May 082012
 May 8, 2012

The Real Banana Marijuana Strain

From Safe Access Caregivers in Santa Ana, this 60-40 sativa/indica mix proves that sometimes a banana is more than just a banana. So-called for its elongated buds, The Real Banana’s vividly verdant hue and pale-yellow highlights suggest a better name might be The Real Plantain. That aside, everything about the variety spells mellow, from its subtly fruity aroma and taste to its delicate (and quick-burning) smoke to its decidedly smooth buzz. It’s hands-down the easiest variety on the lungs we’ve tried in years, cool and cough-free and with zero expansion of the lungs.

In the cannabis community, the word “mellow” can often be confused with “weak”–don’t make that mistake here. The Real Banana’s high is deep and long-lasting, leaving no doubt to consumers that they’re totally and completely stoned. But it’s an edge-free buzz, absent of peaks and valleys but yielding instead an even sensation of floating peace. In a word, mellow. If you already have enough tension in your life, or suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, endometriosis or the occasional bout of insomnia, this is a great medicine to keep on hand.

Strain review courtesy of Culture. The pictures below are from WeedPhotos.Com:

banana marijuana strain

banana marijuana strain

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