What Are Dabs?

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Jan 082014
 January 8, 2014

high times bay area cannabis cup entries 2013 dabs dabThe dab phenomenon has taken over the Western United States and is moving eastward at a rapid pace. If you live on the West Coast or Colorado, chances are you have taken dab hits with friends in recent years. If you haven’t, you really need to get out more. Whenever I talk about dabs on social media or with my family that live off the West Coast, people often ask me, ‘what are dabs?’

I don’t know that there is an ‘official’ definition yet. I’m waiting for it to turn up on one of those ‘new words of the year’ lists and then maybe an ‘official’ definition will finally be out there. I look at the definition of dabs like the the former Supreme Court Justice Stewart looks at the definition of obscenity – I don’t have an official definition, but I know it when I see it.

To oversimplify things, dabs are various forms of high grade hash, usually made with a process involving butane. Urban Dictionary defines it as “bho (butane hash oil), a medicinal marijuana product extracted from the plant and concentrated into a smokable oil. also an adjective to describe the mind state of those who smoke bho or ‘dabs'”. I don’t really like the Urban Dictionary definition because it doesn’t necessarily have to be for medicinal purposes. I personally smoke dabs to get as recreationally high as I possible can! Realize, we are not talking about the hash that your dad used to smoke in the 1970’s, as seen in the picture below:

old school hash

The butane hash oil (BHO), or dabs, that is made these days is far stronger and purer than the hash pictured above. Below is a picture of what I’m talking about:


I posted the question ‘what is the best answer to the question what are dabs’ on my Facebook, and below are some of the responses. If you have a solid definition for dabs, please place it in the comments section so that others can benefit from your knowledge:

“dabs are concentrated cannabis extracts that get you really high really fast.”

“essential concentrated extracted particles from the cannabis buds and leaf’s”

“pandora’s box”

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  • garritt

    Its what used to be called butane hash. New age kids renamed it dabs.

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    • Jon

      OMG! All sounds AMAZING

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  • Clear head and lungs

    Dabs – just another form of cannibis used by dead end pot head losers to cope with the fact that they cant enjoy life without the frequent ingestion of sometype of mind altering substance. Dab away u fucking losers – get more ignorant with each hit.

    • danny

      Im guessing you are not one of the millions of losers who find an excuse to get hammered off of alcohol and pretend that you are better than your counterpart because the substance you choose to ingest is not illegal???