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 September 8, 2012

Medical LeafVice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan On Medical Marijuana: “I Support States’ Rights”

by Allen St. Pierre, NORML

In a clear departure from his more socially conservative top-of-the-ticket running mate Mitt Romney, vice presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan, in an interview this afternoon on KRDO in Colorado Springs, when confronted with a question about whether or not he supported patients in Colorado having legal access to cannabis for medical purposes, Ryan said that although he personally opposes medical cannabis use he would defer to the judgment of each state to make up its own mind on the issue.

Here’s the KRDO video:


Of course, Representative Ryan’s public policy position, as articulated here, is not much different in scope or tone from what George W. Bush and President Barack Obama claimed too when running for president, only to commit significant Department of Justice resources in closing down hundreds of otherwise lawful, state-compliant medical cannabis dispensaries.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has historically opposed any legal access to medical cannabis and rejects states’ efforts to create policies different then the federal government’s. At the 2:35 mark in the video capture below from an interview Governor Romney gave to a Denver TV station during the primaries, he not only affirmed his opposition to even medical access to cannabis (which approximately 75% of the American population supports), but is equally dismissive of states’ efforts to come up with alternative public policies to that of the fed’s abject failure.

Looks like Romney and Ryan are not exactly two cannabis seeds in a pod…


Article from The NORML Blog and republished with permission.

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  • jontomas

    The only thing cheap about politicians is their talk. – They’d say up is down to get a vote.

    • Sweet Anxiety Meet 4Twenty

      LOL awesome!

  • sabbrosso

    Internal polling in Colorado and Gary Johnson are giving a big headache to both democratic and GOP campaigns.

  • Fester

    This guy would sell his mother for a vote. Here’s how he voted on protecting Medical Marijuana patients over the last few months.
    July 25, 2007 H Amdt 674
    State and Federal Medical Marijuana Law Enforcement and Implementation

    Vote to adopt an amendment that states the funds in HR 3093 will not be
    used by the Department of Justice to prevent the states of Alaska,
    California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico,
    Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington from implementing their
    state laws regarding the distribution, possession, and cultivation of
    medical marijuana.

    Amendment Rejected – House (165 – 262)
    Rep Paul Ryan voted: Nay

    June 15, 2005 H AMDT 272
    Medical Marijuana Use Amendment

    Vote to adopt an amendment that bans the Department of Justice from
    arresting, prosecuting, or suing individuals involved with the
    distribution or use of medical marijuana in states that have laws
    authorizing such use.

    Amendment Rejected – House (161 – 264)
    Rep Paul Ryan voted: Nay

  • derrrddddd

    ryan’s a liar (look at his record of voting for states marijuana rights) and romney said he would fight medical marijuana ‘tooth and nail’.

  • wafflez aka enrique R

    RON PAUL is the Guy for the job! go here to save America from all these talks of lies.

  • OpportunityMeds

    Obama while campaining indicated that he would work to decriminalize cannabis, instead he sent his goons to jail those legal clinics. We gave him his chance-he has no work experience, he just wants to give out things for free-his way of buying votes. Vote for Mitt and Ryan-I want to open a clinic, no chance with Obama.

  • Tyler

    This guy is a fucking idiot. He thinks pot is a gateway drug and says he’s opposed to legalization because of the problems mexico is happening. Well, the only reason mexico is having those problems is because drugs are illegal, which causes a black market, which causes violence, which is the problem in mexico. So, if a president really wants to stop the violence across the border they need to legalize not criminalize.