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Tell Congress to Support Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011


Please Call Your Representatives in Congress
Ask them to become an original cosponsor of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011 

U.S. Capitol at Night

On May 2nd Representatives Ron Paul, Barney Frank, Dana Rohrabacher and Jared Polis sent out a Dear Colleague letter to members of the U.S. House of Representatives announcing the upcoming introduction of their hemp farming bill and asking them to become original cosponsors of the bill.

We need your help! Your representative in the U.S. House needs to hear from you so they have a good reason to become an original cosponsor of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011, which will be introduced this week. They can become an original cosponsor today. Please call now:

Click Here for Call Script
It is a short, easy to use script and the phone number is provided. You can also send us feedback so we know that you called.

You may also write using this letter. Your calls and emails will make a difference!


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