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Smoking marijuanaSmoking Vs. Vaporizing Cannabis

Depending on one’s experience within the realm of cannabis consumption, some may never have heard of vaporizing.

Vaporizing is a common technique for consuming marijuana, while at the same time negating many irritating respiratory toxins that exists within the grown marijuana flower and are released when smoked. Conversely, vaporizing allows one to get at all of the psychoactive ingredients available within that specific strain of marijuana , minus the combustion that ordinarily takes place during consumption.

The basic design of the average marijuana vaporizer is to allow marijuana smokers to inhale the many active Cannabinoids, while at the same time avoiding any of the harmful elements that may exist on that specific flower… although invisible to the naked eye.

While most don’t know it … There is a vast difference in the quality of smoke that one receives when they vaporize versus igniting their plant matter. When one smokes a joint, or hits their bong approximately 88% of the combusted smoke gases contain non-cannabinoid elements, most of which do not get you high and provide potential health risks.

Conversely when one uses a marijuana vaporizer the smoke/gases that they are inhaling consists of approximately 95% cannabinoids, otherwise known as the psychoactive ingredients that both calm the mind and soothe the body.

Smoking Vs Vaporizing News

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • jambandphan03

    the Cloud by VapeXhale is bringing a whole new level of vapor production to the world of vaporizers… Check it out…

  • Tanya Baker

    And MFLB, and Pax are great travel vapes. And Solo is a great portable vape.

  • johnboy111

    CANNAcig without a doubt the best in the market right now when it comes to vaping!

  • ccdev

    yeah, the 10 ten list needs to change. The correct source for vaporizers is the VXC Cloud is supposed to be game changer. and what about the good ol’ log vapes like the Underdog, fan’fuckin’tastic vaporizer it is.

  • dub

    I have a vapor brothers vape and it rocks, been using it for 3 months and I noticed a huge change in lung capacity

  • jackbo

    the only problem with vaporizers is that you have to be very careful to correctly weigh out your weed that you pack in your vape. for that i always use a good scale. walmart has good values on scalez but they are cheap. or you can buy onlinr at a scale store like

    • meenu

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    • stapezz

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  • Marie Kush

    Using a vaporizer is much better for you than smoking marijuana. Vaporizers basically heat the cannabinoids to such a high temperature without combustion that they actually reach the point of boiling and release vapor….

  • bret riley

    smoking weed never tasted the same to me again after I started vaping….now smoking it taste like absolute shit when I use to like it.

  • jaspreet

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    My favorite compliment so far after one of Lonnie’s cuts

  • Aaron

    Very cool infographic!

  • Doc Vapor

    Excellent article, loads of information. Vaporizing is the healthiest alternative to smoking, and its just as good!

  • Mary-Jane pf

    I prefer to smoking marijuana in a bong. I definitely think its the most satisfying method although I think that when you smoke with water in the bong it’s not healthy. The proof is how dirty the bong gets after a short period. However I found a better way of smoking marijuana in a bong which does a terrific job filtering the smoke. I truly believe that this method is healthier and allows me to use the bong, my favorite, and not have to settle for a vaporizer. I definitely don’t cough as I do with other methods.

    • Karen

      Well, dude/dudette, whats your method other than water! LOL!

      • Karen

        Doh! Never mind! Was hard to see the link! Thanks!

    • scotty

      no one wants to buy your shit fizz so just fcuk off k?

    • N

      water pipes dilute much of the medicinal cannabinoids
      vaporization is the way to go for full efficiency and optimal respiratory health

  • lucille rothstein

    I live in communist Texas, nothing can be done here, if caught we could get the death penalty.

  • Leo

    There are no respiratory toxins in the grown cannabis flowers. Unlike tobacco, in marijuana the harmful toxins are products of combustion, only.

  • seanben

    That really an excellent article and got to learn lots of new things. Very knowledgeable article.Thank you for sharing with us.

  • SirTokesALot

    I noticed it said 95% has no smoke or carcinogens..does this mean it’s 5% smoke?

    • Bob

      5% smoke, 95% vapor

    • Doc O’Zee

      no. it’s all vapor. 5% of the vapor has carcinogens.

  • JoeyMo

    It will save lives

    • Seriously

      Save lives? Because people have died from marijuana in the past right? All its doing is getting them higher and eliminate the byproducts and only giving you the thc, cbd ect.

      • Doc O’Zee

        save lives because there are those who cannot or will not smoke. those lives not previously touched. now they have access. don’t be an a.hole.

  • Tzvia

    which is a good affordable portable one? or none portable

    • N

      essential VAAAPP is great to carry around, retails $80 but you can find better deals on eBay

    • N


    • Shpoople

      I recently bought the Arizer Solo ($127), and Extreme Q ($150), on eBay, and I fuckin’ love ‘em. The solo hits like a champ, and even though it’s vapor, it still can give the feeling of smoking if you pull enough in. The Q is pretty nice, too. I don’t quite have the whip game down, but the bags are delicious and it takes very little bud to make multiple bags.

      • Vapir Rise

        check out the Vapir Rise! its 250 new and it works with a ballon and also allows you to use with 1-4 whips like a modern day hookah. Also allows you to use oils!

    • pegmcc

      Vapor Max 1. for dry herbs. they also make one for oils too. looks like a pen. you can stash it anywhere. give it a look online. available in most smoke shops anywhere. cost around $65.00. works great for bubble hash or fine ground bud.

  • jeff

    i like the davinci for my portable needs and the silver surfer for the house. Got mine at cause they had a coupon that gave me 15% off with free shipping. Couldn’t beat it. Called and talked to some guy named johnny i think that was very helpful and informative. was gonna get the vivape but he informed me the silver surfer was better and it was cheaper. So far everything’s been great with my silver surfer. got the rainbow zen and im stoked bout it.

  • cisamrita

    Offcourse vaporizing marijuana is more safe and better than the normal marijuana smoke.

  • bo66095

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  • Briguy

    If your looking to read about vaporizers there is a forum that is full of user reviews, ive bought two because of what i read there. Everyone calls it the FC but if you google the “F” word combustion you can find it easy.

    or just save yourself the time and uy a solo portable vape, its the best

    • Nickl

      Micro vap..the empty tube[refill] of a Parker pen is metal..remove ball point and back plastic and walla .. can be hit as a pipe or with heat on the underside it vapourize hit of any good stuff..ok two and bob’s your uncle.

  • steveoh

    I have an older (non-dig.) hot box type (VapeBros.) and a brand new NO2. I also bought a “Trifecta” from a store (MJ’s) in Vancouver WA. but returned it TWICE because it as a piece of shit.
    Savin’ up my pennies for a Volcano…

    • Alex K Gray

      the volcanoes arnt that good dude, it just seems as if you don’t get any hit whatsoever, i eventualy went back to smoking shotties.

  • Alex H

    Built my own radiant heat vaporizer a few years back. I am a medical
    patient and felt why would I destroy my lungs to get my meds. Vaporizing
    also lasts longer then smoking and has a more mellow high in my

  • pegmcc

    use my vaporizer for bubble hash mostly. would like to get another one just for oils. I use a hand held portable. Vapor Max 1 for dry herbs.

  • debra thackerson

    can’t afford one!

  • Drakyr

    Here’s a hypothetical question: My impression is that a lot of street marijuana now days may be laced with other drugs to make it more ‘habit forming’. {When I was younger and used to smoke, it took less and less to get a good ‘high’. Now, these kids seem to need more and more and use all they have in a short time.} Back to the question, how would ‘vaporizing’ affect other ‘contaminants’ that may deliberately be put in the grass?

    • Guest

      You can tell if weed is laced with stuff. Kids are smoking more now because it’s over 150% more potent and they’re just not controlling themselves. To answer your question though, no it won’t change anything.

    • nickl

      The more you take the less it kicks. There is a peak, which varies from person to person and should not be over-step, like drinking a few you feel ‘on-top’, any more and you slip away from that ‘good’ feeling.
      Only the first few hits of the day puts you where you want to be and thereafter it’s a waste although smoking all day keeps you numb but smiling.

    • aron

      i dont buy at all that it takes more weed to get you high nowadays. thats just ludicrous. i think u just dont understand that there were people now and then who smoke large amounts of weed. just like now and then people ate large amounts of cheeseburgers, or smoked large amounts of cigarettes. either way…IT DOES NOT take more weed today to get high than it did in the 70s. Todays weed is simply better. i also dont buy that most weed is ‘laced’ with something. think of where most of the weed is coming from these days…DISPENSARIES and dispensary quality operations.

      • jim

        just that it comes from mexico dosnt mean they don’t piss on it

  • painkills2

    The graphic indicates that holding in the smoke does not increase the effect of cannabis. I had never heard that before, so I asked a young person about it and he had never heard of it either. Just a couple of things…
    When you hold in the smoke, it can cause coughing, and the coughing itself actually increases the effects of the cannabis. I’ve read about that, but can’t remember where. I don’t know if it’s true, but it kinda sounds logical.
    Let’s talk about the effects of just simply holding your breath, which can cause dizziness, increasing the effects of cannabis. But my main thing would be that the physical activity of taking in a deep breath and holding it, then letting it out, is a relaxation breathing technique. How many times a day do you take a really deep breath, hold it until your lungs feel uncomfortably full, then slowly let it out? It’s a cleansing experience. Combining the breathing technique with the cannabis also increases the effects of the cannabis alone.
    Perhaps there is a specific chemical reaction from the cannabis that does not increase its effects if you hold in the smoke, but I don’t think you have to have that to obtain the increase in the effects. Well, that’s a rather convoluted sentence, but I think you get what I mean.

    • Dr Science

      Actually make perfect sense, just because the cannabis doesn’t necessarily get released more by the deep breathing type exercise, the act – in and of itself – of inhaling, holding and releasing, during the intake of cannabis has its own profound effect. Excellent.

      • painkills2

        Deep breathing works without the cannabis too, just not as well. :D

  • Cai

    My father is suffering from liver failure. The medicne he takes leaves him with no appetite and also causes him to have nauesua. We live in tx which is not a medical majiuana state. We would love for him to be able to smoke/eat pot to help eleviate some of his issues. Since we are unable to get him medical grade we are worried about the other chemicals and additives. Is vaporising a good option?

    • kdown

      Hi, I used to live in Dallas so I am familiar with the kinds of flowers available there. I starting using a vaporizer while living there. It was much better with the vaporizer. They are kinda costly locally but you can find them online for pretty cheap. Also try making some butter or olive oil for cooking. I suffer from the same issue of nausea and appetite.

  • moonunit

    hi i need to fly.. l.a. to sac i have a brand new vaporizer pen and… blown glass pipe and suckers???? is this legal to have

  • frelling_cute

    I like the PAX

    • jimmy

      how much does it hold?

      • HMFIC

        .2 to .3 g

  • John Heiss

    I love the taste and the effects are outstanding using my Buddha

  • Jayce Pirtle

    I really don’t care I will always hold in my hit of Herb Thats how I like It. some people like there stake rare I like mine1 well done and I like my herb held in>

    • chewsigirl

      it’s “steaks” not “stakes”

      • miked9746

        Thank you… nice to see someone still cares about education!! Haha

      • Mz. Harris/PotHead4Life


  • James

    Arizer Solo is a nifty unit

  • 67dave43

    are they saying a joint gets 2000 degrees hot .and this is telling me smoking weed is bad for me I should use a vaporizer

    • painkills2

      Unless you smoke all day long, every day, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just know that when you smoke just about anything, it’s a risk. But then so is rolling out of bed every day (at least for me).

      Vaporizers are expensive, but it is a healthier way to consume cannabis as compared to smoking this joint I have here in my hand. But when you vape, you are going to lose the fragrance — that wonderfully, intoxicating fragrance. Sure, you can eat when you have a cold and can’t taste anything, but how much better is the experience of eating when you have all your senses? However, my opinions are only based upon what I’ve read, and my own personal preferences, as I have not yet tried vaping. I think you should try them both, legally of course, and then report back here with your findings. Which do you prefer?

  • 67dave43

    I have a vape pen its a micro vaped from it was about 85 bucks I like it but ya I do love the aroma and taste of a good doobie as for the vape pen after awile the coil that burns the earwax gets all gooped up and it does get costly to replace all the time .although earwax is not available all the time I do save money and I don’t need to smoke a lot /hey r there any good legit places to get female seeds im curios thanx

  • captain ned

    I’ve had my Silver Surfer for a couple months now, and I have to say I’m underwhelmed. I’ve been toking for decades, and the differences in the high between traditional smoking and a vape are profound. You have to vape a LOT more bud to get the same level of stoniness. However, I’ve found that the super dry vaped residual weed will get you high via rolling/pipe. IMO, the vape does NOT get all the THC out of the weed! No rush from a vape, period. You do get high, but it’s 6 to 10 tokes versus 1 or 2 with the old glass bong. But the vape is kinder to your lings, and there is no odor. I think it really comes down to how often you get high. If you’re doing it once a week then save your money and don’t buy a vape. If you do it daily then save some wear and tear on your lungs and get one.

  • joshua

    i have an extreme q tower, its like 1/3 the price of volcano but does the same thing. the fan is just much slower but im fillin up bags right now getting ripped. i use on medium speed for most of the bag and then at the end hit it to full speed to blow those hot thc vapors up in that bag. its so smooth for me as an asthmatic mmj user

    • Rye

      I just got the number 2 vapouriser, it’s a good job , I’m well pleased, going try a clean 2014

  • Chimera

    I have the Arizer Extreme Q and boy is it great. As great as it is to have a volcano, those are for rich people. Those are the Apple brand of vaporizers. The extreme q does an amazing job and will pay for itself many times over. Much better for using a whip rather than a bag, but the bags still work great. To all those people thinking that vaporizers are too expensive or they can not afford one, i used to think that way too. But if you get an affordable and reliable one, your stash will last twice as long. Not to mention you can save the vaped bud and smoke it later when you run out. Or cook with it! You only need to use a good pinch at a time rather than smoking a whole bowl or joint (joints are such a waste). These machines are as efficient as they are healthy and you should view them as an investment as well. A quality product like the Extreme Q will last a long time and will make your bud last a long time as well. you will save money and enjoy it a lot more. It will pay for itself over time and you will wonder why you waited so long to buy one.

  • _-_-_-_-

    I have the Arizer Solo, and it’s just perfect for my needs. One tiny load of ground up fluff, set the temperature and go.

    Now, for those complaining that vapeing doesn’t extract all of the THC? You’re right. However, that’s why I keep the spent fluff in a separate container, and when there’s enough (1/4 cup or so) make cannabudder. Use it to make baked goods like chocolate chip cookies, or put it directly on mashed potatoes. Either way, getting to use your w33d twice, can’t be beat.

    • jumping j

      i agree. have not made butter yet but have saved all remnants. what is best way to make the butter?

  • Christopher J Schaaff

    Dabs all day!

  • Dr Science

    I just started vaporizing with a magic flight launch box. I am completely thrilled! It took a few hits to get used to how I like it, after that a piece of cake (literally). I can control the heat with this device and there is no smoke, tars etc. which is very important to me. I get about 10 “vapes” per box. I fill box about 3/4 full. Material can be stored in box when not in use. 1 battery charge will not last a full box but charge quickly. I really dig the simplicity, efficiency and discretion of vaporizing with this device.

  • vap guy

    I have a decreet vap. Looks like an inhaler.. Yes it doesn’t get all the the but I have a lot so I do t worry about how much it takes. Cheaper than a lung replacement

  • Gabriel

    I sometimes smoke with vaporizer when i visit a friend(who is also my dealer) but i feel like it doesn’t get me as high, anyone else feels like this?

    • BCBud

      It is not the same kind of high. Same or more intensity can be felt. Vape has more of a body effect at first and can intensify into the head feeling after continuous use but by then the body is numb and feeling idk, buzzed I guess is a good description. Practice with it. You will enjoy it.

  • JWood

    Interesting, but I still find the high of combustion > than vaporization. Even vaping indicas feels more psycho-heady-high than I prefer. Maybe it’s all about experimenting. I fill up bags every now and again, at different temps, with different strains, but haven’t nailed a solid formula that mimics simple combustion. At the end of the day, they’re two different experiences. Just my thoughts. -J

  • Dezso Simon

    I think I have a problem. It is taking me way too long to vape. Last night I was trying to vape a bowl as quickly as possible, but it still took me about half an hour to finish it. I started vaping at 3:30, and by the time it was done, it was already 4 A.M. I think the reason for this may be that I’m vaping too incrementally. In other words, The temperature range at which I vape is too broad, but the thing is, if I vape at a narrower range, then I’m afraid I won’t get all of the cannabinoids from my bud. I usually spend about 30-40 seconds inhaling. I start at 330 degrees F, then go up to 335, then 338, then 360, 370, 375, 380, 385, 390, 395, and 400. The reason I do it so incrementally is because I am under the impression that this is how to “get the most” out of my weed and not waste it, but obviously it’s taking me way too long. Is there a way to do it that is both efficient and not time-consuming?

    • Gabby

      get a cloud pen best vape you can get for under $150 new

  • Old Toker

    Just bought a new Da Vinci. Temperature control is great! Man what a great little portable. Bought it on eBay for $109. What a deal. Vapes in about 60 seconds on a fresh charge, Great value, iMHO


    I have the Arizer Extreme Q and the Pax by Ploom and I couldn’t be happier. My Extreme Q is perfect for home use and my Pax is perfect for on the go. It fits easily in my pocket and is very stealthy!

  • Jonathan Price

    To me Magic Flight Launch Box is the best portable vaporizer, it is very efficient and easy to