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Washington D.C. Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect Thursday


washington dc decriminalization marijuana possessionEarlier this year, the Washington D.C. Council voted to decriminalize marijuana. The vote made possession of up to one ounce of marijuana an infraction instead of a crime, carrying a $25 penalty. The decriminalization measure required United States congressional review, which was rough. But, despite attempts to derail marijuana decriminalization in Washington D.C. by some members of Congress, the decriminalization measure is set to take effect this Thursday.

United States House of Representative Andy Harris (Maryland) has led the charge to try to derail the process. This has led to a request from Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray for D.C. residents to boycott tourist areas that Representative Harris represents. Per The New York Times:

“He is interfering with democracy in this city, and we want people to understand how we feel about it,” the mayor said in an interview. He pointed out that Maryland, like the district, decriminalized marijuana this year, and if the congressman, Representative Andy Harris, had been in the legislature, he would have been outvoted.

The battle to decriminalize marijuana possession in Washington D.C. highlights the struggle to reform harmful marijuana laws, and how some members of Congress refuse to let go of failed prohibition policies. Washington D.C. approved medical marijuana a long, long time ago. However, due to prevention of funding by Congress, implementation of the medical marijuana program in D.C. wasn’t completed until fairly recently. Washington D.C. residents are likely to vote on marijuana legalization this November during the 2014 Election. If passed, I hope members of Congress respect the will of the voters, instead of pursuing yet another showdown between members of Congress and D.C..


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  • AnthroGrow

    Smoke anyways, but its still illegal in SC, and SC will probably be the last ass-backward state to legalize it. I’ve lived there for a while, and never seen such a backwards place, still using the “good ol boy” cop system, full and open racism, and a “God hates you if you’re different” mentality. So sad there.

  • David

    Thanks, I shouldn’t be on an Oregon web site anyway. They’re envious about Seattle’s legalization. I should have known better. I lost my cool, something I very rarely do. But when I lose it, well I’m what they call a coupon keeper. I cash them in all at once. Ever been out here? I’m originally from Alaska. I love to hike and surf. I normally surf at Tofino on Vancouver Island’s South coast. And hike Mt. Rainier, The Olympic’s or The North Cascades. The Rain forests on the Western Olympic Peninsula are magical place’s too. I visit the Canadian Rockies, a few times each summer. Normally Banff/ Jasper Prov. Park. That’s where my Grandfather used to live. Oh, so you know, air-conditioning is rare here. It’s usually hot just a few days a year ( part of last weekend got pretty hot). But it was Seafood Fest in my neighborhood, so good timing. I probably won’t return to this website again. I like to stay cool. Thanks for the kind note. Have a nice summer!

  • Jodi Yo

    Don’t be a Debbie Downer just because you’re the sucker who came to Colorado and stayed downtown for the hype… Now that we’re over 21, try checking out the whole state. Buy some pot and explore. That’s where it’s at. Downtown isn’t bad for a bit but then get your ass up to the mountains! Legalization isn’t about sitting around staring at jars full of beautiful buds (though it IS pretty breathtaking the first few times) In my opinion it’s about normalcy. It’s about LIVING this life and enjoying it. Sounds like you need to lighten up and start smiling, Davey. To each his own I guess. Maybe Seattle better suits your need to sit on the couch in an air conditioned pot fog, cramming Cheetos in your face. Otherwise come get your rocky mtn high on the right way!

  • Elminster

    You sure do show a high level of confidence about this legalization initiative passing..surely your not talking about the decriminalization?

  • David

    Come to Seattle instead of that ugly over grown cow-town Denver. Yes it’s legal to by bud there too, if you don’t mind the pervasive smell of vomit a strip bar atmosphere that one often finds inside that cities filthy, out-dated medical marijuana dispensary’s (think Y2K Era) Do you also have a passport? Vancouver B.C.is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, and it’s only 90 miles away. Washington is opening it’s brand new stores right now.. Might be better to wait a few weeks until they’re all fully open. You’ll become bored in Denver after one day if you can stomach it. Best Regards.

  • iam4u2

    I’m in South Carolina, So may I now smoke legally???

  • Robert Johnson

    Haha…Get ready to smell skunky D.C… ::)
    And remember all you republicans out there…that skunky smell you won’t be able to stand…
    That’s the smell of liberty B*tches!!

  • J B

    sorry I was looking for the date.

  • David

    La Seule chose qui marchera est une reforme solide ( substantielle) . Unless you read French, this will make as much sense to you as your three word English response did to me. Au revoir.

  • J B

    Where is the information that supports the title of this article?

  • brad

    Great song but also very true.

  • M G

    Ignorance is bliss.

  • David

    I’m curious. if an American isn’t currently in jail or prison, how does ” the government tell them what to do” ? Private employer’s more often fulfill the role you’ve described.

  • M G

    DEA has been cherry picking easy arrests, spending trillions, filling prisons, stupid Americans begging for government to tell them what to do. Freedom is ok as long as I like you and you do only what I like.