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The Number Of Medical Marijuana Patients In Nevada Is Growing Rapidly

Nevada medical Marijuana dispensariesNevada has had a medical marijuana program for awhile now, but until recently, not that many patients enrolled in the program compared to other states. However, that is changing very fast now that medical marijuana dispensaries will be opening soon in Nevada. With safe access on the way, Nevada medical marijuana patient numbers are growing rapidly. Per the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

More than 8,000 Nevadans had medical marijuana patient cards at the end of 2014, an increase of 65 percent from a year earlier, according to numbers released this week by the state Division of Public and Behavioral Health.

People involved in the industry say they expect that number to grow far more — if the state can keep up with the demand.

“In a market like this, there should be 50,000 people that have a card by the end of 2015,” said Dr. Ivan Goldsmith, a Las Vegas physician who has recommended cards for 700 to 800 patients.

Not only will there be a lot of new medical marijuana patients frequenting medical marijuana dispensaries in Nevada, but there will also be a lot of tourists that will be taking advantage of Nevada’s reciprocal agreement to recognize out of state medical marijuana cards. The medical marijuana industry in Nevada could rapidly grow into one of the largest in America.

  • David

    Sounds nice maybe it’s time to head South to the desert where the state doesn’t declare war on it’s sick medical patients and their dispensaries.

    • moldy

      Yeah, they’ve finally figured out that busting patients is bad for business here in NV. They have dollar signs in the their eyes. It does appear that they are setting up the infrastructure that can then handle full legalization.

      • David

        Legalization would be just another problem rather than a solution for medical patients. Nevada should consider adopting California’s decriminalization model for recreational users, while expanding it’s medical dispensaries. Nevada would most likely see a spike in retiree relocation.

        • moldy

          Sorry but the people running shit now really don’t care about the patients, just tax revenues. We will still see tax refugees from CA so their SS and pensions won’t be cut by taxes.

          • David

            Yes in Washington it’s also an unfortunate aftermath of the great recession. Tax revenue vs. Patient compassion, the taxes win out every time.

  • Denny

    I can see the casino owner’s licking their chops now in anticipation of being able to set up dispensaries inside their casinos.
    Gosh, what could possibly go wrong with this arrangement…

    • digital eyze

      Never happen. Not even taking into account any potential DPBH regs on locations, the NV Gaming Commission has explicitly told industry executives that if they even hold an ownership interest in a medical marijuana establishment, they will lose their gaming licenses. Nice cynicism. Next time try something you actually know about.