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 August 17, 2012

Smoking marijuanaSmoking Vs. Vaporizing Cannabis

Depending on one’s experience within the realm of cannabis consumption, some may never have heard of vaporizing.

Vaporizing is a common technique for consuming marijuana, while at the same time negating many irritating respiratory toxins that exists within the grown marijuana flower and are released when smoked. Conversely, vaporizing allows one to get at all of the psychoactive ingredients available within that specific strain of marijuana , minus the combustion that ordinarily takes place during consumption.

The basic design of the average marijuana vaporizer is to allow marijuana smokers to inhale the many active Cannabinoids, while at the same time avoiding any of the harmful elements that may exist on that specific flower… although invisible to the naked eye.

While most don’t know it … There is a vast difference in the quality of smoke that one receives when they vaporize versus igniting their plant matter. When one smokes a joint, or hits their bong approximately 88% of the combusted smoke gases contain non-cannabinoid elements, most of which do not get you high and provide potential health risks.

Conversely when one uses a marijuana vaporizer the smoke/gases that they are inhaling consists of approximately 95% cannabinoids, otherwise known as the psychoactive ingredients that both calm the mind and soothe the body.

To check out an excellent handheld vaporizer, click this link here.

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  • Skeet313

    Just bought a crafty recently and it is amazing. The only concern I have is about the smell. If I vape outside, walking down a street, how noticeable would the smell be? Also how about if I vape in my small apartment with windows closed (as people who live above sometimes have theirs open)?

    • Susan Price

      Not very. I did it the first time this morning, in the house, with others around and there was virtually NO smoke and no smell. Only what is in your mouth was high taste. Was brilliant! Give it a go.

    • John

      Smell shouldn’t be a problem at all the smell isn’t as distinct and I know people that blow blunts in their apartment

    • Sneakymaus

      The only smell I encounter is one of burnt popcorn.

  • Dee

    Hello people, i started to think about buying vape, any recomendations? Another question is.. does the vape change the taste of the the herb in compare with smoking? Sorry to all grammar nazis for my bad english

    • jesus

      Depends on what you need, portable i would take the crafty or mighty. Desktop the vulcano. Taste changes, just like this article states. You loose all of the combustion particles but the vapor sure tastes like weed, but a bit more ‘pure’

    • Savage Acee

      I use a vape from isweed. google them

    • John

      Volcano if you’re looking to invest (598$ ) but 3 year warranty, really respected company, you’ll save that much in herb in no time. Taste is incomparable you don’t even get a taste when combusting compared too vaporizing

    • Brandi

      Vaping doesnt change the taste, smoking does. Speaking from my experience, when I first started vaping, I passively noticed the difference in taste, especially when I first packed my pax 2… then, as I continued to exclusively vape everyday, after a few weeks I smoked a blunt with a friend and almost gagged! I was convinced she was smoking dirt while I was used to top!notch green. So I insisted on rolling another blunt with my own–and it tasted just as gross!!! I realized the taste of the burning plant was what I couldn’t stomach anymore. I no longer smoke at all since I can’t take the taste. This after over 15 years of daily smoking…

  • gary

    So why have I spent three weeks, three hundred bucks and five grams of herb to get my pax 2 to do anything. At best I can get the eq. of three or four draws out of a full bowl (.33 gram) using all heat settings. Everybody raves about this thing. Doesn’t work for me. I think the whole vape thing could be a conspiracy after my experience with Ploom. “Your not supposed to see anything, you’re not supposed to feel anything that’s why it’s healthier for you!” Yeah sure. Don’t fall for it.

    • Александр

      Sell it to me, man, I am feel anything)

    • Clinton Schultz

      Vaporizers work. I use a cheap version called CloudV. Works fine. Gets me super high.

    • TJ

      Vapes are a whole different experience. If you are using a dry herb vape and expecting the same cloud and lung irritation as a smoking that is the issue. Trust me, vapes work and you really need to get used to the lack of visual and coughing cues telling you its working. The first time I used a real vape I thought the same thing. Until I realized I vaped way too much and I was spinning and drooling on myself. Also the stone is a lot different. You don’t get so lazy because you weren’t sitting there for 30 minutes replacing your oxygen with Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide.

      • John

        I second this

      • Jim Magdelania

        yea… no…. i’m sitting here with my volcano bag, blowing clouds. i even cough a bunch too when i’ve been hitting it a lot.

        • Avery

          What temperatures do you use?

          • Jim Magdelania

            legal user who suffers from constant never ending pain.
            i use about .3 of a gram every time. i get 4 bags out of it at the following temps, the second two bags are usually good enough for the second session[depending on the weed]
            370, 385, 400, 420

    • Chris

      Try atmos. They have an awesome portable vaporizer. Has 5 settings and it’s great. Gets me right early in the am as I walk to get the bus to go to work. If I hit it too many times I get really high which I tend to not like sometimes. You can find them for maybe 100 if your lucky. Groupon has one which is similar to the one I got.

    • John

      All of the portables I’ve seen are trash thb although storz and bickel have some that actually seem to work although I’ve never used just seen reviews I have the volcano digital from them and love it first time I used it didn’t really feel high but every time since been nothing but enjoyable

    • Brandi

      whooooaaaaa!!! I LOVE my pax 2… and I see plenty vapor! Maybe you’re not hitting it right? Try softly inhaling like you’re softly breathing in… don’t hit it hard like a blunt but instead real soft. then, when you exhale, do it real slow and soft. you should see plenty vapor (not smoke so it will dissipate really quick and wont smell so loud). Good luck!

    • Sneakymaus

      Gary, I’m totally with you. I’ve had my Pax 2 for a week, and am doing everything right, according to this article and comments. I barely feel the effects, and I’m left with a nasty headache from the “burnt popcorn” smell and taste. I’ve used each of the heat settings, trying to fine the right one, but they all suck. I’ve wasted over a gram of flower trying to feel anything other than nauseous.

    • MR M

      Whoa, my PAX2 has been a fantastic purchase. Its made for Shorter 3 – 5 second hits, sip sip and relax. Maybe you have a defective one, which the 10 year warranty should take care of. Love my PAX2.

  • Lee

    The fire fly ?✌️

  • Wolfita

    So does 1g of vaped herb get you more stoned than 1g of smoked herb?

    • John


    • Jim Magdelania

      hell yea!!! i use a quarter of a gram in my volcano. that fills up 4 bags. i only use 2 bags a session. you do the math.

    • Dog McDong

      exactly what i wanted to know XD

      • ben

        Yes, but it’s a cleaner high, because your not getting the carbon monoxide and the heavy tar etc,you don’t feel as ” stoned,” but feel higher…..if you know what I mean.?

        As a stoner and smoker for over 25 years this is the way forward, but I would invest in a good home unit, not a cheap vaper pen.

  • John

    I got the volcano digital about a month ago and I got to say if you’re smoking you’re doing it wrong. Don’t have to use nearly as much, taste way better it’s a pretty significant different and worth the investment if you daily

  • Kathy

    I have a maybe silly question.. I just bought a vaporizer, a Zeus thunder, I still see smoke when I exhale, I think it’s smoke, is it smoke?

    • inquiring mind

      Your vape is set too high.Do research online. You’ll find that ALL MAJOR Cannabinoid-aphobes “boil off” between 338 & 385 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter than that, and you’re starting to burn your herb, and inhaling DAMAGING gases, including CO, benzene, etc. Vapor is that…. VAPOR!! KEEP THE FAITH!!

      • Tasha

        Cannabinoid-aphobes isn’t even a word lol. They are called Cannabinoids. Also THC has a boiling point of 392°F. Kathy are you using the Z-Erb tank with your Zeus Thunder? The ZEUS Thunder is not a true ‘vaporizer’ on it’s own. It becomes a vaporizer only when used with the Z-Erb tank, as combustion will occur.

      • Matt Butts

        I just made the switch to a vaporizer, and have been looking for the ideal temperature. I started at 420°F more as a joke than anything else. 395°F seems to work just fine.

      • Jonny Begood

        Depends on the vape and quality of it. If it says 385, it maybe actually less.

  • anon94823

    and how exactly did you put together that garbage list of top vapes, hm?

    • Gordon

      That’s a good list.

  • Creative Criticism ?

    Is G pen pro any different?

    • King Pen Vapes

      It is good in the sense that you can change the temperature but it can give off a plastic taste when you vape from it.

      • Creative Criticism ?

        yeah i got that n leaves you with bad breath..

        • King Pen Vapes

          Anytime you vaporize or smoke, it will leave you with bad breath.

          • Creative Criticism ?

            didnt know that… hmm nice to know now,… thank u man!! u rock

      • Jonny Begood

        When you first get a vape, charge it all the way, heat it up to the hottest setting for 3 cycles and it will burn a away any plastic smells.

  • Purecanna

    Has anyone seen this cannabis nebulizer? says zero heat applied to medication.

  • G33kgurl

    Silly question, interested in vaping. Will it reduce or remove the smell from smoking kush (or really potential strains)?

    • ben

      Yep. It will.

    • Jonny Begood

      Mostly, not all of it like in an enclosed area like a bathroom. BUT fabreeze covers the smell instantly unlike burned weed.

  • Sneakymaus

    I have not experienced a better effect from the cannabinoids from vaping as opposed to smoking. Quite the opposite, in fact. I barely feel a thing while vaping. I also get an incredible headache from the “burnt popcorn” smell and taste. I have a Pax 2, and I’ve tried it with all four heat settings. Nada. Barely a buzz, and nasty taste, plus there is this weird residual “chemical-y” sting in my throat. It’s far more irritating than smoking. I don’t understand the attraction at all.

    • ben

      I’ve been vaping for a while now and Been a stoner for 25 years and find it a better and cleaner high, however I reasantly brought a vaper pen similar to the pax and was disappointed, my home unit, the Plenty, is a game changer, and glad I started with that, as if I had started with the Pax I would of gone back to tobacoo as I would be so disappointed. If it’s making you cough its the THC irrating your throat, which suggest your putting it up to high to try to get more vaper out of it? I’d suggest taking shorter and quicker draws, and when you can invest in a desant home unit. Game changer.

      • Sneakymaus

        I’ve been in contact with Pax and we think it’s a defect with the unit. I’ve tried all the things you suggested and it’s still terrible. Now, it won’t hold a charge at all. When I get a replacement, I’ll reassess the situation.

    • russ

      Wow i got the pax 2 been pipin and bongin it for 18 years now just got pax 2 a week ago. And wow love it, get just as stoned either way vape, bong or pipe. But so prefer it cause of how i can hide it so easy just convenient. Luv the sweet taste too. Ive tried my bong twice now in this week and it just dont taste as good as my pax 2. Pretty sure im vapin till i die. LUV MY PAX 2.

    • Jonny Begood

      You’re doing it wrong. If you get the burnt popcor smell, it means, it burnt out or burning too hot. You also have to grind it up pretty fine also, pulling apart of breaking up with fingers is not good enough either. I thought the same thing until I did it right and now I get more fucked up than a blunt.

    • Benjamin Alexander

      Need to try and get yourself a desktop unit like the Vapir Rise. The pax is cool for hand held, but it really is not comparable to a nice desktop unit.

      The unit mentioned above provides everything I ever wanted from a home based cannabis smoking device. Rather than one good green hit, the whole bag (10+ full inhales) taste delicious. The left overs can be consumed as edibles, given away as edibles to friends or those in need.

      I have used a variety of devices and never been satisfied, also never wanted to invest almost $700 on a volcano. I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Vapir Rise and would recommend it before writing off vapes completely.

    • Fred What

      i had the pax 2 and that thing was an overpriced piece of shit. It is not a headache from vaping. the problem with the design of the vaporizer is that you are burning a 400 degree oven 3 inches from your mouth. i got a vapexhale water bong vape. sorry you wasted 300 on the pax, but you can sell it to a friend like i did and then spend 400 on the vapexhale. you could get it without water filtration for about 300

      • Zimmy

        You passed off a shitty vape on a friend? good job m8

        • Fred What

          lol, he wanted it. what was i supposed to do… m8? what are you a pirate?

          • Zimmy

            Say “naw man, this one is garbage. here let me show you what you should get instead.” You’re a scumbag and a shitty person.

          • Blake Bondurant

            That’s rude. In the UK and Australia and New Zealand, “mate” is the same as an American like myself would say “dude” or “buddy”, etc. It’s a term for a good friend.

  • Xuan

    Is there any problem that thc can make to the heart??? I want to know because i have a problem

    • Fred What

      yes it can cause tachycardia, rapid heart beat. if you dont want your resting heartbeat to be over 120 dont use THC products

      • Hector Lee Rodriguez

        That’s a bit extreme…. it may be so for you, Fred, not for many that I know. Cannabis consumption may increase your heart rate for a while…. true, but your comment is pretty shallow and scary.

        However, if you have a heart condition, you may need to speak with your GP about it before committing to puffing away.

  • mr X

    I bought an Xpape Vital with bubbler attachment recently. I’ve been a doobie guy for over 20 years and RARELY ever coughed but vaping makes me cough, sometimes uncontrollably. I tried all temps. Will my lungs get used to it?

    • Fred What

      not sure what xape is but if it has a bubbler then its not the temperature. you are taking giant hits and if you are taking giant hits then no the problem wont go away. since you are not supposed to see the vapor im gonna guess you see thick clouds when you vape. thats a big hit

  • Jonny Begood

    I’ve been vaping for a while, first off, no more smelly Weed in my car or home. 2nd, no more sinus infections 3rd, I use less than a bong or a bowl. 4th, no more harmful chemicals and I can breathe at night now.

    • Rosebud Melarkey

      I’ve just got one for the reasons you mentioned. I’m worried I’ll get thru twice as much weed . Do you mix it or have it neat?

      • Jonny Begood

        I use about the same or a little less. Still love it.

  • Cam

    Since you get more cannabinoids from vaping, does this mean that the drug will stay in your system longer? Also, don’t have 200-500$ to spend on a vape, some thoughts on the G-Pen?

    • mickey

      Jiksu works for me, just buy a dry herbs mod and you are ready to go, it’l be about 36 bucks all together

    • Fred What

      my thought is this. I used to spend $400 dollars per month on weed. I roll like that i am a big baller with some money to spare. I got a 500 dollar vape, and now i only spend 230 per month on weed. so in 3 months i made my money back. in 4 months i turned a profit in savings

    • Illum

      Don’t get the G Pen. The original model’s actually combust the herb. The “G Pro” does not, however, the link I listed above is a pen that uses convection and comes with a grinder.. and it’s 25 bucks.

      • Karissa Marsh

        Hi is this good to start of with also what is the pax vapor? Is it better to go for this?

        • Kyle

          The Pax is one of the crème de la crème vaporizers. My friends has a Pax 2 and you can take massive rips off of it. There is also the Arizer Air, which my other friend has. It’s extremely nice but I don’t think it stacks up to the Pax 2. Can’t tell you about the original Pax, but I’m assuming it’s pretty nice.

    • Rosebud Melarkey

      Just got the snoop dog G pen for £25. I like it.

  • Karissa Marsh

    Can someone tell me the best vapor to smoke weed with I want to invest in one like asap I need tips? Also it will be my first knew so not a big investment as much first but I want a decent one…thanks ? oh and I’m the UK

    • Rosebud Melarkey

      I’ve just bought my 1st vaporizer whilst on holiday in Great Yarmouth. Snoop dog herbal vaporizer G pen. It was £25. Currently googling it now. So far it looks like I made the right choice.
      Hope that helps

      • Karissa Marsh

        Hmm ok well I came across this and it looks pretty the decent the reviews ain’t bad either e-livi8-portable-vaporizer.html

    • fred


  • remcycle

    I recently picked up a GPen PRO and its outstanding!!! The same bowl of Critical Kush has lasted me like a week now!