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The Case For 2016 Marijuana Legalization


Dr. Mitch addresses the Huestis study on THC and impairment and the Seattle P-I’s coverage of it; Brave Mykayla Auction continues; Bacon Crispy PDX visits the studio; Russ lays out the case for 2016 Legalization; music by Earth Force.


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  • stellarvoyager

    Russ made an excellent case for 2016. However, one thing I am concerned about is that waiting until 2016 also gives the prohibitionist side time to regroup and launch their own co-ordinated effort.

  • Native Son

    Hello Weed Blog! Here is important news you are not reporting!! Chris Williams of Montana has been sentenced to 5 years in federal prison for simply following state guidelines as a Medical Marijuana Grower. You guys are dropping the ball in failing to report this important news. Put down that bong!!!

  • Johnny Bloomington

    What do you think about Russ talking 2016 is the year for OR JohnnyG? You made a good case for 2014 but Russ a better case for 2016.