Feb 172016
 February 17, 2016

new york medical marijuanaBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

A report published last fall claiming that an estimated three in ten consumers of cannabis suffer from a ‘use disorder’ has been dismissed in a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry.

Investigators at the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis assessed trends in marijuana use and the prevalence of marijuana use disorders during the years 2002 to 2013. Researchers determined that the self-reported use of cannabis by adults increased an estimated 19 percent, but that reports of cannabis-related problems actually declined during this same period.

“We’re certainly seeing some increases in marijuana use,” the lead researcher of the new study said. “But our survey didn’t notice any increase in marijuana-related problems. Certainly, some people are having problems so we should remain vigilant, but the sky is not falling.”

Separate evaluations of self-reported marijuana use by young people have determined that rates of cannabis use by high-school students is significantly lower today than it was 15 years ago.

Full text of the study, Recent Trends in the Prevalence of Marijuana Use and Associated Disorders in the United States, appears online in JAMA Psychiatry here.

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  • moldy

    Yet it remains a Schedule #1 drug classification as Nixon declared to lock up all hippies, blacks, and all protesters… back when I had hair. How can our politicians live with this? Over 4+ decades from when the biggest lie in history was doubled down on.

    • MrPC

      Most politicians are more concerned with keeping their jobs than doing their jobs, and are terrified they will be labeled as “soft on crime” if they fix the absurd marijuana laws. One more reason to work for term limits on all politicians.

      • AntiIgnorant

        Legalizing cannabis would end many thousands of pointless jobs. That’s why they are worried. However, many thousands will be created… and those jobs would be honest jobs driven by capitalism supply and demand. Not political criminals holding wasteful jobs bought by lobbyists in the peripheral industries profiting from prohibition.

        What a web of madness cannabis prohibition has created… indeed.

      • myconaut

        Plus all that dough re mi from Big Pharma, Big Treatment, the urine inspectors, and the private prison industry.

        • Closet Warrior

          Fuck Big Pharma, Fuck the piss cops and Fuck the private prison industry!!! Three unnecessary evils in the world along w/big tobacco, alcohol and Donald Trump!!!

          • myconaut

            Amen to that!

          • EddyMelv

            “Eloquently” put. Well, maybe not so eloquent, but facts are facts —- contrary to the “facts” that Big Brother shoved down the proverbial throat of its citizens for eighty years now.
            What an evil force we have for a government. They will, as a group or as individuals, meet their fate some day. In the meantime, lying is the name of the game.

            And —- there is nothing worse than having someone continue to lie to you when you have clearly and quite succinctly tell them, “Cut the shit — I know you’re lying — why in hell do you keep it up ??? ”

            And they just continue to lie.

            Do they REALLY think we believe them ??? Even the cannabis naysayers realize that it’s all a sham and a lie but they aren’t going to admit it — that’s called egg-on-the-face or as I put, it shit in your stew…

      • http://www.organibliss.com Doc Deadhead

        I say 3 terms for all politicians….2 in office and 1 in prison!

        • EddyMelv

          Awww, don’t throw a blanket over ALL politicians —- some of them truly try to do good for the PEOPLE but THE MACHINE cuts them off at the knees.
          I WILL say this however by putting it in the form of an analogy: Politicians are like used car salesmen — they built their reputation based on their past behavior — not on trust…

        • Linda

          Or other way around would give most a second thought ( especially pigs ) Hahaha bah haha.

    • exbioman

      How about the Rayguns ‘Just say No’ program?

      • EddyMelv

        …. while the CIA was flying transporters loaded to the ceiling with cocaine to put on the U.S. streets. Their cost for these planeloads? Arms, arms and more arms.
        Our government has been the biggest scam since the turn of the century. It really started going downhill in the ’20s and has just spiraled out of control from there.
        The cause, you ask?

        • SilentPatriot

          They want you to buy their drugs and guns, they just want you to become a criminal for doing so while they get away with and profit from doing it “legally”.

        • Closet Warrior

          Benjamin Franklin said that every government becomes stale and corrupt after200 yrs ant that country needs a revolution, how old are we as a nation now…..?

          • EddyMelv

            “Benjamin Franklin said that every government becomes stale and corrupt after200 yrs ant that country needs a revolution, …”


            Well then, unless arithmetic has drastically changed over the centuries, then by Ben’s assertion, OUR illustrious government got a jump on that — by, oh, let’s just round it off to a century…

            Just goes to show Ben how quickly “modern man” has proven to exponentially compress this timeline in half. But I certainly wouldn’t want to diminish the criticality of this phenomenon by lazily stating that our government pulled a ” The Reader’s Digest version” of corruption — they certainly compressed the timeline but certainly not the magnitude of what they practice “these days” …


          • Closet Warrior

            Eloquently put but that’s what I’m saying is that we’re way past due to take back our country from the government but the sly bastards took it away from us incrementally right in front of our eyes over the yrs.

          • http://www.organibliss.com Doc Deadhead

            They took it away as they were ‘giving’ us stuff like food stamps, welfare, income based housing, etc.

            “The sheeple ate well and slept while the wolves prepared for a feast” ..by Doc Deadhead

      • calvet11

        So what about it? It was stupid. The whole thing was stupid. It’s been stupid for 80 years.

  • EddyMelv

    Isn’t it “funny” that all of the responding posts revolve around, now say it all so quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiietly — shhhhhhhhhhh — m o n e y — gooooooooood niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight …

  • calvet11

    Shut up spammer scum go elsewhere!