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There’s No Excuse For Marijuana Stores Selling To Underage Customers


marijuana compliance checks underageI have written a couple of articles now stressing the importance of marijuana stores checking EVERYONE’S identification before they sell them marijuana. The entire world is watching the industry right now, and every misstep is magnified several times over by opponents and the media. That’s why every time I read about a marijuana store selling to a minor I kind of fly off the handle a bit. There’s no excuse for not carding everyone.

Yesterday there was a lot of sales that occurred in Oregon. I read one media report of a 55 year old guy getting quite upset that a store wouldn’t sell to him because his license was expired. The law says you have to be over 21, and that it has to be proven by valid identification. That guy’s license was expired, so they wouldn’t sell to him, and I’m 100% OK with that. No one customer is above the industry, and the industry is not above the movement. Something as simple as making one sell to an underage customer can be something that opponents parade in other states during campaign season to try to scare voters. No one sell is worth that risk.

Sadly, during the last round of compliance checks in Colorado seven businesses sold to underage customers. Clearly that’s seven too many. Per 9 News:

Since legal sales of recreational pot began in 2014, sting operations rarely resulted in underage sales. The first round of stings last year resulted in zero violations.

“We are disappointed,” said Lewis Koski of the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division in a statement. “Up until now these compliance checks have been a bright spot for the industry.”

Koski said that these busts reduce the industry’s overall compliance rate statewide to 92 percent.

-The Herbal Cure 985 S. Logan St.

-The Healing House 2383 S. Downing St.

-Pure Medical Dispensary 505 W. 40th Ave.

-LaContes Clone Bar 105 E. 7th Ave.

-Herbs 4 You 20 E. 9th Ave.

-Mile High Green Cross 852 N. Broadway St.

-Higher Expectations 1332 S. Cherokee St.

I do not like writing about this stuff. I have always hated highlighting the same stuff that opponents will eventually be highlighting. If you own a marijuana store, do your part and card EVERYONE. If a customer has a problem with it, explain to them that a small inconvenience for them is what ensures 100% compliance for the industry, which will down the road help other state efforts to legalize marijuana. And if they still don’t get it, feel free to refer them to me. I will repeat it one last time, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR MARIJUANA STORES SELLING TO UNDERAGE CUSTOMERS.

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  • Ron G.

    Cherry-picking? I chose the main definition as presented by Google. That’s the top choice because that’s the word’s common, accepted use:


    I could have used the second definition, the one you seem so attached to, but I usually shy away from archaic uses. It’s hard to take people seriously when they sound like Dickensian street urchins.

    No, I wasn’t trying to derail the argument. I don’t disagree, but I don’t really care, either (I’m over 21, obviously). But I was pointing out, maybe in an overly-snarky way, that attempting to add gravitas to your argument with language you can’t use comfortably undermines your point.

    Speculating about a person’s sex life, on the other hand, now that’s a winning debate strategy.

  • Nathaniel

    It is just smart business until the feds let up. Why risk any fuck up? Seems like obvious precautions is all. I suppose it could be misconstrued as hard lining and ridiculous, but I have yet to see anyone complain while in the dispensary, regardless of the circumstances.

  • jason

    he is saying….with legalization..you at least get people checking ID’s…yes there will be some issues where it get’s missed…but under prohibition..every sale teh ID check is missed…

    so which is better..stay illegal where no ID’s are ever checked or what we have now where 95% of ID’s are checked before the sale??

  • jason

    M. Simon – while yes regulated like tomatoes is the ultimate goal…there’s no way on earth you can think that’s where we would start…

    the prohibitionist propaganda worked waaaayyy to well to think that we would go from Schedule 1 and the war on drugs immediately to regulated like tomatoes…but yes that can be a in the future goal for sure…