Dec 272012
 December 27, 2012

Federal marijuanaI encourage all TWB readers to sign the petition below:

Stop lying to the American public and the world about medical marijuana and remove it from a schedule 1 drug!

The government has lied about the medical benefits of marijuana for too long. The people know the truth and are sick of the lies and deception. Stop enforcing the beliefs of a few and those who benefit by the failed …WAR ON DRUGS…

Click here to sign the White House petition, currently at 72 signatures.

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  • piepaw

    I’m sorry. The White House petition system will accomplish nothing. When the president started this site I was full of hope that, finally, there was someone in power that actually wanted to respond to the citizens that participate in his government. Immediately the most numbers started coming in for the end to the prohibition against Cannabis. They waited as long as they possibly could (by their own rules) before posting the same old tired crap we’ve been listening to for over 40 years now. No. This is not the way to get anything out of this administration. Sorry, find some other more meaningful way to get to end of this prohibition. This is more like screaming at the ocean to stop pounding the shores. This petition site’s main purpose seems to simply be to “explain” why they “can’t” change anything, after all. And I voted for Obama. Again. That’s a whole ‘nother subject!

  • Thomas Peace

    I would love to sign a petition that was less attack and more “you will comply”

  • G-Ville Green

    I have already signed it, I was #3 and will continue to sign every damn petition presented me, doubt if “they,” are paying any attention though.

  • Raymond Tokareff