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 August 17, 2012

Smoking marijuanaSmoking Vs. Vaporizing Cannabis

Depending on one’s experience within the realm of cannabis consumption, some may never have heard of vaporizing.

Vaporizing is a common technique for consuming marijuana, while at the same time negating many irritating respiratory toxins that exists within the grown marijuana flower and are released when smoked. Conversely, vaporizing allows one to get at all of the psychoactive ingredients available within that specific strain of marijuana , minus the combustion that ordinarily takes place during consumption.

The basic design of the average marijuana vaporizer is to allow marijuana smokers to inhale the many active Cannabinoids, while at the same time avoiding any of the harmful elements that may exist on that specific flower… although invisible to the naked eye.

While most don’t know it … There is a vast difference in the quality of smoke that one receives when they vaporize versus igniting their plant matter. When one smokes a joint, or hits their bong approximately 88% of the combusted smoke gases contain non-cannabinoid elements, most of which do not get you high and provide potential health risks.

Conversely when one uses a marijuana vaporizer the smoke/gases that they are inhaling consists of approximately 95% cannabinoids, otherwise known as the psychoactive ingredients that both calm the mind and soothe the body.

To check out an excellent handheld vaporizer, click this link here.

Smoking Vs Vaporizing News

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  • urnohero

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      • Sherman

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        • Epoch

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  • Elcalidispo

    Hit up my email if you need that delivery got the best smoke

  • Prof. Peabody

    If someone could make a vaporiser that is as small as a little pipe, they would have a multi-million dollar product on their hands. Lots of smokers would like to vape instead, but only an addict needs a volcano, and only an idiot will suck vapour out of a giant plastic bag. Make it discrete, small, for small doses …. millions of dollars will fall into your lap. Just sayin.

    • Electronicflesh

      Search for: vapor genie

    • GoodGuy

      Magic flight launch box (MFLB), and PAX are 2 products that fit your description.

    • Neil

      Magic flight launch box

    • Hank


    • Vape-girl

      They have small pen sized vaporizers at great prices too!

    • SaSto

      Search for the Lotus vaporizer. About to get that one soon; definitely seems like the best

  • i love vaporizers

    i just got a pinnacle pro, my first vape ever. this thing is awesome!! tried my friends vapir no2 which was ok in comparison.
    purchased mine from

  • oZ

    I want a vaporizer pen of high quality. Something battery powered, that actually LOOKS like a thin long cylindrical tool. Not something stationary. Something sexy, cool, clean & portable.

    • Brandon.fattys

      There is no such thing as a ” good vape pen” they all combust which makes no sence if your trying to vape

      Go with a high end desk top vape like a ssv or a volcano you deffently thank your self in the long run and they have little to no upkeep it’s just a set and bake application.

    • ruthlezz

      Look at the PAX vape its awesome both wax and flower

  • MSMS

    Has anybody heard of the “puffit x”? Something I am considering. Thank you.

  • cyn

    We live in an apartment community. Last year they introduced the new smoking policy is “no smoking” on the property. I need to know whether vaping is “smoking”. Can we be evicted if we Vape instead of smoking?

    • mina

      No it’s not! It releases vapor only and the scent dissipates incredibly quick. . I just got a great dry herb pen from :) very affordable and i love mine already!

    • Chebbbackka

      Vapor is not smoke

    • ecnu

      Only some smell emerges from the herb being heated in the vaporizer chamber, which goes pretty quickly if you open a window. The vapour has almost no smell and leaves no trace, unlike smoke which settles into every fabric in the room.

  • ruthlezz

    Does anyone else have the “PAX”. Portable vaporizer ? Do you like it?

    • Vambo

      I’ve been using one for about 18months, not a single problem. Medium setting is my choice.
      Clean out around 2 times a week. Mouthpiece everyday.
      Happy with it so far.

    • anthony

      I do, having questions myself.

    • Ben

      Don’t get a pax. If you do you have to do maintenance on it which is imperative to make it work. My mouthpiece wouldn’t pop up because I didn’t lube it. Get a smaller pen the that you can change atomizers for smoking leaf or wax

      • Casey Lynn

        I just got a pulsar triad,,3 separate chambers ~juice, herb &wax, cool rite :-) . been using it primarily everyday to keep me from “smoking” nicotine (2 weeks smoke free baby!! :-)) The herbal chamber doesn’t work as well as expected.. But than again.. I’m spoiled from my *Buddha <3* #4 on the list <3
        Happy Vaporizing !

      • Yo

        Don’t tell people not to get a PAX because yours broke because you didn’t maintain it properly. You’re supposed to oil the mouthpiece. That’s like telling people not to buy cars because yours broke down because you never changed the oil.

    • Zatguy

      I have a volcano and a pax . There is no comparison between the two. The volcano will give you much more bang for the buck and pay for itself quickly. I gave my pax away because I couldn’t justify using it because of the amount of weed it wasted compared to my volcano. Pax is cool looking though.

    • John

      the pax is all i use. there is a way to use it too where you don’t need to put a lot of weed in it either by using a screen (just look on youtube and there are a few videos that show you how). But yes it does require maintenance. i clean mine once every week to 2 weeks. when you learn how to clean it, it’s super easy and takes about 5 minutes or less. by far the best portable vaporizer out there, and i have tried a lot of them. you can tell that they put a lot of work and top notch engineering in to the pax. it’s not for everyone, but believe me, it’s the best one out there and def worth the $250 price tag. i swear by it. don’t get me wrong though, the volcano is amazing too. it’s just not portable…

  • Vapor S. Thompson

    I Vape therefore I still am. This is my portable vape choice:

  • Tom

    I got my pax for $150 @

    Is that a good deal?

  • Oron Mati

    I got the XRT from works like a charm for Dry herbs and wax.
    Even got a free grape eHookah ;)

  • tkaul

    I have a Vaporfection by ViVape (non-portable) and a Magic Flight Launch Box for portable use. I love love love the Vaporfection. The launch box is ok in that its discreet and super portable but I find it heats up a little bit too hot and ‘burns’ my lungs a bit. Any tips for that?

    • tkaul

      PS – I had oral cancer and have been cancer free for a year and a half – Oral surgeon says I’m doing great. I used to be a HEAVY joint smoker but switched to vaping after my diagnosis and surgery.

    • Oron Mati

      I really want to upgrade to the Volcano u think it’s worth the money?

      Can I find it any cheaper than this- ??

  • Harry

    We sell bud touch pen for Marijuana ,it’s really cool ,contact me if you like ,China manufacture ,my Email

  • Peter

    I just bought a vaporizer and have been using it for a week.I really like it, and the taste I get from it, but I only seem to get about half as high compared to when I smoked a joint.? I thought it should be the other way around? What gives?

    • Mary Jane Man

      It depends on the quality of the vaporizer you have received and the delivery, for example I own a Volcano and it messes me up as the regular size bags that you purchase for it fill to about 5 litres. Whilst the smaller vaporizers you may only consume a few puffs, also make sure you have the right temperature settings!

  • Remo

    How do you know when the herb in the vape is spent?

    • Voidflakes

      When it stops releasing vapour. Usually around 3 bags, or a good few minutes on the whip, at 185-195°C.

  • Fred Frederickson

    How did pax not crack top 10

    • JLB

      this article came out in 2012. Pax didn’t put out it’s pen until last year.

  • Octo Seven

    Glad the Arizer EQ is so highly listed (excuse the pun).

  • mj

    I have a PAX and a Cloud. I use the PAX daily with finely ground meds. If you have one and don’t have the vapeing tips from Ploom contact them on their website and get them. Made a huge difference in how well it works. It does need to be cleaned often.
    I also have a Cloud that I use for concentrate (wax). Works great if I need very quick pain relief. Very efficient and pretty discreet.

  • MFLB user

    Why no MFLB? Its not that good as a portable vaporizer but with the power adapter it is amazing – especially the temp adjustability (infinite, because it isn’t digital).

  • Jose Frias

    i started off on a regular ebay easy vape . i dont wanna get the volcano because it will cause way too much smell in the room . but i currently have the arizer withhout the bag . and i love it . i think its one of the best whip style vapes around . x10 better than other easy vape style whips .

    • Hwink

      Dude… Get a pax. They’re awesome. Can’t smell a thing, use it all the time. Also… Pretty good high ;)

  • Wormlady

    I was wondering if you could please provide the smoke analysis data resource that compares the content of the smoke between the vaporizer and the joint or bong. Thank you :)

  • jackster

    I bought a ‘Solo’, from arizertech, it’s referred to as a Micro Heater, used for things like aromatherapy, warming oils and dried flowers; it also dehydrates fresh herbs. It works well but I don’t know if one on the above list might be more efficient. It has a heat gage measured not in temperature, but from 1 – 7. This cost $200. Would I be better off purchasing one from the list above, or is this one as good anyway??? Thanks!

    • BunkerBuster

      Dude: The Arizer Solo is with no doubt the best portable vape out there. Appreciate your product, because you made the right decision to buy it. :)

      • Terry

        Is the solo better than the Pax and the Pinnalce Pro? And if so, why? Thank you.

        • BunkerBuster

          Vapor quality, reliability and temp settings. Pinaccle is cool, but nothing can beat the Solo’s all-glass vapor path. Pinaccle Pro’s vapor is much harsher and hotter.

      • Janetmac

        I have started to vap v2 pro series herb yesterday. There is no smoke coming out or very little. Is this normal?

  • L Bow

    How bout you all quit wasting green and go purchase a sublimator? We have been past vaporizing for over a year. Now get on with the age.

  • Jennifer @

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