Mar 262013
 March 26, 2013

Senate Democrats had better heed the demographic and voting realities of the marijuana legalization issue or Republicans, desperate for younger and minority voters, will turn this into a social wedge issue in their favor.



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  3 Responses to “Western Democratic Senators Need To Support Marijuana Legalization”



    I wish I was as optimistic about Republicans as you are. They are harder to light up on the issue than rain soaked grass. I know. I’m trying.

    I hit them with this:

    Some time, if you are interested, do a casual perusal of “endocannabinoid NIH” on your favorite search engine. Even better go to the NIH site and search “endocannabinoid”. If you are a “conservative” you will not be amused.

    So far it hasn’t gotten anything going. I’m going to keep working it.

    Rand Paul is working the issue. So far without much support from the conventional Right.

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