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 January 26, 2012
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Sativa vs Indica: The Biggest Differences Between The Two Cannabis Plants

Sativa and Indica are the two major types of cannabis plants which can mix together to create hybrid strains. Each strain has its own range of effects on the body and mind resulting in a wide range of medicinal benefits.

Indica plants typically grow short and wide, compared to Sativa plants which grow tall and thin. Indica plants are better suited for indoor growing because of their short growth and sativa plants are better suited for outdoor growing because some strains can reach over 25 ft. in height.

The high produced from smoking Indica bud is a strong physical body high that will make you sleepy or ‘couch-locked’ and provides a deep relaxation feeling compared to a Sativa high, which is known to be more energetic and uplifting.

Marijuana strains range from pure sativas to pure indicas and hybrid strains consisting of both indica and sativa (30% indica – 70% sativa, 50% – 50% combinations, 80% indica – 20% sativa). Because Sativa and Indica buds have very different medicinal benefits and effects, certain strains can be targeted to better treat specific illnesses.

Indica dominant marijuana strains tend to have a strong sweet or sour odor to the buds (ex. Kush, OG Kush) providing a very relaxing and strong body high that is helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders.

Photo of a Sativa and Indica cannabis leaf side-by-side:


image via boards.cannabis.com

Image of a Sativa and Indica cannabis plant side-by-side (Sativa plant on the left, Indica plant in the middle, the mostly benign Ruderalis on the left):


cannabis varieties

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You can see in the photos above Sativa plants tend to be significantly large while Indica plants are shorter and wider.

Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and is often used to treat insomnia for many people. Indica buds are most commonly smoked by medical marijuana patients in the late evening or even right before bed due to how sleepy and tired you become when high from an indica strain of marijuana, like Kush.

Benefits of Indica:
1. Relieves body pain
2. Relaxes muscles
3. Relieves spasms, reduces seizures
4. Relieves headaches and migraines
5. Relieves anxiety or stress

Sativa dominant marijuana strains tend to have a more grassy type odor to the buds providing an uplifting, energetic and “cerebral” high that is best suited for daytime smoking. A sativa high is one filled with creativity and energy as being high on sativa can spark new ideas and creations. Many artists take advantage of the creative powers of cannabis sativa (marijuana) to create paintings.

Benefits of Sativa:
1. Feelings of well-being and at-ease
2. Up-lifting and cerebral thoughts
3. Stimulates and energizes
4. Increases focus and creativity
5. Fights depression

The most popular Indica strains currently include Kush, Northern Lights and White Widow, and popular sativa strains include Purple Haze, and Mauwie Wauwie.

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I have been smoking marijuana for almost twenty years and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. My life was turned upside down in 2009 after getting arrested and tossed in jail for being in the wrong state with legal medical marijuana. I got fed up, and I now devote all my time to ending this insanity.I am responsible for the technical side of this project, but try to chip in when I can, either with syndicated articles or original content.Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.Feel free to email. any questions or concerns. Peace!
  • yohana

    I smoked with some people i just met a week ago and I think the weed was laced but I am not sure . My classmate said she got it from a dispensary , the weed was really green , she said it was sativa . After smoking with her I started to get really paranoid , my heart started to race really fast ( I started to have a panic attack) I was tripping bad ,and then tunnel vision. It could have been the weed , but she fine or maybe its be im used to smoking only indica becuase of my anxiety. It just me or is weed getting stronger and stronger .

    • Jtracy

      First this is a very regular thing that can happen to you if you focus on things that make you anxious and start obsessing over it. When this happens you need to sit down and drink a lot of water. The anxiety is a scary thing to get along with paranoia when you smoke so I recommend you smoke some Indica next time in a relaxed environment where you don’t have so much going on. You will be way more comfortable somewhere you can relax. This happens to my husband every-time he smokes so he doesn’t like it. It has happened to me a few times but VERY rare to affect me that way. It is different for everyone. It was most likely not laced, don’t worry.

  • in need

    Can anyone tell me the best place/web site to get seeds.
    I also have neurological disorder and pain unable to pay for medication, no insurance and looking to grow my own.
    Don’t care to buy off the street
    Is there any safe place to buy seeds from?

    • Dale B

      Safe? Sure. just order from Amsterdam.. The Feds have way bigger fish to fry then to worry about someone buying a few seeds.. Besides its illegal for anyone to tamper with mail without a warrant

      • Mike Lamb

        I should remind you that mark emery is about to be released from a prison in the U.S of A for the distribution of marijuana seeds over the internet. On a side note, you honestly think the federal government cares about something so small as a “tampering with mail” charge/case.

        • Dale B

          Well where I get my seeds as do hundred of thousands of people do daily is in Amsterdam. I doubt feds are going to stop the US mail considering its a felony or a criminal act to do so. Screw the feds. These dumb bastards needs to stop acting like communist trash and let this country truly be a free country. Not Nazi germany

  • Avassi Rivera Phelany

    I find this information very useful. A solid explanation of the differences between indica and sativa. Thanks for the knowledge about the helpful medicine. Time to bake away my pain!

  • Dale B

    Getting a bit sick and tired of Medical Marijuana users getting the best ,the cheapest,and a lot of times free weed ON THE TAX PAYERS DIME, and calling it medicine.. Call it what you want. But to me its weed. and its bullcrap that Since I don’t have a pain in my back,or a headache or trouble sleeping that I cant use my God given right to smoke weed any time I want to. WITH NO FEAR OF GETTING LOCKED UP. I will be willing to bet that at least 60 to 70 percent of “medical users” Don’t truly need it and they got their “card’ from a shady doctor that was to high to care who he gives it to.. Such BS

    • rogue_viking

      Are you sick and tired of your other freedoms? Because you just blanket bashed every legal smoker, including those like me that have gone and fought for your freedoms in lands far from home. Ive got 3 combat tours and have been wounded multiple times in combat and I have SEVERE PTSD. After running the gambit of pills (all the way to seroquel) and still not sleeping (id sleep maybe two hours then be up for 72 hours plus), my doctor decided to try me on a high potency indica to see if it would help. and to my shock it works!!! Prior to that I had never smoked as I was an athlete through school and college then I joined the US Army. So Dale, try thinking before exercising your first amendment and bashing those of us that have fought for your rights.

      • Dale B

        Boy lets get something very clear. Only soldiers who have ever fought for our freedoms was ww1/ww2 .. Because they was the only wars that truly threatened our rights and freedoms. You and every soldier tries to us that BS line. Most don’t ask for a pat on the back like you.. Lets be clear about another thing You joined the military to advance yourself and your wallet. Maybe you are to stupid to understand my comment or the fact I said about 60 percent of these so called “medical” users don’t deserve to have their medical card. Because having trouble sleeping is a shitty excuse to get weed legal and free . Prier to that you never smoked? Do you always try and BS people? Athletes are some of the biggest potheads in this world. . So you went to college before joining? So you joined when you was about 24? Bet you was pissed when you found out about that OTHER handout. The GI bill.. I find your story to be lacking in the truth department. Maybe pitty and handouts is your thing. I wont give you either.. Keep on smoking your “medicine” while the rest of us Americans get put into prison for something you get to do daily. Kiss my ass soldier boy..

        • KDOG

          Wow Dale that was totally out of line ….Thank you for your service R VIKING

          • Dale B

            Service for what?? Doing the bidding of our corrupt government? Out of line? No its very much in line.. Our military does nothing but cast misery on other countries, Kills innocent woman and children and that is documented fact. This country has no business in Iraq or Afghanistan. Its cost this country about 7 trillion dollars and what the hell do we have to show for it?? Close to 5k soldiers killed and close to 150 thousand Iraq and afghan people DEAD.. For no other reason then to chase ghosts through 2 countries over lies of mass proportions.. Viking knows its the truth, But he’s been brain washed to believe what he is doing is good and the American people want to help these horrible countries.. Truth is we are all sick and tired of this conflict and its time to end this genocide ,bring our kids home and stop making these oil tycoons, gun makers, heavy armory companies filthy rich.. Along with who ever makes the Choppers and Air craft.. Its time to stop using Murder as a way to make these A holes filthy rich..

          • leon40k

            Complaining wont get you anywhere, life just sucks. Move somewhere else if you can’t stand America’s fucked up government. I don’t think you should belittle everyone else or make ignorant assumptions. Put yourself in everyone else’s position before you try to make an entirely arguable claim.

          • Dale B

            I Did. This “soldier” decided to attack me for complaining about the way things are . Then he threw the fact he was in a war and fought for my rights.. Listen dumbass. Towel heads don’t have the power,resources or the balls to take my freedom or my rights from me. They would have done it by now. 14 years is a long time.. He and every soldier in these bullshit modern wars have died or got hurt in vein. They did none of this for me or anyone other American. they did it because the government gave them two choices. Do what we say or go to the brig.. And spend the remainder of your tour in a military prison.

          • OVERIT

            So because you are NOT threatened by “towel heads” the Soldiers that are overseas – who are being killed, injured, PTSD, etc. None of that matters to you because its not WWI/WWII these men and women that are at the GOVERNMENTS BECKON CALL! WoW.. Take your bureaucratic bullshit to another forum and complain there!

          • Dale B

            Why should it.. These policed actions should be illegal. Bush and Cheney are wanted and have already been convicted of War crimes. in multiple countries. So is Tony Blair. Because they declared war on and killed 150 thousand or so people over complete lies. and dragged these two police actions out for 14 years. Even Obama is wanted for these War crimes. That Bin laden thing in Pakistan was an act of War.Be happy that wasn’t Russia. Because invading a country over Complete lies that even Bush Admitted to on the news a few years into this Illegal Operation is an act of War or Police Action. .. Soldiers are not Defending this country. Soldiers are paid mercenaries and Security.. For The Country they are in. At one time This Country was almost the complete Force in Iraq. We are not having a Draft. These kids are willingly Enrolling into this Genocide. And trash like you Supports it.
            These kids are being promised a lot by there Recruiting Officer in High School. They lie there Asses off and tells them the glory that awaits them . If you knew anything you would Know how trashy a Recruiting Officer is . Parents have got to start Standing up and Stopping Shit like this. Maybe The Union is something that’s need to get Involved in the Jobs of the Military. and take a bit of control out of the hands of the War mongering Republicans. One man should never have the power to Single handedly Declare his WAR on Iraq Like Bush did

          • Nicole

            This has been extremely interesting and slightly hilarious to read. Everyone is making their own points based on personal opinion and experience and thats great. However I am extremely curious about this Dale B guy. For one, how old are you? How much formal education have you received? What do you do for work? And who the hell was your english teacher!?! He/she needs to be shot for failing to impart basic spelling, grammar and punctuation!! All the errors take away from your arguments man.

          • Jim Bob

            When I began to read this blog I felt Dale B was just another Mono-browed Asshole. Now I just think That Dale B is just an Asshole. I feel that you Dale are correct in most of what you said. however , the way you said what you said could stand a little work on the TACT part of it.

          • Dale B

            Tell me what have we gained from these two “police actions” Please tell me.
            I know a lot of People became Mega rich off these two fuck up. But please do TELL ME WHAT HAVE WE GAINED?

          • David

            Lol you just used the term towel heads. Your wrong. Your a racist, hateful person who puts people down for no reason other than you probably hate your life. But instead of realizing this, you just think the world is what makes you hate your life. But it’s all you. People like you are the reason I hate people. Because you make people feel bad and put people down for absolutely no reason over than you want too. I’m sure you’ll never realize this but I hope you do. But if you don’t, kill yourself. The world would be a lot Better with one less judgemental asshole around

          • Julian

            Wow, so your jealous because you can’t smoke pot legally. You sound really upset because you can’t smoke pot. That’s really sad. I read all your post and you are such a retard. Everything you say is filled with stupidity and arrogance. Please re read what you have written.

          • Dale B

            People are spending a third of their lives in jail because of this “drug” Marijuana smokers and the Government is the problem. The Medical field and the Government are in Bed together on this. They are funneling the money Directly into their pockets, Dispensaries are making millions ,the state is making millions, and the doctors are making millions, and as long as they are, Recreational will not be something to many states will adopt. Dispensaries is the new Pharmacies. Unless you are fortunate enough to live in Colorado or Washington.. Besides, you have any idea how many more cops was Hired on the 4 states connecting to Colorado?? Kansas has exploded. Texas was always big, But they are hiring more. Because not only is the weed coming from Mexico. a lot of the good “medical weed” is going south into Texas

          • colin

            Yeah, instead of getting weed to those soldiers who don’t ask for anything (but desperately need it) they snap and shoot up malls and churches. Dale, maybe you want to go talk to people in charge, not ranting on a weed blog like some pathetic old man who just discovered the internet and anonymity. An individual who has fought for his country is an individual who deserves all your respect, no matter what your problems with the government are. Did you boo Vietnam soldiers when they returned as well? Anyway, I am sorry that you suffer rogue viking, my grandfather developed early Alzheimer’s from an injury in the Korean war. Apparently he didn’t deserve respect according to Dale here though.

            I have constant upper back pain from my years as a fisherman/general manual laborer and several sports injuries. I have never sought out medication for it but I could definitely use something that’s not as addictive as painkillers but works better than ibuprofen. I don’t really know how me paying for weed would suck tax dollars from Dale. Luckily I live in Washington so I’ll just wait until July when it’s sold for recreation. Also, Dale gets his “statistics” from anecdotal experience? So pathetic. He should probably just fill out polls for Fox news professionally. The stupidity is just too much, a mix between what he’s read and what he’s seen but both are preached as if they are white and black facts. I wonder if he knows that the next town over has different people in it. One more thing just to prove the stupidity/ignorance level “athletes are some of the biggest potheads in the world”. Yeah, he said that.

          • Dale B

            Their has been plenty of military who have “snapped” and shot up a bunch of shit. Killing a lot of people.. Remember the Oklahoma city bombing? McVey was ex military. Soldiers who don’t ask for anything? hahaha.. This punk Viking was asking for a pat on the back.. And he asks for handouts now.. Don’t give me that crap.. This punk Attacked me first, And ran his useless mouth about him fighting for my rights and freedoms.. Its clear punks like him want that pat on the back.. Just recently I was heading back from Denver Co.. I got to talking to a soldier about why he was in Uniform. He was off duty. He said he loved how many people would walk up and shake his hand, Thank him and buy him drinks and was an awesome way to meet the ladies and admitted on occasion it gets his dinner paid for..
            Only military I will ever shake hands with and show my up most respect for is WW1/WW2 soldiers.. They are the ones who fought for my freedom and my rights.. I love paying for their meals and listening to their stories.. All other wars since have been Police campaigns that only protected the people of that country.. Korea was also a police action. a 4 year police action that should have never happened. It did not benefit any American but cost us plenty

          • Gaazi

            You are really starting to piss me the fuck off dale. Only ww1/2 vets deserve respect? What about the 4.5k American soldiers that died in the Iraqi war, huh. Do THEY deserve You’re respect? Plus, the only people paying for medical marijuana at dispensaries are the MEDICAL PATIENTS. You think they walk in there with just their green card and walk out with free weed? That actually made me laugh when you said tax payers were paying for patients weed. On top of that the guy getting weed from the government doesn’t skoke it to get high. Mainly cause you can’t get high off CBD’s which is whats in that government weed . And about 60-70% of people with green card don’t need them? Well who fucking cares. They have to pay for the card and the weed themselves.

          • Dale B

            Gaazi. I could care less if I piss you off. the 4.5 soldiers who died since these two failed wars started have ALL died in vein. Their lives meant nothing. Iraq is worse off now then when we entered. Afghanistan is in the same boat. We went their for oil and the control of that oil.
            Tell me. If no one is paying for their weed. Why are majority of the dispensaries in Denver has Two separate sides? One for medical and one side for recreational. Even the clerks at these dispensaries told me that the Medical users sign a piece of paper Signing over their rights and making them the sole provider of their medical weed? If no one is buying their weed then why would these “patients ” need to sign anything?? Think about it stupid

          • Dale B

            hey asshole . You talk to me. Dickface.. .. I Could list hundreds of athletes that have or is smoking weed.. Its a shame you have not argued or disputed anything.. Because you know im right.. Wow you got back pain from finally getting off your ass and doing something.. So now you feel that you deserve a medical weed card.. AWESOME. .. I get a headache every other day . Should I should be able to get away with a criminal act?? uh.. crazy Because if I do it its a criminal. if someone claiming a pain , its legal.. its bullshit.. .. Weed should be legal for everyone. and not just assholes claiming pain.. Most are lying through their freaking teeth. This is what pisses me off. and yes the government does supply patients with medical marijuana. look it up dummy.
            BTW stupid . I’m full democrat. Not a trashy republican. I fully support legalization of weed. But assholes claiming to be hurt when in fact is bullshit is what gets on my nerves. and if anyone else does it ,its illegal.. Its the same as Cops getting away with going 120 mph then busting a guy going 70. . Medical smokers think they are above the laws .. Its bullshit

          • fucktard_dale

            lmfao dickface. Wow you really are a bitter man aren’t you? How do you know someone elses pain? You ASSUME (MAKING AN ASS OUT OF YOURSELF) that other people are not hurting. You sir, are a fucktard! GROW UP. GO SMOKE A BOWL AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!

          • Dale B

            Fucktard. I feel special you made an account just for me.. Hmm ok then..
            First off troll . My first post said “i bet “about 60 percent of “medical” users don’t even need it. Because at one time in Cali . getting a weed card was a running joke. That it was super easy to get a weed card. And im sure it still is crazy easy to get it. Focus on my words stupid. Not the ban wagon

          • William

            I think over90% of the ppl thought the truth was what we’ve been told,again,DALE,ur a scumbag cunt,a Coward an a shill.Hope you get caught smoking an Do get locked up again!If I understood ur BS.
            All our soldiers ARE brave.You are a big time degenerate!!!PUNK too I might add.Dont funk with any VET!Cunt.

          • Dale B

            Again. I live in Lancaster county.
            Tell me what makes our current police action vets brave?? They drive around in vehicles with armor 3 inches think. They carry guns that are better then any guns on the planet. They never go anywhere by themselves .. So tell me Billy what makes these guys brave????
            Soldiers in WW2 was brave. They truly fought for our freedoms and rights.. These soldiers today only protect the country they are in.. Nit us.. Sorry to burst your pathetic bubble. But fighting in an actual war and not a corrupted Lie and police action is two very different thing.. These kids who have died since the start of these failed wars have ALL DIED in vein. Everyone of them. Because this country is fighting for oil and control of that oil.
            Our soldiers today are nothing more then heavily armed Baby sitters of the western countries.

        • physicsmajor

          Go fuck yourself

        • dontbeajerk

          you sir, are a self righteous pompous ass hole!

        • David

          If u really bash a solider just because he’s fighting in a war u don’t agree with then u seriously need some help on not being such an asshole. This post and your first one shows me that your the person who needs to have an opinion on everything, even if u know nothing about that topic. And dale, no one likes that guy. Go fuck yourself and leave weed to people who aren’t super judgemental and self righteous. You seriously don’t deserve the pleasure of marijuana

          • Dale B

            Listen stupid. Re read the comments then think a little bit.. He was bashing me for bitching about not being allowed to smoke weed. He said since he fought for my freedom “which is bullshit” Then he should be able to break the laws where is I would be sent to prison. Next time focus dumbass

            Btw . Smoking weed should be everyone’s right. Not just a loud mouth who wasn’t trained properly and now cant sleep because war scared him so badly

        • connor

          Dale B, you sound like you should stop smoking weed you pothead, you’ve lost to many brain cells, quit fliping out like a whiney little girl with a tantrum.

          • Dale B

            Obvious you don’t know much about weed. Weed does not kill brain cells. That was a republican lie

        • yerr_mom

          Dude. Dale, shut the fuck up. You’re annoying. Go do something else with your life instead of sitting on this blog and fighting with people. Over weed. Just smoke it and shut the fuck up.

      • William

        Ok,againwell said an again,got baked for a rair time an DID sleep for once!!!also helped with MY PAIN!!!Im sorry for your troubles on behalf of serving the UNITED STATES military for OUR COUNTRY,but its clear that Dale is here to aggravate,an is either a BIG PUSSY behind a keyboard OR is just an anti Midical Marajuana Herb SHILL.Also ive always said,if the comes where someone smokes say Rosemary during Its stages of yearly growth an It gets u high,IT will ALSO b illegal.
        B well Rogue viking.

        • Dale B

          Billy. ill be happy to give you my full name and address if you think you are a badass. I live in Lancaster country PA. care for a road trip??

    • jviscont1

      would like to know more about taxpayer funded weed? is this some Medicaid program in your state?

      • Dale B

        if no government is not paying for it. Why are the dispensaries in two different sections? Medical on one side and recreational on the other? The fella at the medicine man in Denver told me the Medical patients Signs their rights over to them to be their only provider.. Someone besides them is paying for it or they wouldn’t have the need to sign anything.. Look up “getting medical Marijuana from the government” Their is this guy who explains that he has been getting Government medical weed for 10 years with a prescription from his Doctor. If he’s getting it from them , you and I are paying for it

        • Big Al

          I don’t usually chime into these discussions, Dale…..you are truely an idiot. I believe you have been smoking the wrong kind of weed man. Stay away from the weed labled “Monsanto express”.

          • Dale B

            Well answer me this. Why is a dispensary.in two different sections Medical and recreational?? Next time. don’t chime in. your response was horrible.
            And you know damn well the medical users will sooner or later if they haven’t already demand that welfare or their current healthcare provider must pay fort it.

    • Its a start ..

      i was reading this article and i did something i never do which is comment on a blog. But since im fed up of people not so supportive of medical use then what are you supportive of ? your self … . At least in the states you lucky lazy moaning gits have medical use and a card ! where here in this F***g island called Cyprus with the biggest crisis ever . they still intend to hold a cannabis law under classification of a B drug (cocaine ) so if you are cough with even 0.1g you could take up to 2-3 years in prison depending on the circumstances which are never enough. My point is there are ACTUAL people where at this point of in life would kill to get a damn medical card . I have been locked up and what not for a small amount . i suffer OCD and tourretes syndrome for over 9 years . Fortunately the suffering was reduced at great ! when i came of the 8 tablets a day for 7 years and started smoking illegally . Yet we fear .. because in “EUROPE” WE ARE ILLEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS SMOKERS in a personal way of putting it . .
      Peace .. (my country wont let me take my medication )

      • Dale B

        Their is a 19 year old kid in texas who made and sold hash oil brownies. He is facing 5 to life in prison. Two states above him Weed is being smoked in the streets of Denver Colorado. There is only a few states that even allow medical weed.
        Tell me how weed helps you with OCD? Does it put you to sleep? How does weed stop your brain from over thinking?? and how does weed get rid of your TIC? Since Tourette’s is a child hood illness and most cases does no warrant the use of any medication. and according to wiki Tourette’s is a child hood syndrome. Which means kids should grow out of it.. Are you sure you wasn’t diagnosed wrong? Most of what I read brings up how it is easily misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD

        • AD

          Dale B, Tourette’s is not specifically a childhood disorder in all cases, and OCD has been implicated for various reasons as a psychiatric form of Tourette’s.

          As for how weed stops overthinking: Weed stops the brain from overthinking by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Cannabinoid receptors are found all throughout the brain. Long story short, through the action in a signaling cascade involving cAMP and PKA, THC’s binding process reduces the release of potassium and calcium. Potassium and calcium are the major elements that cause action potentials to happen, which release neurotransmitters. With less potassium and calcium being released within the brain, there are fewer action potentials, so fewer neurotransmitters are released. When neurotransmitters like Glutamate are released less often, the brain can be allowed to stop “overthinking,” or to slow down.

          I’m sorry you feel this way about the use of medical marijuana, but I can direct you to several studies of the drug regarding its medicinal use from non-biased sources and published in peer-reviewed journals. Please let me know if you’d like me to provide links for further understanding of the various areas of the brain that are helped (and disrupted) because of the vast amount of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and neurotransmitters at work.

          And, finally, anyone can put anything on wiki, which is why you’ll never see it as a reference in any legitimate study of anything. Perhaps, instead of complaining about this issue, you should just, as Wisdom stated, move to a state where it’s legal. Make something up and go to a shady doctor and get your medical marijuana card. And, if it was possible to do a study on this, I’d challenge your “bet” as to the 60-70% you claim don’t need it for medical purposes…

          And if you’re going to question my “credentials,” I’ll tell you right off the bat that I’m a research assistant in a highly (government) funded drug-study lab in the area of neuroscience. I’m currently working on an experiment involving THC. Seriously, read something besides wiki…

          • William

            Well spoken AD &much honest luck in your studies an research!Godspeed.

          • Jim Bob

            Wow, AD you have thoroughly impressed me with your knowledge of the brain and how it works. I think that the guy you’re trying to teach here isn’t even close to your level of thought. I am glad you wrote it and I was able to read it. Keep informing us guy.

          • AD

            No problem! I’m glad people have read this and responded with some sense of appreciation not only for what I’ve said personally, but for the general literature on medicinal marijuana. I almost thought this guy was a troll because I’m not used to people unintentionally being so ignorant, lol. But whether they read it and care/understand or not, I figured someone else would read it and appreciate what’s being done in the world of neuroscience (as well as medicine) in regard to this drug. There’s a reason it works so well…

            And P.S. As to your last statement, *girl, hehe.

          • Getoveryourself

            Dale B, you shouldn’t spend so much time judging who qualifies for a medical card, since you sound completely ignorant. I can guarantee that with my medical I have never received free marijuana, nor has anyone else I know. I also would be willing to bet that if you saw me on the street with your judgmental attitude you would not guess, that doctors have carved on my brain with their scalpels, or that my heart and lungs are malformed since birth. See from your little soap box you seem to want to preach from you can’t tell what a person has wrong with them. I take it to ease the headaches and anxiety I was left with after the doctors “fixed” me. So get some facts or someone is going to knock you off your little soapbox some day.

        • William

          I dont botther getting into it but,WILL tell u DALE to stop hateing,yea,whatever reason the states have for letting loose$$$$,it does help!!!its not a cure all,but helps for many problems,depression just for starters,what,use whatever for depression an get side affects like sores on face,heart murmurs,etc,shit that alone would depress me!So fpr a person like you,drink much?Because soynds like your very violent,so I dont wanna touch base on all but lighten up,an stop hateing.TOUGH SHOT if YOUR illegally smoking.I live in east coast of U.S. an my state has got a just ONE dispensary an I STILL refuse to help my mind an body bcause I fear the BS laws.For an HERB?SO I say again,stop hating.P.S.,I have not or xould b bothered with proof reading too so dont even ridicule me for any mispelling or grammar.
          Did get Baked yesterday an wad able to sleep for once,but with all my problems,thought I was going to have an anxiety attack!

        • tackycatty

          move if you don’t like it. some people prefer to use medical marijuana, because the pills cause to much damage to the body. and my thoughts are that you most likely a minor that’s why you hate so much on medical users. and dale you sound just like another arrogant know it all that i know. you are rude to the point that you actually sicken me. let me guess your a teenager right. wow very mean everything that you have said all the way down the line.

          • Dale B

            I’m 40 years old. Its in this 40 years that I have learned about life and I do not give credit were others do. I don’t give credit to our Military beings they are nothing more then paid Security for the Country they are in. That’s it. They do not protect me or you. they protect the Governments interests and the interests of the countries Government they are in.. That’s it… But people think Security Guards are brave ..Hmm ok then…
            Can you tell me the Difference Between Medical Marijuana and Regular Marijuana?? OG Kush is still OG Kush. 28% THC is still 28% THC. So why do these people feel the need to call it Medical Marijuana. ??
            I’m sorry is I make you sick. lol But I suppose hearing the truth does make some people Ill. I cant help that. Maybe you need to harden up a bit.

          • Caylyn G

            Hey Dale…The day you pick up something other than your key board to run your suck and talk smack about the military and medical marijuana is the day I think you can be on here running your suck. It is people like you that make me sick. I cannot believe you are “40” and saying the things you are saying. If it wasn’t for YOUR military you wouldn’t be here, or have the right to spread your dumb ideas idiot so check history, second, medical or regular, what the hell do you care? The minimal if any that comes out of what I can assume is none of your tax payers dollars is so little compared to the gross misspending by the government on things like pens for offices that don’t even exist. I won’t get into an adult conversation with a pee brain like you over bad government decisions because all you will see is how they wronged you in some way shape or form and how everyone in your eyes is getting something for free. Well, out of the 20 patients that got their medical card legally which means they are probably dieing or have no other way to control their sever pain there is probably 1 jackass who slipped through the cracks exploiting the system, just like everything else, including this board. (numbers altered so you can wrap your head around them easier) As for what is going on over seas, how bout this, you pack your shit and go on ahead and move from Lancaster county PA to Iraq or Afghanistan and if you are married make sure and take your wife and god forbid you have a daughter..but if you do take them too…If you are religious make sure you don’t tell anyone when you get there because you may not make if out alive if you do if you are in the wrong part of either country and then you get a hold of everyone you have told we are over there for no reason and apologize because you have NO CLUE why we are there and if you did you would be ashamed. All you know is what the media has allowed you to know and I assure you it is no where even close to what you or this country even wants to know. So bury your dumb ass head back in the sand shut your mouth and go back to being the sheep that you are! PS…I am a supporter of the legalization of the use of all forms of weed but not a user so I have no motive behind this post other than to blast you for your dumb posts.

          • llanthweed

            its called medical marijuana because they focus on the medicinal properties of medical marijuana where at recreational pot stores they just sell u whatever i cant go to a recreational pot store and ask them whats the best thing for my anxiety but i can ask them that a dispensary cuz thats what they are taught and i smoke cuz i do have anxiety but it doesnt mean i dont enjoy the high

    • Wisdom

      Move to a state that’s legal.
      Or wait 10 more years were you live now and perhaps it will be accepted in your state.

    • Lovin303

      Hello Dale from The Mile High City!!!
      Go smoke a bowl!

    • connor

      Dale b. is a pothead!

    • jantheman

      it’s not BS and if your state allows medical and you smoke, you’re stupid for not getting legal. it’s better to lie than go to jail. quit being so honest. it’s the exact same thing with pharmaceuticals, many people don’t actually need them and abuse/sell them. they’re even more so tax funded than medical marijuana. as a matter of fact in my state you don’t get government funded weed, you get it from a legal grower which they call a caregiver who is designated to grow the patients plants. i guess you could say a lot of people on disability are spending tax dollars on weed but even people that dont smoke weed lie about disability. poor people that get a ton of food stamps sell them 50 cents to the dollar and buy drugs. i was against medical laws at first but after it came into effect i got involved and it has made things way better. it’s killing the black market big time. most states that have medical laws you can get a card easy. Your meaning to tell me you never had back pain, headaches, or any problems whatsoever in your life? do a lot of hard work for long enough and you’ll fuck your back up enough. where i live you can’t get it for trouble or mental disorders. the drs are not shady either. they’re just doing their job and giving people what they want for a fee and keeping it legal. the shady drs you hear about are actually not even drs. they act like they are and have clinics in motel rooms signing people for medical cards. when they send the paperwork to the state the get denied and find out the fake dr was a scam and they got ripped off.

      since medical laws where i am quality has been better, prices are cheaper, more is available, and the state is actually making money off it too. it’s even made the black market cheaper because of lot of growers sell illegally and the only way for law enforcement to find out is from a controlled buy. usually the only people that do that are retarded scum or young kids which shouldnt be getting drugs anyway.

      • Sandy

        The federal govt is getting their share too… even more so than from any other business…even though they consider it illegal. I am a tax accountant that lives in a state where medicinal marijuana is legal and the collectives have to file a federal tax return as a business but get absolutely NO tax breaks like other businesses… so, to put it bluntly, the federal govt is openly receiving compensation from “illegal” drug sales.

        • Dale B

          Weed growers don’t need compensation. Dispencaries like The Medicine Man in Denver is Making 400bucks an oz., 25 percent of that goes to the government and the rest to the dispensaries, Do you know how much it cost to grow one pant?? Pennies. per plant. if done right they can make right around 6 thousand dollars a plant. Per strain. Since all recreational weed is the same price. and that’s just the weed. We haven’t even gotten into the dabs and edibles or the clothing merchandise.
          Weed dispensaries are making more money then Drug Dealers on the street, Its disgusting. Weed shouldn’t cost any more then 50 bucks an oz and that’s being Generous. Alcohol costs 50 times more to make then weed and they are what? 20 bucks a 30 pack.. Weed should be legal for all Not just a select few who have trouble Sleeping or eating, or have ADD OR ADHD or what ever else they are claiming. I’m sure their are a lot of people who do need it. But I feel its my “human right” if you will to smoke it anytime I feel like it

    • scott

      your an idiot dale! tax payers aren’t buying anyone weed stupid! another thing, you don’t need to be in pain in order to legally consume weed. its a recreation drug as well, all you have to do is keep your possession under an ounce

  • Dale B rules

    Dale B true stoner replying to every post. Blaze it

  • JhonnyBgooD

    @disqus_hi6UcUj5eJ:disqus …. U my friend… Are An Illiterate DOUCHE BAG…LMAO. Did you even finish High School Bro…lol. Learn how to complete a sentence 1st off. 2nd… NO ONE GETS “FREE” MEDICAL GRADE…. PERIOD…!!!!!!!! that “Gov.Weed” u speak of is from a “Study” that began OVER 30 yrs ago. And was given to a TOTAL of 34 CANCER PATIENTS, in which the “Study” was CLOSED to ANY “NEW” participants in 1992, by G.Bush… Also, the quality of Medicine they were given was “Mexi-Brick”, NOT “Medical Grade”…. IF YOU CAN READ ANYTHING BESIDES “WIKI-DOUCHE”, you’d see that ONLY 4 patients remain alive & well enough to still be in the Newly Upgraded Study, and records PROVE they are WAYYYYYY BETTER on the “New” program…. AND…. I Say…AND…(Lmao..cough,cough ;) The 2 diff. areas to purchase “Colo-Bud”, are due to DIFF. taxes…!!!!!!!! “LEARNING IS POWER”….. TRY IT…!!!!!!!

    • jantheman

      U my friend are incorrect. Plenty of people get free medical grade cannabis. It all depends who you know. My brother gets an ounce for free every month. He even gets to choose whatever strain he wants. He picks them out with his caregiver and they order seeds online. His caregiver takes care of 5 medical patients. They all get the free ounce a month. Any extra they have to pay for. In return the caregiver is allowed to grow plants for all 5 of those people. Her husband also cares for 5 people. It’s a LOT of plants. Any overages she sells them to a near by dispensary or wellness center. an ounce every month, that is 3/4 of a pound a year. They only thing my brother pays for is his dr visit and money to the state to be legal.

      • David

        One cannabis plant can yield you 1-2 pounds, talking as a grower , trimmer and patient for years , since 1996 when it was legalized for medical use in California . And I use most, some I donate to other legal patients, and co-ops. It’s a plant that grows abundantly , if they compensate you, don’t be greedy, this plant should be pennies a pound not $300-$500 and ounce. We need to take a lesson from the president in Uruguay, he legalized it for medical and recreational there , his starting price was $1 a gram, that’s $28 an ounce.

  • jantheman

    not all kush or OG is indica. Jesus OG Kush by TGA Subcool is 80% sativa

    • Jlkillkillkill

      That is because it’s not a indica dominant. OG Kush is the indica strain in that hybrid.

  • gogogirl

    Thanks for the information! Very helpful :) I myself suffer from depression and anxiety. I believe smoking helps, but it is more supplemental to other treatments. Ive discussed it with my doctor and it can create anxiety and depression but as long as your mindful of it and are not only relying on it as the only source for treatment its helpful. ♥♡

  • Chris

    I have no idea how the comments became about taxes and welfare but anyway. I have no idea why your complaining about medical marajauna when there’s so many awful drugs people are being given this isn’t a bad plant at all no ones ever died from smoking weed but yet if I want to smoke tar I can go buy a pack of cigarettes anytime of the day

  • yvonneforsman

    Great article, thank you so much! I know somebody in Europe, Czech Republic, where MMJ is legal. She said that products like edibles, oil, topical creams don’t seem to help. I was surprised but after talking about it, it turned out they are using industrial hemp! No wonder it has no effect. Here in the US, “rsho cbd hemp oil” on amazon sells for $175 for 3 gr. It is supposedly made not from industrial hemp seeds (sold as food in health food stores), but from the whole industrial hemp plant, which supposedly makes a difference, and supposedly have health/healing benefits. Am I supposed to believe it? I am disabled b/c of chronic pain, living in FL which doesn’t support MMJ (yet). I don’t have this kind of money. I get pain pills from the pharmacy for $5/month, they help most of the time, not always, I have ended up in the ER and they had to give me morphine for the pain. I have good days and bad days like everybody else who is sick. I actually don’t want to smoke, don’t want to get high, I only want to be pain free and therefore want to try the oil, like the “Charlotte’s Web” oil, which is made from cannabis indica (to my understanding). So I have 2 questions: 1. Is there any chance the RSHO oil has enough CBD to work on spasms, and 2. Does anybody know how much the Charlotte Web oil costs in Colorado? (Charlotte’s Web oil will be available in FL Jan 2015 b/c the governor just signed it into law.) Thank you for the answers!

  • https://www.facebook.com/thomas.bergere Thomas William Bergere

    Thanks for describing the differences; great job. I was wondering; why are there two different strands? Is one plant native to Eurasia and the other the Americas? What are the plant`s original origins? Please describe the evolution of the plants in paleobotany. Thanks! :-D p.s. I don`t believe in the Garden of Eden. FREE THE WEED. Its better and safer than alcohol, tobacco products, pharmaceuticals, and even peanuts. If you want it illegal you must just want everyone to be miserable all the time like you. Well, I say no thank you to you. Peace :-D

  • smokey187

    I took these pictures at my homie house and he nor I know what kind they are they are about 3 feet high and throwing white pistols.can anyone help on this topic.

    • alex

      It is starting to flower…

    • Dose

      Its a sativa dominant hybrid.

  • Guest

    (sorry for my english)I have this plant and i am not sure if its a sativa or indica and if it a female or a male!?????

  • Guest

    (sorry for my english) Can someone tell me if my plant is a indica or sativa and if its a male or a female!!!!?????????

    • Mr. Thanks

      when your plant start with flowering you will notice pistols it your plant is female (check photo down, that is female plant), or eggs on same location if plant is male. in vegetation period (at least 1 month if not a pro) and before flowering there is no way to be sure if you dont know genetics of your seed. sativa/indica could be determined by size and shape of plant and its leaves. GL. better start reading arround :)

      • alterego

        “pistils,”not “pistols”!

  • Leah

    Cannabis has been used for centuries in Europe for it’s pain inflammation reducing properties and help with aging brains as it contains neuro growth properties. The problems truly began in the 60’s when kids discovered the high they could get by smoking it and people panicked. Cannabis has always been used as oils or eaten in most of Europe for pain and for, as I’ve said, century upon century. I’m British and living in Canada where it’s “legal” for medical purposes and in your own home. Taking the cannabis and putting it under government control is like taking the catnip plant and putting it under control because it to gives the same high to both humans ( if they can stomach the taste) and cats. Unbelievable! I was rear ended two years ago, three times within two months. I eat cannabis rather than taking all the other combined pain relievers the pharmaceutical companies want you to. If I smoke it, just three puffs is enough to give my 82 year old father relief from his arthritis for a week and me about 4 days. I am very glad that I do not live in a republic like the USA. I hope that one day you all win your fight. Cannabis does NOT destroy the brain; it actually HELPS dementia patients. I so wish people would actually look up the true scientific properties of plants before jumping on bandwagons…

    • js

      The problem started well before the 60s. They were so scared about the Blackmans drugs and them getting high and raping all the white women….truly ignorance at its besy .

    • Dusty Lenoir

      Helpful hint for ya…..Don’t drive stoned.

      • Logic

        Out of everything he said.. You say to not drive stoned? Just scraping for reason to keep it away from us.

    • http://www.bitcoinseedstore.com BitcoinSeedstore

      It really is a wonder plant

  • tony

    These are my Babies…. Can anyone tell me when they will bud. They have been growing since March

    • Wile E. Coyote

      They should have already my friend grew one and after 2 months small buds began to grow the size of a nickle

  • Jerome

    ?? Is this a good plant? Island much about them.


    My boy has been growing some green bud and since the begining of march its 8 feet tall and about 3 feet wide but no buds but the leaves look like indica where the buds should be its turning purple but no buds does my friend need to put more fertalizer or what should he do its outside in a forest in canada can you give me some advice to pass on my email is crazyeyez47@gmail.Com

    • Riley

      It means it is a male plant.. Only female plants grow buds. Male plants do not bud. If you think I’m joking about the male and female part, I’m not

    • GEORGE H.

      No, its a female theres no male my friend has a nother plant they were planted together its 4feet its starting to turn a purple color were the buds should be but the 8feet one is sesimella it has a bunch of hair pistil are a whiteish green growing up the stalk but theres no sign of buds its still growing it hasent flowered yet its been 5 months since they were planted.is it the nutrients? doesit need more fertilizer? And the plants stalk is about 6inches around at the base

      • Chisna

        It’s probably the light George. Most plants won’t start flowering until they
        get around 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. That triggers it.
        Here in WA. state my plants grown outside don’t tend to start flowering until mid Sept.
        The purple color can sometimes be caused by cold weather. And sometimes it’s
        just a genetic trait. Little white hairs are ok, and sometimes are a sign the plant
        is about to start flowering. As long as there are no little pollen sacks just below the
        hair or hairs. You are ok….

        • GEORGE H.

          Thks chisna I think you right there no sacks only hairs now the hairs are starting to look spiky there a with and tan color there getting about 14 hrs sun light 10 hrs night time soon the light will go down to ard 10 hrs sunlight and 14 hrs of night.this was my first crop I appreciate your advice. Sincerely GEORGE.h

    • AD

      Also, the female plants produce the THC resin as a way of attracting male pollen. You not only have to have the female plant, but you also have to get rid of the male plants altogether. If the female can attract the male pollen it will stop producing the resin. So you want to make sure there are no males at all, only females, so they continue to produce resin to try to attract the male pollen…

    • jayden

      Sunlight, water and ferts are essentials for growing, try some root blast blood and bone or even lime (not the fruit) usually you add these ferts to the plany when they get put in the ground for it to reach its full potential. Stay blazin

    • GEORGE H.

      Thks everyone for your help I found one of my female was a male too I got rid of it before the sacks opened and I put miracle grow spikes now the buds are starting to show and the sun light went down from 14 hours to 11 hours for sunlight one of my plants has 9 sleeves on one leaf but the flowering stage has started they have lots of pistils cream color and the other plant has a lot of resin . If anyone has any info on how long will the flowering stages last?

      • GEORGE H.

        I was wondering does anyone know when do the buds get that potent smell. The plant it self reeks of some blazing fruity smell but my buds smell like grass the buds are about 2weeks into flowering does the smell come before harvest or does it smell after you dry and cure the buds? Does anyone know? And does anyone know if when I water the plant I spay the leaves ands buds with water does that hurt the level of tHC and resin does the potency get weaker or does it not matter…I would appreciate it very much if someone can get back to me with the answers please.thks herb fam…

  • http://www.bitcoinseedstore.com BitcoinSeedstore

    That is a great image to show people the difference. Thanks for this, consider it shared :)

  • incubus420

    Quick question….I believe this is a sativa plant…..I just entered her into the 12 12 cycle…about how long did it take for her to start showing signs of budding?…does she look like she is in good health?….first time grower so anything helps…please and thank you

    • incubus420

      It won’t let me post a picture how do I fix this

  • papparotc

    Cannabinoids may play a role in treating many serious medical conditions such as seizures. There are many types of seizure disorders for which a treatment without severe side effects hasn’t been found. Benzodiazapines like Klonopin are often used, but those may cause extreme daytime fatigue, depression and dependence. It’s going to be an boom in the pharmaceutical industry, which will isolate compounds and figure out better delivery methods than smoking.

    The US seems to be on a path to federal legalization of medical marijuana then total legalization. Who knows what the unintended consequences will be. 25 states have decided they would enjoy the tax revenue, not surprisingly. Half of the US states have or soon will have at least medical cannabis. The only holdouts will be the bible belt states, but even they will eventually realize that compared to the big two legal drug killers, cannabis might as well be cotton candy.