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That One Time When Kevin Sabet Got OWNED By A Senator During A Hearing


kevin sabetThis last week a Congressional drug caucus was held where testimony was provided by Kevin Sabet. As usual, Kevin was ripe with reefer madness. Usually Kevin speaks to crowds that are completely sympathetic to his views, and rarely question anything he says because he has them so snowballed (after all, they are paying thousands of dollars to have him tell them half truths about marijuana policy and science!). But this speaking engagement was different. United States Senator Cory Booker was in attendance, and he didn’t take kindly to Kevin Sabet’s reefer madness tactics.

If you are like me, I’m sure there have been many times where you were watching a Kevin Sabet speech and you wanted to reach through your computer or television and shake him because he’s so off base. Kevin will spout off claims that have little or no basis in fact, reality, or science, and he will do it so effortlessly that it seems as if he truly believes what he’s saying, despite how ridiculous the claim is. The sad thing is that there are actually people out there that believe what he’s saying, without ever doing any research on their own. Had they done any research at all they would learn that Kevin Sabet’s claims can be debunked very easily.

But, there is never anyone there to challenge Kevin in the middle of his baseless rants. Kevin usually is either preaching to the choir, or speaking in a debate format that allows him to speak unimpeded. I have been hoping and praying for a day when Kevin was in front of someone intelligent for the world to see, and to have that person directly call him out on his reefer madness. There have been times where people have come close, but Kevin is a slimy, crafty dodger, so the direct challenge usually misses his mark. But I was very delighted to see that Cory Booker finally got Kevin right in the middle of him ranting. Kevin tried to talk over the Senator, but the Senator wasn’t having it. Below is video footage of the exchange.


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  • Robert Dewayne King

    The last person that I found that needed a slap wore the print of my hand for 2 weeks !!

  • 2buds4me

    and draining their life savings while their life’s energies drain away.

  • Old Soul


  • Jordan Shorette

    hahaha nor do I lol I just get excited sometimes

  • jason

    It’s common knowledge..the only reason why Sabet even voices an opinion on this issue, is because he’s a paid shill…if he wasn’t receiving a paycheck he would even care about this issue..plain and simple…

    He needs to be exposed for this fact in a major way!!

  • due

    I wanted to say this from my previously written. ——– but Kevin is a slimy, crafty dodger, A reather sad sad person

    ed to start out saying that this line from story has truly made my day

  • due

    but Kevin is a slimy, crafty dodger, 

    ut Kevin is a slimy, crafty dodger, 

  • Johnny oneye

    “Not enough testing ”
    NIDA has a bunch of useless studies that could not be repeated.
    And the UN , UK And even Amsterdam has flip flops wi th Cannabis #prohibition
    Look at GW , grows metric tons of cannabis
    while a medical marijuana patients get tickets or jail

  • Valient

    Actually, Alternet recently published an article about that…turns out that only 2 of those 79 studies were using whole plant cannabis, and they both seemed to show the moderate evidence. All of the rest were about Marinol and Sativex and possibly other ones like them. The JAMA study actually said that Marinol and Sativex don’t work most of the time. Here are some notable points.

    “[T]here was moderate-quality evidence to suggest that cannabinoids may be beneficial for the treatment of chronic neuropathy or cancer pain (smoked THC and nabiximols) and spasticity due to MS (nabiximols, nabilone, THC/CBD capsules, and dronabinol).”

    “Researchers were less enthused in regard to the use of synthetic cannabinoids for the treatment of nausea, vomiting, and weight gain citing only “low quality evidence” that cannabinoid administration improved these indications. This finding is perplexing because the FDA has approved both dronabinol (marketed as Marinol) and nabilone (marketed as Cesamet) explicitly for the treatment of these conditions.”


  • And that 80% of your Republican party supports.

  • This should read “United States Senator Cory Booker (D, NJ)”

    What’s so hard about doing the basic journalistic due? It’s important for voters to know what side the heroes are on.

  • Jetdoc

    It’s much more profitable to keep the patient comfortable while they DIE instead of CURING the disease.

  • Jetdoc

    That’s what Prohibitionist are CLAIMING that’s what the study says. That’s NOT what that study says at ALL! People need to read the study and draw your own conclusions.

    What this study says is that there are SO many claims of cannabis efficacy in treating ALL these ailments. There’s an extreme amount of anecdotal evidence that cannabis DOES work for treating the ailments claimed. But there’s an extreme LACK of documented evidence that it works said ailments. This’s where they CLAIM that we need more research before THEY make the same claims.

    Typical American BULLSHIT! There’s so MUCH evidence out there showing cannabis efficacy in treating the ailments WE CLAIM. The problem with America is that we have this “if it didn’t happen in America, it didn’t happen” mentality.

    There’s so MUCH scientific data from studies done ALL over the world. Much of the research has been done in America’s strongest ally, Israel. But we just ignore that and continue believing the “reefer madness” mentality that Sabet purports.

  • gotohell

    But it’s such a cute little baby face! I feet the same way about David Cameron’s cute little baby face. Why would anyone want to hit anything so adorable?

    *kicks over chair*

  • Jetdoc

    They always are! It’s a transparency issue. Go to that particular committees webpage and out have each hearing scheduled with a link to watch LIVE or past meetings that take a couple days to get posted though.