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The Growing Hemp Industry Worries Some Marijuana Growers


federal farm bill hemp amendment researchMarijuana reformers and hemp reformers have fought side by side for many years. In a lot of cases, people support both causes. But there is a battle brewing between both sides. It appears that a lot of people didn’t realize that hemp plants can ruin marijuana crops due to cross pollination. I own a movie called Hempsters, which is a great film that I encourage everyone to watch at least once.

In the film hemp farmers point out that cross pollination from hemp can ruin half of a marijuana crop in the first generation, and that by the third generation, almost the entire marijuana crop will have been turned into hemp due to cross pollination. The movie talks about how if law enforcement truly wanted to eradicate illegal marijuana gardens on public lands, they would just spread a bunch of hemp seeds around and it would take care of the problem very effectively and easily, but that law enforcement won’t even consider it because they have fought so hard to keep hemp illegal.

That fact has caught some marijuana growers off guard, especially outdoor growers. This is starting to lead to some tension in my home state (Oregon) where the Oregon Department of Agriculture has licenses Oregon’s first hemp grower. Per Oregon Live:

Southern Oregon marijuana growers want to ban industrial hemp production from the region out of fear that hemp may pollinate their crops and render them worthless.

Some outdoor marijuana growers want industrial hemp cultivation to be limited to eastern Oregon – far from their lucrative marijuana crops. At the very least, they don’t want hemp in Josephine, Jackson and Douglas counties.

Compared to Oregon’s marijuana legalization movement, the effort to launch an industrial hemp industry in Oregon has been an understated one propelled by a small but passionate group of advocates. When one of them, Edgar Winters, of Eagle Point, got a permit this month to grow industrial hemp on 25 acres in the heart of the state’s outdoor marijuana growing region, his neighbors were alarmed.

There is no easy solution to hemp cross pollination. If a hemp field is located near an outdoor marijuana garden, the chances of that marijuana turning into hemp is very high. Indoor growers will have it a little bit easier due to air filtration systems, but even then pollen from hemp plants can still make it through with today’s technology. If anyone out there is looking to make a big splash in the marijuana industry, they should try to invent better air filters that completely prevent hemp pollen from entering an indoor marijuana garden. I’m curious to see just how much hemp is actually going to be grown in states that have recently legalized it, and what the true affect on marijuana cultivation will be.

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  1. This struggle is nothing new. My neighbors all grow GMO corn. If I want to grow sweet corn with no contamination, I have to start my crop earlier and use earlier maturing varieties. The bud farmers can do the same. There are also a couple varieties of corn that have been bred to accept only pollen from each other. There is a new project for you cannabis breeders.

  2. We need hemp and seeds desperately. We need to only grow females and then purposely pollinate the ones needed for seed. It’s achievable!

  3. “easily self provide by simply growing inside by windows,..” ..lmfao….oh your ignorance on my position. And your lack of knowledge show how absurd your comments are…hemp won’t save the world….sorry “dude”..

  4. jasen joseph hylbert on

    People could self provide by growing by their windows and seed production failities could go to the extents needed to maintain high thc genetics and the genetics of other specific profiles of cannanbinoids and terpenes.

  5. jasen joseph hylbert on

    That idiot keith mansur is not sincerely interested in energy conservation. He is just interested in making as much by growing an easy to grow plant as possible. The same people who want to limit self provision of cannabis are the ones trying to ban hemp. I say we make a list of the anti home grow and anti hemp pot growers and boycott them.

  6. jasen joseph hylbert on

    People want to grow food in Oregon. You complain about electricity that is consumed when people grow indoors, yet your ban on hemp will lead to missing out on the efficiencies of hemp. Other crops require more electricity to pump water for irrigation. The system of restricting self provision of cannabis leads to tremendous amounts of fossil fuels being consumed to transport a product which could be produced at the points of consumption. For you to pretend you are argueing for conservation is an obvious and blatant lie. You are a disgrace to cannabis culture.

  7. jasen joseph hylbert on

    People like you make herbal cannabis culture look like addicts who do not value food production. Every herbal cannabis consumer could easily self provide by simply growing inside by windows, were it not for your al capone style restrictions on self provision of cannabis. Cannabis laws amount to an inefficient system of welfare for cannabis growers and sellers. Nobody needs you people providing them an easy to produce product. Just get on fod stamps instead of prohibiting hemp and self provision. At least with the pot cartel folk on foodstamps they will not stand in the way of food production…

  8. jasen joseph hylbert on

    You price gouging cartel folk have been regulation dependant swindlers for far to long. Perhaps it is time for a list to be compiled which consists of those who are backward enough to stand in the way of large scale food production. Those of us who care about humanity and the earth would be careful to make the list right, and be certain of who has been wantonly spending the earth’s resources just to maintain their cartel price gouging scheme. Simply allowing all of the users to self provide herbal cannabis without limits is what people want and is what can use resources most efficiently. When will you backward cartel folk stop maintaining a rigged economy which wantonly spends the future’s resources.?

  9. jasen joseph hylbert on

    There is nobody who values the existance of quality cannbis more than myself. I am optimistic that our American culture will benefit from more people using cannabis instead of alcohol.
    Hemp does not stand in the way of the existance of high quality cannabis production. There will always be people who go to the extents needed to develop strains under controlled conditions. The average self provider will barely notice any evidence on cross pollination if at all, and if allowed to self provide with an unlimited number of plants the effects of cross pollination will not effect the amounts of thc available to the consumer. If the person who provides cannabis for you really had your best interests in mind, which many probably do, they would be encouraging you to self provide without any limitations whatsoever. The rants of the cartel folk who have been fighting your right to self provide have now turned against industrial hemp. Keep in mind that the cartel folks’ rants are not about what is in thr consumers’ interests.
    Unfettered industrial hemp industries in the United States as a whole stand to protect our currency’s value and further allow for continued soil productivity. For the pot cartels who have limited self provision and thus wantonly wasted transportation fuels to stand in the way of industrial hemp is yet another crime against humanity and the earth on their part.

  10. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Hemp is of value in the absense of prohibitions and regulations. While high thc varieties of cannabis are nice to have around and something that a lot of people enjoy using as a replacement for alcohol, the profitability of high thc cannabis has been largely reliant on prohibition and over regulation. The repeal of cannabis prohibition will ultimately benefit the consumers of high thc cannabis varieties, as well as the American agricultural soils and the Ameridan economy as a whole. The average user could easily self provide their own thc cannabis, whether it be grown by a window inside or even outside near a hemp field. The user would notice less thc in their product over the generations of self seed provision, however in an unfettered free market they would easily be able to compensate by putting more product into their bhang lassi (or edibles or however they consume thc).
    The profiteers of the high thc varieties of cannabis have been cashing in on the corrupt economics of artificial scarcity. I would hypothesize that any of the scale thc variety growers who oppose unfettered industrial hemp growth are also opposed to thc variety consumers being allowed to fully self provide. The same corrupt opportunists who want to ban industrial hemp growth in their regions probably want the number of plants self providers can grow to be limited, and the number of grow operations to be limited and regulated, etc… With as much enthusiasm for the high thc varieties as there is, we all can rest assured that there will always be seed sources for increasingly high thc varieties who self providers could turn to occasionally if their self provision gardens started to seem too low in thc.
    Keep this in mind – the same people who seek to limit self provision are often the same idiots holding back industrial hemp. Most consumers would either be content using slightly lower thc varieties while having affordably priced locally produced hemp food products, or would stand to gain from unlimitied self provision limits to compensate for any decrease in potency.

    Any percieved conflict between industrial hemp and high thc varieties of cannabis has been conuured up by the same types who conjured up prohibition and over regulation in the first place. They are reliant on the corrupt economics of artificial scarcity, which tends to make there be less of the necessities of life. If pot cartels ruled the world, then more water would be wasted growing wheat instead of hemp and pot cartels would keep their consumers criminalized and feeling lucky to ever even posess an easy to grow plant. If hemp groups had their way, then the ultra low thc varieties of hemp would not have ever been bred into existance. The plant breeders resources could have been instead focused solely on increased seed and fiber production. If the hemp industry advocates had their way, pot consumers would be encouraged to self provide without any limitations whatsoever.
    Only the fools that rely on artificial scarcity are against hemp. I think it is time that all cannabis thc consumers started really pushing for the right to self provide, and that it is time that the corrupt pot cartels are taken off of the inefficient system of welfare that over regulation of cannabis has been for them. If just put on food stamps, the pot dealers would survive and the tax resources would not be propping up their profitable industry by putting people in prison and enforcing the over regulation that they depend on.

  11. I live in Central Kentucky. I have grown outdoors for almost a decade. I go to great lengths to pull the males in my gardens before they bloom. This year, the pilot Hemp program expanded to several hundred acres. I had three gardens scattered across the area. Every single one of my plants from all three gardens has about a dozen seeds per ounce. I jokingly thought it was the surrounding Hemp fields that was the culprit. Now I’m 99% sure. I would love for someone to test my seeds to see if they are indeed crossed with industrial Hemp. Next year I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I certainly won’t start from these seeds.

  12. michael stevens on

    The real issue is the powers behind marijuana do not want hemp or CBD to get a foothold. They stand to lose billions if a product with no THC is allowed to be grown and used. Legal hemp is a good source of fiber for products, oil for energy, CBD and other cannabanoids for medical purposes. There is really no need for weed on an industrial level and should be viewed as tobacco. Its a money play by big pharma and the tobacco industries.

  13. You know what the onlything I was getting at is hemp growers and Marijuana growers should come up with a equally beneficial plan and work it out.
    I only mentioned a simple way to fix the crossbreed issue. I am not a botanist it was just a simple idea. You are the one who brought up coal as if that is only way you can create electricity. How about solar or wind power or private hydroelectric a person can also chose to use a extra high percentage of hydroelectric power at a premium price. Now I unlike you, I do not use Marijuana so I have know personal reason for my thoughts besides that Marijuana should be legal for any adult to grow for his personal use. Only that…
    I do how ever do care about the environment and all pollutants need to decrease and we need more oxygen producing plants and cleaner vehicles and factories and not just coal. How ever I do agree thMarijuana grown in ground tastes better just because I haven’t smoked in years does not meet I never did.

  14. Keith Mansur on

    bringing up other energy wasting items or processes does not help your argument. That is called a False Attribution, lok it up! It wates energy, is the point! It is STUPID to grow weed indoors, PERIOD. There is NO argument you can make that makes it OK to grow flowering marijuana plants indoors, unless you live in the dark! NONE. Coal is just the example, and so were refrigerators, and what are you talking about when you mention other wasteful actions, that does not make your argument better. That’s a the point is, it is a WASTE of energy when it can be grown BIGGER, BETTER, and SWEETER outside. Indoor growers should get their head out of their asses! Nasty bud, NOT organic, adding crap like “Bud Builder” and “Bud Sugar”…that’s just nasty crap. They should charge commercial grows indoor more for power, more for licensing, and more for inspections.

    Legislate indoor commercial grows out of business, because it is stupid, wrong, and bad for the planet.

  15. First use l.e.d. lights ..and the average house uses 11,000 pounds of coal power a year.just over 1lbs.per kilowatt. You can build a green house In states that grow your in is legal.it’s simple most of the cost can be considered as trying to hide the plants. In illegal states. Also you need to consider that hemp growers Do not want any cross breed just as much as Marijuana growers. So get along and figure it out first come first serve in other words who ever is growing in a location the other c as n go down the road. Since you wanted to bring up coal electricity 1. Only about 49% is used on the U.S. now let’s talk factories how much does just a small one like a machine shop use. I have worked in many and know most dont turn of there machines unless a long weekend. So How about 1 light bulb left on 24 hours a day for a year cost 1 kilowatt of power or 1.9lbs of coal.

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