Jul 202013
 July 20, 2013

marijuana lab laboratory testingJust as marijuana reform advocates predicted, marijuana in a legal market will be safer for users. In response to Colorado and Washington’s legalization laws, laboratories are springing up that test marijuana for its safety, purity, potency, and active ingredients.

Like alcohol, the regulatory boards in Colorado and Washington will require marijuana products to carry health warnings, ratings for potency, and certification that the product meets safety standards. The regulations are designed to control for adverse health effects that could result from a consumer’s lack of knowledge or from a producer’s poor growing techniques.

Labs are also moving into Oregon, following the state legislature’s recent approval of a bill to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries. Medical experts, politicians, and marijuana research groups have chimed in to support the proposed state requirements for testing.

From the Washington Post:

“This does demonstrate a shift in how we are beginning to treat marijuana in this country,” said Mason Tvert, a spokesman for MPP. “Legal products are regulated and sold in a controlled marketplace. And that’s what we are going to see – are already beginning to see – with marijuana, be it for medical purposes or simply for adult use.”

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  • Mr. Bogart

    I do not have an issue concerning this article what so ever. I believe it to be a good practice and role model for the rest of our states and our Federal Government.

  • Alex

    I agree safety is important, the last thing we need is chemicals in our all natural marijuana.

  • RealityAlwaysBites

    “The State” just another term for the dumbest of the dumb wasting taxpayer money as usual.

  • ricknden@aol.com

    There is also an affordable “mini lab” from Cannalytics that has been around for years. It tests for THC% and a cannabinoid fingerprint… check out CannalyticsSupply.com