Mar 182013
 March 18, 2013

This video is a tutorial on how to feed your cannabis plants. In this video the creator covers the 3 numbers on the front of your nutrient bottle, measurements, and the proper feeding schedule for your cannabis plant. The creators uses the line of Foxfarm nutrients, that consists of Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. This tutorial is not in specific with fox farm products, you could be using flora nova, or other brands of nutrients. (Advanced Nutrients have their own set of measurements) DISCLAIMER read the back of your nutrient bottles, you want to know what your plants are consuming and what you will be later consuming, after harvest and cure.

heliospectra led marijuana grow light

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    Don’t quit your day job.


    Thx, a bunch. Very interesting.


    dude get some botanicare or advANCED
    most of that stuff your showing is for flowers not veggie
    here is a good stoner video




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