of all the meds cause i had a hook up on medical cannibis.I met this old guy from california he moved here to be closer to his kids and he was a good christian man and i got to know him he let me in on his,well he called it his farming but any way now he has left us to be with the father god bless him and now im without and i dont want to take pills again.i would love to be able to get it again is there anyone out there?? thanks no more narcotics

  29. Jeanette Mobbley on

    Wow why are all these people talking on the internet anyway? Is somebody trying to do business to. You people have balls that’s for sure.

  30. I know people that ship USPS. They do use dogs. No amount of masking or plastic wrap will fool a dog. There is plenty of documentation on this subject. Their noses are so sensitive that a well trained dog can sniff out the strong, characteristic odor of cannabis mixed with any smell you can think of. The only way you can avoid dog detection that I know of is using the Gonzo Bag – designed by a chemist. It uses activated charcoal in a dual layer bag sandwich design to absorb any fugitive molecules of cannabis odor and trap it in the activated charcoal. Nothing gets out. Its the same material that is used to filter organic chemicals to purify water and air. You can get them for about $45 for a bag that holds one lb. at http://www.gonzobags.com. Well worth the price when you consider what a lb of grade A herb is going for these days. They call that “cheap insurance.” And if you are, say, someone who might be driving a large quantity coast to coast, you can use them for that, too. They add a bit of bulk, but not much weight. Worth it for the security and peace of mind, as there are many drug stops and dog checks every day out there on the hwy!

  31. new here if anyone needs shipment jus in purple kush an arrange kush no more haze 1800 hp 26 p hit my email go from there all narks don’t waste ur time im way ahead of u

  32. Hey man what us Kenneth I need u to send me another phone number or freaking turn this one on !!!!

  33. Id like to know the best way to ship an ounce or 2 across state lines, any suggestions hit me up any advice would be appreciated, thanks
    boredsince93@Gmail. Com

  34. Stanley_Cheeba on

    Please.  I bet a good deal of you fools are feds.  Haven’t any of you read that there has been an increase in pot being mailed via USPS and how they are looking harder for it?  You want it that bad?  Move to Colorado, establish a “permanent” residence, get a Colorado ID, see a “doctor” for $100, send in a MMJ application for $35, then presto!  Or, go to Boulder, CO and look for the guy with the dreadlocks and the backpack who smells of BO.  90% certain that people who fit that description are carrying something to sell.  

  35. Hey! I’m a lisenced grower in northern California. (Sacramento area) if u need the hook up it’s all good. I grow three strains of top shelf indoor. Blue dream granddaddy purple and og kush. All of which r triple A loud. Hit me back if u r still lookin. I’m not with bullshit I’m looking to build long term connections.

  36. I have some experience with shipping and would suggest the following:
    1) you want to use USPS.
    They need a warrant to open your box. FedEx and UPS do not. 2) You want to
    conceal the smell. All
    carriers use dogs these days. Dryer sheets, plastic food wrap, etc will not
    work with dogs, as they can easily “smell through” any masking odor.
    Think of it like this: a dog’s world is populated by and dominated by odors,
    much like our world is dominated by what we see. Trying to mask an odor with
    another odor fools not the dog – it would be like trying to hide a color from a
    sighted person by putting a different color next to it. An example of this that
    any dog owner should know is poop sniffing and butt sniffing. Do you imagine that
    dogs sniff butts and poop because they like the stench? No, they are merely
    identifying the dog that laid the poop. Glands in the dog’s anus lace their
    poop with an odor unique to that specific dog. Dogs build a map of their dog
    neighborhood by sniffing the butts of all the other dogs they encounter and
    when they sniff a poop pile they know which dog had been there to lay it
    because they can smell the glandular excretion from the guilty dog in the pile.
    So ANY dog can smell minute amounts of this glandular excretion mixed in with
    overpowering poop stench – something that would make a human wretch (Rush
    Limbaugh, O’Reilly, and Hannity being the exceptions. They are used to smelling
    the shit that is constantly dribbling from their mouths). Do you think you can
    fool such an animal with dryer sheets or pepper? I don’t, and you can’t. 3) If
    you want to protect your stash from dogs, you need an odor ELIMINATING bag.
    Pot smell easily leaches through Foodsaver bags and the like. If you don’t
    believe me, try this simple experiment: Wrap some stinky weed in a Foodsaver
    bag. Put it in a new, airtight plastic box for a few days. Open the box. You
    will smell the weed. Easily. To ship, I protect myself by using the Gonzo Bag,
    which at $45 for a 1.5 lb capacity bag is cheap insurance. It uses activated
    charcoal (AC) in double walled sandwich design bag. The AC absorbs 100% of the
    odor and traps it inside the bag. Try the same experiment as above with the
    Gonzo Bag. You won’t smell anything but plastic box even a
    month later. You can order them online at www.gonzobags.com. I think they have 3 or 4 sizes now for
    different prices.

  37. have you actually sent weed in the mail using this method or r u just compying this from the person who acually posted it cuz im thinkin bout doin it i just need to talk to someone wit experience

  38. Greencrackjesse on

    new too this site from humboult california willing to ship starting for 22 too 30 a p depending on grade no burning bridges no bullshitters please an no ploice if u are i will no buisness only no bullshit bro overnighted next day mailing let me kno wats up hit my email

  39. I have been shipping medical
    grade ounces for several years to a handful of select customers.  Indoor grown. Organic. NO PESTICIDES    These are 
    my own personal strains that I have developed over the years as a
    patient.  Whether it is for pain, sleep,
    focus or appetite, I have something that will work for you.  I am not looking for someone who
    resells,  I want someone who buys this
    for themselves.  I do not sell or ship
    more than 2 ounces at a time. Please do not ask if I will ship more than 2
    ounces.   This is some of the best you will ever come
    across.  Once you have convinced me that
    you are serious, I will provide free samples of what I grow.   I do not play games, and will not tolerate
    anyone who does.   Price is the same for
    all ounces, $300.00     Shipping in
    Continental US only.  Please respond to
    this email only,  don’t leave a post. If
    you come across like a pothead, please don’t expect a reply from me.  Please do not contact me with grow questions
    or asking if I know where to get pounds.


  40. Kennethmorris22 on

    did he ever scam u or have u heard of him scamming anyone
    jus wondering or narking

  41. If anybody says there shipping weed and they have the best prices its a scam, don’t do it to your self, this guys is scamming people like crazy right now “cbluenow@gmail.com” champ blue. they use western union, bank accounts and money gram, don’t be a victim.  

  42. I wonder if the Nigerians have caught onto this for a scam idea? Some nice folks from there tried to scam me from a Craigslist ad last year. It was pretty easy to figure out, though. Really easy. Those folks tend to give you WAY more information that you need, much of it totally extraneous. I guess they think the more complex their lies are, the harder they are to figure out. Ha. Having said that, there are folks on this site that are honest, non-law enforcement types who do want to help their brothers make a connection. I would suggest talking to the person on Skype video, which has 256 bit encryption when used peer to peer, and suss the connection out thoroughly before making any deals. I just did this with a gentleman in OH and we got to know each other, showed the product, and set things up. Both parties are happy now and all is right with the world. Is it a little risky? Yes. You have to have good instincts and trust your gut. 

  43. One dead giveaway that cbluenow is a scammer: the prices. No one sells at those prices. Even for crap bud. In person, if you are buying quantity (e.g., > 20 lbs) you can get great bud for $1,600. If you have the right connect, and those don’t grow on trees. But on the Internet? Nope. Even in the Green Triangle itself, to get decent bud you will pay $2,200 to $2,800, depending on the quality and the level in the food chain of your connection. I know because I live here and I deal with these guys every day. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Shame on you cbluenow! What a shit bag.

  44. jus think how many people u could have scammed u could of made 4 or 5 times of watt u scammed an this is very easily seen as bullshit 150 too 1600 sounds ridiculous i don’t see how u could do that an feel comfortable if u would have scammed me i would have came after u dog an that is real talk even if it was for 150 

  45. Pierrejames23 on

    I’ve got the pounds for good prices email me at pierrejames23@yahoo.com

  46. I’m a indoor grower.. From
    Purple wreck
    Sour diesel
    Sour kush
    Kandy kush

  47. Greencrackjesse on

    everyone jus give up on this cuz honestly this is a waste of time jus go too cali urself don’t take the risk cuz in the worn run when u get wait someone will fuck u either them or u 

  48. Don’t give up on this, you can make alot of money and smoke some of the best bud out there. I have a connect set up myself and trust it. If you have any questions feel free to email me at 216GdUp@gmail.com I can help you out

  49. Don’t give up on this, you can make alot of money and smoke some of the best bud out there. I have a connect set up myself and trust it. If you have any questions feel free to email me at 216GdUp@gmail.com I can help you out

  50. Greencrackjesse on

    if you guys are dum enough too send money first u better off telling a cop too smoke a blunt with u dum asses all these dudes are scammers they aint about there money they are about an eas come up fuck them all wit aids on the tipp bitchs

  51. I’m not a scam you fucking grumpy fagget bitch. Don’t be trying to degrade my name. Just because your a dumb ass and prolly got ripped off for being a d-bags doesnt mean thats how things work for everyone. I personally send my buddy the money first and with in a few days have the best weed in my city. You have no idea what your talking about and I hope no one is dumb enough go listen to you.

  52. My point exactly. It’s possible to get a strong connection. You just have to choose the people who you talk with wisely. Not everyone in this world is a fake scum bag trolling around trying to make a few bucks. There are legit people on here who are honest and loyal.

  53. Greencrackjesse on

    for now ur connect may be good but once u get the weight bye bye an for highallday ur prob jus a nark or some shit trying to catch people an no i havent been scammed but all the people i have sent shit too comming from this site has been scammed `an i aint with that highallday scammed 10 people last month i jus seen his url an for ur info i work at a dispensarie an the left over shit that they dont get taxed comes to me bro 

  54. Greenisheaven on

    Yeah dawg Im movin big weight and not too sure about some niggas over the internet dealin with my money like that. They can cut you off at any moment and you wont know where to find them. And I don’t give a fuck if you say you’ll give me your address like that cuz you could easily use a fake one. No way of telling on the internet, period. The only way to trust someone is to cop it in person so you know what you’re getting too.

  55. Greenisheaven on

    Whats to stop you from fucking me over like that? Your credentials don’t mean shit on the internet. I need dead cold proof you won’t fuck me over. Don’t get so defensive over people calling you out too, cuz you could easily be a scammer without anyone on here knowing. I don’t know if its even possible to assure someone you wont take their money and run.

  56. Why would anyone trust you? You can sit here all day and talk the talk but when it comes down to it your a fake. Id love for you to tell me about the “10 people” I have scammed…? Your a liar. And pretty damn pathetic.

  57. Anyways I’m done arguing about the topic. All I’m saying is a legit connect is possible. I have one myself. Despite what you or anyone thinks. There are loyal people out. Im gone now. Everyone keep safe. And greencrackjesse try not to choke on all of that bullshit coming out of your mouth.

  58. What’s to stop anybody from fucking you over? Nothing. You simply have to trust the person you buy from. If you don’t trust them don’t make a purchase. And I’m not asking you to trust me. Like I said im just letting everyone on here know that there are real legit connections here. People who are always growing the grade A pot an need buyers, you cannot get loyal customers from just stealing there money and running. You’d have to be a pretty low life piece of shit to do that.

  59. Gothelladank on

    Send me a email cause I’m not goin.to.be.all.over.dis.site yoking crazy gothelladank@gmail

  60. Gothelladank on

    If gal legit and got it like that y don’t y’all send out 1st fuck a sample u can easily send a sample and then pull them n to thinking ur Gina send alot and then burn us if talk n Cali talking bout you got hella pounds ship out first u take the risk and if they.were.to burn you there the dummy for burning a good trust worthy connect right?

  61. Greencrackjesse on

    well then why did u scam 4 people on here then bro u aint fooling no one an u dam sure dont got no connect stop it an jus change ur name an try more people EXSPOSED!!! they call me the exsposinator there are too many people who want real connects an too make money then too have u scam them out of chumo change lmao get a life before u do it too the wrong person an lose ur life pc

  62. Dave Myers32 on

    I am a grower from Ca i only have indoor stuff email me @ dave.myers32@yahoo.com for more info…

  63. You are the biggest D-Bag I’ve never meet in my life. You truely are a shit bag. From the 30+’s mintues that I’ve spent on this site. All I have seen was you lie out off your ass & call outt anyone who try’s to help some people with information on ways to fulfill their goals. I’ve never once sold to someone on this site so it’s pretty funny that you know of “4 that I have scammed” pshh your a joke. And from what I’ve seen your the scammer, a liar and complete douche.

  64. BigLexBubble on

    I can tell you that although I have no experience with this site, with another popular forum, the SomethingAwful forum, which, until they made the “Crackhead Clubhouse”, there was no specific drug forum; I met one of the best connects of my life on there for designer drugs and hallucinogens. Met a guy who lived in Amsterdam, Holland and shipped the best ecstasy I’ve ever had in my life and thousands of other people said the same thing of the rolls. Pink Ampersands (“&” sign), yellow tulips, white motorolas, and a few others were the purest, cleanest, best rolls. He had a re-shipper who he somehow got the large amounts to in the USA, and from there it would be shipped to customers in the US. Came from different city and part of the country every time. Very organized and I can only imagine the money that guy made while he did it. When looking at pill reports type websites, look up the imprints I mentioned earlier, almost everyone had got the pills from a “guy in Amsterdam”, or their friend said it was from a guy in Amsterdam, etc.

    Also for things like liquid LSD, research chemicals (2c-i/2c-e, synthetic mescaline, etc.), internet friend was definitely great. 

    Not to say I haven’t met awesome and better connects for other things in real life, but when it comes to those rollers…nothing will ever beat the connect direct from Amsterdam.

  65. The HOFF man! on

    wussup i need some trees out here in central texas, the ones that are here are all withered and brown, and got seeds all through them… help me out

  66. I need to get some good shit and do not know anyone. if you get the good stuff i want some

  67. Is he from Cali? Could you hook me up with him and I’ll compensate you graciously if it all works out? I’m 100% legitimate!

  68. I’m looking for a 100% legitimate & loyal Cali grower to send the good shit to NY, if that’s you, or anyone knows of someone that’s legit, loyal & reliable I could use the referral, thank you! Peace from Woodstock,NY Hit me up at: lunngregg@gmail.com  Gregg

  69. Older gent with severe back pain living in a state without med laws seeks brave soul with extra resources to build trust over the long term. Introduce yourself by emailing madmac@hushmail.com

  70. Hedidhislastscam on

    highallday is a scam if he has too exsplain his self an austin requa anyone who gets too him before me 3000 in cash no bullshit he he is 24 he is located in maryland 

  71. vladisaripoff on

    do not do business with  vladashurov@yahoo.com this dude ripped me off for $1400 we did business a few times then he ripped me off for $1400… hes a piece of shit and a scum bag…. he lives at 71-04 sutton place unit 1 fresh meadows ny 11365…. telephone # is 347-248-9750..

  72. I sent 1/2 oz and a gram of hash and 1/2 ml oil dea seized it at fed ex office what’s going to happen to me

  73. Jimmything88 on

    But yea im just a college student out here no law enforcemebt but yea man it be great to hear from you and i look forward to building a good connect and possibly friendship haha but hmu son!!!

  74. Dave Myers32 on

    I am a grower from Ca i only have indoor stuff email me @ dave.myers32@yahoo.com for more info on wholesale prices…

  75. Dave Myers32 on

    I am a grower from Ca i only have indoor stuff email me @ dave.myers32@yahoo.com for more info about wholesale prices.

  76. I got ripped off by $245 this month, so I know somewhat how you feel.  It goes with territory of confiding in another person with your money, and that is no joke.  Don’t ever use cash to pay unless you are purchasing it from a legal vendor.  Getting anything off  the street is sketchy.  Sorry to hear of your loss.

  77. I’m looking for a business minded person who can provide a steady supply out here in Charlotte, NC. E-mail me for more info.

  78. I’m looking for a business minded person who can provide a steady supply out here in Charlotte, NC. E-mail me so I can give you my phone number and we can talk @  lsain1@me.com

  79. nark! everyone here is lookin for the best prices and you will pay top dollar? hell i got dro i’ll send for 5000 a lb. want it?

  80. Northside_reyes on

    I just received my shipment of dank today just thought I would give a heads up on here not every body in here real to much scamers. fernandor619@Gmail.com this is a legit supplier good trust

  81. Jillvalentine47 on

    Anyone wanna send me a qp and trust me. i will pay for it when i get it and buy a hp. If one of u guys is ballin like u say take the shot and ill move 10 elbows of piff a month. Im just not gettin burned off rip. jillvalentine47@gmail.com peace.

  82. Jill your email address is invalid. Please repost a good one and I will contact you.

  83. Hey i live in Bonaire(netherlands antilles) and the weed here is shitty,now i’m wondering if some1 can provide me with some reeeaal good shit


  85.  Why did the inspectors even open the cans? Anyone else find that disturbing?

  86. And how many cans of corn or other canned products did they open that turned out to be legit?

  87. I have had over 15 ounces in the mail. Every single time it was to my college campus in New York. I had my friend put it in a vaccum bag and in a mason jar. Piece of cake.

  88. Very, doesn’t really matter “who the fuck mails cans of corn by USPS” the way the cans were described were as having no apparent discernible clues to its true contents. If this in fact the case, the only other explanation for their discovery would have to be either random dumb luck or a tip-off


  90. Really? This is where the hookups are now . . . but USPS? That seems a bit like tempting fate. Sending something outlawed by the government via a branch of the government.

  91. Can you elaborate just a bit? I can tell you that, from ER visit stats, any of the -codones are pretty damn popular

  92. serious inquieres only. contact me at miamifan1530@gmail.com. Looking to set something up but have been fucked before. I know there are some serious businessman on here so if you want to create a legit shipping partnership contact me.

  93. I was thinking about this and came up with the following…

    Mailmen carry things all day long.  A case of cans of (corn,soup,stew,tomatoes) would have a feel of carrying water, the liquid would slosh around with each step.  The pot was dry so it didn’t slosh.  It must have felt ‘weird’ to them, is why they opened the can. 

    One can in a case would not cause suspicion.  A case full of cans of pot would feel like carrying a brick (a non-dynamic load) when it should be sloshing all over the place with each step.

    Or they were tipped off :)

  94. You guys are aware of the silk road marketplace on Tor right and the bitcoins used for payment? Never receive a package under your own name. Also, use a remailer if you want an extra layer of fun.

  95. You and your reading comprehension skills are pretty damn funny. 
    “…The U.S. Postal Service offers a $50,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of people trying to mail marijuana via the U.S. mail system….”

  96. USPS is not government, mate. they are a separate entity, even if they are governed by the postmaster general. it’s a messed up system, lol.

  97. Fuck dude I mail cans of corn all the damn time.. its not like you can go buy them at your nearest Walmart.. them shits are hard to come by

  98. Richie420allday on

    I have got fucked over twice on here trying to find a connect.. so many scam artists and scum bags… Its cool though because they only fucked me over for a qp and 2 o’s I guess people are really out here that broke they need to rip people off… But I actually found 1 good connect on here finally I sent him half up front and half when I got it and he actually came through… I guess my risks paid off… beware of scammers on here though there are some legit dudes but a lot of them are scammers… god bless

  99. Nygratefulfred on

    the postal service is going broke,they should be glad for all the Marijuana that can be shipped,business is business,just ask the 1%.

  100. AtomKUSHington on

    i got scammed out of 4,900 before i gave up sending money upfront.

    Every post i see i automaticaly think its a scam now. But thank god i found this 1 guy from sacremento. He didnt want to send anything with out payment first.. So i was sketchy.. But he has alot of pictures all wih the same background. We even facetime ..so i did it… I felt stupid even sending half out. But he actually came threw. So now i just stick to him. Good prices too. Alot of indoor. He has good pictures. And always has a couple units of each…. It sucks that its like. 1/10 chance of finding real guys now..
    His email is jeremySateeva@aim.com. Tell him adam sent you.

  101. what are some prices hit me and let me know we can do big things if you are real  bear1972@rocketmail.com and i have damn good mid so holla doing big things dont play no games im a real all about papper

  102. Have been looking at the site for quite some time now. There is definitely a fine line between genius and idiots.

    Not going to sit here and tell you why you should email for shipping opportunities but if you’re looking for a connection email me and we can go from there.

    Prices/quality/quantity can be discuss through email

    Not big on shipping outside the US but If we end up working something out I can think about.


  103. No big deal on

    haha no need to do all that hassle. A food saver “vac/seal”  and maybe some newspaper is all you need.100% success rate. If its a fake name and you pay with cash you’re fine, besides there gunna find it no matter how crazy you package it if ther’re looking for it. smell the residue on the outside of the box, its usually not the contents inside that give it away but the package itself…  and the USPS wants your money like any other business

  104. 1stBeStrong on

    So….. My question is regarding the ‘canned corn’.  If it weighed the same, was sealed, had no smell, why were the postal inspectors opening up peoples Canned Corn?

  105. 1stBeStrong on

    Nope, canned corn is not a sloshy product. A carrier wouldn’t be bringing it back because he was thinking that it might not be corn. It would be packaged and they don’t know what is suppose to be in the package!  If they brought the package back to the PO, they would get in trouble for failure to deliver!  The Inspectors are doing this before they leave the sorting stations.

  106. wrongnumber on

    Black Magic Odor Barrier Bags come highly recommended.  They will give a free sample to anyone who requests one on their website. 

  107. eating_sunshine on

    How in the hell would you vet someone on line?  Maybe with blind drops and middle men, I suppose it could be possible.

  108. Be careful with tor.  Another place, TFM got raided by DEA and Interpol in the Netherlands.  Said they had about 3k customers.

  109. Toymachine2010 on

    got it hit me, straight out of redding cali. indoor out door and some green house. 
    toymachine2010@gmail:disqus .com

  110.  Tor wasnt the problem with TFM — it was their dumbasses using things like western union and paypal to pay for the stuff. LEOs did what leos do best and followed the money. Silk Road insists on bitcoin ONLY — and its pretty damn easy to chop the paper trail off with bitcoin when you buy them with cash or with moneypaks or whatever. Be careful when engaging in any of this activity though. Remember, anonymize everything. Do not attach your slave number to anything. Don’t receive packages under your slavecard name.

  111. i’ m all leagle and the post office just notified my brother thaey took it, he is real sick and it is his can they do this to him??

  112. silkroad is legit, I have used them personally. Just don’t finalize early and everything will be cool. They have an excellent variety of dank ass kush….I know because i have purchased several lbs from there. Hit me up if you need a connect,,,raydhunt@gmail.com

  113. Jkingj79@yahoo.com on

    Need medicine medical grade kush live in west Virginia looking for an honest good person to help me out

  114. RichardSalinger on

    Still looking to build a relationship?
    Get used to these terms and repeat after me: I _______________ hereby state under penalty of PERJURY that I am not a usps postal inspector, federal law enforcement officer/agent or state law enforcement officer/agent. I also agree that I’m not involved or under investigation with any federal/state law enforcement agency at any capacity.

    That’s just to break the proverbial ice, Norcal flower business is booming and always looking to expand.
    Let’s chat soon, I’ll wait for your public reply…

  115. Heard of a case awhile back in Texas,where a dude working unloading a truck downed a Tecate beer and died. The cases of beer were full of liquid cocaine. Hey Hey Hey bottoms up!

  116. I’m looking for some of that good Cali shit over here in FL. Hit me up @wilfredalanon@yahoo.com

  117. I Wilfred Alanon hereby state under penalty of PERJURY that I am not a
    usps postal inspector, federal law enforcement officer/agent or state
    law enforcement officer/agent. I also agree that I’m not involved or
    under investigation with any federal/state law enforcement agency at any

    Can I find some fire Cali shit with Norcal Flowers? I searched for them but didn’t seem to find much. Shoot me an email @wilfredalanon@yahoo.com. Lookin for some of that medical shit in FL!

  118. Would you happen to have an email address that I can contact you by? Shoot me an email if possible wilfredalanon@yahoo.com. I attempted to get on Silk Road, and it will not let me on, and I have taken to steps to get on.

  119. RichardSalinger on

    Greetings Wilfred, I will be in touch shortly.
    Norcals finest indoor and out shipped discretely to your destination.
    A small peace offering at one lb. To start.
    I receive funds first. No exceptions.

  120. RichardSalinger on

    Hey Jay.
    Norcals finest indoor and out shipped discretely to your destination.
    A small peace offering at one lb. To start.
    I receive funds first. No exceptions.

  121. RichardSalinger on

    I have 78 hoods running 1000 watts each.
    Scamming is chomp shit and a stupid way to turn away good repeat business. I don’t know you and you definitely don’t know me.

  122.  Get used to these terms and repeat after me: I Michael Havers hereby
    state under penalty of PERJURY that I am not a usps postal inspector,
    federal law enforcement officer/agent or state law enforcement
    officer/agent. I also agree that I’m not involved or under
    investigation with any federal/state law enforcement agency at any
    capacity. I would rather drive to you to discuss things in person.  I live in New York, but face to face is always best.  I could take everything at once afdter we establish a relationship…  Please call me at 716-378-2790.  No worries I toss these phones every 30 days, so please call me asap.  Going on my 3rd back surgery and I believe you and I could do great things together!!!!!!!!

  123. Michl9696@hotmail.com on

     yr bobbytaylor420@gmail address does not work!!!!  Please email me with a working addy @ michl9696@hotmail.com…..we have alot to discuss!!!  Thank you, Michael

  124. Michl9696@hotmail.com on

     Just respond to the email I sent you bro…  Then we can chat…  I hate and don’t trust these damn forums really… Peace for now… 

  125. Iam Buyingacar on

    Rich, Can you email me at iambuyingacar@gmail.com   i live in Connecticut.  i suffer from acute plantar fasciitis in both feet, I had surgery on my right a year ago. My doctor claims my ills dont qualify under CT new law.  i hate pills!!

  126. Iam Buyingacar on

    I am making Shepards Pie and forgot the canned corn. Please send ASAP

  127. sorry I got the wrong dude it was the cali connect dude that ripped me off me off when he was buying from me… forget the comment above

  128. Kennethmorris22 on

    it is mostly one person who is scamming everyone im doing more info on this lil dude he is 24 his name is austin requa who claims he is from maryland i am doing my best too get all the info from him it is cali connect kushman a couple of other screen names he uses don’t fuck wit him bro he is a crackhead jus looking for his fix ill keep u posted 

  129. If your looking for a legit connect and not no internet scammer that just wants to make a quick buck hit me up.. located in california and I am a honest and legitimate connect… fuck scammers… bobbycannabisclub@hotmail.com..

  130. Chicokushpusha@gmail.com on

    Hmu chicokushpusha@gmail.com

    I use PayPal legitmetly and works great for this business

    Been down this for a.most 2 years and have a very good technique down now

    Hum and we’ll talk im from the bay but currently live in the emerald triangle


  131. Kennethmoris22 on

    look if u can get good quality good priced stuff hit me up on my email no bullshitters i work hard for my money naif someone try to scm me there will be a problem big problem austin requa put money on his head for the last moon that was scammed from m boy ask about it 


    he is a scammer don’t mess wit him bro his name is austin requa an he is 24 an he says he is 19   EXSPOSED

  133. who the fuck uses paypal your not a hustler that is like asking to get caught.. thats a big paper trail… I would rather get fucked over for money then have the feds  knocking at my door.. no real connect would ever use paypal because it takes to long to get the money out.. 

  134. I’m looking to build a good relationship as well. Im having trouble copy and pasteing the terms on my phone. Will do when I get to a computer but if you have faith till then.. Cf2012@hush.com

  135. Feds(US Customs and Border protection)   recently seized some of my seeds from theNetherlands..no THC in seeds..how can they detect and why destroy non toxic ,no Agricultural pests..very annoying and expensive, but I will continue to order from the best seed brokers available. I would much rather keep my money in my own country,but our current administration has once again gone with Big Pharma in dismissing the popular interest in legalizing one of the historically most useful and non toxic medicinal plants for 4000 years. To the a..holes in CHICAGO who took my seeds.I hope you grow all males!

  136. wuzup guys im frm texas looking for an honest connect no scams.. im smoker myself lookin to smoke some good bud frm another state … hit me up monsta409@gmail.com and we can talk

  137. just moved to TX need a hook up pprivate912@gmail get at me. I’m looking for a regular thing so don’t think you’ll get off without going through the ropes and sending a sample. If you’re legit you’ll get at me

  138. Cancer survivor here. My connect moved. Need help. Can’t afford to getting ripped off as my post treatment is expensive. For this sole reason will need some sample and a skype session to build trust as I am more sick of getting rippedoff than the disease I fought off. So if you can meet my requirements, email me at nofixnofeepa@gmail.com

    All my best !

  139. I’ve been screwed over 2x on this website and I’ve only done business with one left person on here and that’s bobbycannabisclub@hotmail.com.. I send him money for a hp and it came through.. Beware of scammers on this blog..

  140. heavyloads{at}hushmail.com on

    For kilos shipped from Asia $1000 email heavyloads{at}hushmail.com
    Brick but not brown, potent.

  141. bringing up the truth on

    HEY YOU KENNETH MORRIS REMEMBER ME???? YOU STOLE 500 bucks out of me you thief! Don’t trust anyone in this sites you people this neeeegros are trying to steal your money!!!

  142. SpareMeTheBS on

    Do a google on Stoney Girl Gardens. They are the first US seed company and are in Salem Oregon. They make some crazy claims about their products but not sure why since they’re good. They say things like 36% THC and that’s just BS. People that have tried their seeds say they’re as good as any but no 36%.

  143. canned corn with water is *heavy*,dried weed is not,and feels funny,like cans of air.and suspicion submerges from the realm of the law.

  144. Masking the smell of
    pot with peanut butter, pepper, or any food simply will not fool a trained dog.
    Dogs can smell past any masking odor quite easily. Did you
    ever wonder why dogs sniff each other’s butts and also like to stick their
    noses in piles of dog poop? It isn’t because they necessarily like the smell of
    poop. They smell butts and piles because they live in a world of smells, and
    the most important thing to them, as social pack animals, is knowing who is
    about. They have glands on their butts that excrete minute amounts of a
    pheromone and lace it into every shit pile they lay. The pheromone is unique to
    each individual dog. Thus, by sniffing a butt, a dog ties the pheromone to
    FiFi. When he smells a shit pile and smells FiFi pheromone, he knows FiFi was
    about and laid that pile. Thus, by smelling every dog butt and shit pile in the
    neighborhood, your dog is building a complex map of his surroundings based on
    those smells. So if a dog can smell minute amounts of a pheromone mixed
    in with the powerful stench of dog shit and reliably ascertain which dog shat
    it (and probably when), do you think you can fool a drug trained dog with
    peanut butter? I didn’t think so!

    Plastic bags by
    themselves do not make your stash dog proof – not Foodsaver, not Smelly Proof
    Bags – not even close. Dogs can smell EXTREMELY minute concentrations of odors,
    and PLENTY of pot smell goes right through vacuum sealed bags – no matter how
    many layers you put on there. Plastic merely retards (slows down) the migration
    of pot smell so that YOU can’t smell it very easily. If you don’t believe me,
    try this simple experiment: put an ounce or two of good weed in a vacuum bag.
    Seal it in your favorite vacuum bag. Put it in a new, air tight plastic box,
    like a tupperware container, for a week. Open the box. Unless you have a poor
    sense of smell, you will smell weed aplenty! So what to do if you want to transport
    something? Use the only bag that utilizes activated charcoal and a
    double-walled bag to completely absorb and trap the smell so it never makes it
    to the outer bag. It’s called the Gonzo Bag and it is made in Humboldt County
    by an environmental chemist, Gonzo Bags USA. They come in three sizes, S –
    about an ounce, MED, about a qp, L – 1.5 lb. Check them out. They are dog proof

  145. I have shipped at east 50-70 times. I go out of town quite often and no person is going to stop me from having my meds…honestly, the best way to do it is to go through FedEx with a corporate acct (preferably) and when you pack it you use vacuum bags. Use 3 layers. The first layer is the bag containing the MJ then vacuum that up then the second layer is covered with pepper. Seal that up then the final layer is to hold the other layers in place. After all that put it in the FedEx box, bring it down to FedEx, send it overnight, make sure to NOT put your name or the receivers name. Also put NO SIGNITURE REQUIRED! Also make sure to use a REAL return address. Doesn’t have to be yours, but make sure it’s a real address. Then, when your receiver gets the package, they need to make sure they DON’T answer the door when the FedEx guy comes and drops off the package…this is pretty much it. Follow these easy steps and it’s pretty easy to send your meds to wherever.

  146. Just moved to MN . Lived in Cali my whole life. I know the business. I know prices and quality. I am looking for a smart business supplier that has experience in how this system works. No bs. We can all make money togethr. Hmu @ imfoolay@gmail.com will need sample, pics of product with proof such as my email on a paper for the pics, and a skype session . This is for serious inquirers only. Long term stable buiness partnership.

  147. I’m old skool. I just can not imagine getting tied up with anyone who would sell online. Those of you who advertise scare the crap out of me. If and when I sell my product I want to look the buyer in the eye. Selling blindly will turn your karma into shit.

  148. You are the one I call the village idiot! Anyone who would send you money through paypal is also from your village. Damn, you kids are down right stupid.

  149. you sir are part of the problem if people like you don’t stop doing what they are doing marijuana will never be decriminalized. aside from the fact that you are a piece of shit the idea of legalizing marijuana is to get away from criminal minds like yours please keep your distance and your mouth closed… talking about a hit on someone over marijuana are you fucking kidding me?

  150. I agree with Dav, even though my marijuana days might be over, I would like to see reform and get possession and use decriminalized. But if anyone in Washington wants to support us seeing posts from you Kenneth isn’t going to get them on our side.

  151. I knew a vet from Vietnam who shipped 4400 pre-rolled joints along with 2.5 lbs of loose pot from Nam to the USA. I also knew a guy who carried home, under his arm, a 5 lb block of hash that had been carved into a budda head and shellaced to look very professional. The joints came in packs of ten and we called them Sally’s after fire base Sally up by Hue. Vietnam pot had a taste and a smell all it’s own. Ahhh, the good ole days!

  152. High grade indoor/outdoor for decent prices

    Only trying to deal with customers who are looking for weight, minimum 2oz or more

    I’m currently in Colorado growing for medical dispensaries and looking for serious customers.

    If you want great medical grade bud and business email me at: vansoffthewall1225@gmail.com

  153. Sticky Budman on

    You have the common sense of Jerry’s Kids if you use the USPS to transport material. Then I read comments of morons admitting, practically bragging that they’ve gotten away with using USPS. Times up moron; Big Brother has your IP address and information. Too late, you’re probably already in a jail cell, surrounded by other idiots.
    Prison is full of morons, you’ll fit in just fine.
    Common sense just isn’t “common” anymore, is it ????

  154. Sticky Budman on

    “Stole 500 bucks OUT OF ME ” ???? WTF ???? How did he get it out of you ???
    Can’t rape the willing.

  155. Sticky Budman on

    Ah, finally, a breath of common sense. Thank you calikush, I was beginning to think this thread was only for the mentally challenged.

  156. The cans of weed weighed as much as the Net weight on the canned corn product label. What weighs more? A pound of water or a pound of weed? What you’re saying makes no sense. You’re saying the exact same weight of corn with water is heavier than the equal weight of dried weed. Lesson 1 of physics 101!

  157. I agree, tip of for sure. Someone wanted that 50K reward. That’s what you get when you talk about your business to people that don’t need to know!

  158. @facebook-100001614057336:disqus What you’re saying makes no sense. Dried weed is WAY less dense than water OR corn. It’s not about total weight that Teleterkji is talking about, but density. What I don’t understand is how they fit 14 oz (or whatever goes in a can of standard corn, maybe 15 oz?) in that small can. If you filled .25 cubic feet of space with weed it would probably be like, 10 times lighter than if you fit .25 cubic feet of space with corn.

    It takes a fairly large mason jar to fit 1 oz of marijuana. I can’t even imagine how they fit all of that in a small-ish tin can.

  159. It’s entirely possible that a dog alerted the inspectors to the package, they obtained a warrant to open the package, opened the package, saw cans of corns, the dog alerted again, they opened them and found the weed. Someone mentioned something about Physics 101 earlier, so here’s another science lesson for you: odors (your stinky green) can permeate solid substances (your canned corn). The time it takes an odor to permeate a substance depends on the substance(s) and the number of layers it has to permeate through. Experiment with it for yourself. Throw some sardines in a ziploc and see if you can smell them right away. Probably not, right? Take the same bag and let it sit out on the counter for a couple hours and then smell it again. Starting to smell them yet? Wait a couple more hours and do it again. Next you could try triple bagging it. My point is, while it may not smell as soon as it’s packaged and on it’s way to the post office, the smell will still permeate THROUGH the can. And if you’re testing this out with a can, odds are YOU will never be able to smell it, but don’t forget, a dog’s sense of smell ranges anywhere from 1000 to 10000000 times more sensitive than the average person’s.

  160. yall are crazy this is a classic scam jeez people are gullable o send me 1500 dollers ill send you some dank gtfoh i know it gets shipped through the mail but in cases that i know of meaning people that i know receive shit through the mail does it through a personal contact not somone they met on a forum and why the heck is my facebook acount active when i logged out like a hour ago ? wierd on a side note i need some canned corn =D not to show my nerd-ness but this reminds me of a “eve-online” scam haha

    and for god sakes im sure there are feds on this site

  161. can sumbody from cali be my plug & ship weed to me in memphis so i can sell & we can be business partners no bullshittin

  162. The postal SERVICE is a service not a business. The US is a democracy and is not allowed to own businesses that profit from citizens. They are only allowed to charge ta cover operating expenses.

  163. I just found out that postal office has NO WAY of tracking first class mail, and NO WAY of knowing who sent it. They don’t even check it. This information is from the office of postal inspectors. Even though you cannot ship a lot weed like that, you can ship anything else that is small-pills, rocks etc.

  164. Jesus Marijuana on

    yeah couldn’t that mean they are looking at all of our mail cause how else could they have found it if it was that concealed.

  165. dude wtf who are you? i just start selling & got connected with a team of growers a few weeks ago. i think this is the punk ass bitch that emailed me earlier. i sent your hoe ass pictures of my strains & then you ask for another one? bitch selling weed is a 24/7 job & you think i got time to constantly have time to snap up pictures just cause you think im a scam? fuck you bitch.

  166. dont be mad because i exposed you bitch. you took a measily $50 from. good thing it wasnt more. im warning everyone on the site to not contact this guy. HE IS A SCAMMER!!!!

  167. really??? i havent even sold to anyone on this fucking site dick eating bitch. i dont even know you & how the fuck would i steal $50 when im selling a minimum of 2oz. dumb ass bitch.

  168. well the smell will permeate ANYTHING given enough time. If you plan on shipping some dope package it right before you ship it, don’t bother with coffee grounds and stuff dogs smell right through it. Just seal it in air tight plastic several times. Protip get one of those food saver vacuum sealers works like a charm ;)

  169. can anyone help a young 30 year old sick guy wasting away from crohns disease in mn? im in horrible pain from the inflammation transferring to my pelvis and neck and both are fusing to my spine and im dropping weight everyday. im looking for blueberry cause i heard its strong enough to handle crohns pain and spinal pain. i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy.

  170. not sure if it helps but i have been scammed quite a few times on ordering big amounts such as a qp or hp. just ordered an oz from this guy just to take a chance because he seemed legit and if i lost the money then whatever. he came through. purpledolphinsmmj@gmail.com

  171. By your logic FedEx and UPS are not businesses because they offer a service.

    Businesses offer services all day every day. Service is the product being sold. The postal service is a business from a practical standpoint but from a Legal Standpoint is defined as an “independent establishment of the executive branch of the Government of the United States”. It’s still business for all practical intents and purposes. They have employees. Pay salaries. Provide services to individuals and other businesses. Get payment for their services. IF USPS were not a Federally Mandated Monopoly they would legally be classified just like FedEx or UPS – i.e. a shipping service business.

    The US is NOT a Democracy but a Republic. Sadly it’s morphed into a semi fascist/socialist/corporatocracy.

    While legally the government isn’t supposed to profit off the citizens it does so every day.

    The IRS takes Tax Revenue which is one of the Federal Government’s main sources of Income.

    Which is ironic because the IRS taxes individuals on their Income.

    When the government doesn’t have enough to pay the bills it uses the credit card that is the Federal Reserve system to print more money to pay for things they can’t afford.

    However the US Govt’s bill ends up on the backs of taxpayers, savers and those holding US Dollars – they pay the inflation tax down the road for Government’s Overspending today.

    That was more than my 2cents.

  172. Vacuum seal the weed, put it in the can, fill with water, deal can, and bingo you have”canned corn”.

  173. Interested buyer looking for a decent connect that can ship. Good Quailty and decent prices please?

  174. PapaJohnHasTheDank on

    if you want good indica & sativas hmu on my email bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com. no fronts & if you dont have money dont email me. minimum is 1 oz. i need more loyal repeating customers. i do ALL business through mail so if you dont like it fuck off. its MY way or NO way. im not looking for friends just customers. ima good connect so if you ever got ripped off dont talk to me about that cause i dont rip people off. & you gotta keep replying quick cause its going quick. just hmu bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com anybody !

  175. Dumbass, you must not smoke in quantity, just post-separated shake.
    PACKED FRESH weed bricks are so frigging tight and dense, you can easily substitute them for 16 oz of corn.

  176. Corn is very light, the water obviously is not. You are focusing too much on the corn’s properties. Think the opposite way: ONE POUND of Moist weed pressed into a brick at 100 lbs of pressure can easily fill a can.

  177. The “cali dude”? Seriously? The whole fucking over-confident state is FULL of potheads, drug users, illegal immigrants, fags, and mostly SMOKERS and you are just gonna go out and say, in the most general of fashion, the “cali connect dude”. Can you be more vague?

  178. hfhfhrfhrhrhrhrhrhr on

    can we get the discussion on this track plz really its the most relevant for us to investigate y this got seazed so we can use that to disscuss how we gunna get around em and just what constitutes a real, not defined, seasure.

  179. Use the Gonzo Bag from Gonzo Bags USA. It uses activated charcoal with a double walled bag – dog proof. If you are looking for something special in a bag, call me at 707-502-0611. I supply many peeps.

  180. You can send anything smelly and make it undetectable using the odor proof Gonzo Bag from Gonzo Bags USA. I’m also happy to ship you NorCal product if you are interested. Contact me at gonzo99@tormail.org or call 707 502-0611. I’m honest and have been in business for years with many satisfied customers.

  181. PapaJohnHasTheDank on

    I dont do indirect swaps for the first couple times I do all business thru mail until I get comfortable with you for my safety. got a good deal going for blue dream trainwreck sour d og kush & purple haze. 1 oz for $300 2 for $525 3 oz for $715 qp for $830 hp for $1100 whole pound for $2200. hmu at bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com no bullshit & no cops!

  182. loyaldudefreshstart on

    hit my email if you are trying to get a good connect an grower too make bank an t to build a connection with have many varieties too choose from 1000-3000 depending on strain have only loyalty in my circle if u are a scammer or have anything to do with bullshit then don’t waste your time i hit my email an you will see there is no bullshit i am a hustler its a code don’t do dirt too people who can bring u millions feel me hit me up anykindyouwant@gmail.com

  183. I sent this guy $525 for 2 oz and it never came in. Tried sending him numerous emails and no response. typical thief. people do not waste you time with bigfanofmyself@yahoo

  184. PapaJohnHasTheDank on

    lmao! really dude. who are you & when have you emailed me? I just made 2oz $525 when I put the post on here. fucking narc!

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  186. Anyone looking for premium quality, california grown bud, get in contact with me.

    Constant supply of indoor and greenhouse herbs at good prices.

    Not lookin to play games here so if you dont waste my time I will not waste your time

    Just looking to expand and provide yall easterners and east coast people some great bud

    Will provide pictures of the product upon request

    Contact me through the smartphone application “KIK” my username is kushconnection

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  187. Real hustlers get Money on the street, not on the internet…trust me if you thanking bout sending your paper……..DOnt

  188. Big fan of myself u a bitch Ass nigga for taking my Money and not sendinf my product 900 dollars down the drain u pussy Ass nigga you in Memphis TN ill b down there

  189. who r u? I been buyin frm him for longest wit no prob.. he isnt in memphis anymre.. then his partner got ina car acident on the way to staten island & died so he is in cali. Hes not even ascammer..

  190. If a dude on here claims hes in Memphis selling bud butt from Cali he lying his.address is on 3376 Tutwiler Ave. Memphis, Tn 38122.he took 9 from me..but doNT worry if he got u before my people is looking for him now im wit a cartel Los zetas u ainy take my Money u took there’s

  191. Who am I the nigga he scammed 9oo dollars from wtf I got.2 lie for I stay in Staten islnd NY why.i.dnt have my product n he got my Money f u mind ur business

  192. Thts Wht got.me people bragging bout this dude big fan of myself its probly him bragging about hisself to fool people he got me reall good dont send your Money first dont listen 2 people tellingu how good bigfanofmyself is the half Black half white boy scammed n when my cartel find him u no Wht he iz

  193. I hustle in ala Texas & ny…this Lil bitch slowed me down wit all tht bigfanofmyself do not send your Money first if he tells this is how I do all my first deals..do not send your Money first im a living witness he claim his mom is sick in Memphis so it seems he sending from a normal.state n not a drug source state

  194. weedonthecob on

    maybe they should have mailed a bunch of legit cans of corn 1st THEN mailed the weed cans of corn… jfs

  195. i need a fucking weed connect meng … i sent out emails to danm near everyone on this forum and no one got back to me …WIz hit me up @badboy10458@yahoo.com plzz prepare pics and pricing..

  196. I thank u the one took my money a y’all dnt fuk wit This dude he scamming this the same way I got caught by a bitch nigga just like this here

  197. Find yourself looking around for a good MOM? I ship top shelf discretely (US only)
    E-mail for latest strains/price
    Competitive pricing!
    Serious inquiries only please

  198. y name is Seth Green i live in Bluff City, Tennessee and i would like to
    address an issue i have an that is Medical Marijuana being legal in the
    state of Tennessee. Im 22 years old i have Cerebral Palsy on my right
    side as well as seizures artistes in my back. I have been in an out of
    the hospital since i was born, the doctors that i have talked to said
    that they would try an help get me the best heath care out there.
    Unfortunately they have not, They will not give me any pain medications
    under the new law. I went to a Pain Management in my local city, they
    said that they would do steroids shot in my back. I did research on the
    matter an i believe that 6 people has died by giving steroid shot, I do
    not want to take them because of the risk. I would like for you to think
    about this an address this with your fellow cabnit
    members because my family doctor said to go ahead and smoke even thou
    its illegal. Marijuana honestly help my cerebral palsy and my pain
    issues an with the pain im having is causing me to have seizures more an
    more and i honestly can not take the pain much longer i hate breaking
    the law, but i do not want to live in pain. I would like to reduce the
    pain the best i can. When the doctors will not give me the pain
    medications that i need or the nerve medications that cerebral palsy need…. i have to find something to help an Marijuana is
    helping its my only option. It shows in studies that marijuana help arthritis as well my
    seizures. Do not know where else to turn, and i am hoping that there
    will be a bill put in place in Tennessee where Medical Marijuana will be
    legal for people in my situation. Thank you for your time. P.S can you
    help get my story out front so it could be heard

  199. my name is Seth Green i live in Bluff City, Tennessee and i would like to address an issue i have an that is Medical Marijuana being legal in the
    state of Tennessee. Im 22 years old i have Cerebral Palsy on my right
    side as well as seizures artistes in my back. I have been in an out of
    the hospital since i was born, the doctors that i have talked to said
    that they would try an help get me the best heath care out there.
    Unfortunately they have not, They will not give me any pain medications
    under the new law. I went to a Pain Management in my local city, they
    said that they would do steroids shot in my back. I did research on the
    matter an i believe that 6 people has died by giving steroid shot, I do
    not want to take them because of the risk. I would like for you to think
    about this an address this with your fellow cabnit
    members because my family doctor said to go ahead and smoke even thou
    its illegal. Marijuana honestly help my cerebral palsy and my pain
    issues an with the pain im having is causing me to have seizures more an
    more and i honestly can not take the pain much longer i hate breaking
    the law, but i do not want to live in pain. I would like to reduce the
    pain the best i can. When the doctors will not give me the pain
    medications that i need or the nerve medications that cerebral palsy need…. i have to find something to help an Marijuana is
    helping its my only option. It shows in studies that marijuana help arthritis as well my
    seizures. Do not know where else to turn, and i am hoping that there
    will be a bill put in place in Tennessee where Medical Marijuana will be
    legal for people in my situation. Thank you for your time. P.S can you
    help get my story out front so it could be heard

  200. Your both right. She’s right first because she is stating how the law works, and that’s the truth. Then you state the reasoning and the logic of how IT IS a business, and a failing business at that. This is a sad truth, and our government is now built on a system that does not allow small ideas to make it to the top. Government should not be any part of business, its supposed to be a line of communication for group decision making. Now its either a corporate or a government choice. I don’t want either… I think we have all been tricked to think those are our only two choices when they are both bad.

  201. Why does’nt the MPP do a comparison of violence from a beer and wine event and a marijuana event..

  202. Do you honestly think that the USPS has dogs walking around smelling the mail? LOL

  203. You never know if it has been made to shake and have a liquid sound to it or not. Some of those cans for ‘hiding valuables’ are very realistic. :)

  204. hit me if u need good prices just harvested an will ship first for the right people loyalty is a must

  205. LOL Why would anyone make 1st time mail order over $100, might as well go on the street and let some homeless guy borrow your laptop

  206. so what if those police actually open a package that was really a can corn? will they be paying the person for damage of product?

  207. what will happen if that was actually cans of corn? would the police have to pay for it?

  208. i got tired of getting jerked by low lives & went to the west to get my own connect.. Top shelf grade aaa fresh from san diego, best thang smoking
    The high last for hrsssssss!!
    Medical Sour diesel, purple kush, og kush, master kush
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    Only serious buyers enquire

  209. Patients the medical marijauna is now available i ship thru usps, im flawless i have experience… No narks

    Email or call me for prices n more questions

  210. slow and steady wins the race on

    Industrial Freight Shipping via flatbead train has much less oversight than US Mail, Fed-ex, UPS, etc, but is more expensive as you need ship something that weighs over 700 pounds with the herb hidden inside….. but if you really want to be safe, this is the way to go

  211. this is correct, but its not a public good which the USPS “supposedly” is.. it sucks. anways… UPS and FedEx have stock… USPS dosen’t… so I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a business to me. :) happy smoking

  212. Having stock does not qualify anything as a business. There are thousands of businesses all over the country that don’t offer stock because they are privately held. Maybe you should smoke less…

  213. undercover wht? fuk u talk bout bruh dnt get shit twisted lil daddy watch who u calling a undercover..we dnt play tht bitch shit ova here, take tht fuk nigga shit somewhere else

  214. I am from Alabama so you know I’m looking for Some good smoke. I am even I interested in some good seeds if u can help me not hurt me plz get back with me thank u

  215. Scam scam scam scam scam scam
    This the same dude took my money do no trust bigfanofmyself. I get packs from a dude on here whos legit and actually sends your pack an not just keep your money
    Cartia1cartel@gmail.com inbox me ill give you my guys email

  216. loyalty is a must on

    i got a good good prices all these people on here scamming will get karma i have pics i have recent shipments i have people who can vouche an i have the most amazing bud available hit me up at goodgoodmiles@aIM.com no bullshit buisness

  217. loyalty is a must on

    telling you just by looking on here at discussions its alot of bulshitters an scmmers trust no one with your money on here

  218. What makes u diffrent u just said dnt trust no one with your money then turn around and ask for the same thing..wht a dick

  219. I am looking for a way to get some good bud, in philly I trust no one. I had a line with jay joints but they must be outta business. looking for cana

  220. grim reefer on

    Josh you are proof folk from bama are stupid as shit, DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THESE RIP OFFS!!!
    If you want seeds or weed move to a medi state and buy them, dumb ass cracker!

  221. I got it all.. I pay the shipping you just buy the bud.. At dirt cheap prices.. I grow it myself so its all profit to me so I don’t need to charge top dollar.. I am 100% legit and I’ve been doing g this for years. Hit me up mexicandreamer08@gmail.come

  222. I have been in this business for a few years now. I deal with a personal friend (supplier) up in Colorado.
    I do discrete shipping all over the United States and have never had any problems of any kind. Any interest feel free to contact me daniel.foard@yti.edu with your phone number and I will contact you via phone, to discuss any interest or questions.

  223. If any of you are looking for someone to help with your growing an etc. u can pay me in herb im not getting the proper healthcare. Im willing to move to get that

  224. goodgoodmiles on

    i got one person legit that mails hit me for any questions no scam no bulshit

  225. if you need a legit connect reply to this comment with your email and I will email you. no narcs and no fronts

  226. Nobody fuck with chadbutlerloud he is a scam artist he will send u a sample of some fire but as soon as u send him some real $ he is nowhwere to be found

  227. rob_clifton1@aim.com on

    anybody that actually wants a legit connect hit up goodgoodmiles he is legit an he does send fire or green house no sugar coating anything just hit me or him up definetly a good connect chad butler fucked me too but i came back good with my new connect fuck you chad

  228. Greenwoodstock@yahoo.com
    If your interseted in getting top grade a strains shipped to you discretly, send me a email, my sour diesel & blue dream strain is the 3rd best strain in the county, modesto cali.
    I don’t send samples its a waist of time & energy only serious buyers enquire.. I supply the best no less

  229. I mailed to my son while he was in Texas for two years, from Alaska. He has terrible scoliosis, cannot afford insurance, cannot and would not go to those pain pill mills in the Houston, Texas area. So, it was Mom to the rescue. I’d do it again if I had to, too. He is my child. It’s legal where we live and just because Texas is in the dark ages does not mean I will let my son suffer. That hairsprayed helmet-head Perry smokes his, the guys and gals in Austin most CERTAINLY do, and have since I was a teen there in the 70’s so … the end on that!

  230. Seth, would you consider coming to Alaska? I’ve been wanting to find a good grower! I can sign you up to protect you legally, if you have no convictions. I am MM registered in AK, working as an activist/reformer and have the most BROWN thumb in the world! :-)

  231. Anybody from the Bay Area preferably Vallejo on here? Just lookin for some good. Just moved here from Texas

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  233. 420PhillyDude on

    Im looking to purchase some meds. NO LE!! Reply at my email njphila420dude at hot

  234. Would love to find someone to just ship me wax and concentrates to MN. Were behind the good states apparently and I have to suffer.

  235. rob_clifton1@aim.com on

    got some grand daddy purp from my boy goodgoodmiles yesterday straight fire just thought i would share that with all the bullshitters cuz for some reason i got scammed once but he is loyal an legit

  236. Socalmeds215 is a scamer ay one that ask you to pay from a reload card is not.real

  237. rob_clifton1@aim.com on

    he is a scam believe me have pics that he had sent me an never got anything

  238. i am trying to move out west to get the help i need sir. But i only live on 150 a month after i pay my bills. I am trying my best to get help but the Federal an state governments will not help me

  239. rob_clifton1@aim.com on

    tired of getting scammed gonna talk too who ever puts up these fake posts an let it be known

  240. rob_clifton1@aim.com on

    goodgoodmiles is legit real an affordable these dudes are scammers

  241. Dallas cowboys on

    I need a steady connect NOT a SCAMMER my mom just underwent back surgery for her scoliosis and she is in desperate need edibles and hash are welcomed hit me up with prices jacobmolina18@yahoo.com

  242. Datdude Real on

    only emails no cops datdudereal no scams for good strain @rboluwa@gmail.com

  243. Yo I’m lookin for some fire as reggie for my bro not tryin to spend no more than 400 a pound. if u a real plug who ain’t scared to tlk on the phone or allow me to visit an see what u workin wit then don’t bother. I dnt trust none of u mfs but if u a real dealer then u understant exactly where I’m comin from. I knw most of yall fakin primeadonis@gmail.com get at me

  244. Yo I been in tha game for a while so u not just gone tell me anything and think ima send u my money ima real dude. I expect real shit I knw how real movers wrk and sendin a pic u could have got off google image won’t work with me. Yall wastin ppls time if u don’t have shit for real i got money I’m tryin to spend and yall fuckin the site up for real mfs on here. If u not spendin shit or movin shit then u in tha fuckin way. Comin from a real hustler

  245. Detroitrockcity on

    I’m looking for some as well, but I want a couple samples first to show legitimacy. I am independently wealthy and love to smoke if I like what you send I’m in it for big money.

  246. Hey Detroitrockcity,

    I am close to Detroit if you are a card holder hit me up i have mostly clone only elites and have a long history of medical mj growing experience. u can look up a lot of my work on various forums also I am the breeder of Detroit diesel. medicalgardensolutions@gmail.com


  247. who ever deals with him be careful it sounds pretty funny your a grower in detroit an it also sounds funny how you trying too rip people off that has medical cards what a loser@ exsposed SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. Detroitrockcity we can meet in public as we both have cards. You can try before you buy.


  249. Rob_clifton@aim U don’t know me at all so either ur the real police or ur one of the scamers. But sense u say I am here’s what u can do. First fallow me on instagram under Adonisprime then follow me on Twitter under the same name. See I can do that cause I’m certified u have to hide behind ur fake email addresses lol ur ah joke. If I knew where u were I would come and take ur girl have her suck me off for an hour then fuck the dog shit out of her cum in her mouth while recording it all then give a edited dvd version to u lmao. Cut it out fuck boi

  250. Dude by the name of Edgar Garcia from Austin TX, got me for $1000 the past week and that’s his real name cause when u send a certain amout of money through western union the receiver has to use their I.D. and that’s what he’s using. Edgar Garcia is ah scam!!!! Why would u fuck up a good thing?? Yall rather fuck a person over one time to never get anything from him again than be getting 2 to $5, 000 from him a week doin good business. The true definition of a dumb fuck. Grow up and get real money

  251. Looking to buy an onion a week, no higher then 250. Send me an email so we can exchange numbers.

  252. goodgoodmiles on

    thats a fact thats why i do straight buisness no scams over here at all loyal dudes only

  253. In need of quality bud medical grade no bS weed or with the seller. I’m am 30 year smoker . Would like qp to start . Want referrals and will check up on them . One honest country boy looking for a good deal for you and me contact. johnadkins2011@gmail.com

  254. who is for real here I am a totally disabled vet with combat injuries no longer in military, looking for some good shit but only from people who are real due to living on disability once a month.. any help is legit help in louisisana appreciated.

  255. site also has sellers and stars for reliability anyone use this before seems like might look into to protect self any opinion

  256. robcliftonfuckedhsmother on

    first off my boy is good an he dont even talk too new people your a cop bitch

  257. I usually never do this but ill make an exception this once
    ○Blue dream by the units
    ○Sour diesel by the units
    ○Train wreck by the units
    Harvest season is here many more strands soon to come, we dont grow nothen less but the best if you got to ask me if I’m legit then your not serious we don’t take money we make money:-) email me at

  258. If you don’t won’t to email me download the application kik on your smart phone cartia1

  259. I’m a real supplier out of California, and own 2 dispensaries here in Orange County. Willing to supply in any amount from 1 oz – a full unit per order. I have many different strains to pick from in all different types of price ranges. If you are willing to plan a trip to come out here, I can show you around and see the type of work I work with. If not i do offering shipping along with tracking number. No bullshit, real connect. Hellainco@gmail.com

  260. I am a ommp patient. I don’t have any money and I don’t have anyone growing for me. I’m in horrible pain. Please if any one could donate some medicine to it would be greatly appreciated. Please email billspanks@live.com thank you and god bless

  261. needmymedicinegotbenjamins on

    N Florida, Hippie City, needing the dankest, what my name sez, get me in the clouds needmymedicinegotbenjamins

  262. Anyone need weed email me daltonqwerty20@gmail.com I got 5 ounces of purple kush never sold Online before lol, Willing to sell In little amounts also Doesn’t matter gonna be sending it in a letter cheaper shipping and safer I’ll even vacuum seal it to keep it smell-free, I sell 10$ a gram or $170 an Oz, Willing to send samples also

  263. I need a connect on

    Is ANYONE on this fucking site real?? Seems like a bunch of scammers and wannabe’s. I’m looking for a REAL supplier!!

  264. i’m fucking with that blackberry kush man . thanks it was sketchy sending money first but u actually came thru appreciate it

  265. How am I a scammer? Can you explain? I’ve only done 1 transaction with a person through this site so far and it all went well. Don’t just go around calling people scammers you idiot.

  266. a guy using bayareacoop@yahoo.com jacked my money said was legit and never received anything he wants you to put on his card which numbers are 4039 9517 7143 3092 receive code is 7000 and expiration is 8/16 a scammer been waiting a week and nothing and want return emails don’t use him heres is info

  267. theres is another who is taking my money if don’t receive tracking I will post who they are and where located if dont receive by tomorrow all getting is excuses I understand some things but I keep getting reasons why it hasn’t been sent last ecxcuse I looked up and no answer or info to prove the claim

  268. have a way of finding who owns email we will see how he likes jail tired of these pussy ass motherfuckers

  269. all yall scewie motherfuckers will post on every site I find you wanna play I can to

  270. gotcha I talked to him last night that’s why he didn’t call me back last night. been waiting on him

  271. I think the US Post office should use the $50,000 REWARD to hire new workers and help stimulate this shitty economy and leave those who ship harmless PLANTS alone! Hopefully these people who are promoting shipping/buying do not have a $50K ulterior motive. That’s not cool. Snitches NEVER win!

  272. Thomas Lee Howell on

    Moving to south Tennessee. Currently in Colorado and allowed to grow ten plants and possess 2 oz/s legally as a patient. Worried about connecting in Winchester Cowen area. Not mailing money anywhere to anyone.

  273. moved to Fort Collins Co a few months ago. my friend was giving me buds here & there but started a new job where they are tested….so no more for me. I don’t know anyone else. Don’t get out much since my husband & son went back to N.D. for a couple of months. also have no car until I get recent tags & my sons dog wigs out if I just go empty the trash.. I was just wondering if any of yu know of someone in the area. Not really comfortable about sending money. just need a lil bit..going stir crazy. I’m hoping to grow my own soon:)

  274. since your his brother pass along and you might wanna read will give 7 days look I need my shit or my money haven’t got nothing but excuses or will be turning over all emals and proof to where it needs to go. Tired of this shit have been waiting since the 26 last month pass the word to him if do not receive im will turn over to proper authorities bullshit. I am patient anad forgiving but this is bull shit brother and from what I c I aint the only one been receiving excuses and nothing. This is me this timeTired of being screwed by scammmers or etc. Its called intent will be glad to get that $50,000.00

  275. I said if you screw me I will do all I can to do same. I live on disability from military and only make so much once a month,If do not get a response I will post the name and the area lived at will give 7 days so till next Thursday looking into how to report and eligibility for reward wanna play we can play like I sid I will turn every email and recorded callsover for proof to who needs them. bullshit

  276. I want my money back now? over nine hundred with fees was and have receipt for proof with postal inspector

  277. already turned over the stuff for bayareacoop@yahoo.com and his card info and receipts to postal inspector so none better use him if do its your own fault you were warned oh so he knows they have his ip address to just waiting to see if get reward screw me I will take you down

  278. hell naw bruh u was fucking with a dude that everyone knew was a scam.. i just got my unit in from him so before u call anyone a scam do ya research boy.

  279. Ok so live In MN where its illegal to grow or buy weed I use to be a dealer few years back now I am considering of selling again and I want to sell some real Loud!!! not no dirt I use to get my shit from a few connection in Cali and LA straight from the grower or middle men that get it from the grower and that allowed me to make a good amount of profit but all my old connection either don’t sell no more or lock up but I was wonder if anyone here can plug me on some loud for great good amount sence weed is legal iin feww state now I know how hard it can be for ppl to sell and make profit in the and thats just the type of connection I need
    Email me kamara.charles3@gmail.com P.s don’t be on some b.s and I hope this mailing thing ain’t new to you aha

  280. allmashitdope on

    Whats up guys, I currently own and operate a grow op out of Humbolt, ca and have been growing for about 8 years now. Not only sell to dispensaries but ship across the u.s as well. If anyone is serious just email me, we have a wide selection and competitive prices, no authorities, just strictly business.

  281. Heads up there is undercovers posting here watch out. ! My friend just got busted emailed someone on here.

  282. hit up @theweedblog-e2a08f2ebe0d5593fdb22010cd00c7c2:disqus for some legit product dudes legit

  283. I’m so tired of this lame ass site with ALL these lame ass frauds. Just be real! If you not bout that life why scam the people who are?? Tad Butler and Manuel Dinero (if they’re even going by these names now) BOTH scammed me. If you send them money you will never hear from them again!

  284. You probably Tad or one of his partners either way both of y’all are twats and y’all gone die slow

  285. Forget them all im a legit shipper needs people to wotk with , 100% success. Best buds. Best oil. 100% real. Jimmyben188 @ gmail

  286. Finally… Someone legit has arrived. Don’t get ripped by these a**holes anymore. Reply to my post with an email address and we can discuss business.

  287. WillSavage216 on

    I need somebody to work w/ me man its dry out here & I need some good front me a Lil sumn let you know how fast I work & if you like how how fast & how much money come in then you decide what’s next I’m legit I’m just tryna work since I can’t get a job. This ain’t nun new to me been doing this so long imma expert frfr fuck with me. I aunt tryna scheme I’m just tryna click up & get money, any growers out there who got loud & need somebody to get it out quick & easy fuck with me ! I’m Will Savage , that’s what they really call me or Savage for short I’m pretty sure this ain’t gone but if you down for my expertise & need a worker lmk *no cops, no 12 no feds or 5’0 either you bout it or you ain’t * WillSavage216@gmail.com let’s takeover or at least get this bank out here

  288. WillSavage216 on

    I need somebody to work w/ me man its dry out here & I need some good front me a Lil sumn let you know how fast I work & if you like how how fast & how much money come in then you decide what’s next I’m legit I’m just tryna work since I can’t get a job. This ain’t nun new to me been doing this so long imma expert frfr fuck with me. I aunt tryna scheme I’m just tryna click up & get money, any growers out there who got loud & need somebody to get it out quick & easy fuck with me ! I’m Will Savage , that’s what they really call me or Savage for short I’m pretty sure this ain’t gone but if you down for my expertise & need a worker lmk *no cops, no 12 no feds or 5’0 either you bout it or you ain’t * WillSavage216@gmail.com let’s takeover or at least get this bank out here

  289. Bitch I will fucking kill you. You ain’t bout this life I’m trying to get this money and you ain’t shit but a TWAT. Like I said if anybody on here is REAL let me know! Fuck Manuel Dinero and Tad Butler tell em I said it!

  290. Seriously, fuck all of these guys. They ruin business for everyone. I’m not gonna lie, I only have about 2 pounds of sour D in stock, but as soon as I get ’em out we can move onto different strains. Hit me on my line if anyone needs any. Fuck these fakes. 4695325256

  291. Seriously, fuck all of these guys. They ruin business for everyone. I’m not gonna lie, I only have about 2 pounds of sour D in stock, but as soon as I get ’em out we can move onto different strains. Hit me on my line if anyone needs any. Fuck these fakes. 4695325256

  292. Anybody got any good for cheap…I’m tired of all these wack ass dealers around here that don’t want to make money….don’t email me if your going to try and scam me cause I know a lot about that shit…just looking for some good about an oz or so, I live in Texas but yeah email me mustlovedogs9703@gmail.com…I would love to get a good relationship going with someone so it can be a regular thing and maybe a front at first but idk let me know ….Thanks guys

  293. john petterson on

    i have good connects let me kinoi if you interested loyalty is a must if your a cop dont hit me up an i been doing this your not gonna scam me either so if your legit i can send samples if your serious hit me up def looks like a bunch of scammers on here

  294. Doing any kind of Business on a blog, or thinking someone is stand up without knowing them is crazy….this new school of doing business is unheard of in my day…to risky for my blood. That’s why I’m commenting using my cousins Gmail, not mine.

  295. john petterson on

    well that is true but if someone is loyal an does buisness an you get too kno them everything is good then there should be no problems

  296. forget sending money to all the scammers on this site. save yourself that money and put it to better use.

    if there are any business minded people who are everyday grinders and want to hear about a proven way to make up to $600 a month, contact me at iwokeup22@gmail.com

    SERIOUS inquiries only!

  297. Im in San Diego,ive got the dankest shit “Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, OG etc.. i would post up pics but i feel like thats to hot if u know what i mean.. if you need anything email me Nfvv@ymail.com and maybe ill give you my number

  298. thomas Jefferson on

    Blue Dream, Girl Scout, Sour Diesel ☞ I have grown literally 1000’s of plants both indoors and out, as well as close to 100 different strains, and have developed several of my own hybrid strains, and reworked several different strains using my own personal selections for backcrossing I have the best shipping techniques and from what my clients constantly tell me I have some of the best green they ever tasted, Grade @ Strains email for more info indooroutdoorstrains@gmail.com

  299. thomas jefferson on

    First of all who are you..u sound like a donnie brasco informant,, this is my first post ever on this blog and you call me a scam ..lol eat dirt donnie..
    If you got something negative to say keep it to yourself

  300. thomas jefferson on

    Like said if you need a connect come get plugged in..
    U mad your broke well get your hustle on n stop complaining on a computer

  301. thomas Jefferson on

    Thomas jefferson if u need the best..indooroutdoorstrains@Gmail. Com or hit me on kik messenger at ctsallwhite

  302. You must have missed the story published on this blog last week about the DEA using information from the internet scooped up en masse by the NSA from ISP’s, Google included (that means your gmail, friend), to bust people.

    What you’re doing here — attempting to sell cannabis through the mail, potentially across state lines — is incredibly, inarguably ILLEGAL. You’re practically daring the authorities to come arrest you. An agent of the DEA or FBI could track down your identity without ever leaving his/her desk. With the right warrant, they can subpeona Google for your next gmail login, get the IP address of the computer on which you are checking your email, and use that to find your physical location in a single afternoon.

    No kidding, TJ… I strongly suggest you cut it out. Whether you’re trying to scam people or not, you’re going to get yourself busted.

  303. wassup on the east side? any outs here ?

    hit my twitter up. follow me on twitter (type my kellyentei name on twitter search)
    fuck this internet shit,

    whats up with Faces.

  304. true, i have scrolled down this comment spot & everybody is providing numbers & emails & to be honest, this shit screams of scam & or Sting op…
    NEVER ever connect yourself with strangers on a drug-related website because lots of scammers & sting-ops patrol these websites looking for the next big thing…

    LUCKILY, they do not care about you nickel baggers.. so some of us CAN get away with selling & buying a piece of shit nickel bagg..

    BUT those who live in canada, california, florida, mexico, talking about selling & buying? psshhhh forget about it… your ass will be grass if you fuck around..

  305. like i said before, this shit does scream of scam & sting-opp.. BUT reality, these people dont givafuk about a few nickel baggs being sold online… in fact, they find it impressing that e-commerce shows no discrimination towards what merchandise is marketed..

    cops & scammers only lurk for those living in the hot spot areas where it is quantities & privileges to grow, sell & buy.. for example. california & states that appeals to medical marijuana, florida, canada & mexico..

  306. I need a plug in memphis dat can hook me up with sum fire loud but i dont wanna pay outrageous ass prices. Reply with ur email so i can hit u up

  307. I Live in Southern Cali If you need some DANK “Jack Herer”, “Northern Lights”,”Blue Dream”, OG Kush”, Alien OG” Sour D etc.. email me Nfvv@ymail.com and maybe ill give you my number

  308. This guy legit was a lil scared at first but he came through no bs. Considering I just got scammed by 2 guys for almost 3 grand…

  309. vicks vapor rub =]
    one of the most amazingly thing ever..
    what i usually do is get a box.
    small medium or big.
    add other objects inside it.
    get a big thing of vicks vapor rub.
    take most of it out but keep some in.

    [dogs hate the smell of vicks. its a strong odor to cats and dogs. i use vicks to potty train and keep the pups away from things when teething]

    but works amazing if you wanna get some bud somewhere.
    we moved from cali to texas and we were shipping box’s.

    couldnt leave my pipe or bud behind lol.
    sure enough that is what i did.
    and when we got here.. well our box’s were here aslong as the bud and pipe =]

    our box’s were never touched nor opened.
    which i go crazy with taping my box’s ahaha

  310. Well you definitely picked an accurate name! Because that’s exactly what you’re doing. Please provide proof of anyone I’ve ripped. Proof as in a linked email for an order or such. Take all the time you need. I guess ripper sales are down. Sorry about that man. Go legit and you’ll fair off way better. Now go play somewhere else.

  311. Stillsmoking420.pr@gmail
    This is my connect she keeps the best I should of been doing business with her

  312. I’ve mailed and fedex’d weed to myself dozens of times.
    never had a problem. always less than an ounce.

  313. if you need a reliable & trustworthy connect with stupid dank reply to this with your email & i will email you.

  314. I live in ny and I got weight of the thrax,, sour d, and blue dream
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    Thc 28%

  315. The scam buster on

    C’mon… Winnin posted yesterday evening and you’re good today? Did he ship by private plane? You should have least waited a day or two to respond to your own post.

  316. The scam buster on

    It’s not my money. But I’m not going to sit here let you rip people off either. And I quote, ‘grabbed my first unit today’. What if you receive an empty box? No customer would assume they’re good until the package was in their hands. But now you’re not good. He sent it today. Just make two new user names and try again. I ask the blog. Would you vouch for someone before you received the product?

  317. Says the guy posting anonymously. We know who the dickhead is. Hint for you: It’s you!! See how that works.

  318. The scam buster on

    As much as I would love to help. I would never do that. That’s like leaving a trail for le. I will say that there seems to be several legits here though. The rest are full of sh_t. I hate to give specifics because that only teaches these rippers. But here’s a tip. Anyone with a thousand strains is a ripper. Some of these guys have more strains then dispensaries.

    You’re in Mendocino, right? There’s no way you need help.

  319. who said I have a ton of strains? and I damn sure cant leave my email due to LE. And I have been watching this blog for a while haven’t seen any legits… and u know the price is up in other states id be a fool to stay in one state common sense. but im not gonna get into with you on here have a good 1 buddy.

  320. The scam buster on

    Well first of all… Relax. Anyone can read that and know that I wasn’t referring to you. I said anyone with a thousands strains. Guys post ads with more strains than dispensaries. I never mentioned your name. I don’t even know if you’ve ever posted before. So what are we getting into? I have no quarrels with you. For what?

    As far as leaving email, yes for a shipper that would be out right insane. Then as far as you being in Mendocino. I’m just saying your in Cali. The official state of ‘flowers’. So I was certain you wouldn’t need help.

  321. The scam buster on

    You have a good one too! And yes, there’s about 3 guys on here who seem legit. KEY WORD…SEEMS. As far as the rest, they are all probably rippers (I’m not talking about you). Again, how we got off on the wrong foot, I’m not even sure.

  322. Are there ANY REAL DEALERS on here yet?? All you fakes and scammers fall back, I’m looking for a REAL SUPPLIER. I have REAL money and I want REAL product. Hit me up if you are REAL.

  323. I just got ripped for $135 from this douchebag right above. Lesson learned. NEVER send money first for ANYTHING! I thought he was a legit cuz I spoke with him on the phone. Stupid on my part.

  324. Dude I you shouldn’t trust any of these people. Maybe there might be an actual connect on here but the odds are against you. Save your money!

  325. Don’t believe anyone on here. Find someone you can meet in person. I just learned the hard way. At least it was only $135

  326. The scam buster on

    There are a few who probably are legit. But like I said before. Most of these guys are rippers. They don’t even try to hid it. If you know certain information, they’ll reveal themselves everytime.

  327. Why would you feel the need to mention me in your first post? I’ve responded about 2 scams and you had to address that? Well….Here’s a pretty obvious observation. With a email address like moneyruleserrthang. I’m sure you’re very reliable.

  328. Why would you feel the need to mention me in your first post? I’ve responded about 2 scams and you had to address that? Well….Here’s a pretty obvious observation. With a email address like moneyruleserrthang. I’m sure you’re very reliable.

  329. Sick of getting scammed on

    Totally got ripped by this guy last week for $135. No much but come on I even said if this worked out I would be open to more and larger… Fucking asshole

  330. Medocino you fucking twat! He just scammed me for 1000, I hope you die. He sent me a fucking box with toys I should’ve known you weren’t shit. Create a different account u fag

  331. This twat medocinosown just scammed me for 1000 sent me some fucking power rangers you bitch I hope you die

  332. Thanks for clearing that one up. I’m just shocked you didn’t need the Scooby Doo gang to crack this mystery open.

  333. The scam buster on

    Don’t contact this one. It’s pretty much obvious at this point. Just make up a new name.

  334. The scam buster on

    Why would my name bother you so much? I’m lame for not letting you guys rip people off? Alright then, I’m lame.

  335. Who the fck are you? ive never even talked to you before so hop tf off my post i can send Samples to any1… so smd

  336. Who the fck are you? ive never even talked to you before so hop tf off my post i can send Samples to any1… so smd

  337. blueberry freak on

    Need connect in Maryland. Prefer blueberry for my type cancer and anxiety which I probably have from knowing I’m dying …hey its either laugh or cry.

  338. Hey bro sup? just saw ur post looking for legit suppler of quality weed . i just found a legit guy who ship my stuff from NC and i received it this morning and he has good stuff contact him via text if u need some stuffs (848) 863-4481

  339. Hey bro sup , just saw ur ad looking for dank just wanna let u know i got good stuff and su8ppler all over the US . get back to me if u are interested in buying from me

  340. No 1 send any money to Jonathan Domingo Garcia in California or Garret Lemner straight scam will do buisness for something small at 1st to make it look legit then get you for more money

  341. You’re all a bunch of idiots! Giving out your phone #’s and email addresses and offering to send or receive illegal substances! It’s people, no CHILDREN like you all that keep it illegal. All the FED’s see is more people they can arrest and make money off of. Grow up!! You wanna smoke pot legally follow the damn laws get a qualifiable disease or move the hell to Colorado! Stop doing stupid ass shit like this!

  342. It’s actually Garret lehner and he ripped me off too. People like that should get their ass kicked and raped.

  343. Hey really sorry to hear you got ripped off for that much. I was livid over the $135 I got scammed for. I don’t know how I would’ve reacted losing a grand. Becareful dude.

  344. Dude go somewhere and die cuz you’ve already been exposed. Might as well change your name idiot!

  345. I got ripped off for the same amount. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was from the same dipshit named Garrett Lehner. And thats what I said too about possibly putting in a bigger order if the first one was good. All these fucking scammers should be sent to Guantanamo Bay. Fucking cocksuckers!

  346. Thank you scam buster for exposing these fools! I just wish you would’ve exposed kingzmeboyz sooner so I could’ve saved a few bucks. Keep up the good work!

  347. Hes a cold bitch I got 1 oz from him with 1000 dollars spent he a cold bitch claim he get all this money in San Diego and has all these connects he a straight FRAUD won’t even man up and answer the fone

  348. ifuckinloveweed on

    First time I came here shit was sketchy all I seen was scams but this nigga will hooked me tf up !!!!! Got a QP of strawberry cough for 750.. Highest I’ve ever been. Want some good shit fuck with my nigga willsavage216@gmail

  349. All you guys are idiots to be honest i don’t kno why i am doing this but i have a new harvest an am willing too get new people but people that are loyal if you are gonna risk my lisence dont even waste your time cuz i don’t need you just giving it a shot

  350. we supply medical marijuana Strains like … OG Kush, white widow, blueberry,northern lights,hash plant,ak47,Purple Kush,Granddaddy Purple,Master Kush,Bluedream,..Haiwan Buds.Hindu Kush .Bubble Gum Kush.Sour Diesel and oxys,xanax,addies,roxies (majic mushrooms) etc .if u got interest lemme know.hit me on califirebud@live.com on text 619-371-4654 .Fast Delivery.Discreet Packaging. Express Delivery Available withUPS,FedEx,EMS.Tracking numbers available

  351. Hit my kik @PackManPurp
    Up here in N. Cali got my license & I’m legal
    Let me know got decent prices Oz – Plate

  352. I think this guy is actually legit cuz 60 per 8th is NOT a deal unless you are located in an area with absolutely nothing lol.

  353. Yeah man hes lucky I don’t have the time to hunt his ass down and rip his nuts off. I hope karma gang rapes his ass.

  354. Dude is weird tried to get a pic of the strain wouldn’t do it tried tried to fly out to where he was after he said I could wouldn’t do it but wants me to send money sounds like a scam to me or L E

  355. Looking for a couple extra hands to help with harvesting in oct. Have!! to be located in the north side of Calif. Preferably Mendocino county. Top pay$$$$$
    Do not reply on this blog !! Email me.. greenrushsfo@gmail.com

    @ if your wondering yes I can ship it to you very low key and discrete.

  356. Wow dude you asked me too send you pictures an then you asked me too cod to your house an then you asked too come seee out here i don’t have time for games nor bullshit you must not have read my post i don’t need you nor the bullshit that got you got going on remember this karma is a bitch no need to throw dirt on my name you sound like a narcotic deal or something just being finest

  357. Ive been Growing trees for Dispensaries all over California, if you want Topshelf LOUD!! for Cheap/reasonable prices email me @ LionsDenDispensary@yahoo.com
    Send me an email and ill prove im legit.
    I’ll even send a sample of whatever strain you want.

  358. Watch these sites y’all Feds seized Silk Road earlier today and busted ppl and that site was suppose to be untraceable so what makes y’all think they can’t hack this easy ass site

  359. I guess if you ask a question like “Have you ever tried to ship marijuana in the mail,” you should be prepared to withstand the full force of the cannabis marketplace beating down your door to do business — 973 comments (or illegal ads, whichever you prefer), which looks to be some kind of record. And it appears that some of the people doing the asking are really the people doing the selling. Might as well be on Yelp. :)

  360. Is there ANYONE ANYWHERE with the balls that will ship to rural Louisiana? I tried silk road ( never knew this existed ) just before it was shut down. I’m disabled and in need of help at a REASONABLE price disability doesn’t pay much.

  361. Pssst… Hey dude, over here. I got some North Korean Not-So-Kushy for ya. Not very strong, but will do the trick for someone in rural Louisiana. Reasonable under-the-radar prices. Text me at iheartdea.hashtag.govt.

  362. Patrick Bateman on

    instagram @ skyhighdistributors

    or you can just email us at skyhighdistributors@gmail or KIK : snowman9001

  363. the guy under tis email Fernandor619@gmail.com and he is in Austin will send pics and etc then scam you also goes by alex Garcia or lopez and could be others talk a good game and etc he will jack you and then email you back like he is a cop but when told my lawyer(that’s why I pay him a retainer) will call him then never responded says he is in Austin only wants money sent by western union because says he has someone inside there so don’t deal with him he will jack your shit charges 700 so if someone I so watch that shit says he uses oil to cover scent so if someone says that don’t deal bro

  364. also goes by Fernando reyes always ask to put a secret question it is who am I and the person name who is getting it he is getting busted so I would even talk to him

  365. WillSavage on