Mar 222013
 March 22, 2013

richard nixon shafer report marijuanaToday is the 40th anniversary of the Shafer Report, the extensive study commissioned by Richard Nixon to advise him on drug policy. Surprisingly, both to Nixon and to most readers today, the report suggested making marijuana legal all the way back in 1973!

Nixon did not approve and ignored the findings of the report, having already decided to embark on a disastrous “War On Drugs” that continues to this day, with increasingly devastating effects on society.

Eric Sterling covers the report extensively at the Huffington Post, but just think: we could have stopped all this nonsense 40 years ago if our politicians had listened to the evidence instead of reactionary political pressure.

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  4 Responses to “Today Is The 40th Anniversary Of The Report That Could Have Stopped The Drug War”


    Nixon and Kissinger went out of their way to screw up the world for their own ends, union busting, secret treaties with China and don’t forget Pinochet.


    would you buy a used car from Tricky Dicky?


    Doesn’t that face just say – Trust me, I’m a politician


    Govenor Shafer was from Pa. Sadly, now Repbulican Govenor Corbett is very closed minded on this issue

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