May 142010
 May 14, 2010
Do Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Increase Crime

Earlier this week, the San Francisco Police Commission held a meeting in which the issue of medical marijuana dispensaries and crime was addressed. This is not a new area of medical marijuana policy; conservatives and SOME members of law enforcement cling to the argument that ‘medical marijuana dispensaries increase crime in the areas surrounding them.’ In fact, they cling to it so much, it is virtually the only argument that they ever provide in opposition to medical marijuana dispensaries. So with that being said, if their single argument doesn’t hold water, then they should just go crawl back into their

May 112010
 May 11, 2010
Colorado’s Restrictive HB 1284 Still Not Passed

After what has seemed like an eternity, the Colorado Legislature has still not passed HB 1284. Every media outlet in the nation (including TWB) considered the bill’s passage a ‘slam dunk.’ However, media reports out of Colorado have reported that the Colorado House rejected proposed changes to the bill, which were made by the Senate on the third reading of the legislation. Much to the dismay of marijuana conspiracy theorists, a ‘special committee’ is now being formed to reconcile the current House and Senate versions of the bill. I remember it wasn’t that long ago that both chambers were practically

Apr 272010
 April 27, 2010
Colorado Senator Romer Using Prank Call for Personal Agenda

I was inactive on my blog last week as part of my electronic moment of silence after the passing of my hero Jack Herer. I have spent the last couple days catching up on what I missed, fielding e-mails, and working on building our activism database. There was one topic that was very alarming to me; last week Colorado Senator Chris Romer received what he described as a ‘death threat’ due to his pursuit of smashing the Colorado dispensary scene. I have been digging, trying to find a transcript of the phone call, but my efforts have been fruitless. Maybe

Apr 082010
 April 8, 2010
Will Stan Garnett be a Marijuana Friendly Attorney General

With Stan Garnett entering the Colorado Attorney General race, many marijuana advocates in Colorado are wondering how it would affect the movement if he was elected. One thing is for sure; he would be a lot better than the current John Suthers regime. Current Attorney General John Suthers did nothing when Full Spectrum Laboratories was raided by the DEA, even though the raid was completely ridiculous. He has done absolutely NOTHING to protect medical marijuana patients from prosecution, and in some cases, even encouraged it. Rather than take the lead on getting defined dispensary laws in Colorado (which is his

Apr 052010
 April 5, 2010
Colorado Marijuana Lawyer to Debate Colorado AG

It’s going to be an old fashioned showdown this Wednesday at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. Top Colorado marijuana attorney Rob Corry is set to debate Colorado Attorney General John Suthers over the issue of recent marijuana proliferation in Colorado. Suthers is likely to say the same old stuff that he always says; I just hope Rob Corry sticks it to him and calls out his BS. The debate is one of three scheduled for the week. In addition to the Corry/Suthers battle royal, former US Attorney Troy Eid and Sensible Colorado’s Executive Director Brian Vicente are