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What Does A Hemp Harvest Look Like?


Watch Video Footage Of A Recent Fall Hemp Harvest

Hemp is one of the most versatile things on the planet. As TWB readers probably already know, hemp can be made into paper, clothing, food, and many, many other things. But since hemp is illegal according to the federal government and most states, seeing an actual hemp harvest is not easy to do. I found the following video on YouTube that shows a recent hemp harvest in Manitoba:


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  1. The part of George Washington and Jefferson Davis’s currency. We celebrate the growing of hemp in Washington State! That was the only part of I-502 that I liked, so thanks for the great vid :O)

  2. Beautiful to watch. :)
    This could save Australia’s economy.
    We have the perfect climate to produce such a product.

  3. What I wouldn’t DO to see that EXACT sight happening ALL OVER this country. It CAN be an economy SAVER for the US

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