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Smoking Marijuana Vs. Vaporizing Marijuana Infographic


Smoking marijuana

Smoking Vs. Vaporizing Cannabis

Depending on one’s experience within the realm of cannabis consumption, some may never have heard of vaporizing.

Vaporizing is a common technique for consuming marijuana, while at the same time negating many irritating respiratory toxins that exists within the grown marijuana flower and are released when smoked. Conversely, vaporizing allows one to get at all of the psychoactive ingredients available within that specific strain of marijuana , minus the combustion that ordinarily takes place during consumption.

The basic design of the average marijuana vaporizer is to allow marijuana smokers to inhale the many active Cannabinoids, while at the same time avoiding any of the harmful elements that may exist on that specific flower… although invisible to the naked eye.


While most don’t know it … There is a vast difference in the quality of smoke that one receives when they vaporize versus igniting their plant matter. When one smokes a joint, or hits their bong approximately 88% of the combusted smoke gases contain non-cannabinoid elements, most of which do not get you high and provide potential health risks.

Conversely when one uses a marijuana vaporizer the smoke/gases that they are inhaling consists of approximately 95% cannabinoids, otherwise known as the psychoactive ingredients that both calm the mind and soothe the body.

To check out an excellent handheld vaporizer, click this link here.

Smoking Vs Vaporizing
SOURCE:Marijuana.com News


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  • dub

    I have a vapor brothers vape and it rocks, been using it for 3 months and I noticed a huge change in lung capacity

  • jackbo

    the only problem with vaporizers is that you have to be very careful to correctly weigh out your weed that you pack in your vape. for that i always use a good scale. walmart has good values on scalez but they are cheap. or you can buy onlinr at a scale store like http://www.scaleforweed.com

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  • Using a vaporizer is much better for you than smoking marijuana. Vaporizers basically heat the cannabinoids to such a high temperature without combustion that they actually reach the point of boiling and release vapor…. http://bigbudsmag.com/lifestyle/article/using-vaporizer-healthier-alternative-smoking-medical-marijuana-november-2011

  • bret riley

    smoking weed never tasted the same to me again after I started vaping….now smoking it taste like absolute shit when I use to like it.

    • Kole Koford

      I’m glad you said that. Now I have a greater incentive to try out a vaporizer :D

    • Rich Homie Agiri

      For sure. It’s such a wild difference.

  • jaspreet

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  • Very cool infographic!

  • Doc Vapor

    Excellent article, loads of information. Vaporizing is the healthiest alternative to smoking, and its just as good!

  • Mary-Jane pf

    I prefer to smoking marijuana in a bong. I definitely think its the most satisfying method although I think that when you smoke with water in the bong it’s not healthy. The proof is how dirty the bong gets after a short period. However I found a better way of smoking marijuana in a bong which does a terrific job filtering the smoke. I truly believe that this method is healthier and allows me to use the bong, my favorite, and not have to settle for a vaporizer. I definitely don’t cough as I do with other methods.

    • Karen

      Well, dude/dudette, whats your method other than water! LOL!

      • Karen

        Doh! Never mind! Was hard to see the link! Thanks!

    • scotty

      no one wants to buy your shit fizz so just fcuk off k?

    • N

      water pipes dilute much of the medicinal cannabinoids
      vaporization is the way to go for full efficiency and optimal respiratory health

    • ecnu

      Bong is good, but at the end of the day, you’re still burning weed which could otherwise be vaporized and made to last longer as a result. Plus you can save the vaped weed because it still has THC in it, and make cannabutter with it.

  • lucille rothstein

    I live in communist Texas, nothing can be done here, if caught we could get the death penalty.

    • ecnu

      I’ve heard Austin’s full of potheads?

  • Leo

    There are no respiratory toxins in the grown cannabis flowers. Unlike tobacco, in marijuana the harmful toxins are products of combustion, only.

  • seanben

    That really an excellent article and got to learn lots of new things. Very knowledgeable article.Thank you for sharing with us.

  • SirTokesALot

    I noticed it said 95% has no smoke or carcinogens..does this mean it’s 5% smoke?

    • Bob

      5% smoke, 95% vapor

    • Doc O’Zee

      no. it’s all vapor. 5% of the vapor has carcinogens.

  • JoeyMo

    It will save lives

    • Seriously

      Save lives? Because people have died from marijuana in the past right? All its doing is getting them higher and eliminate the byproducts and only giving you the thc, cbd ect.

      • Doc O’Zee

        save lives because there are those who cannot or will not smoke. those lives not previously touched. now they have access. don’t be an a.hole.

  • Tzvia

    which is a good affordable portable one? or none portable

    • N

      essential VAAAPP is great to carry around, retails $80 but you can find better deals on eBay

    • N


    • Shpoople

      I recently bought the Arizer Solo ($127), and Extreme Q ($150), on eBay, and I fuckin’ love ’em. The solo hits like a champ, and even though it’s vapor, it still can give the feeling of smoking if you pull enough in. The Q is pretty nice, too. I don’t quite have the whip game down, but the bags are delicious and it takes very little bud to make multiple bags.

      • Vapir Rise

        check out the Vapir Rise! its 250 new and it works with a ballon and also allows you to use with 1-4 whips like a modern day hookah. Also allows you to use oils!

    • pegmcc

      Vapor Max 1. for dry herbs. they also make one for oils too. looks like a pen. you can stash it anywhere. give it a look online. available in most smoke shops anywhere. cost around $65.00. works great for bubble hash or fine ground bud.

  • jeff

    i like the davinci for my portable needs and the silver surfer for the house. Got mine at dtxvapes.com cause they had a coupon that gave me 15% off with free shipping. Couldn’t beat it. Called and talked to some guy named johnny i think that was very helpful and informative. was gonna get the vivape but he informed me the silver surfer was better and it was cheaper. So far everything’s been great with my silver surfer. got the rainbow zen and im stoked bout it.

  • cisamrita

    Offcourse vaporizing marijuana is more safe and better than the normal marijuana smoke.


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  • Briguy

    If your looking to read about vaporizers there is a forum that is full of user reviews, ive bought two because of what i read there. Everyone calls it the FC but if you google the “F” word combustion you can find it easy.

    or just save yourself the time and uy a solo portable vape, its the best

    • Nickl

      Micro vap..the empty tube[refill] of a Parker pen is metal..remove ball point and back plastic and walla .. can be hit as a pipe or with heat on the underside it vapourize ..one hit of any good stuff..ok two and bob’s your uncle.

  • steveoh

    I have an older (non-dig.) hot box type (VapeBros.) and a brand new NO2. I also bought a “Trifecta” from a store (MJ’s) in Vancouver WA. but returned it TWICE because it as a piece of shit.
    Savin’ up my pennies for a Volcano…

    • Alex K Gray

      the volcanoes arnt that good dude, it just seems as if you don’t get any hit whatsoever, i eventualy went back to smoking shotties.

  • Alex H

    Built my own radiant heat vaporizer a few years back. I am a medical
    patient and felt why would I destroy my lungs to get my meds. Vaporizing
    also lasts longer then smoking and has a more mellow high in my

  • pegmcc

    use my vaporizer for bubble hash mostly. would like to get another one just for oils. I use a hand held portable. Vapor Max 1 for dry herbs.

  • debra thackerson

    can’t afford one!

  • Drakyr

    Here’s a hypothetical question: My impression is that a lot of street marijuana now days may be laced with other drugs to make it more ‘habit forming’. {When I was younger and used to smoke, it took less and less to get a good ‘high’. Now, these kids seem to need more and more and use all they have in a short time.} Back to the question, how would ‘vaporizing’ affect other ‘contaminants’ that may deliberately be put in the grass?

    • Guest

      You can tell if weed is laced with stuff. Kids are smoking more now because it’s over 150% more potent and they’re just not controlling themselves. To answer your question though, no it won’t change anything.

    • nickl

      The more you take the less it kicks. There is a peak, which varies from person to person and should not be over-step, like drinking a few you feel ‘on-top’, any more and you slip away from that ‘good’ feeling.
      Only the first few hits of the day puts you where you want to be and thereafter it’s a waste although smoking all day keeps you numb but smiling.

      • crimsonking

        While the first toke of the day may feel like the best, I believe that’s simply because you are going from pretty much sober to stoned and the difference is very easy to gauge. It’s not at all like drinking. You can get wonderful highs all day. If you never come down and just continue to smoke, I could see how you might see things this way, because if you’re always high then you get desensitized to it (aside from the natural tolerance that develops).

    • aron

      i dont buy at all that it takes more weed to get you high nowadays. thats just ludicrous. i think u just dont understand that there were people now and then who smoke large amounts of weed. just like now and then people ate large amounts of cheeseburgers, or smoked large amounts of cigarettes. either way…IT DOES NOT take more weed today to get high than it did in the 70s. Todays weed is simply better. i also dont buy that most weed is ‘laced’ with something. think of where most of the weed is coming from these days…DISPENSARIES and dispensary quality operations.

      • jim

        just that it comes from mexico dosnt mean they don’t piss on it

    • crimsonking

      Myth. It may have happened to someone somewhere at some time, but this is in no way common. People are unlikely to waste other, probably more expensive drugs trying to make their weed addictive. There’s no reason it should take less and less weed to get you high. That doesn’t happen. Just like with anything else, you build up a tolerance.

  • painkills2

    The graphic indicates that holding in the smoke does not increase the effect of cannabis. I had never heard that before, so I asked a young person about it and he had never heard of it either. Just a couple of things…
    When you hold in the smoke, it can cause coughing, and the coughing itself actually increases the effects of the cannabis. I’ve read about that, but can’t remember where. I don’t know if it’s true, but it kinda sounds logical.
    Let’s talk about the effects of just simply holding your breath, which can cause dizziness, increasing the effects of cannabis. But my main thing would be that the physical activity of taking in a deep breath and holding it, then letting it out, is a relaxation breathing technique. How many times a day do you take a really deep breath, hold it until your lungs feel uncomfortably full, then slowly let it out? It’s a cleansing experience. Combining the breathing technique with the cannabis also increases the effects of the cannabis alone.
    Perhaps there is a specific chemical reaction from the cannabis that does not increase its effects if you hold in the smoke, but I don’t think you have to have that to obtain the increase in the effects. Well, that’s a rather convoluted sentence, but I think you get what I mean.

    • Dr Science

      Actually make perfect sense, just because the cannabis doesn’t necessarily get released more by the deep breathing type exercise, the act – in and of itself – of inhaling, holding and releasing, during the intake of cannabis has its own profound effect. Excellent.

      • painkills2

        Deep breathing works without the cannabis too, just not as well. :D

    • Anon

      The way I look at it is when you inhale something it goes into your brain instantly (not sure if this happens through your mouth but I am certain it does through your nose again this is just an assumption) So it will go to your brain and if you exhale like 1 second after you inhaled then it will not have enough time to go to your brain and cause the effects. (Cigarettes require you to keep in taking the smoke because you cant hold it but it does give you a high.) So if you inhale then exhale I dont see how it would give you the same effects as if you hold it in. I know a kid I smoke with and he smokes weed like a cigarette and burns so much more than I do and I hold mine in. I can get the effects from two hits of anything and it would take him 5+. Again all an assumption just throwing it out there.

      • painkills2

        I have read varying opinions on how long one must hold the smoke in to achieve the maximum benefit — some say just one quick inhale will do the trick; some say 3-5 seconds is enough; and some say around 24 seconds. There is the idea that coughing increases the effect, or inhaling in small bursts, allowing oxygen to push the smoke into your lungs through your mouth. I have very limited experience with vaping, but I don’t think it is the same effect as smoking, with smoking being the better delivery system (in my opinion).

        Of course, every toker has their own idea of what is the best way, right? But I don’t know how scientists have weighed in on this yet. Surely, with cannabis, the best effect will depend largely on the person using it.

        I found this link which explains how it all works, in a general way:

    • crimsonking

      There is a threshold. After a couple seconds you have gotten most of what you can get. I just pull it in deep and then blow it out slow. There’s no need to hold it as long as you can.

      • painkills2

        No, I never try to hold it in as long as I can. I’m old, after all. :D

        I also count (and add in) the amount of time it takes to pull in a breath, deeply. But I think we are saying the same thing, that it is a combination of the cannabis and the deep breathing technique.

  • Cai

    My father is suffering from liver failure. The medicne he takes leaves him with no appetite and also causes him to have nauesua. We live in tx which is not a medical majiuana state. We would love for him to be able to smoke/eat pot to help eleviate some of his issues. Since we are unable to get him medical grade we are worried about the other chemicals and additives. Is vaporising a good option?

    • kdown

      Hi, I used to live in Dallas so I am familiar with the kinds of flowers available there. I starting using a vaporizer while living there. It was much better with the vaporizer. They are kinda costly locally but you can find them online for pretty cheap. Also try making some butter or olive oil for cooking. I suffer from the same issue of nausea and appetite.

    • crimsonking

      Vaporizing is definitely a good option, but as far as chemicals, you’re gonna have to see. Sometimes chemicals are used to boost growth, etc. and aren’t flushed properly. I recommend examining your bud with a magnifying glass so you can see if there’s mold or bugs or anything (plus you’ll be able to see the color of the trichomes and it’s fun) and they say that if your bowl burns to white ash it’s good. Good luck.

  • moonunit

    hi i need to fly.. l.a. to sac i have a brand new vaporizer pen and… blown glass pipe and suckers???? is this legal to have

  • frelling_cute

    I like the PAX

    • jimmy

      how much does it hold?

      • HMFIC

        .2 to .3 g

  • John Heiss

    I love the taste and the effects are outstanding using my Buddha

  • Jayce Pirtle

    I really don’t care I will always hold in my hit of Herb Thats how I like It. some people like there stake rare I like mine1 well done and I like my herb held in>

    • chewsigirl

      it’s “steaks” not “stakes”

      • miked9746

        Thank you… nice to see someone still cares about education!! Haha

      • Mz. Harris/PotHead4Life


  • James

    Arizer Solo is a nifty unit

  • 67dave43

    are they saying a joint gets 2000 degrees hot .and this is telling me smoking weed is bad for me I should use a vaporizer

    • painkills2

      Unless you smoke all day long, every day, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just know that when you smoke just about anything, it’s a risk. But then so is rolling out of bed every day (at least for me).

      Vaporizers are expensive, but it is a healthier way to consume cannabis as compared to smoking this joint I have here in my hand. But when you vape, you are going to lose the fragrance — that wonderfully, intoxicating fragrance. Sure, you can eat when you have a cold and can’t taste anything, but how much better is the experience of eating when you have all your senses? However, my opinions are only based upon what I’ve read, and my own personal preferences, as I have not yet tried vaping. I think you should try them both, legally of course, and then report back here with your findings. Which do you prefer?

      • crimsonking

        I disagree regarding the aroma. It’s perhaps not as pervasively stinky, but you can really smell the fragrance of the bud. After a short vape session my room has a mellow but very nice smell reminiscent of a dispensary or just a whiff out of a jar of buds rather than thick, acrid clouds of smoke. Aside from the smell, the taste of the bud is just unquestionably better when vaporized as opposed to combustion. Some people still prefer smoking, but to each their own. Everyone should definitely try a vape. It’s made cannabis much more enjoyable to me. Happy exploring!

        • painkills2

          Since I posted that 2 months ago, I have tried a disposable pen vaporizer, and it was awful. I was told this was because of the heating element in this particular pen. Unfortunately, I don’t know when I will be able to afford to try the real thing. Thanks for the info!

  • 67dave43

    I have a vape pen its a micro vaped from http://www.ruvaped.com it was about 85 bucks I like it but ya I do love the aroma and taste of a good doobie as for the vape pen after awile the coil that burns the earwax gets all gooped up and it does get costly to replace all the time .although earwax is not available all the time I do save money and I don’t need to smoke a lot /hey r there any good legit places to get female seeds im curios thanx

  • captain ned

    I’ve had my Silver Surfer for a couple months now, and I have to say I’m underwhelmed. I’ve been toking for decades, and the differences in the high between traditional smoking and a vape are profound. You have to vape a LOT more bud to get the same level of stoniness. However, I’ve found that the super dry vaped residual weed will get you high via rolling/pipe. IMO, the vape does NOT get all the THC out of the weed! No rush from a vape, period. You do get high, but it’s 6 to 10 tokes versus 1 or 2 with the old glass bong. But the vape is kinder to your lings, and there is no odor. I think it really comes down to how often you get high. If you’re doing it once a week then save your money and don’t buy a vape. If you do it daily then save some wear and tear on your lungs and get one.

    • crimsonking

      This isn’t true for most people. You can get just as high vaporizing and most people find that they need less bud for vaping.

  • joshua

    i have an extreme q tower, its like 1/3 the price of volcano but does the same thing. the fan is just much slower but im fillin up bags right now getting ripped. i use on medium speed for most of the bag and then at the end hit it to full speed to blow those hot thc vapors up in that bag. its so smooth for me as an asthmatic mmj user

    • Rye

      I just got the number 2 vapouriser, it’s a good job , I’m well pleased, going try a clean 2014

  • Chimera

    I have the Arizer Extreme Q and boy is it great. As great as it is to have a volcano, those are for rich people. Those are the Apple brand of vaporizers. The extreme q does an amazing job and will pay for itself many times over. Much better for using a whip rather than a bag, but the bags still work great. To all those people thinking that vaporizers are too expensive or they can not afford one, i used to think that way too. But if you get an affordable and reliable one, your stash will last twice as long. Not to mention you can save the vaped bud and smoke it later when you run out. Or cook with it! You only need to use a good pinch at a time rather than smoking a whole bowl or joint (joints are such a waste). These machines are as efficient as they are healthy and you should view them as an investment as well. A quality product like the Extreme Q will last a long time and will make your bud last a long time as well. you will save money and enjoy it a lot more. It will pay for itself over time and you will wonder why you waited so long to buy one.

    • crimsonking

      Love the EQ!

  • _-_-_-_-

    I have the Arizer Solo, and it’s just perfect for my needs. One tiny load of ground up fluff, set the temperature and go.

    Now, for those complaining that vapeing doesn’t extract all of the THC? You’re right. However, that’s why I keep the spent fluff in a separate container, and when there’s enough (1/4 cup or so) make cannabudder. Use it to make baked goods like chocolate chip cookies, or put it directly on mashed potatoes. Either way, getting to use your w33d twice, can’t be beat.

    • jumping j

      i agree. have not made butter yet but have saved all remnants. what is best way to make the butter?

      • GroovyGrl

        I put the used substance in the crock pot on low with a stick of butter. Once the butter melts I remove the lid n let it slow simmer a couple hours. It’s wise to remove the lid, cuz the first time I made it, it tastsed a tad burnt. Then all you have to do is strain it really well. I make cookies about 4″ round n the buzz lasts for hours! Eating the wonderful herb beats smoking/vapeing by FAR in my book.

  • Christopher J Schaaff

    Dabs all day!

    • crimsonking

      Nothing wrong with that. I do like to stick mostly to flowers, though. It’s amazing how quickly tolerance gets built to another level with wax.

      • Christopher J Schaaff

        I agree. That’s the only downside. Takes me like 2 weeks of flowers only just to start getting medicated again from them. But dabs are so much better.

      • Christopher J Schaaff

        If it ain’t shatter it don’t matter

  • Dr Science

    I just started vaporizing with a magic flight launch box. I am completely thrilled! It took a few hits to get used to how I like it, after that a piece of cake (literally). I can control the heat with this device and there is no smoke, tars etc. which is very important to me. I get about 10 “vapes” per box. I fill box about 3/4 full. Material can be stored in box when not in use. 1 battery charge will not last a full box but charge quickly. I really dig the simplicity, efficiency and discretion of vaporizing with this device.

  • vap guy

    I have a decreet vap. Looks like an inhaler.. Yes it doesn’t get all the the but I have a lot so I do t worry about how much it takes. Cheaper than a lung replacement

  • Gabriel

    I sometimes smoke with vaporizer when i visit a friend(who is also my dealer) but i feel like it doesn’t get me as high, anyone else feels like this?

    • BCBud

      It is not the same kind of high. Same or more intensity can be felt. Vape has more of a body effect at first and can intensify into the head feeling after continuous use but by then the body is numb and feeling idk, buzzed I guess is a good description. Practice with it. You will enjoy it.

    • http://joesvapeshack.com


    • crimsonking

      There are a lot of people who feel this way, but I don’t. Once you get used to using a vaporizer, feel comfortable hitting it, and find the temperature range that is appropriate, you should be able to get just as high as you do with combustion and be able to taste the bud you’re consuming much more strongly. Most people tend to get more out of their bud vaporizing than with combustion as well, so your stash may go further. I think most people would end up preferring vapor if used properly, but that’s based solely on my own experience. Of course, there are always gonna be people who prefer smoking for whatever reason and that’s okay, too. It’s not like you guys are wrong; it’s just a different opinion.

  • JWood

    Interesting, but I still find the high of combustion > than vaporization. Even vaping indicas feels more psycho-heady-high than I prefer. Maybe it’s all about experimenting. I fill up bags every now and again, at different temps, with different strains, but haven’t nailed a solid formula that mimics simple combustion. At the end of the day, they’re two different experiences. Just my thoughts. -J

    • crimsonking

      This seems to be pretty subjective. Some people just prefer smoking. If you are using something like the Extreme Q that has a whip option as well as the bag, I would try the whip instead and perhaps try a higher temperature. It’s possible, I think, that you need a slightly higher temperature. Or maybe you’re just one of the people that needs that smoke.

  • Dezso Simon

    I think I have a problem. It is taking me way too long to vape. Last night I was trying to vape a bowl as quickly as possible, but it still took me about half an hour to finish it. I started vaping at 3:30, and by the time it was done, it was already 4 A.M. I think the reason for this may be that I’m vaping too incrementally. In other words, The temperature range at which I vape is too broad, but the thing is, if I vape at a narrower range, then I’m afraid I won’t get all of the cannabinoids from my bud. I usually spend about 30-40 seconds inhaling. I start at 330 degrees F, then go up to 335, then 338, then 360, 370, 375, 380, 385, 390, 395, and 400. The reason I do it so incrementally is because I am under the impression that this is how to “get the most” out of my weed and not waste it, but obviously it’s taking me way too long. Is there a way to do it that is both efficient and not time-consuming?

    • Gabby

      get a cloud pen best vape you can get for under $150 new

    • crimsonking

      I think you are right about the temp range. I think you are starting too low. If I’m vaping a bowl, i’ll start at around 380-390 and go incrementally from there to about 440. I think that should fix things unless there’s just something wrong with the equipment. Give that a shot.

  • Old Toker

    Just bought a new Da Vinci. Temperature control is great! Man what a great little portable. Bought it on eBay for $109. What a deal. Vapes in about 60 seconds on a fresh charge, Great value, iMHO


    I have the Arizer Extreme Q and the Pax by Ploom and I couldn’t be happier. My Extreme Q is perfect for home use and my Pax is perfect for on the go. It fits easily in my pocket and is very stealthy!

    • crimsonking

      Love the Extreme Q. That’s all I’ve been using for the past two years or so. I’ve heard good things about the Pax, as well, but don’t really have a need for a portable one.

  • Jonathan Price

    To me Magic Flight Launch Box is the best portable vaporizer, it is very efficient and easy to

  • yvonnie

    I love da buddha it works wonders!

  • Grim

    Deff need to invest in a vape. Thinking of getting the Magic flight box, but still doing research..any recommendations?

    • Strife

      Definitely buy. I got myself one for christmas and i fucking love it. I personally find vaping better than smoking

    • aussiebob

      got the magic flight and have never turned back! its a great buy.

    • majesticdork

      for the money the vapor genie aluminum bat vaporizer is my favorite portable vape

    • maria

      I love my magic flight box way better than the vap pens I’ve purchased. And it really vapes, the box doesnt get hot like vape pens do.

    • crimsonking

      That one’s popular. It seems to work well, is portable, and also quite affordable I believe. The list it gives up above on the infographic is solid. There are lots of good ones for around $200 or so, and some awesome ones if you want to spend more than that. I know from experience that the Arizer EQ and the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha are all quality vapes.

    • darrin beresford

      Mate if u r looking for a portable go with the pinnacle pro,its a little more than the mflb but well worth it! My mflb not been used since I got the pinnacle for Xmas!

    • Bulova

      The MFLB is great, But it has a learning curve to it. If you pull too slowly, the vapor can get too hot and can cause irritation. If you pull too quickly, the heating element gets too cool and produces less vapor. There are accessories such as the MFLB whip and water pipe add-on that can reduce the heat of the vapor, if you’re getting irritation, but once you master the MFLB I’d say it’s the Stealthiest On-the-go vaporizer out there (5 second heating time and is just 1”by 2”). Another option is the Firewood 2.0 in the same price range sacrificing Mobility and Lifetime Warranty for bigger clouds, battery life, and a more even burn (less risk of combustion). For the 90-120$ price range I can confidently recommend both of these.

    • Singh1699

      Not worth unless you need stealth, arizer solo was top of the line 2011. Still hasn’t been beat but I sound like a shill only talking about it.

      If you need more stealth get pinaccle pro. For desktop ones I don’t know.

      Just know that if you can hide in a McDonalds cup get a solo.

      It is convection and has been called volcano of portables. It’s a around 1-160.

      Check out vapefiend YouTube or vape critic.

      But vape critic is almost a paid shill.

      Overall I would say solo unless you spending 500+

      If real stealth is your thing then pinnacle pro because it can do oils and has a water attachment for non stealth use.

      Pax is not really that good.

    • 420

      get the Herbalaire V2.2
      BEST vaporizer next to Volcano ofcourse, and costs half the price

      • 420

        and if u want the BEST of the BEST of the BEST of the BEST
        u must get the Sublimator but it costs 800-900

        • sherman

          Check out the Da Budda vape. Not portable but people compare it to the volcano, and it’s $135 on a lot of sites

  • Rich

    Smoking the vap makes me cough all the time , any advice ?

    • crimsonking

      When I first began I would still cough a lot (and I still cough when I’ve taken in a bit too much) and in addition to perhaps getting used to it, cooling it with water through a bong or bubbler can help. When I first began, the vapor would seem to dry my throat out and it would become uncomfortable. I bought this in-line bubbler attachment for my Arizer Extreme Q called AquaVape that I love. Filtering it through water will also provide a buffer so that you don’t inhale any particulate matter. Since I began vaping I’ve almost entirely given up combusting. The only time I’m likely to smoke is if someone else offers it. It’s far superior to smoking and lets you really taste your bud. Hope that helps a bit.

  • Austin

    gorgeous infographic

  • Pat

    I have never tried this. I am an Esophageal Cancer survivor and I HAVE to smoke to get rid of the “throw-up” feeling I get in my throat all the time. Otherwise, I can’t eat. Whats left of my stomach is in my throat and sometimes my throat hurts from smoking. I am wondering if this would work for me?

    • Mike

      I highly recommend it. Any of the top ten vaporizers work. They take a bit of practice, but once you get them to work, you will never go back.

    • Jane Peters

      You might be better off with a transdermal THC patch. I’m not sure if they’re available yet.though.

      • painkills2

        See http://www.marysmedicinals.com/

        I don’t know anything about this company, so I can’t vouch for them — anyway, it’s always good to be skeptical.

    • painkills2

      I recently tried a BHO-infused edible that was like a Jolly Rancher candy — maybe you should try edibles in this form.

    • Singh1699

      Arizer solo

  • SamK

    Very interesting infographic–but you’re missing the best vaporizer, IMO. I find de verdamper to blow the volcano out of the water (no pun intended).

  • Rob Campbell

    Among other things I suffer from M.S. and I’ve been alleviating my symptoms with the smoking of weed. I rent a suite in a strata condo and I guess some neighbors have been complaining about the smell. The strata council have called in the cops over it and notices have been posted saying the building is under surveillance by CRIME STOPPERS and the POLICE!!!!!
    Smoke no more or lightning will strike you!!! If you see your neighbor smoking TURN THEM IN!!! Well, it’s medical, government sanctioned weed, so I couldn’t care less about the cops, but the strata nazis could evict me over it. I’m wondering if a vaporizer would make any difference re the unmistakable smell?

    • G

      Yes. I can vap in my room and my parents ( both have smoked it) have no idea

    • Vapor Wisp

      Rob, a vaporizer will definitely help with the smell! In my experience, vapor is much less smelly than herb smoke. It still smells like herb, but the smell is fainter and has a burnt popcorn kind of odor. It depends, of course, on the type of vaporizer and the type of herb, but if you ventilate properly, maybe use a spoof tube, do all that stuff, your neighbors will probably not notice. And you can always pop a bag of popcorn!

      Most of all, as a medical user, I would definitely recommend making the switch from smoke to vapor for many reasons: health, efficiency and stealth being primary. Along with addressing the odor difference between smoke and vapor, I’ll be writing new articles on these topics over the next couple of weeks.



    • painkills2

      The cheapest way to disguise the smell (or so I’ve heard) is with an empty cardboard cylinder from paper towels or toilet paper and a great-smelling dryer sheet. You stuff one end, and then blow directly into the other. We should both try it and report back. :)

  • Vapor Wisp

    That infographic is a nice find! I really like the way it demonstrates some of the science behind vaporization and makes the health benefits easy to grasp in a concrete way. Thanks for sharing! I also shared it on my blog at http://vaporwisp.blogspot.com/2014/02/vapor-vs-smoke-infographic-with-bonus.html

  • pzrvfd

    Sorry for asking a newbie type question, but would you just take the same marajuana that you would roll and smoke and just add it to the vaporizer? Or, do you need to get it in liquid form like you do with e-cigs? Or?

    • Anonymouse

      Yes, most vaporizers work best when plant matter is ground into a fine powder. There are special attachments, or individual models that allow to vape oil or concentrates and the like.

      • painkills2

        So, it’s a hybrid bong? :)

        • dhjrxbj

          I use a vape pen, about the size of a highlighter, with 3 attatchments, one for ecig liquid, one for waxy oils, and one for ground up dry herb.

          • The Wigs

            What kind of vape pen?

  • Henners

    Hey guys, I’ve recently had a lung collapse and surgery and in turn have been advised to quit smoking and whilst I can control my urges for a normal ciggie, I am always wanting that beautiful high, a reason for them wanting me to quit is because the toxins, the heat and such can all cause problems for the old lung, I mean I’m aware of some people who have continued smoking for years after the same problem and been fine but i’m keen to avoid it so would vaping be a slightly safer alternative for me?

    • Vapor Wisp

      Henners, vaping would definitely be a safer alternative than smoking for you and you can still enjoy a lovely high! Vapor is cooler than smoke and contains far fewer particulates and impurities. It’s much easier on your lungs than smoke, in both the short and the long term. This especially true if you run your vape at low temperatures that don’t start to combust your herb and won’t cause you to cough.

      Check out this blog post I wrote on the differences between smoke and vapor to get a better idea. I really hope it’s helpful!



    • Inanimate Carbon Rods

      Edibles from now on…

  • urnohero

    Great article Educate the peeps yo!


    literally going to get completely and utterly retarded. I absolutely cannot wait to get downsyndrome.

    • Flustered

      You’re halfway there, in thinking that you can develop down’s syndrome!

      and -10 for being a part of the internet and using “retarded” and “downsyndrome” as derogatory terms!
      Great job!
      How about a little respect for people who are mentally handicapped? You don’t need to be so proud of being unintelligent without the assistance of a genetic disorder.

      • Sherman

        Oh my cry me a river you liberal whiney douche. This is a website about weed, an illegal substance, and you want to complain about what someone says? You’re a f@ggot

        • Epoch

          and yet your complaining about what he/she said. By your logic, you are a “whiney douche”. Nice! :)

        • L Bow

          Well I guess that makes you a fucking faggot bitch

  • Elcalidispo

    Hit up my email if you need that delivery got the best smoke firecalibud@live.com

  • Prof. Peabody

    If someone could make a vaporiser that is as small as a little pipe, they would have a multi-million dollar product on their hands. Lots of smokers would like to vape instead, but only an addict needs a volcano, and only an idiot will suck vapour out of a giant plastic bag. Make it discrete, small, for small doses …. millions of dollars will fall into your lap. Just sayin.

    • Electronicflesh

      Search for: vapor genie

    • GoodGuy

      Magic flight launch box (MFLB), and PAX are 2 products that fit your description.

    • Neil

      Magic flight launch box

    • Hank


    • Vape-girl

      They have small pen sized vaporizers at vapornation.com great prices too!

    • SaSto

      Search for the Lotus vaporizer. About to get that one soon; definitely seems like the best

  • i love vaporizers

    i just got a pinnacle pro, my first vape ever. this thing is awesome!! tried my friends vapir no2 which was ok in comparison.
    purchased mine from puffsvaporizers.com

  • oZ

    I want a vaporizer pen of high quality. Something battery powered, that actually LOOKS like a thin long cylindrical tool. Not something stationary. Something sexy, cool, clean & portable.

    • Brandon.fattys

      There is no such thing as a ” good vape pen” they all combust which makes no sence if your trying to vape

      Go with a high end desk top vape like a ssv or a volcano you deffently thank your self in the long run and they have little to no upkeep it’s just a set and bake application.

    • ruthlezz

      Look at the PAX vape its awesome both wax and flower

  • MSMS

    Has anybody heard of the “puffit x”? Something I am considering. Thank you.

  • cyn

    We live in an apartment community. Last year they introduced the new smoking policy is “no smoking” on the property. I need to know whether vaping is “smoking”. Can we be evicted if we Vape instead of smoking?

    • mina

      No it’s not! It releases vapor only and the scent dissipates incredibly quick. . I just got a great dry herb pen from lollibobshop.com :) very affordable and i love mine already!

    • Chebbbackka

      Vapor is not smoke

    • ecnu

      Only some smell emerges from the herb being heated in the vaporizer chamber, which goes pretty quickly if you open a window. The vapour has almost no smell and leaves no trace, unlike smoke which settles into every fabric in the room.

  • ruthlezz

    Does anyone else have the “PAX”. Portable vaporizer ? Do you like it?

    • Vambo

      I’ve been using one for about 18months, not a single problem. Medium setting is my choice.
      Clean out around 2 times a week. Mouthpiece everyday.
      Happy with it so far.

    • anthony

      I do, having questions myself.

    • Ben

      Don’t get a pax. If you do you have to do maintenance on it which is imperative to make it work. My mouthpiece wouldn’t pop up because I didn’t lube it. Get a smaller pen the that you can change atomizers for smoking leaf or wax

      • Casey Lynn

        I just got a pulsar triad,,3 separate chambers ~juice, herb &wax, cool rite :-) . been using it primarily everyday to keep me from “smoking” nicotine (2 weeks smoke free baby!! :-)) The herbal chamber doesn’t work as well as expected.. But than again.. I’m spoiled from my *Buddha <3* #4 on the list <3
        Happy Vaporizing !

      • Yo

        Don’t tell people not to get a PAX because yours broke because you didn’t maintain it properly. You’re supposed to oil the mouthpiece. That’s like telling people not to buy cars because yours broke down because you never changed the oil.

    • Zatguy

      I have a volcano and a pax . There is no comparison between the two. The volcano will give you much more bang for the buck and pay for itself quickly. I gave my pax away because I couldn’t justify using it because of the amount of weed it wasted compared to my volcano. Pax is cool looking though.

    • John

      the pax is all i use. there is a way to use it too where you don’t need to put a lot of weed in it either by using a screen (just look on youtube and there are a few videos that show you how). But yes it does require maintenance. i clean mine once every week to 2 weeks. when you learn how to clean it, it’s super easy and takes about 5 minutes or less. by far the best portable vaporizer out there, and i have tried a lot of them. you can tell that they put a lot of work and top notch engineering in to the pax. it’s not for everyone, but believe me, it’s the best one out there and def worth the $250 price tag. i swear by it. don’t get me wrong though, the volcano is amazing too. it’s just not portable…

  • Vapor S. Thompson

    I Vape therefore I still am. This is my portable vape choice:

  • Tom

    I got my pax for $150 @ Vapegenies.com

    Is that a good deal?

  • Oron Mati

    I got the XRT from VapeRight.com works like a charm for Dry herbs and wax.
    Even got a free grape eHookah ;)

  • tkaul

    I have a Vaporfection by ViVape (non-portable) and a Magic Flight Launch Box for portable use. I love love love the Vaporfection. The launch box is ok in that its discreet and super portable but I find it heats up a little bit too hot and ‘burns’ my lungs a bit. Any tips for that?

    • tkaul

      PS – I had oral cancer and have been cancer free for a year and a half – Oral surgeon says I’m doing great. I used to be a HEAVY joint smoker but switched to vaping after my diagnosis and surgery.

    • Oron Mati

      I really want to upgrade to the Volcano u think it’s worth the money?

      Can I find it any cheaper than this- http://bit.ly/VapeRT ??

  • Harry

    We sell bud touch pen for Marijuana ,it’s really cool ,contact me if you like ,China manufacture ,my Email sales04@babytoncig.com

  • Peter

    I just bought a vaporizer and have been using it for a week.I really like it, and the taste I get from it, but I only seem to get about half as high compared to when I smoked a joint.? I thought it should be the other way around? What gives?

    • Mary Jane Man

      It depends on the quality of the vaporizer you have received and the delivery, for example I own a Volcano and it messes me up as the regular size bags that you purchase for it fill to about 5 litres. Whilst the smaller vaporizers you may only consume a few puffs, also make sure you have the right temperature settings!

    • greg major

      The particular strain and plant harvest is a big variable. Different strains contain different levels of cannabinoids. The growing conditions and methods, freshness and storage, affect those levels as well. According the the infographic, vapourizing at a constant 338 F will be the most efficient use of the available cannabinoids, compared to combustion, which will destroy some of the available compounds.

  • Remo

    How do you know when the herb in the vape is spent?

    • Voidflakes

      When it stops releasing vapour. Usually around 3 bags, or a good few minutes on the whip, at 185-195°C.

  • Fred Frederickson

    How did pax not crack top 10

    • JLB

      this article came out in 2012. Pax didn’t put out it’s pen until last year.

  • Octo Seven

    Glad the Arizer EQ is so highly listed (excuse the pun).

  • mj

    I have a PAX and a Cloud. I use the PAX daily with finely ground meds. If you have one and don’t have the vapeing tips from Ploom contact them on their website and get them. Made a huge difference in how well it works. It does need to be cleaned often.
    I also have a Cloud that I use for concentrate (wax). Works great if I need very quick pain relief. Very efficient and pretty discreet.

  • MFLB user

    Why no MFLB? Its not that good as a portable vaporizer but with the power adapter it is amazing – especially the temp adjustability (infinite, because it isn’t digital).

  • Jose Frias

    i started off on a regular ebay easy vape . i dont wanna get the volcano because it will cause way too much smell in the room . but i currently have the arizer withhout the bag . and i love it . i think its one of the best whip style vapes around . x10 better than other easy vape style whips .

    • Hwink

      Dude… Get a pax. They’re awesome. Can’t smell a thing, use it all the time. Also… Pretty good high ;)

  • Wormlady

    I was wondering if you could please provide the smoke analysis data resource that compares the content of the smoke between the vaporizer and the joint or bong. Thank you :)

  • jackster

    I bought a ‘Solo’, from arizertech, it’s referred to as a Micro Heater, used for things like aromatherapy, warming oils and dried flowers; it also dehydrates fresh herbs. It works well but I don’t know if one on the above list might be more efficient. It has a heat gage measured not in temperature, but from 1 – 7. This cost $200. Would I be better off purchasing one from the list above, or is this one as good anyway??? Thanks!

    • BunkerBuster

      Dude: The Arizer Solo is with no doubt the best portable vape out there. Appreciate your product, because you made the right decision to buy it. :)

      • Terry

        Is the solo better than the Pax and the Pinnalce Pro? And if so, why? Thank you.

        • BunkerBuster

          Vapor quality, reliability and temp settings. Pinaccle is cool, but nothing can beat the Solo’s all-glass vapor path. Pinaccle Pro’s vapor is much harsher and hotter.

      • Janetmac

        I have started to vap v2 pro series herb yesterday. There is no smoke coming out or very little. Is this normal?

  • L Bow

    How bout you all quit wasting green and go purchase a sublimator? We have been past vaporizing for over a year. Now get on with the age.

  • Jennifer @ WeedGear.com

    Wow, cool infographic! Johnny, I missed you at the conference yesterday. Ppl said you were there, but I never figured out which person you are. Anyway, kudos on the consistent helpful info! Let me know if you want to trade guest posts on http://weedgear.com. I can write you some awesome unique content on cloning. Cheers, Jennifer

  • SnobbyStoner

    Has anyone tried the Herbalizer? Looks super cool and the reviews I saw were good. Mad expensive though but apparently worth it due to how efficient it is with the meds it is. Also that it heats to optimum temperature in less than 20 seconds!

  • Pedro

    Is the Snoop Dogg G Pro Vaporizer good as, well?

    • gino231211

      No don’t buy it unless you buy the top of the range one, be careful as some vapouriser claim to vape l,but they burn the herbs, I have a smart by rad, cost me £75 gbp, works a treat.

  • D

    Scare us about a perceived danger, and then sell us the ‘cure’. A common marketing tactic.

    • greg major

      One of the main reasons people choose to vapourize, is due to the significantly better health affects. It’s not propaganda. It’s scientific fact.

      • Joeb

        I had a bad experience vaping so will never do again can’t handle it and the highs way different energetic in my opinion. did vape far too much though but thought chamber had to be full and didn’t realise what it had done to me cause I thought it weren’t working till it was too late. I was fucked hot, mad heart rate up to 150bpm, shaking, twitching and completely antisocial wanted to be left the fuck along stayed like that for her and half or so then stop shaking heart rate dropped to 110 still felt hot but felt relaxed hungry and thirsty.
        Never ever again am I vaping weed I selling by ascent by da vinci and sticking to bongs and spliffs (gives me the kind of high I like im relaxed, happy calm lol not on edge, shaking, over aware of my body and mad fucking heart rate) if I stayed at 130-150 for longer than couple hrs I would of been calling ambulance lol scared the shit out of me.

        • Inanimate Carbon Rods

          Sounds like you need to see a doctor.

          • Joeb

            Nah I’m all good now thanks :) I took a long break sold the vape and I don’t smoke anything sativa strong no more as my experience with the vape had made me realise Its not for me, i stick to more indica heavy strains now or cheese. So feel much better now may quit for good though some point as has changed my view on weed that experience at least for how i react to it I know more deeply now the possible mental health problems it could cause me now that I didn’t think I wax susceptible too before, as well previously no bad experiences up until that point. Like I said I felt really really down depressed and spaced out and that for about 3 days after and had weird anixiety panic like attacks for no reason whatsoever.
            So yh I’m gonna quit.

  • greg major

    I have a few questions – The flavour profile is certainly different between the two methods in my experience:

    1) Does vapourizing marijuana activate and release the flavour and aroma compounds such as terpenoids; and to what percentage of the available compounds are activated/released?

    2) Which method, combustion or vapourizing, will activate/release the most terpenoids – (or do they both release the same, but affect the compound differently?

    3) What temperature do terpenoids and other flavour/aroma compounds activate/release (or destroyed)?

  • 11cowboys

    da Buddha is a great vaporizer at around 160.00.

  • Lori

    what are your thoughts on the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal? Doesn’t the coil still burn the herb? I thought vaping was different.

    • Luke Larsen

      They are junk. Dont waste your money. Its basically a one-hitter electronic pipe, it does not actually vaporize the herb. For a good portal vape, id recommend the Pax.

    • If you’re looking for a portable I’d got with Pax by Ploom. 10-year warranty and idiot-proof instructions for use and cleaning. I really love mine.

    • alfred

      The (snoop dog also) g-pen is vaporizing. I believe the coil is way hotter than an ember. Which subsequently “vaporizes” the bud, shatter, wax(solids only). The oils and such (liquids “oasis,” “liquid gold,”) are vaporized the same way, but are absorbed by the coil differently. A coil wrapped around a wick. Oasis and liquid gold are organic extracts by the way. My top choices.

      • alfred

        The snoop Dogg g pen is for flowers only. It says on the box. But I believe you can also put hash and/or wax or shatter (solids)

  • Stoney K

    the best portable without a doubt is PAX

    • Absolutely! I came down here just to say that.

    • Joal

      It use to be. But now Storz and Bickel have entered the portable arena… Crafty and the Mighty… Check em out

    • Ian

      Joal is right the crafty is way better than the pax no contest. Personally I even like the Arizer Air better than the pax too.

    • JohnnyB3776

      That’s what I have. Been loving it!

  • cher

    I bought a Siler Surfer a few years back but find it to be too much to handle every time I want to use it. I recently went to an electric cigarette store and was lead to believe that the Vhit Reload II was a vape. I took it home and realized that it was just burning the herb. When I went back I was told that she mentioned that to me and that I would need to buy the Cannastick Vape RX to get a true vape. Now I have the 2 and also about $300 worth of stuff from Silver Surfer. I haven’t opened the Cannastick yet because I don’t know if it is a real vapor or not. I need help.

  • mipresidenteunico

    the best is the arizer solo

  • Bongstar420

    The drugs high is partially due to the “bad” stuff from combustion> I don’t know about you, but I get a better buzz from 1 hit of smoke than 2 hits of vape. Combustion modifies the terpene profile substantially as well.

    I seriously doubt 95% is absorbed in a few seconds..

    I don’t want to spend more than a few minutes smoking. Vapes take too much effort and too many inhales for me and is less satisfying recreationally.

    • Mevilead

      But you’ll live and vape longer hopefully and still get twatted, so it’s a moot point.

  • Yazman

    this is the most amazing pen vape. that little container in the white box is a cartridge and it has thc oil. you screw it on and it last like a week and you get high as shit lol

  • mike

    If you want a real vaping experience the only way to go is volcano.. Supremely expensive but worth every penny. If you have $500 lying around you can get one too!

    • Ian

      crafty is better

      • Mevilead

        no, crafty is a good portable cape to own alongside a volcano. It cannot keep up with the volcano in terms of a long session as the battery will die. Get both, long term and your lungs will thank you for it.

  • jim

    get a kanger pro tank mini clearomizer ($10) and an adjustable wattage vape battery ($10-$30) on ebay or vape shop and you’re good to go. 15 years smoking 1-3 blunts daily weed vaping is slowly taking over. I smoke 1 blunt over 3 days now. weed vaping is so much more convenient and gets you wasted like “damn…I’m high”.

  • cheech

    Still 0.5 grams of smoked weed get me more high than 1.5 grams in the vaporizer so somthing about that information cant be true.

    • Joeb

      I bought a vape recently (ascent by da vinci) tried it last night and was bad! First time I’ve ever had a bad experience with weed.
      I filled up the chamber toked away till there was no more vapor and felt like fuck its not doing anything then 5minutes later boom it crept up on me and I felt good giggily high but also really energised and on edge which was weird as never felt like that 15 minutes later got another wave but was mad intense I felt my heart beating real fast i was shaking kind of spasming lol and I felt warm which was real weird as I was cold before this tested my heart rate on phone app was at 130bpm (felt like I’d done coke or some shit lol, never have done btw but that’s what I thought it would feel like lol) anyway I listened to some music and watched some TV for about 20 or so minutes but couldn’t fucking sit still or concentrate kept fidgeting then got another wave like a hot flush and became well to aware if my body and how hot I was and shit and then thought fuck it I got to try slow my heart rate down and stop shaking (never uncontrollably moved before on weed) so checked my heart rate one more time before lying down in my bed was at 150! And thought arh shit nah that’s cool that’s cool this will pass laid down still shaking and fidgeting could still hear my heart thumping and feel my blood pumping through my body which was so surreal I was too aware that obviously fed my anxiety about it being so high anyway I lay there for what must if been about 40minutes then suddenly I stopped shaking still didn’t feel brill but was glad I was back to some sort of normal tested heart rate again it had dropped to 110 still high but I know mine can be that high anyway I have a resting heart of about 85-115 anyway in general so I calmed the fuck down drank a shit load of water ate a bunch of food. Took my dog for a walk then came back home stuck TV on didn’t pay attention or listen to it and just felt really dozy calm and fell asleep.
      Long story short I don’t like vaping it its nothing like a bong or spliff to me I feel calm with a spliff and calm but more happy giggly and shit with bong hits. But vaping it has given me the worst experience ever so I’m gonna sell the thing lol as Im not gonna try it again lol I don’t repeat stuff again if I don’t like it ha so I’m just gonna get rid and stick to bongs and spliffs think my heart will thank me lol. But has put me off weed altogether for a bit so for next couple weeks I’m going just drink beer when I want to chill.

      • Ty

        Reading your paragraph was worse then whatever you were describing lol. Stick to smoking, take a t break or get another vape. There’s different ways to smoke, find the best way.

      • dissturbbed

        Went through the exact same thing at first and it scared the hell out of me, i didnt realize it but with vaping you get very little smoke and a lot of thc. First time vaping you think your not getting anything and you constantly want to turn it up and smoke the hell out of it like a blunt or joint..bad mistake. When you smoke a joint you have to smoke the hell out of it to get a good buzz this is not the case with the vape. With a vape you hit it VERY slowly and wait then move on to the next hit. A vape high will creep up on yea and come on in waves, its sort of like a sativa high, lots of energy and euphoria.

        • Joeb

          Yh definitely man lol, glad I’m not the only one who went and had this sort of experience lol, THC overload for sure (: and yh definitely get what u mean by it being like a sativa one. Stupidly it was amnesia I was vaping too lol.

    • Ian

      You haven’t used a good vaporizer then. I had a similar experience a few years ago when I first tried using them, and then I started researching good vapes. I just bought the Crafty vape and if you pack .3gs into the bowl you will be very high. I’m probably never smoking again because I love it so much.

    • Anthony Seward

      I agree. I feel like I wasted money yesterday on this new kanger box vaperizer when I feel smoking the bud does me better in effect. I make my own thc oil with vg and pg oil. Def prefer a fat joint

    • John

      You simply weren’t using a good vape or wrong temp actually used to say this myself when the only vapes I had tried were box ones and an no2 vapir that we didn’t really know how to use well, decided to buy a volcano one day first session wasn’t impressed second session and on all been much better than smoking

  • ONoBro


  • This is an awesome article, I will be following from now on.

  • Ian

    Just bought the Crafty about a week ago and I’m never smoking again the vape is INSANE. I usually pack a .3 g bowl for myself alone, but I only pack .1-.2 gs into the Crafty and I get really high. I HIGHLY recommend it even though it is so expensive.

    • Carlos Smith

      I bought my crafty a few days ago as well….hate the battery life, love the flavor

  • Jim

    Just vaped some Mex. dirt-weed as experiment–zero-ish buzz when smoking…then 1/2 same amt in the vape, 2 doses each of 1/4 tsp powdery schwag…wow! sold. This thing really does extract (and binds(?) w/the H20 steam at 393F) also as bonus helps alleviate allergy for me. using Vapir2..expensive but so worth it how fast it responds & delivers, the adjustable temp is worth the price as it is precise as to what temp the vapor is released (just a customer, no relation to the co).

    • Bill

      Same with me. Helps with the allergies tremendously.

      • Jim

        great..juniper trees killing me until this experiment..glad to know it’s not just me.

    • ana1

      HI, new to vaping and I got a brand new vapir rise 2.0 ultimate. I need help!
      What’s the best vaping temp for whip, also fan speed. How much herb?
      Bag: same info please.

      How to clean and what parts doing need to clean?

  • Luke

    Just bought a brand new Arizer Extreme-Q vaporizer and it is hands down the best I’ve ever owned! I honestly believe it is a much better value than the volcano based on many things. First and most importantly cost, it’s less then half of the cheapest volcano. Then it’s the features and accessories theat come included in the package. Last but not least it’s sleek design, it can easily be passed as a potpourri diffuser to friends and family such as, grandparents who visit often! Haha
    I definitely recommend this vape.

    • Fred What

      the volcano is old too, its very out dated, that dumb plastic bag

  • Angela Lopez

    I’m old school and have never used a vaporizer. One of my favorite parts of smoking is the taste of a good bud. What kind of taste do you get when you use a vaporizer?

    • CajunAggie

      Angela, I tried some of the “wax” with a vaporizer, and it was like smoking sweet nectar. Could still taste the terpenes and it was definitely smoother than a joint. I still like smoking some good herb, but I was pleasantly surprised. Much better than an e-cig and less waste, although I’ve never vaped “dry herb”.

      • Fred What

        wax in a vape is good but you gotta be careful. i have multiple vapes, not all of them are wax friendly. I make my own wax to make sure i am not getting bullshit

    • Fred What

      Hi i am old school too. depends on how old school we are talking… i started in 95 or 96

      You know the way REALLY good weed smell? thats what a vapeorizor makes it taste like… AND…
      On top of that, if you switch to only vaping, then you eventually start to smell weed smoke. My girlfriend still smokes weed and i hate the smell now. i cannot tell the difference between a cigarette or weed anymore. but the vaporizor makes my life good.

      I got a pax 2 vape. check it out. try to vape with a bong, because it made my throat hurt. when you buy a vape buy a bong that looks like you could rig something up. just becareful and do not use plastic hoses you buy just anywhere, you gotta buy silicon medical grade tubing from head shops that can hold up to high temperatures. otherwise you will start vaping the plastic tubing.

      but to answer your question one last time, the taste is amazing. my theory is it is not a taste per se… it is a smell. you are just vaporizing a flower and when it goes through your nose you are gonna smell that dank ass shit

    • IbinSaneDiego

      what Fred said about the smell = the taste…. ditto…. I burned for 40 years…. first week of vape… it gets better with practice and finding what works best for the device you are using…. I just got the Arizer Solo. A long slow draw, chopped up bud… check out youtube for various reviews….

    • Quack Wakka Wakka

      I thought the same thing Angela, however after getting my first vaporizer EVER…The G Pen Pro….I have completely stopped burning all together and just vape, it conserves your buds you don’t need as much. You get HIGHER and the TASTe…The TASTE is amazing!!!! The better the buds, the stronger the taste, ahahaha if you smoke good headies, a G pen vaporizer is truley one of the best experiences you can get out of smoking…..I promise you will not be bummed. Except for not trying it sooner!

    • John

      Hate to say it but when your smoking it’s like your not even tasting anything compared to vaping

  • lexi

    Is that ^ available as a poster somewhere?

  • ana1

    HI, new to vaping and I got a brand new vapir rise 2.0 ultimate. I need help!
    What’s the best vaping temp for whip, also fan speed. How much herb?
    Bag: same info please.

    How to clean and what parts doing need to clean?

  • chris1965

    I just purchased a Flowermate VS.05 vaporizer. LOVE IT ! I only smoke a little at night to relax, but I have bronchial problems so smoking the bud was becoming increasingly difficult with the coughing. I have only had the vaper 4 days and already my cough has decreased significantly. I also can “taste” the herb. Before there was a flavour but now it’s just pure flavour. Also, I use significantly less product for double the high. Two thumbs up from me :)

    • Franks N Beans

      Take care of your health. I don’t smoke weed but if I ever did Vaping or make it into a tea would be the only way. My mom died of smoking cigarettes and so I have always been against smoking.

      • Boss Life

        Sorry to hear that.

  • Shaun Bretle

    Vaporizers work by heating marijuana to a temperature that is hot enough
    to evaporate the active ingredients, but cool enough to avoid
    combustion (burning). As a result, people who vaporize are not exposed
    to the toxins that are found in smoke.


  • Smokey

    Was there any need to write “#weed”? What the hell is this obsession people have with putting hash tags in front of words for no reason?

    • Cherish

      they were talking about the tweets that came from people saying #weed. as in twitter hashtags. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Smokey

        I see, kinda…

        • VapistSupreme

          On twitter, hash tags actually matter. When you tag something, like #weed, it will be grouped, by the tag, with other tweets. So if you’re looking for information about something, you can check tweets with that tag, or like for this post, if you want to talk about weed.

    • Natronic

      I think it’s funny just cuz it’s stupid, so i’ll do it with no meaning just because

  • Walter White – A. Plus

    Bought an Mighty a week and a half ago. I’m happy, it’s so effective! I smoked one bowl in that time and it was really harsh. It’s interesting how fast you accustom oneself to such things and nearly all things.

    • John

      I couldn’t agree more. Hitting from glass was so harsh after vaping about a week have the volcano but definitely want the mighty too

  • Boss Life

    I smoked the valcano and fell in love at first taste then i went out and got a portable vape the DaVinci really good choice for me i can control temperature and people don’t know what it is. Two thumbs up

  • Ami Hale

    Question: Im all up for the vaporing as I want to clear the crap out of my lungs that I’ve destroyed over the years but I just would like to get the general concensus (not sure if spelt right) is… Is vaporising going to cost me any more than smoking does? I smoke evenings ad weekends religiously :) thanks!

    • Vape Girl

      Ami, not at all. I smoked for a long time and started vaping last year and it’s the BEST decision I have made. It doesn’t cost me any more, I spend less on it. You will have to of course buy a vape pen, but it’s only a one time purchase. There’s a huge variety of stuff you can put in your vape pen, and my favs are pie crust and shatter. Happy vaping :)

    • toyfj69

      For us it cost less. We smoke about 0.15g per vape and can get 3 to 4 bags from it. No more lighters and papers.

    • John

      Definitely helps save! I more than .15 but I get around 5-6 bags at least 3 being pretty thick vapor but invest in a good vape probably 250$+ and I don’t recommend portable

  • paulo

    Depending on what you going to buy for example a cheap vape device will maybe brake in a few uses. Where as speading alittle more for a good quality device is going to last its worth, but health wise what’s the price your already paying by smoking? Your life? A great deal….? I have just recently suffered a massive lung collapse at which almost cost me my life…. I’m not trying to be morbid or anything but that alone made me switch my ways. Vape all the way for me from now on. :)

  • Vape Girl

    Does anyone know where I can buy a bubblevape? I’ve been looking everywhere on the internet to find one. My friend and I was on vacation in Florida last week and we met a guy who had one. He said he got it as a promotional item or something like that so he didn’t know where to buy it. Of course he let us sample it and it was a bubbler that attaches to a vape battery. It was such a clean vape experience and I WANT ONE! If anyone has heard of it or know where to buy it please let me know!!!!

  • Vape Girl

    Vape for me is much cleaner than smoking. I love the pie crust since I think its the most clean vape experience. I also like shatter.

  • David Atherton

    I have copd and recieve opiods for pain obviously i would prefare to use other less “intrusive” pain killers is vapourising better for my lungs.

    • Hunter

      Yes. I smoked every day for 2 years straight. I recently bought a dry herb vape(Arizer Air), and havent touched a lighter since. I feel much cleaner inside and able to take deeper more 02 filled inhales. Not to mention the clear headed vape high compared to the hazey and groggy smoke high gives you the ability to enjoy the herb more.

      • John

        I don’t have the same vape (heard the arizer is great) but I agree. Go for stuff higher in cbd if you have that option

  • Vicki Medley

    I just bought a Wulf vaporizer and I don’t get a buzz when I do dry weed….I feel mellow but not high like I do when I use a bong…I need advice!!!

  • Michael Scheer

    I’ve used the Pax vaporizer now for a couple of years. I think it’s damn near perfect: compact, machined aluminum that feels good in your hands. It also makes a small bud last for a very long time, sometimes 15-20 hits by starting at the lowest temperature and working your way up. Sometimes I use a bong filled with ice to cool down the vapor. Heaven! The only negatives are the price (~$250) and the fact that you have to clean it regularly to keep it working properly. Otherwise, it really is the iPhone of the vaping world (IMHO).

  • mannybakshi

    After reading this article i will go soon and buy vaporizer. Thanks!

  • Skeet313

    Just bought a crafty recently and it is amazing. The only concern I have is about the smell. If I vape outside, walking down a street, how noticeable would the smell be? Also how about if I vape in my small apartment with windows closed (as people who live above sometimes have theirs open)?

    • Susan Price

      Not very. I did it the first time this morning, in the house, with others around and there was virtually NO smoke and no smell. Only what is in your mouth was high taste. Was brilliant! Give it a go.

    • John

      Smell shouldn’t be a problem at all the smell isn’t as distinct and I know people that blow blunts in their apartment

    • Sneakymaus

      The only smell I encounter is one of burnt popcorn.

  • Dee

    Hello people, i started to think about buying vape, any recomendations? Another question is.. does the vape change the taste of the the herb in compare with smoking? Sorry to all grammar nazis for my bad english

    • jesus

      Depends on what you need, portable i would take the crafty or mighty. Desktop the vulcano. Taste changes, just like this article states. You loose all of the combustion particles but the vapor sure tastes like weed, but a bit more ‘pure’

    • Savage Acee

      I use a vape from isweed. google them

    • John

      Volcano if you’re looking to invest (598$ ) but 3 year warranty, really respected company, you’ll save that much in herb in no time. Taste is incomparable you don’t even get a taste when combusting compared too vaporizing

    • Brandi

      Vaping doesnt change the taste, smoking does. Speaking from my experience, when I first started vaping, I passively noticed the difference in taste, especially when I first packed my pax 2… then, as I continued to exclusively vape everyday, after a few weeks I smoked a blunt with a friend and almost gagged! I was convinced she was smoking dirt while I was used to top!notch green. So I insisted on rolling another blunt with my own–and it tasted just as gross!!! I realized the taste of the burning plant was what I couldn’t stomach anymore. I no longer smoke at all since I can’t take the taste. This after over 15 years of daily smoking…

  • gary

    So why have I spent three weeks, three hundred bucks and five grams of herb to get my pax 2 to do anything. At best I can get the eq. of three or four draws out of a full bowl (.33 gram) using all heat settings. Everybody raves about this thing. Doesn’t work for me. I think the whole vape thing could be a conspiracy after my experience with Ploom. “Your not supposed to see anything, you’re not supposed to feel anything that’s why it’s healthier for you!” Yeah sure. Don’t fall for it.

    • Александр

      Sell it to me, man, I am feel anything)

    • Clinton Schultz

      Vaporizers work. I use a cheap version called CloudV. Works fine. Gets me super high.

    • TJ

      Vapes are a whole different experience. If you are using a dry herb vape and expecting the same cloud and lung irritation as a smoking that is the issue. Trust me, vapes work and you really need to get used to the lack of visual and coughing cues telling you its working. The first time I used a real vape I thought the same thing. Until I realized I vaped way too much and I was spinning and drooling on myself. Also the stone is a lot different. You don’t get so lazy because you weren’t sitting there for 30 minutes replacing your oxygen with Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide.

      • John

        I second this

      • Jim Magdelania

        yea… no…. i’m sitting here with my volcano bag, blowing clouds. i even cough a bunch too when i’ve been hitting it a lot.

        • Avery

          What temperatures do you use?

          • Jim Magdelania

            legal user who suffers from constant never ending pain.
            i use about .3 of a gram every time. i get 4 bags out of it at the following temps, the second two bags are usually good enough for the second session[depending on the weed]
            370, 385, 400, 420

    • Chris

      Try atmos. They have an awesome portable vaporizer. Has 5 settings and it’s great. Gets me right early in the am as I walk to get the bus to go to work. If I hit it too many times I get really high which I tend to not like sometimes. You can find them for maybe 100 if your lucky. Groupon has one which is similar to the one I got.

    • John

      All of the portables I’ve seen are trash thb although storz and bickel have some that actually seem to work although I’ve never used just seen reviews I have the volcano digital from them and love it first time I used it didn’t really feel high but every time since been nothing but enjoyable

    • Brandi

      whooooaaaaa!!! I LOVE my pax 2… and I see plenty vapor! Maybe you’re not hitting it right? Try softly inhaling like you’re softly breathing in… don’t hit it hard like a blunt but instead real soft. then, when you exhale, do it real slow and soft. you should see plenty vapor (not smoke so it will dissipate really quick and wont smell so loud). Good luck!

    • Sneakymaus

      Gary, I’m totally with you. I’ve had my Pax 2 for a week, and am doing everything right, according to this article and comments. I barely feel the effects, and I’m left with a nasty headache from the “burnt popcorn” smell and taste. I’ve used each of the heat settings, trying to fine the right one, but they all suck. I’ve wasted over a gram of flower trying to feel anything other than nauseous.

    • MR M

      Whoa, my PAX2 has been a fantastic purchase. Its made for Shorter 3 – 5 second hits, sip sip and relax. Maybe you have a defective one, which the 10 year warranty should take care of. Love my PAX2.

  • Lee

    The fire fly ?✌️

  • Wolfita

    So does 1g of vaped herb get you more stoned than 1g of smoked herb?

    • John


    • Jim Magdelania

      hell yea!!! i use a quarter of a gram in my volcano. that fills up 4 bags. i only use 2 bags a session. you do the math.

    • Dog McDong

      exactly what i wanted to know XD

      • ben

        Yes, but it’s a cleaner high, because your not getting the carbon monoxide and the heavy tar etc,you don’t feel as ” stoned,” but feel higher…..if you know what I mean.?

        As a stoner and smoker for over 25 years this is the way forward, but I would invest in a good home unit, not a cheap vaper pen.

  • John

    I got the volcano digital about a month ago and I got to say if you’re smoking you’re doing it wrong. Don’t have to use nearly as much, taste way better it’s a pretty significant different and worth the investment if you daily

  • Kathy

    I have a maybe silly question.. I just bought a vaporizer, a Zeus thunder, I still see smoke when I exhale, I think it’s smoke, is it smoke?

    • inquiring mind

      Your vape is set too high.Do research online. You’ll find that ALL MAJOR Cannabinoid-aphobes “boil off” between 338 & 385 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter than that, and you’re starting to burn your herb, and inhaling DAMAGING gases, including CO, benzene, etc. Vapor is that…. VAPOR!! KEEP THE FAITH!!

      • Tasha

        Cannabinoid-aphobes isn’t even a word lol. They are called Cannabinoids. Also THC has a boiling point of 392°F. Kathy are you using the Z-Erb tank with your Zeus Thunder? The ZEUS Thunder is not a true ‘vaporizer’ on it’s own. It becomes a vaporizer only when used with the Z-Erb tank, as combustion will occur.

      • Matt Butts

        I just made the switch to a vaporizer, and have been looking for the ideal temperature. I started at 420°F more as a joke than anything else. 395°F seems to work just fine.

      • Jonny Begood

        Depends on the vape and quality of it. If it says 385, it maybe actually less.

  • anon94823

    and how exactly did you put together that garbage list of top vapes, hm?

    • Gordon

      That’s a good list.

  • Creative Criticism ?

    Is G pen pro any different?

    • King Pen Vapes

      It is good in the sense that you can change the temperature but it can give off a plastic taste when you vape from it.

      • Creative Criticism ?

        yeah i got that n leaves you with bad breath..

        • King Pen Vapes

          Anytime you vaporize or smoke, it will leave you with bad breath.

          • Creative Criticism ?

            didnt know that… hmm nice to know now,… thank u man!! u rock

      • Jonny Begood

        When you first get a vape, charge it all the way, heat it up to the hottest setting for 3 cycles and it will burn a away any plastic smells.

  • Purecanna

    Has anyone seen this cannabis nebulizer? http://www.cannaneb.com says zero heat applied to medication.

  • G33kgurl

    Silly question, interested in vaping. Will it reduce or remove the smell from smoking kush (or really potential strains)?

    • ben

      Yep. It will.

    • Jonny Begood

      Mostly, not all of it like in an enclosed area like a bathroom. BUT fabreeze covers the smell instantly unlike burned weed.

  • Sneakymaus

    I have not experienced a better effect from the cannabinoids from vaping as opposed to smoking. Quite the opposite, in fact. I barely feel a thing while vaping. I also get an incredible headache from the “burnt popcorn” smell and taste. I have a Pax 2, and I’ve tried it with all four heat settings. Nada. Barely a buzz, and nasty taste, plus there is this weird residual “chemical-y” sting in my throat. It’s far more irritating than smoking. I don’t understand the attraction at all.

    • ben

      I’ve been vaping for a while now and Been a stoner for 25 years and find it a better and cleaner high, however I reasantly brought a vaper pen similar to the pax and was disappointed, my home unit, the Plenty, is a game changer, and glad I started with that, as if I had started with the Pax I would of gone back to tobacoo as I would be so disappointed. If it’s making you cough its the THC irrating your throat, which suggest your putting it up to high to try to get more vaper out of it? I’d suggest taking shorter and quicker draws, and when you can invest in a desant home unit. Game changer.

      • Sneakymaus

        I’ve been in contact with Pax and we think it’s a defect with the unit. I’ve tried all the things you suggested and it’s still terrible. Now, it won’t hold a charge at all. When I get a replacement, I’ll reassess the situation.

    • russ

      Wow i got the pax 2 been pipin and bongin it for 18 years now just got pax 2 a week ago. And wow love it, get just as stoned either way vape, bong or pipe. But so prefer it cause of how i can hide it so easy just convenient. Luv the sweet taste too. Ive tried my bong twice now in this week and it just dont taste as good as my pax 2. Pretty sure im vapin till i die. LUV MY PAX 2.

    • Jonny Begood

      You’re doing it wrong. If you get the burnt popcor smell, it means, it burnt out or burning too hot. You also have to grind it up pretty fine also, pulling apart of breaking up with fingers is not good enough either. I thought the same thing until I did it right and now I get more fucked up than a blunt.

    • Benjamin Alexander

      Need to try and get yourself a desktop unit like the Vapir Rise. The pax is cool for hand held, but it really is not comparable to a nice desktop unit.

      The unit mentioned above provides everything I ever wanted from a home based cannabis smoking device. Rather than one good green hit, the whole bag (10+ full inhales) taste delicious. The left overs can be consumed as edibles, given away as edibles to friends or those in need.

      I have used a variety of devices and never been satisfied, also never wanted to invest almost $700 on a volcano. I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Vapir Rise and would recommend it before writing off vapes completely.

    • Fred What

      i had the pax 2 and that thing was an overpriced piece of shit. It is not a headache from vaping. the problem with the design of the vaporizer is that you are burning a 400 degree oven 3 inches from your mouth. i got a vapexhale water bong vape. sorry you wasted 300 on the pax, but you can sell it to a friend like i did and then spend 400 on the vapexhale. you could get it without water filtration for about 300

      • Zimmy

        You passed off a shitty vape on a friend? good job m8

        • Fred What

          lol, he wanted it. what was i supposed to do… m8? what are you a pirate?

          • Zimmy

            Say “naw man, this one is garbage. here let me show you what you should get instead.” You’re a scumbag and a shitty person.

          • Blake Bondurant

            That’s rude. In the UK and Australia and New Zealand, “mate” is the same as an American like myself would say “dude” or “buddy”, etc. It’s a term for a good friend.

  • Xuan

    Is there any problem that thc can make to the heart??? I want to know because i have a problem

    • Fred What

      yes it can cause tachycardia, rapid heart beat. if you dont want your resting heartbeat to be over 120 dont use THC products

      • Hector Lee Rodriguez

        That’s a bit extreme…. it may be so for you, Fred, not for many that I know. Cannabis consumption may increase your heart rate for a while…. true, but your comment is pretty shallow and scary.

        However, if you have a heart condition, you may need to speak with your GP about it before committing to puffing away.

  • mr X

    I bought an Xpape Vital with bubbler attachment recently. I’ve been a doobie guy for over 20 years and RARELY ever coughed but vaping makes me cough, sometimes uncontrollably. I tried all temps. Will my lungs get used to it?

    • Fred What

      not sure what xape is but if it has a bubbler then its not the temperature. you are taking giant hits and if you are taking giant hits then no the problem wont go away. since you are not supposed to see the vapor im gonna guess you see thick clouds when you vape. thats a big hit

  • Jonny Begood

    I’ve been vaping for a while, first off, no more smelly Weed in my car or home. 2nd, no more sinus infections 3rd, I use less than a bong or a bowl. 4th, no more harmful chemicals and I can breathe at night now.

    • Rosebud Melarkey

      I’ve just got one for the reasons you mentioned. I’m worried I’ll get thru twice as much weed . Do you mix it or have it neat?

      • Jonny Begood

        I use about the same or a little less. Still love it.

  • Cam

    Since you get more cannabinoids from vaping, does this mean that the drug will stay in your system longer? Also, don’t have 200-500$ to spend on a vape, some thoughts on the G-Pen?

    • mickey

      Jiksu works for me, just buy a dry herbs mod and you are ready to go, it’l be about 36 bucks all together

    • Fred What

      my thought is this. I used to spend $400 dollars per month on weed. I roll like that i am a big baller with some money to spare. I got a 500 dollar vape, and now i only spend 230 per month on weed. so in 3 months i made my money back. in 4 months i turned a profit in savings

    • Illum


      Don’t get the G Pen. The original model’s actually combust the herb. The “G Pro” does not, however, the link I listed above is a pen that uses convection and comes with a grinder.. and it’s 25 bucks.

      • Karissa Marsh

        Hi is this good to start of with also what is the pax vapor? Is it better to go for this?

        • Kyle

          The Pax is one of the crème de la crème vaporizers. My friends has a Pax 2 and you can take massive rips off of it. There is also the Arizer Air, which my other friend has. It’s extremely nice but I don’t think it stacks up to the Pax 2. Can’t tell you about the original Pax, but I’m assuming it’s pretty nice.

    • Rosebud Melarkey

      Just got the snoop dog G pen for £25. I like it.

  • Karissa Marsh

    Can someone tell me the best vapor to smoke weed with I want to invest in one like asap I need tips? Also it will be my first knew so not a big investment as much first but I want a decent one…thanks ? oh and I’m the UK

    • Rosebud Melarkey

      I’ve just bought my 1st vaporizer whilst on holiday in Great Yarmouth. Snoop dog herbal vaporizer G pen. It was £25. Currently googling it now. So far it looks like I made the right choice.
      Hope that helps

      • Karissa Marsh

        Hmm ok well I came across this and it looks pretty the decent the reviews ain’t bad either e-livi8-portable-vaporizer.html

    • fred


  • remcycle

    I recently picked up a GPen PRO and its outstanding!!! The same bowl of Critical Kush has lasted me like a week now!

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