May 192012
 May 19, 2012

Vote For Marijuana Legalization In CNN’s Online Poll

CNN asked iReporters to share the issue that matters most to them in the 2012 election. Votes determine what themes make it to the next round of the iReport Debate. Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. ET on May 23. Marijuana legalization is one of the options. Do I really need to tell you what to do next? Click this link and get to it! Below are some CNN marijuana videos for your Saturday entertainment:



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  • Haywood Jublomei

    i call bs on this poll

  • Joe Milot

    its always 4:20 some place…

  • Jeremey eppley

    what about illinoise

  • jeremey

    vote yes 4 illinoise

  • Juanita115

    I am 65 years old and I want to sit on my porch, in my yard, at my table and smoke a legal weed, come on folks think of the revenue!

  • devilkat

    baldwins a douche   wah wah wah I was to weak  and addicted so everyone else must be too.wah wah wah

    • Murray M Banks


  • anne arre

    When was the last time you heard of a man beating up his wife after smoking weed? They dont want to legalize it cause they would lose too much money. In my opinion alchol is worse and thats legal. If the world smoked weed it would be a much less violent place.

  • Kevin Young

    why are the three examples all Republican politicians? What about Barney Frank or Bernie Sanders? Although I agree with the two Republicans, I just don’t agree that the topic is so partisan.

  • Andrew Zebrun

    Cannabis should be classified as an herb. There are herbs with higher toxicity!

  • Chrystal Hewitt

    To get enough votes to get any amendment pushed through, our
    people will need member of all political parties and lifestyles to get


    stephen baldwin is a joke,lol

  • wineman6

    I voted – and MJ is not even in the top 10? I’ll have to go back a few more times – by proxy. I wonder if voting is rigged – so no mater how many votes they get for MJ it still won’t come up!?


    same old shit quit smokeing pot 4 a day and get off ur asses and do something about it its not going get done unless we ban together UNITED WE ARE A FORCE

    • jway

       You know, we’re never going to be able to change this law until *nonsmoking* parents also start telling their legislators that they want it changed. They are the demographic our legislators mostly pander to because they represent the most votes to them and therefore their greatest chance at reelection.

      So why would nonsmoking parents call for legalizing adult marijuana sales? For exactly the same reason that non-drinking parents called for legalizing adult alcohol sales – because it didn’t stop people drinking, it caused massive levels of violence and it made their children LESS safe. Drug Dealers Don’t Card – Supermarkets Do!!

  • Barn Mark

    Marijuana legalization should be in top ten voted since other polls more than half America favor legalization or decriminalization. DEA have done much damage to marijuana movement, it is time to decrease marijuana enforcement & focus on regulation as well enforcement on hard drugs. Marijuana isn’t hard drug that produce no OD death & less addictive than alcohol-tobacco, plus has medical quality!

  • IfonleeProductions

    Everyone needs to be involved.

  • Cindi Auriemma

    That woman is a b*tch, and Baldwin too. They treated RP like a child there at the end, all giggling and cutting him off, mainly because he was making a good point.. They dont realize what fools they look like with their tired old “gateway” excuse, i literally rolled my eyes when thats all Stephen could come up with to say against it…lol yep and the two of them probably went out and got plastered at the bar next door after the show. Hypocrites.

  • Xbillydakiddx

    Baldwin is an idiot and has no clue.

  • Diana Sunshine Wulf

    REMOVE Cannabis Hemp Marijuana from the Controlled Substance List. PERIOD!

    • pennie

      i agree with 100%

  • pennie

    i totally agree that marijuana should be legal…. there are 2.5 million death’s related to alcohol each year. but still yet it is legal and it man made. tabbacco cause’s cancer aand kill’s you..there has been no death’s reported due to marijuana and GOD put it on this earth and i dont see the problem with us using it for medical use and the biggest part of the world use’s it. all these’s other drug’s need to be off the street’s. and i have known several kid’s that has died from the fake stuff and there now finually taking it out of the store’s. i think and feel that if it was taxed right by the goverment then there would be no problem’s. the problem is that the goverment and law enforcer’s are downing what GOD made and made it illegal but it’s ok for man made crap to be legal. people need to get the facts straight before downing what god put on this earth and let people have the right to use it for medical and have that right to grow there own….. this is just my opion

    • Steven Murphy

      you need to learn proper grammar and learn how to fucking spell!!

      • Kelly Kathrineberg

        Ok.  Let me explain the etiquette that has been observed on the Internet since before Al Gore claimed to have invented it.  It’s been rude to correct spelling and grammar in informal posting and discussion since the days of BBS’s and it still is.  Proudly show your ignorance will you?

  • Erica Nicole Stressman

    Stephen Baldwin is a total douche. Has been for years, we all know this.Â

    For all those people who are so concerned about how their children view Cannabis, they need to realize that if they respect Medical Cannabis as medicine – then they will teach their children to respect it, and use it as any other medicine that your Doctor might prescribe to you.Â

  • Dennis Pielack

    I feel quite sorry for all the brothers and sisters in States that do not offer some protection for at least medical patients, not to say that marijuana should be illegal to any degree. The law is a CSA Schedule 1 lie, and everyone who ever gained relief or insight from marijuana use knows this to be true.
    The greater issue is the children of marijuana using parents who are growing up to distrust the government that has jailed their parents, or caused them so much financial distress that hard earned money made to feed them lined lawyers, judges and cops pockets through fines and fees and forfeitures.
    Even children of non-marijuana using parents have an interest in legal marijuana because their children are growing up in a world where the marijuana misconceptions are being dispelled, and growing acceptance is being established world-wide, and their children will be exposed and influenced to try marijuana, and that is not a cause to make them a criminal because marijuana is illegal in their State.
    The enemy is the establishment, the as-is government with sold souls that enforce the lie that marijuana is evil, and that marijuana users are lazy do-nothings, the new niggers of their object hatred, which authorizes them the self-appointed duty to maim and kill, jail and fine, as necessary in the enforcement of the law.
    Take marijuana out of the law; make it legal, if not for yourself or neighbor, for your children.  Â

  • Dennis Pielack

    Speakin the truth

  • Frankie G.

     I voted for the cnn pole. I am sick of purchasing from They have some great herbal incense, but i prefer the real thing. herbal incense is not recommended by me, so please guys dont be lazy and vote so i can quit this stuff.

    • William Howdy

       You need to get off the incense. I have made the same mistake in the past. Trust me man they are not good for you. Smoke the real thing.

  • Kelly Kathrineberg

    Baldwin has to get camera somehow, maybe some day, somebody will pay him to be on camera again.   Then again, I don’t think his stupidity is helping him get jobs.

  • lex

    #legalizeit #endofstory