super skunk marijuana strain
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Super Skunk Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Super Skunk Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

The Super Skunk strain was developed for skunk lovers. Sensi Seeds took original Skunk #1 and other Afghani indicas to create this fine plant. Carries a very strong skunky smell and provides a pleasant high with a little body to it.

“Super skunk smells just like her name but also has some lemony/pine hints. Tastes like she smells but not too strong. High lasts longer than normal, maybe 1-2 hours per bowl. Extremely sedative, stay close to the couch.”

Check out the Super Skunk marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Super Skunk, and how Super Skunk affects various ailments.

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super skunk marijuana strain


super skunk marijuana strain

  • Green Bastard

    I rocked Super Skunk for about a year. Good smoke but there are much better strains available. Not as dense as you would expect from a Skunk, buds are more “Kush Like” in appearance.

  • OneCrankyDem

    Clicking on the link to THC Finder will install a virus know as the Blackhole toolkit…. You have been warned. My virus protection block both the virus and the site @ 5:14 am 10/10/13

  • shiela weaver

    Beautiful. To bad the screen isn’t scratch and I’ll be in Oregon for a couple weeks. Going to visit some friends and see their legal grow.