Apr 042012
 April 4, 2012

Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain

A true staple of the Colorado scene, it seems like some cut of Cough has always been around in the Centennial State. So much so that we wouldn’t be surprised if it had clones that reproduced asexually, like the fruit of its namesake. No, it’s just everything else about Strawberry Cough (Strawberry Fields x Haze) that hits the nail on the head. The sweetness is more complex than just fresh cut strawberries, almost as if they were covered in warm honey. To the eye, they’re definitely closer to being soaked in cream, with the reddish hairs floating up over waves of milky trichomes. The nugs we reviewed from Greenwerkz (find a location at www.greenwerkz.com) in Denver definitely had the density of the old school Cough, as well. This haze will bounce around your head, feeling nearly psychedelic at times, much like The Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Singing might be a good idea, because you’ll want to find something to do with your mouth other than munch, and the energy is infectious. Even serious grumps have trouble resisting the mood-lightening effects. Try to imagine a strawberry coughing.

Strain Review Courtesy of Culture Magazine, pictures below courtesy of Weed Photos:

Cognoscent Pts Collective

strawberry cough marijuana strain

strawberry cough marijuana strain

Green Leaf Cure

strawberry cough marijuana strain

strawberry cough marijuana strain



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