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The Marijuana Movement Lost A Hero Yesterday – R.I.P. Peter Lewis


peter lewis marijuana died progressive insuranceIt is with great sadness that I am posting this article. Peter Lewis died yesterday at his home in Florida. Peter Lewis had donated over 40 million dollars to marijuana reform efforts since the 1980’s, and had recently made a donation to the Oregon legalization campaign. He was one of the greatest men the marijuana movement has ever known.

Peter Lewis created an insurance empire as the CEO of Progressive Insurance. Estimates of his overall wealth were well over one billion dollars. Peter Lewis was a rare gem in the marijuana movement, putting his money where his mouth was, donating large sums of money to help end marijuana prohibition. It’s reported that he was inspired to support marijuana reform after using it to alleviate pains associated with a partial leg amputation.

“I don’t believe that laws against things that people do regularly, like safe and responsible use of marijuana, make any sense,” Peter Lewis once told Forbes. “Everything that has been done to enforce these laws has had a negative effect, with no results.”

What would the marijuana reform movement be like without the donations from Mr. Lewis? Would Colorado and Washington have legalize marijuana without his generosity? Probably not, in my opinion. Political victories take a lot of money, and without Peter Lewis’ donations, who knows what marijuana laws would be like in many states in America. It is my hope that the movement is able to carry on the vision of Peter Lewis, and that we don’t ever let him down. Thank you Mr. Lewis, from the bottom of my heart. The world is a better place because of your efforts. Rest in peace.


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  • shug mccormack

    RIP comrade ….
    maybe someone should name a good new strain after Peter Lewis …
    so in decades to come the part he played will be recognised & respected by our great grand kids

  • painkills2

    I don’t know why I was upset when this man died, as I didn’t even know him. Sure, he was one of those rare one-percenters who actually did good in the world, so I was sad that we lost him. Like I would NOT be sad if Jamie Damon passed away from some infection he contracted from fondling and rolling around in all his money in some dirty sex-filled orgy. But I digress…

    I hope this isn’t too soon and all, but I’m guessing that this is an especially bad thing for the legalization movement considering it is so in need of funds. It’s not like Mr. Facebook is going to all of a sudden become a progressive. Just wondering where we stand, is all…

  • Justin Tyme

    ^ A true money grubber – selling his wares at a eulogy.

  • Don Skakie

    Cole13, you are a shameless profiteer!

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  • dtmacb

    Lost one of the good guys, RIP Mr. Lewis.

  • Donna Chapman Walker

    What a shame! We (Florida) are trying to get it on the ballot now…Hopefully he has ‘connections’ now…RIP Sir!!!

  • Mungo House Elf

    A TRUE hero to the movement!!

  • Uncle Arthur

    The world has lost a wonderful and awesome human being.

  • Klaus Vorman

    He will be missed a true hero of the movement. It is now time for other in a position of influence to take up this cause and move it forward.

  • Joan Smith

    thankyou for your generosity there should more good people in the crazy world ,,rest in peace ,hopefully before my cancer consumes me I will live to see cannabis legalized

  • Alex

    We will miss you Peter Lewis, with any luck you’re toking one up in heaven!

  • LeftySteveWV

    He was a great man and will be sorely missed

  • Thomas Mc

    He sounds like a rare man, and the world became a better place from him being here.

  • Tyler Mulvihill

    R.I.P Peter Lewis!