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Wall Street Firm Urges Big Tobacco To Get Into Marijuana Industry


tobacco cigarettes marijuana cannabisFor a very long time marijuana advocates have thought that the tobacco industry would try to get into the marijuana industry. It’s something that I don’t personally support at all. The tobacco industry has used shady tactics to get people hooked on their product, and has gone to great lengths to target children. Tobacco has killed millions of people over the decades, and there is simply no place for them in the marijuana industry as far as I’m concerned. A prominent Wall Street firm has been strongly urging tobacco companies to take a hard look at the marijuana industry. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The esteemed Wall Street firm RBC Capital Markets apparently has some advice for major tobacco companies: Start thinking about marijuana, because it’s probably not going anywhere.

That’s the gist of a research note that was being circulated and wound up in the hands of Business Insider. The RBC analyst who wrote the memo pointed out several political factors that suggest marijuana legalization isn’t just a fluke, but an ongoing trend that’s likely here to stay.

“We believe it is only a matter of time until investors start asking questions about how it (marijuana) will fit into the bigger picture,” the memo reads. “And while every tobacco company management we have spoken to on this topic has been unwilling to discuss it, we believe full federal legalization of marijuana in the US would likely lead tobacco companies to reconsider this space.”

I would never, ever buy marijuana from a tobacco company. Not only do I not like corporate marijuana, I would call for a straight out boycott of tobacco company marijuana. Tobacco companies have been a plague on American society and beyond. If/when tobacco companies enter the marijuana industry, I urge you to not support them either.

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  1. Ryuk's Last Apple on

    they will put all kinds of nasty chemicals, if they legalize it, only buy from organic goodness

  2. Anti-depressant? Are you joking? You clearly never done research papers on the subject. Indica marijuana is an anti-depressant, which is the reverse of tobacco. How the Native-Americans smoked tobacco, was obviously not “modified” tobacco of the last 100 years, or even less than that.There is no true addiction of marijuana many studies have shown this among the moderate user. Some people need more for medical reasons, conditions and so forth, some people need less, or just oils. You really need to research a subject before making any comments. You seem to know very little about marijuana.

  3. NOTHING but NOTHING can replace or duplicate the product grown by one’s self. You have full control of every minute of that plant’s life cycle.
    And, there is NOTHING but NOTHING finer than one’s own finger hash from a recent clipping session —- NOTHING !

  4. You’ve got that right — a painful side effect from legalization. And look at the gazillions they can throw at it so as to wipe out all of the small businesses involved in sales.
    When this happens, they will hide their name very deeply back and down from whatever name they employ for their business. But they will get into this market in the most clandestine way they can so as to distance themselves in the eyes of the public so far away that you’ll have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to find the connection.
    But they WILL succeed in figuring out how to do it because of what’s at stake — “Hmmmm — how can we pull this off?”

  5. … and DDT, Massive amounts of DDT. Good grief! How can so many obviously nice, well intentioned people have absolutely no historical perspective for where they are going with this?? They must think the ringing from their prefrontal alarm bells is just tinnitus.

  6. But, isn’t the snack food industry going to try to protect their existing intellectual property? Maybe they didn’t cover the “all at once” case …

  7. Captain Obvious on

    Good point. Hopefully testing methods/electronics will be developed and home grows can always keep it pure. Monsanto surely knows how to test unwilling farmers crops to later sue them when they wanted nothing to do with GMO in the first place, so we know it is possible.

  8. Can someone please ban this troll, M. Simon? The amount of Red Herring and Straw Man arguments he is using in eristic fashion are not productive in any sense of the word. This could not even qualify as merely playing Devil’s Advocate. Seriously, he is merely arguing for the sake of argument itself.

    “Big Tobacco” does not care about the health of the people using their products. This is an ethical issue. The argument for legalizing cannabis is largely based on how it does not fit the required criteria to be classified as a Schedule I drug under 21 U.S. Code § 812:

    The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.

    The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.

    There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision (1).

    If “Big Tobacco” becomes involved, treating marijuana like they have treated tobacco, there is a good chance that marijuana WOULD fall into the 3rd portion of the above list (C – “There is a lack of accepted safety . . .”). That is on a recreational level alone. It is hard to imagine “Big Tobacco” becoming involved on a medical level. How can a corporation produce a substance that kills you, on one hand, and then turn around and tell you that they are interested in your health and well-being?

    1. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/21/812

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