Sep 252010
 September 25, 2010

I thought that this information, which was sent to me by ASA, was very interesting:

The California Medical Association in October declared the
criminalization of marijuana to be a failed public health

Physicians Change Tune on

The California Medical Association resolution

A previous analysis commissioned by the World Health Organization
agreed, stating, “On existing patterns of use, cannabis poses a much
less serious public health problem than is currently posed by alcohol
and tobacco in Western societies.”

The World Health Organization found that 42.4 percent of Americans
had tried marijuana – the highest ratio of any of 17 countries
surveyed. WHO researchers concluded that drug use “does not appear
to be related to drug policy, as countries with more stringent
policies (e.g., the United States) did not have lower levels of
illegal drug use than countries with more liberal policies (e.g. the

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