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The Art Of Curing Your Medical Marijuana


dank up closeby Kyle Kushman

Curing is a lengthy subject. I believe the art of curing is more difficult to master than growing. I will try to provide an overview. To begin with glass jars are the only way to cure properly. Unfortunately they are clear, so find a spot in a closet or corner of the house that is dark and free from large temperature variances.

Drying must be done properly before curing can begin. If drying is not done properly by quickening, over drying, under drying, or anything else, curing cannot even be attempted. Buds should be dried to a point that may not burn perfectly in a joint. It burns well, but it would have been tastier if the bud had been left out to dry for just a few more hours. That’s all it would take for it to turn crispy. It still has a little spring in it.

Place buds into a glass jar. The jars should be full to the top to expel the majority of air. You need air and some moisture as they allow the aerobic bacteria to come to life. They will consume chlorophyll and make your buds smoke smoother. Less harsh on the throat and tastier on the pallet.

The trick is to leave the proper moisture content in the bud, in relation to it’s particular density. Relative humidity and air temperature when jarring will play a role as well. The presence of air, light, and water are all that’s necessary for these bacteria to spring to life. Leaving just enough water and air to allow the bacteria to feed on the chlorophyll, but not enough to proliferate throughout the jar. When they run out of air, they die. So opening the jar is counterproductive to curing. Although it is necessary to pinpoint whether or not you got it right.

If you don’t leave any moisture in the buds there will be no true cure, one that increases potency through a rotation of the THC molecule by slowly removing the water. The best way to learn is to jar a half dozen or more jars of the same size, at the same time. Date the jar, and in a week crack it open.

Catch the first whiff off the jar as you break the suction created by the curing gases. If you smell the slightest whiff of ammonia, you left too much moisture in the buds and this curing attempt is done. Remove all the buds from the jars and dry them out completely. If however when you crack the jar, you smell sweet heavenly ganja, then close it up. Repeat the process in a week to check the progress of your cure. If you’ve kept the jars closed for a full two weeks and the odor is 100% free of any ammonia smell, your probably home free.

I have cured buds for 6 months that came out as fresh and pliable as when they went in. Although 2-3 weeks is enough for a good cure. I don’t fully appreciate the bouquet of most strains after a month of intense curing. You can keep buds sealed and curing for up to 2 years. Although that will take a lot of practice. I once smoked 2 year cured Sweet Tooth buds with Breeder Steve in Switzerland. WOW!

Article from MedicalMarijuana.com and republished with special permission.


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  1. This is quite an array of suggestions from inexperience, claimed experience, and actual experience. This part of the process is fascinating to me. As well as in my opinion, the most important thing to do “right”. I am NOT one of the expert “legal” growers on my team. We believe in our humble operation in same sized mason jars with digital hygrometers in the jar at a 62 degree room temperature with 30% room humidity in a dark room. (going to experiment with the digital curing caps…thanks for the suggestion btw). I personally use the burping method as stated above checking every 24 hours for first 3 days with a similar technique of allowing air to drop the humidity from 55 to 25% before relidding, and then every 36 hours for next 4.5 days, and then every 48 hours once the feel and smell seems to be at my personal liking where I have burped from 56% to 52% over a 2 week time period. Meaning I stayed consistent at 52% for at least 5 days. I chose 52% because by the time you roll it and smoke it about an hour later, it seems smooth and robust with tender bouquet and seemingless transition to my high. I would like to expand this to 4-6 weeks. I was on the phone with a “wise man” today who shared a “proper cannabis cup strain maybe aged and cure in as little as 4 – 6 weeks”.

    So my question is, can you help out a novice like myself attempting to elongate the process? Do I just let ladies sit without flipping the jars every week or do I leave them in the dark and allow the aging to happen?

    And, if you are wondering why I am not asking the growers? it’s because I don’t want to get teased and prefer to actually do some research where I have an edge on them. I am open to any suggestions. And you may email me as well at cr8tivdesigns@gmail.com, if that is a preference to you.

  2. shatter stuck to my floor on

    Too me curing is all about making the buds more pyscho active due to converting THC to CBN at a slower than normal rate… ever smoke a 6 month old dried out bud you found in your drawer? it fucks you up… simply because of this process.

    Curing in jars slows down this process while attempting to preserve the buds original state as much as possible.

    At any rate… until someone comes up with some science instead of smoother smoke and gets you higher… curing to me sounds like a fancy way to get rid of old weed at high prices…

    I maintain the best buds are the freshest buds.

  3. shatter stuck to my floor on

    Let me blow your mind…. I don’t smoke buds that are older than two weeks…

    Fuck curing…. just blast it on the dehydrator on day 3 or four and in my opinion you preserve your bud in a “live” state.

    I keep my buds in jars and put them in when they are still squishy and for me… the best buds smoked are the freshest.

  4. Schmoke Another 1 on

    The guys from green house seeds suggest curing from 3-5 months. Everywhere I read is a different opinion. Bags.. Glass jars.. Fuck. Lol can someone just get to the point already?

  5. while in Katmandu, I smoked some some uniquely incredible herb.

    In color .the nugs looked like & were as hard as rocks & ranged from brown to a reddish black in color.
    I thought it was hash.
    The local told me the way they cure it is to remove stem & leaf from bud at harvest.
    pack green buds into large bamboo tubes.
    these tubes are placed about a meter above hot embers, where they are slowly rotated above this low heat for 2 to 3 months.
    this created the amber look.
    the buds seemed to be hardened in honey.
    super smooth & sweet tasting.
    super concentrated & hugely expanding in the lungs.
    the smallest flake would burn forever.

    Locals told me green weed is for making hash.
    curing in California, 3-7days upside down. remove buds from branch. too wet, brown grocery bags. too dry, black hefty bags. 5-7 days. trim while moist.
    turkey bag it up sucking out ALL air, place in darkness.. air & turn 5-7 days for 2-4 weeks. bud should still have return when squeezed. lose load into glass jars. seal with lid.keep in darkness. air weeklyish for next 2-3 months. start smoking at 1 week from trimming. see how it improves with age. flavor & high mutates (?) slowly. try to save an 1/8 for a year or longer.

  6. Cannabis buds have too much moisture to cure without partially drying. They will mold and rot if not partially dried first.

    You are the one that doesn’t understand. The author is spot on.

  7. My second step between drying and curing in jars is paper bags for about a week or two. It allows the moisture to leave but at a slow rate. Ive had great success curing this way. try to find unbleached paper bags.

  8. curing – as with tobacco – is done BEFORE drying – you are confusing curing with ageing…

  9. Of course there are variables of temperature, atmospheric pressure, vapor pressure of water,light, bacteria, fungus. Use reason. Understand what is happening so you can control it. I open the jars all the time short intervals too because you can measure your progress more accurately because it is more frequent. Also, it gives the bacteria more oxygen. Keep the bacteria killing the fungus. Also if you check it all the time you can have have moist weed for longer because you don’t leave the jar open for that long and it removes the water slowly.Also I think this keeps the water moving continuously and does not allow the mold to establish a colony because there is constant motion and there is no stale stable place to grow. Also, you can smell the weed every time and feel it, and you will see if there is mold. I never get mold. You could smell it coming. instead of opening up a fuckin jar that is completely moldy. My step dad molds his shit every time, and all he has to do is open the jar up at the right time. EARLIER. The guy said to smell your jars. The jar that he opened up that smells like ammonia could have been opened up at the right time and it would have fine, but he waits a week.
    Closing the jar for a long time probably doesnt cure good like everyone thinks because the colony of bacteria that actually does the curing is not getting any oxygen to cure.

    The only thing that happens when you open the jar is you let in more oxygen, possibly release moisture depending on the surrounding atmospheric conditions, and possible change in temperature from atmospheric conditions. If your weed is getting dry and you want to keep curing

  10. Curing is not just removing the water. It’s when the bacteria live because of oxygen and water. The bacteria die when you close the jar because it isolates the bacteria colony from excess oxygen. The rate at which they are growing,how many, and how much oxygen is in the jar depends on when the bacteria die. I am going to keep mine alive and thriving take over the fungus(mold). So curing would be keeping the bacteria alive and keeping fungus(mold) from growing, and at the same time using the bacteria to consume the chlorophyl. I have read that the sugar, starches, and chlorophyl are all converted to different compounds, that enhance the flavor while smoking. I am not sure of the names of these compounds or whether of not the bacteria makes these compounds. Or if the bacteria decomposes chlorophyl then the products of decomposition react with the water,sugar and starches to form the compounds. More research of bacteria and cannabis. I know nothing about removing the water. He said it rotates the THC molecule. I do not know how that makes more THC? What the fuck? I am a chemistry major. The only way to get more THC is to create it. I know that THC is created in the plant starting from an acid (cannabinolic acid) then it decomposes from heat and looses a carboxyl substituent group from the molecule and becomes THC. The acid is very similar to THC because that is only one group or two different ones. So maybe there is some residual acid that is converted to THC when cured. Acid cant exist without water. And if you dry it out too fast it will not be converted to THC. I do not know why. Maybe it needs to be acid to work. Maybe the acid decomposes to THC in the presence of water, oxygen, bacteria? I do not know how the carboxyl group is removed to create the THC when curing. Heat is used when growing. Carboxyl group is a double bonded oxygen and and an alcohol group. That means two hydrogens would need to replace the bond to those bonding sites to become THC. So maybe the two hydrogens from water. That means Oxygen would have to be released if the water molecule decomposes.

  11. The Best thing I found for curing is the cureCork no more manually labor I just set the timer on the lid and it does everything for me and Automatically Burps my jar Since the Cure Cork I haven’t had any problems curing my bud

  12. ColoradoGrower on

    depends on humidity in the air. im from Florida id dry buds for a week maybe even 10 days. then i moved to colorado the dry mountain air allows the bud to dry in 3 or 4 days

  13. Thats not true dude, i myself have gotten totally baked on a bud that i picked directly off of my plant. If there’s THC on the bud and you inhale that then its gonna fkk you up/

  14. Back in the early 90s when I grew I made sure to trim all leaves off the buds after harvest and hung up before they started to wilt then the buds would be dried in complete darkness for the first 3 or 4 days. I had been taught this prevented chlorophyll locking into the plant material and helped speed up the curing process later. After 3 or 4 days it wasn’t critical to avoid light but still best to minimize light exposure during the remainder of the drying period. I also had an intermediate step using some food grade plastic tubs with ventilation holes where buds were laid down in layers with slightly moist paper towels between each layer if the bud was too dry(crispy) or dry newspaper/papertowel if the bud was close to dry but a tad moist to get the moisture just right. I’d re-stack and layer the bud everyday with fresh paper as needed looking for signs of mold for a week. Then when the bud felt right I’d start final curing in jars for 10 – 14 days depending on feel and smell. I always got the smoothest, sweetest smoke that way. That was my process for years and it worked for me quite well and never had anyone complain.

  15. Fred Flinstone on

    Using a Curing Cap will help monitor the humidity of the contents of the jar and reduce unnecessary burping. Allowing herbs to cure slowly for maxim taste. Its worth every penny… Search ebay for CURING CAP

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