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Washington State Taking Applications For Marijuana Licenses Starting Tomorrow


marijuana washington state applicationsThe long wait is almost over in Washington State. Applications for recreational marijuana licenses are going to be accepted starting tomorrow. Are you going to be one of the applicants? If so, are you applying to be a grower? Or an outlet owner? An edible company? If you are an applicant, it’s a truly exciting time I’d imagine.

The world is watching how things unfold in Washington (and Colorado) to see what goes right, and what goes wrong. I know my home state of Oregon is watching closely and learning from the mistakes of Washington. When Oregon legalizes, there will be no DUII provision, and home cultivation will absolutely be a part of our effort. Also, unlike Washington, we will keep our medical program untouched. Washington has drawn a lot of criticism lately due to proposals that would limit the medical marijuana program there.

Per the Spokesman:

After nearly a year of studies, hearings, drafts and redrafts, the Liquor Control Board came up with rules that will at least launch a recreational marijuana industry in Washington. It limits the total amount of growing space for marijuana to 2 million square feet statewide. Growers can apply for one of three different sizes in their licenses, but no license will be for more than 30,000 square feet.

How do you feel the process is going in Washington? Do you agree with me that Colorado has the better model? What mistakes do you see either state making? Do you have legalization efforts ramping up in your state? If so, what areas of the Washington model do you hope your state mimics? What areas do you hope are not included?


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  3. Mark Kleiman is against legalization by his own admission. How he was put in charge of implementing Washington’s program is beyond me.

  4. Are you gonna make me look up the info for you? I mean, if I WERE going to look it up, I guess I would start with the state’s website. Aren’t the instructions there? Of course if it were me, I think I would do it in person, stand on the courthouse steps with the certificate in my hands in a Rocky-stance, take a picture with my smart phone, and post it here so we can all share in your joy. Whadya say?

  5. Hi Painkills2-
    If I want to apply for a license tomorrow, do I just head down to the King County Courthouse or what?

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