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Travel Guru Rick Steves Has The Best Advice For Fighting ‘Big Marijuana’


grow your own weed‘Big Marijuana’ is like the boogeyman in the marijuana world right now. Marijuana opponents warn of the imminent demise of American society due to the threat of big marijuana. Those claims are nothing more than scare mongering. Many people in the marijuana movement and industry fear a corporate takeover of marijuana, and those fears are well founded in my opinion. Travel guru Rick Steves has some stellar advice to combat the corporate takeover of marijuana – grow your own.

Rick Steves offered up that advice in an interview he did with KUOW a few weeks back. The comments came as Rick Steves was discussing the need for Washington State to add a home cultivation provision to its marijuana legalization law. As it stands right now, Washington is the only state to legalize marijuana but yet not allow home cultivation. Per KUOW:

Rick Steves doesn’t think Big Marijuana should control your pot. That’s one reason people in Washington state should be able to grow their own weed, Steves told KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel.

“I don’t want marijuana to go the route of tobacco and have Joe Camel and Big Tobacco and Big Marijuana” dominate the industry, Steves said. “If there’s money to be made, it’s going to attract big corporate interests and they’re going to have the clout. I like the idea of having home grow because it gives people an option to having to buy something from a giant organization. They can just have a few plants on the window sill, and it’s not a big deal.”

The host of Travels With Rick Steves was a big supporter of the state’s original marijuana initiative, I-502, which passed in 2012 and took effect last year. Now he supports a proposal to allow people to grow six of their own marijuana plants. It could be considered next year in the state Legislature.

I personally have no plans to purchase corporate marijuana. That’s not to say that I outright oppose corporate marijuana, I just think that marijuana grown by smaller growers tends to be better because the plants get more attention, and I always root for and support the ‘little guy.’ I don’t grow right now, but I intend to do so this next grow season either at my house or at a family members. The right to grow marijuana at home is something that every state needs to include in its legalization reforms. Washington’s initiative should serve as a lesson to all other states that follow.


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  • CD

    No, the major goal will be in removing the restrictions on growing the proper amount to cure disease through raw cannabis use as a dietary supplement. People are going to need 30 plants on average to prevent and cure disease.

  • CD

    It’s the people. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Everyone is walking around with slave made goods from corporations they abhor (supposedly).

  • CD

    Just keep voting bud, they’ll give some freedom back one of these decades, promise. Feel the Bern!

  • CD

    Yeah right. If you’re still falling for “government solutions” then you’re just as much a part of the problem unfortunately. Remember how all those cannabis raids stopped under Obama…. Errrr wait I mean accelerated…. What was I talking about?

  • Legalize Marijuana Like Tomatoes

    Anything less is just a continuation of Criminal Prohibition, dressed up like a greedy filthy pig.

  • jontomas

    That’s not one of the options, though. The choice is: continued war on marijuana consumers, or – grow your own and/or buy from licensed dealers.

  • HeinekenPete

    …I would much rather grow my own or buy some locally at a farmers market than be forced to only purchase it from a store.

  • Fr33dom

    Franklin: fantastic post!

  • Lawrence Goodwin

    It probably falls under your “employment discrimination,” but please also note: Ending the scandalous, ever-expanding anti-“marihuana” campaign conducted by employers against current/prospective employees, who are routinely forced to surrender their urine to cups for inspection all across America. “Managers” of these companies are depriving good people of jobs because they have microscopic molecules of cannabis plants in their bodies, and then complaining about these same people because they don’t have jobs. It proves the U.S. Bill of Rights–the bedrock of our personal freedoms–is now entirely meaningless.

  • Go change your stinky diaper, baby-stepper.

  • jontomas

    Clueless trollito. Try something more productive for a change, like organizing your lint collection.

  • jontomas

    Give it up, troll. It’s obvious I want to remove marijuana from the list of scheduled drugs also. I have always said so.

    What has gotten us to the point where we can do that is the measured, intelligent progress we have made over the last 20 years. – Your denial of that is absurd and childish.

  • jontomas

    No. Actually, there will be MUCH to do. Even after we end prohibition, we’ll have DECADES of work erasing the deep stigma created by 80 years of the world’s largest propaganda/demonization campaign.

    Some major goals:

    * Ending employment discrimination against marijuana consumers.
    * Ending medical discrimination (as in rejecting marijuana consumers as transplant recipients.)
    * Ending the huge disparity of heavy restrictions on near harmless marijuana compared to the much lighter restrictions on much more harmful alcohol.
    * Having the truth that marijuana is not a significant cause of auto accidents be reflected in driving laws.
    * And much more….

  • jontomas

    That’s for sure. And Big Police, Big Prosecutors, Big Prisons, Big Alcohol, Big Drug Testing/”Treatment,” Big Money-Laundering Banks, Big Millionaire Drug Gangs, and, unfortunately, Big Black-Market and “Medical” Marijuana Growers and Sellers.

    But despite their money and power, we are winning! – The people aren’t buying the great fraud anymore.