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medical marijuana dogVeterinarian Doug Kramer considers his work to be “enlightened”, even naming his clinic the Enlightened Veterinary Therapeutics. When hearing about his out-of-the-box methodolgy, it’s hard to argue.

Dr. Kramer administers medical marijuana to dogs, especially those with late-staged cancer. He does so in his clinic, and is undeniably vocal about it. He’s not hiding what he’s doing, and instead is making sure to spread the word as far and wide as he can.

In an article published recently on, one of the largest dog sites in the world, Kramer states, regarding the decision to go against the law:

“The decision was an easy one for me to make…I refuse to condemn my patients to a miserable existence for self preservation or concerns about what may or may not happen to me as a consequence of my actions. My freedom of speech is clearly protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. This is an issue of animal welfare, plain and simple. Remaining silent would represent a clear violation of the veterinarian’s oath I took when I was admitted into this profession.”

Certainly noble.

On his website, Dr. Kramer notes that; “Overwhelming documented and empirical evidence suggests that there is a role for medicinal marijuana in veterinary medicine…In many, many scientific studies, THC and its synthetic derivatives have been shown to be effective in most animal models of pain.”

Dr. Kramer, who’s the first veterinarian in the country to (at least openly) administer medical cannabis to dogs, is not a medical cannabis patient himself. His venture started when his dog, Nikkita, was diagnosed with cancer. This led to Dr. Kramer studying recent cannabis research, which pushed him to create a homemade cannabis tincture, which he administered to her.

Dr. Kramer, who spoke with us briefly, states; “It restored her appetite, made her lively again. It was a complete turnaround and she got to live her final days in a much better way.”

After Nikita’s death, Dr. Kramer felt bound to continue harnessing cannabis as a medicine so that he could help other dogs with terminal diseases that may benefit from it. This led to him opening Enlightened Veterinary Therapeutics, which specializes in palliative and hospice care, and is the first and only clinic in the country to offer cannabis consultations as a pet treatment plan.

Going forward, Dr. Kramer hopes that his message spreads, and that we change our laws to enable doctors and others to truly study and recognize the vast benefits that medical cannabis can bring, whether you’re a human, or a dog.

Source: The Joint Blog

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • Johnny oneye

    My Dogs love cannabis . my dogs have killed many plants. They like the big fan leaves , Like the grass on a lawn they will eat it till they pass out.
    I cant let them anywhere near my plants!

  • Kathy Nobrega

    cannabis oil cures cancer. in ANY animal, including us. bravo to this vet. hero.

    • allina

      Please,help! my cat was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma from vaccination(ONE TIME ONLY 7 YEARS AGO),and our vet is not recommending surgery.The cat is 14 yrs old.I live in Canada,Where i can find the oil and a naturopath doctor?please,please help my baby!

      • kathy n

        if you live in canada, you should be able to get the oil at any collective there. isn’t it medically legal there? if not, find a way. get the cannabis and make butter with it or extract the oil from it (looks like molasses when done). research rick simpson who is a canadian hero to this movement. you can find vids on how to make it. use caution and follow safety directions carefully.

  • Kirk Sherrill

    Thank you Dr. Kramer.

  • Booth McKeown

    I have an Australian Shepherd who is 13 years old and arthritic. I put canna-infused butter or olive oil on his food, or feed him raw bud (he likes it). Makes a tremendous difference in his level of pain and quality of life.

  • James Burtnett

    I have given canna butter to several of my dogs for pain & panic attacks. It’s the best no bad side effects and you can’t overdose, it is a mellow medicine.

  • Jamie Guest

    I too had a crazy old dog that was completely psychotic and scheduled to be put down until some good ole green tonic water calmed her right down and anyone who met her never ever could believe that she could have ever been hostile. This vet has balls and i respect him very much for speaking out.

    • Rob Frost

      scheduled to be put down cause your dog was too crazy? my dog is very wild n crazy for being 11 yrs old, i wonder if i should get her medicated lol

  • Home for sick dogs

    I have 3 dogs: Emma, 1st generation silver lab, with breast cancer and hip dysplasia. Memes,
    who we call micro dog that looks like part terrier, poodle, and spaniel, who has
    advanced breast cancer, fatty liver and liver cancer. Bonita, American Water Spaniel
    with epilepsy; she has continuous small seizures along with grand mal seizures.

    I started all three dogs on medical cannabis about two month past. When my daughter brought
    Memes to me she was constantly vomiting and would not eat or drink. I was told
    Memes may last a month. She was given to me with a UTI, blood infection and ear
    infection; they did put her three antibiotics for the infections. The vet
    thought I was wasting my money for the treatment. Her last visit, the vet was
    very surprised that her liver has improved and she was very active in his
    office. She now wants to eat, run and never misses the chance to escape out the
    door when she can; I have a closed yard so she is safe. Memes only vomits if a
    neighbor gives her something fatty. I did put a stop to this. All the neighbors
    just love this dog. This is all new for Memes. The vet has extended her life
    expectancy to six months to a year. He was very shocked that her condition improved
    so quickly.

    Bonita, has not had a grand mal seizure since she began the treatment with cannabis. Even her
    constant mini seizures have nearly resolved. She is no longer skittish nor
    pants or paces constantly. She is walking better and eager to get out. She is
    actually running; I cannot keep up with her. She is like a new dog.

    Emma was unable to get out of bed to eat, drink and to get her out of the house was impossible.
    She has breast cancer and hip dysplasia. After a week on cannabis she is up
    eating and drinking. Her hip dysplasia does not stop her from getting out of
    the house. When I get her leash, she is up and ready to go. She actually wants
    to walk faster than I can. She shows no pain from her breast cancer. Nor does

    I was skeptical giving cannabis to my dogs because of the negative information from web sites
    that cannabis was poisonous to dogs and cats. However, I noticed that they sniff
    the cannabis and want to eat it in its natural form. Since lose stool is a
    problem after eating it in its natural form, I steeped it in Olive Oil and put
    it into their food. They love the Olive Oil and have no side effects but positive.

    • anne

      do you have a recipe for the olive oil and cannabis.. i have a dauchsund with epilepsy and the dr wants to put him on phenobarbital. I would prefer to give him the cannabis. Thank you..Anne

      • nancy180

        I’m in Canada and have the same problem. She was on Keppra and it made her worse. She would pass out for hours and wake up in a terrible state. Also sick to her stomach for hours. If anybody in Toronto area knows a vet who can get edible medical marijuana?

      • johnnsb

        I’d also love to know the recipe for my dog, who suffers seizures (idiopathic ep) and is on the full “cocktail” of drugs now. Please let me know if I can have the recipe!

    • Daphnie

      How much no one says how much! I have a English bulldog having seizures about every 4 or 5 wks last ones were 4 in a hour! On three meds,I don’t want to start phenobarbital please any help Daphnie and Charmaine at

  • gomer

    I wish my old dog harley had met you for the last 3 years – she whined with hip pain, could not hear herself, everyone hated her being in the room. I let her live her life out as best as possible in a great surrounding but always wished her suffering could be alleviated without sedation.

  • bbf

    Works to be sure! Be careful with THC dosage, because you CAN overdose your dog. The medicine itself won’t kill them, but there are variables that manifest as a result of too much THC…most notably would be dehydration. My dogs are arthritic and benefit from higher levels of CBD. Just food for thought…

  • Sister Sweetea

    I agree that thc levels should be considered for dogs and humans. There is such a thing as too much. And while you can’t do any significant damage to humans, dogs many times more sensitive and need to rely on instinct. I seen permant damage do dogs that got ahold of mass amounts of goodies accidently. We know that There are high levels of cbd’s in the stems and leaves. I have treated several dogs with seriouse health and mental problems. I make what i call Pooch Juice from the stems. Rendering off the thc and reprocessing for a life giving invigorating CBD Tea. By the way, we drink it too. The amount of thc i give a dog depends on what i am treating it for. I also do oils that folks put on the dogs food. A beutiful Akita who was so neurotic it was eating car seats and furniture from separation anxiety was his way to the shelter if the very distressed owner could not control matters. They approached me. I was very leary at first because what they wanted “something strong”. After a couple weeks i consented and made a mired of products. What worked the best in that case was a table spoon of a medium strength oil in his food every morning. When i saw this animal which was often, he was happy active and so was the owner. For artheritis i would recomend a tea and medium oil. Peace Sister Sweetea.

  • May

    I saved my dog from dying from congestive heart failure on Wednesday night with RSO or better known as hemp oil. She was literally knocking on deaths door as I was making the oil for the very first time to help combat my best friends moms cancer. As a last resort I swiped a very small amount on her tongue and prayed for a miracle. MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED!! She’s been up walking around, not coughing, and there is life back in her eyes. I am ecstatic to be able to provide a cure for my loved one and my dog. Marijuana is not legal in my state and I do not smoke it. I am an advocate for the legalization of marijuana for all it’s medicinal properties. If only had known 5 1/2 years ago my mom could still be here enjoying her grand children. RIP Mom

    • Bonnie

      This is really encouraging my dog has congestive heart failure also and he just coughs a lot, the pain medicine does nothing for him, I may see what I can do for him, it is not legal in my state either. Thank you to everyone for spreading helpful information, that like you say save a life.

    • Bonnie

      This is really encouraging my dog has congestive heart failure also and he just coughs a lot, the pain medicine does nothing for him, I may see what I can do for him, it is not legal in my state either. Thank you to everyone for spreading helpful information, that like you say save a life.

  • Kirk Sherrill

    I had a lab live for over 18 years. He sneezed at tobacco smoke but loved cannabis.

  • Katherine Geranis Bryant

    Thank you for your service of these pets we all love as family,I appualed you for caring enough so they may enjoy their last days as much and as long as possible.

  • MinnyLori

    I have a aussie who has had 6 seizures in 3 weeks I have her on 3 medications I need to find a vet in the Tucson Arizona or Arizona to that will be willing to help me with her. I am convinced that the medications are not doing much to help. Who could I see to talk to about her condition. I have seen the benefits of the therapy with all the reports on television as of late please get back in touch with me L. Conklin 520-310-0610 Thank you I will be waiting

  • MinnyLori

    I have a aussie who has had 6 seizures in 3 weeks I have her on 3 medications I need to find a vet in the Tucson Arizona or Arizona to that will be willing to help me with her. I am convinced that the medications are not doing much to help. Who could I see to talk to about her condition. I have seen the benefits of the therapy with all the reports on television as of late please get back in touch with me L. Conklin 520-310-0610 Thank you I will be waiting

  • dezs

    I have a bull mastiff that is 8 years old has started seizing 2 months ago. This oast night he has been having them every 3 hours lasting about 4 minutes..I am trying to figure out hiw much I should give him. So far I have been just blowing a hoot in his nose because thats the best I can do. I live in canada and though its not legal really I can get my hands on oil, cbd, budder (98% thc) or whatever. I just cant walk into a vet though and ask how much I can give him. If anyone can please tell me what to do I would appreciate it. What exactly worked. Kind and dosage. Thankyou

    • Bellasmom

      I’m in the same place. Have a 3 yr old Border Collie mix who has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy at 2 1/2. She is on phenobarbital and Keppra and we have now began treating her with hemp oil with a high amount of CBD, no THC. Started yesterday and so far have given her 4 doses( 15 drops) with food. This morning I have noticed she is much quieter than normal. She is usually very neurotic, pacing and barking. This is from the clusters of grand mal seizures she has suffered. Had a cluster 3 days ago of 12 GM. I too need to find the right dosage. I think I may be giving her too much right now. I’m in California. Need to find a holistic vet in the SF Bay area or Marin/Sonoma County areas. HELP!!!! I think it’s working but don’t want to overdose her.

      • John Souchak

        Have you found a better dosage in your experimentation? I have a 3yo poodie/bedlington terrier mix and he is on pheno/keppra/zonisamide but still suffering from seizures (idiopathic, all testing completed). It seems like the wisdom on this board points to CBD tinctures or hemp oil. If you have any positive results, I’d love to know them!

  • bo66095

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    • johnnsb

      Do you have any blends that are good for dogs? I’ve got one little dog who has seizures (idiopathic epilepsy) and another big dog who gets a little creaky (arthritis). And to tell the truth, both dogs are a little on the anxious side…love to not “dose them” too much, but have them be a little more relaxed.

      Let me know…john (

  • malka miller

    DR. Kramer passed on in Sept 2013.

  • steveyp32 “phytocannabinoids for pets” the website says

  • Valerie

    I’m thinking of juicing marijuana for our cat (13 lbs.). He is showing signs of liver failure and has been started on antibiotics and prednisone, but does not seem to be responding. Any thoughts out there?

  • Heather Fertig

    I have a 7 year old Akita/husky mix who’s had seizures for 2 years now. She’s already on Phenobarb & Potassium Bromide, but still having seizures & the vet now wants to add Zonisimide. Keeping in mind that these all only treat the symptoms, because the vet’s don’t have a clue how to treat the cause. A friend recommended marijuana to help with the seizures. I’m ready to try anything to help this animal! I live in Flagstaff, so you’d think it’s be easy to come by – but how would I go about getting it legally & what about hemp oil as an alternative?

  • Blink Browning

    my dog has seizures and was on potassium bromide and phenobarbital. we started giving him pot butter and he has not had a seizure in almost 3 months. we have taken him off his potassium bromide. and dropped him down to 2 tabs by mouth twice daily. he is finally playing fetch again. and slowing turning back into the dog we had before. it has changed his life. hopefully we can take him off all commercial meds by the end of the year.

    • whatacrazyworld

      Is the cannibis expensive and where do you buy it? I have a boy that had a cluster of seizures two weeks ago and they gave him a loading dose of Pb and is now on 1.5 grains.

      • Blink Browning

        we buy it at the dispensary here in Colorado, or grow it to make into olive oil. because olive oil has good calories in it. honestly what happened is he got into some butter that we made and he was kinda sick for a couple days and then a couple days later when he felt better. he was starting to play like he use to. it was a amazing. So now three times a week he gets like a teaspoon. we don’t know exactly how much he is getting but it’s working and that’s what matters. but be warned the marijuana plant is toxic to animals. You have to extract the medicine.

  • Allison

    I have an 8 yrd old 6lb chihuahua who has been having seizures since she was 2 months old. She been on phenobarbitol for about the same length of time. Not only does she still have seizures (about once a month, sometimes in clusters) the price of pheno here in CA has almost tripled in price. I cant bear to spend that much money on a medication that isnt even effective, plus could be doing damage to her liver.
    I just recently came across the use of cannabis oil to treat epilepsy in dogs, and I am very curious to try it for her. Any one have any reccomendations as to wear I can get help purchasing some here in Central California??

  • r.l.newsom

    Any type of high- CBD pot should be best. Humans are fair identifiers of such: “gets people ‘pretty high’ but they report no ‘crazy or heavy thoughts’” if repeatable over several trials, is likely to be low THC high CBD. I would start with a quarter-fingertip size bud for 50 lb. dog, mull in a TBS of low simmering olive oil for 3-5 minutes, mash bud relatively free of oil and discard (or designate for human use) the bud, feed cooled oil to dog.

    • Sandra Brooks

      I have been desperate to find a solution for my 1.5 year old rescued dog. I knew he occasionally got seizures one a month, but rescued him anyways. Vets put him on Phenobarbital, Sodium Bromaide. It worked wonders for 4 months. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and he is having 40 siezures a day. The NEW NEUROLOGIST put him on Kreppra 4 days ago. It is not working. I just got hold of THC oil and I am trying it. He is 36 pounds and i pray I gave him right amount. I have spent ,$1,000 in the last 2 weeks – $4,000 on my poor boy this year. If anyone has any suggestions I will appreciate it. I LOVE MY DOG!