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Unlike The United States, Uruguay Seeks To Legalize And Regulate Marijuana


Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced To Uruguay Congress

A proposal was formally introduced to the Uruguay Congress on Thursday. The proposal would create a National Cannabis Institute that would license people and companies to grow and sell marijuana for recreational, medical or industrial uses. The bill would allow adults to possess up to 40 grams of marijuana for personal use.

The proposal would also allow anyone to grow up to six marijuana plants and produce up to 480 grams of marijuana in their own homes. People could join marijuana clubs of up to 15 consumers who could collectively get licensed by Uruguay to grow up to 90 marijuana plants, producing up to 7,200 grams of marijuana a year.

Maybe it’s time to start looking into moving TWB’s server down south. Way down south! How is the food in Uruguay? Do they take dab hits down there?


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