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United States House Passes ‘No Welfare For Weed’ Bill


marijuana reform bill legislature session legislative billsApparently the United States House of Representatives thinks there is an epidemic of people using welfare money to buy recreational marijuana. I personally haven’t heard of anyone doing it in Washington and Colorado. Welfare money is always a hot-button issue in Washington D.C. and throughout America. Late yesterday the House of Representatives passed a bill that would make it harder for people to use welfare money to buy marijuana. Per ABC News:

The House passed a bill Tuesday that could make it a little harder for people to use government welfare payments to buy marijuana in states where the drug is legal.

Supporters call it the “no welfare for weed” bill.

The bill would prevent people from using government-issued welfare debit cards to make purchases at stores that sell marijuana. It would also prohibit people from using the cards to withdraw cash from ATMs in those stores.

A 2012 federal law already prevents people from using welfare debit cards at liquor stores, casinos and strip clubs.

The bill is limited in that it only prevents someone from withdrawing money or making a direct purchase at a marijuana store. To get around the law, all someone has to do is withdraw money from an ATM that is not located at a marijuana store. I have a much more solid way to ensure people aren’t using welfare money to buy recreational marijuana – legalize marijuana cultivation for all Americans. If people could grow a few marijuana plants themselves, the need to buy marijuana at stores (with welfare money or otherwise) would be reduced dramatically. But I don’t think Congress will go for that. This bill targets marijuana consumers and those on welfare, two areas of American society that politicians love to go after. I don’t see them giving up on that anytime soon.


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  1. I want a farm it takes money so I have to slave myself out to get money for farm then slave myself on the farm to make it pay we are all slaves of our ambition our government is becoming a strange enterprise to say the least in this complicated world we live in and yes if I had the billion dollars I would soon have a farm and two billion dollars

  2. Bongstar420 on

    Also, point out where those are legal actions committed in the open by the US in current conflict?

    They are all illegal and covered up to the best of my knowledge

  3. Alcohol is not the number one “murderer.” Not even close. I work in the ER and very few people are murdered by alcohol. Im sick of the whole marijuana excuse. It is a drug, along with pills, alcohol, inhalants, narcotics, hallucinogens, etc. they are ALL drugs. If weed does ” nothing ” to your body then why do you use it? Its useless then. Buncha hippies ! Yes, marijuana injures your lungs and is a drug. Period. No excuses. This was in reply to “countrys Candy” entry

  4. NaturalHerb: From reading the few comments that you’ve made on this website, I can see you are Christian and that you have a problem with gay people. So, I’m thinking, in reality, you better be real careful about what YOU have to say.

    Because if there is one thing that I won’t put up with, it’s g(r)ay-bashing. (Well, and racism, bigotry, and bullying.)

    So the floor is yours, short-timer… What is so urgent that, to get my attention, you chose to respond twice to one of my month-old posts?

  5. If I was a billionaire I would not be that way for long because I would use the money to hold up the human spirit. I would hire people at the bottom and pay then a good wage and I would be more concerned with helping rather than stuffing my pockets with more money. There will come a time in the future that being a millionaire would be as rare as a Republican that doesn’t lie.

  6. There have been several armed robberies of dispensaries and retail stores because everyone knows they deal in cash only. If I worked in one of these places, I know I’d be nervous about it. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or worse.

    Also, if we use your financial estimates, let’s focus on the net, not the gross. When you deduct the rent, insurance, utilities, salaries, payroll taxes, etc. etc. I think you’ll find a huge bottom-line profit is pretty hard to accomplish, just like any retail business.

  7. Holy shit dude, story of my life! I’ve had to take it up the ass from the “C average students” all my life and I have an ivy league education and an I.Q. of 144. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

  8. Most likely the debit transactions are forwarded into crypto currency accounts (BTC LTC etc) and tumbled back out into another 3rd party account if usd conversion is needed. just a guess.

  9. Your use of the “sandy vagina” term is rather curious… So, you pretend to be a woman while you have these complaining episodes? You have a female syndrome? Man, I hope you aren’t trying to get dates with that attitude.

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