Mar 242011
 March 24, 2011

This is according to a Ganja Wise viewer poll. I want to put all of them in my bong bowl and smoke them!

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10. Strawberry Cough Light and smooth taste with a subtle hint of strawberry. Good buzz with a medium body high. High has a medium duration.
9. Silver Haze Very smooth taste with a hint of spice. A very intense body that can last the whole day.
8. Blue Berry Kush Very stick and pungent. Heavy body high with a medium duration that takes a minute to kick in. A Creeper.
7. Train Wreck Sweet and tangy smell with pretty sticky nuggets. Quick and intense mental high.
6. Jack Herer One of the most popular strains for medical use. A cross between Northern Light and Haze. Very potent strain with and intense body hand and a pretty long duration. Named after a legendary grower and activist.
5. AK — 47 Winner of the Best Sativa in the 1999 Cannabis Cup. Very popular with medical users for body pains. Great body high and very popular with growers cause of it’s easy cultivation.
4. Purple HazeVery popular because of it’s intense mental high. Especially among artists. Jimmy Hendrix named a song after the strain and rapper Camron did the same for his 4th studio album.
3. Sour DieselVery fruity taste with gorgeous orange and crystallized nuggets. The high has a medium duration but it is very intense.
2. O. G. KushVery compact nuggets with a slight lemon taste. Extremely heavy body high with a medium duration. HARD HITTER.
1. White Widow1995 Cannabis Cup Winner. One of the highest percentages of THC known. Beautiful very crystallized nuggets with a long, very intense mental and body high. A true legendary strain. A FAVORITE AMONG STONERS.



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    hey bud smokers i have my MMC and im a connect down here in San diego i have really good deals on dank bud if you need anytbing contact


    Iowa sucks we don’t even have medicinal weed legal yet :/ KUSH AND OJ R DA BEST PAIR 2 gether


      Medicinal weed is a hype. It’s THC level is low and doesn’t work for avid smokers. Very few medicinal plants are good. Stick with the Kush you’ve been getting. It’s worth the wait. Peace out & smoke up


    U have 2 do it when Noone can think about u in my state cuz if ur thc lvls r up ur f*cked


    I’m 15 years old been smokin pot for 3 years orange kush is my favorite kind but I’m good wit anything when I was 13 I got caught with a used chillum with resign inside it at school


      Hey Timmy, don’t worry about getting caught because we all did at one time. About 27 yrs. ago back when I was in high school I got caught with 6 hits of 4 way window panes of LSD. I’ve tried a lot if most hard core drugs and I regret it. My advise to you is, stick with weed. Then you can’t go wrong and not get caught up into a bunch of troubles. Good luck bro. Peace out.


    its all about the english CHEESE sod anything else cheeeese all the way


    Sour diesel bitch


    I have a very good friend that I grew up with and lived across the street that supplies me. He’s now a proffessional weed expert/grower from Cali and never has a bad strain. The last 2 strains were Sour Diesel that turned out a 5 star strain. One of the best relaxing, creative, motivating, strains at its travel till Atomic Diesel came along. That also was a 5 star strain. He grows it, sells it, is a certified grower, ships it to me, I keep my own stash and unload the rest but, will always be an avid smoker for life. I injured my spine badly and those last 2 strains helped me get out of pain. I have another on it’s way called Alien OG Kush that’s supposed to be phenomenal. I get the very first pick of all and any of his crops that are perfectly grown, potent and gets me pain free. I take morphine and dilaudid but, they don’t compare to these precious strains. If you have any questions or concernes email me. Peace out and smoke on.


    they wrote this article high lol!! just read it!

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