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 February 22, 2013
Half Baked best top stoner movie movies funny

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What Are The Top Stoner Movies Of All Time?

I have been browsing movie websites, and I have come across several ‘top stoner movies of all time’ lists. From High Times to Amazon, it seems that there is a bit of variation. Something can be number 1 on one list, yet number 9 on another. Here is my personal top ten list. I let Ninjasmoker put in his comments to give a different perspective. Load up your bong and take a look. Post your comments on what your top movies are and why:

1. Half Baked (1998)

Johnny Green: This movie is solid. I will never forget when I got really high and watched Half Baked for the first time. Where can I get a giant sized Abba Zabba?

Ninjasmoker: The first time I watched this movie, I came out of the movie theater and actually felt higher then when I came in.



2. Up in Smoke (1978)

Johnny Green: This movie could have easily been number 1, and probably should be. The hitchhiker scene at the beginning is legendary. ‘I even smoked that tied stick…You know, that stuff that is tied to a stick.’

Ninjasmoker: I watch this movie once a week just to keep it real.



3. Super High Me (2007)

Johnny Green: It’s a documentary about weed, made by a former ‘Stoner of the Year,’ current comedian Doug Benson. It even has a cameo by Marc Emery. I think it will be more revered as time goes on.

Ninjasmoker: Even non smokers like it.



4. Pineapple Express (2008)

Johnny Green: Like Ninjasmoker said when I showed him the list, ‘The cross joint and the term ‘lingerer” are a part of everyday vocabulary for stoners across the world thanks to this movie. Is there a Ted Jones in your area??

Ninjasmoker: You know when it is advertised as a “Marijuana Action Movie,” great things will come.



5. How High (2001)

Johnny Green: I will be honest, I didn’t like this movie when it first came out as much as I do now. It seemed kind of cheesy at first, but it has since grown on me. Method Man and Redman love marijuana, and I love this movie.

Ninjasmoker: It’s about time you came around.



6. Grandma’s Boy (2006)

Johnny Green: This movie incorporates weed, video games, comedy, great weed names, and just about everything else a stoner would love.

Ninjasmoker: I still call my bong a smoking lamp.



7. Dazed and Confused (1993)

Johnny Green: ‘You got a joint?…It would be a lot cooler if you did’

Ninjasmoker: I agree!



8. Easy Rider (1969)

Johnny Green: I apologize ahead of time to people that thought that this should be higher on my list. I understand that they smoked real weed in this movie, and I think that is super kick ass. However, I am from the MTV generation, so I don’t have the same cult love for this movie as my baby boomer counterparts. Again, I apologize; feel free to critique these choices.

Ninjasmoker: Great movie! I watch it once a month at least.



9. The Big Lebowski (1998)

Johnny Green: Although this movie is really about bowling, The Dude is revered by stoners throughout the world and probably even outer space. All weed smokers love this movie, yet I don’t know any bowlers that like this movie, isn’t that ironic??

Ninjasmoker: This one is questionable but why argue with greatness. Just don’t know if it is top-ten material.



10. Friday (1995)

Johnny Green: The premise of this movie is there is a guy named Worm, who floated some weed to a guy named Smokey, who just so happens to introduce the chronic to Ice Cube. Add to it a killer soundtrack, and you have a recipe for stoner movie success.

Ninjasmoker: This should be higher. It was one of the best of all-time. So quotable.


Honorable Mentions:

The Union, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Saving Grace, Super Troopers, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Stoned Age, Bio-Dome, Knocked Up, PCU, Homegrown, Rolling Kansas, Bongwater

What is your favorite stoner movie?



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  122 Responses to “Top Stoner Movies Of All Time”


    Howwwwww is How High not in the top 5 let alone top 10?


    Solid post though, I’m trying to figure out which one to watch now…


    Everyone else covered everything I was gonna say, except for Tenacious D – The Pick Of Destiny.  I really think that movie deserves an honorary spot, if not an actual spot.


    I see movies about stoners. How about movies you can only appreciate while stoned like John Leguizamo’s The Pest?


    Harold & Kumar????


    Leaves of Grass is a powerfull film! Must see for every stoner.


    wheres how high?


    what is the movie that there is an ice cream car…they call it sweet dreams?


    Try typing “stoner movie compilation” in you tube, make a playlist of videos and hook your computer up to your tv


    I’m a stoner, have been for more than half of my life. And I’ve seen (along with, just about everyone here I’d assume) a shitload of stoner movies. As many as I can find. And Another REALLY good, hilarious movie that wasn’t on this list is a movie called “High School” Made in 2010. Great cast too, Adrian Brody, Michael Chiklis and Colin Hanks.


    How is Fast Times a stoner movie, same goes for Dazed? Is the Breakfast Club? Is any movie where a character smokes weed a stoner movie?


      Well Fast Times has one of the most memorable stoner characters of all time, so I guess that counts as it being a stoner movie. Dazed and Confused…well that’s just a stoner title right there. Its characters smoke a lot, and weed plays a role in some major plot points (specifically the ending). Its got a couple “major stoners” as characters, Slater being another incredibly memorable stoner in stoner movie history. Also it takes place in the 70s, which gives it stoner cred, and has an awesome soundtrack.




    This movie is funny and awsome it’s called High School its about a high school valedictorian who gets baked with the local stoner finds himself the subject of a drug test. The situation causes him
    to concoct an ambitious plan to get his entire graduating class to face the same
    fate, and fail. The site: http://www.movie2k.to/High-School-watch-movie-1678835.html


    Pineapple Express is the worst movie i have ever seen. The fact that someone has put it on the same list as Grandmas Boy makes me cry blood


    Devin and mac go to high school should be in the top 10


    “Smiley face” and excellent weed movie


    There’s only 3 movies on ur list that I watched & didn’t feel cheated out of 90mins of my life. Pineapple express? That isn’t even funny when I’m tripping!


    High high and harold and kumar did not make the cut wow a little disappointed


    What about A Scanner Darkly


    “The Problem With Mary” should’ve been on the list(Cameron Diaz).


    Harold and Kumar how high and homegrown should’ve been up there.. but most of those were right on.. even tho numbers were off.. and Friday precedents all the Fridays right? Lol


    What, no Rocky Horror Picture Show??? lol
    Try watching Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy. Kind of obscure but HILARIOUS!


    Two suggestions, Reefer Madness and Rancho Deluxe.


    Zachariah was billed as the first electric western & featured mucho pot smoking…in the old west!


    what about the movie homegrown with billybob?


    Just saw a movie last night that I believe is the very first one to feature marijuana smoking and much to my surprise is not included on anyone’s list of pot flicks. The name is Jewel Robbery and features William Powell and Kay Francis released in 1932. Powell plays a jewel thief in Europe that offers joints to rich people which makes them giggle hysterically and then become very submissive helping with his heists, or passing out and as he puts it “waking up happy and very hungry.” While you never hear the words pot, or anything else, anybody with familiarity can’t help but immediately know what he’s talking about.


    Mr Nice! :)


    Good choices…I would include River’s Edge also. Crazy scenes with Dennis Hopper as pot smoking dealer to young Keanu Reeves and Crispin Glover. And every smoker’s fantasy of finding a big grocery bag filled with pot (I assume it’s the ‘regular feck weed’). Dark story, but a lot of humor, Crispin Glover’s greatest performance.


    What about Mac And Devon Go To High School? That’s always a winner! :)


    Gotta add Mac and Devin go to high school. I watched it high yesterday and it always hits the spot

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