Oct 052014
 October 5, 2014

Many medical marijuana patients consume medicine produced from cannabis plants that have been grown indoors. Decades of prohibition meant growers were forced to cultivate cannabis in the shadows—hiding their plants under the cover of trees or inside their homes, utilizing techniques and equipment to replicate the power of the sun. But as the War on Drugs dissipates, another problem presents itself: the widespread production of indoor medical cannabis is an ecological disaster. Is it time for medical marijuana farmers to take cannabis cultivation back outside to reduce its carbon footprint? And how will that affect quality, potency and cost of the medical cannabis supply?

Watch this animated video featuring Steve DeAngelo, founder of Harborside Health Center, as he explains the evolution of sun-grown cannabis and how it’s making a welcome comeback with improved quality, less environmental impact and lower cost…



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  8 Responses to “The Story Of Sungrown Cannabis”


    Bravo! – For me, it’s sungrown, organic.


    That’s great….cracked me up early this morning. It’s nice to see Steve not taking himself too seriously. I sure appreciate have a ‘few references’ I check with….Weed Blog Rocks! Thanks for the information.


    not buying it, since we are not at the Equator, decent? yes, top shelf? Not!
    got bugs and pesticides with outdoor grows and here in Colorado we have new Hemp farmers, with Hemp pollen flying everywhere. Sorry sun grown makes no sense to me, however reducing our dependance on coal does make sense


    The future of cannabis production has to happen under the sun. It’s going to take some specialized equipment though. I saw a lovely, small garden – closer inspection revealed bird poop, spiders and webs, caterpillars and their poop, duff floating in from nearby trees… That is just not ‘clean’.


    I humbly apologize for my Industrial Hemp business messing up outdoor recreational grows.


      Ask actual people who grow cannabis near hemp, in Spain and South Africa. They never have a problem. Its just anti hemp hysteria.

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