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What Is An Eighth (1/8) Of Marijuana?

weed-measurements_5-500x375I am so far in the ‘marijuana fishbowl’ that I often forget that most people aren’t. There are a lot of new marijuana consumers entering the ‘cannabis space’ as it’s now being referred to, and there are even more people coming back to the marijuana world from a long hiatus. Marijuana is now legal in four states and Washington D.C., and as the new laws are implemented in those states, I’d expect to see this trend continue. As a result, I’ll be posting some articles that seem probably too simple to marijuana veterans, but involve answers to questions I’ve been getting from newbies.


I remember when I was growing up, and there was no Google searching abilities, I had to begrudgingly ask one of my friends or family members questions about marijuana slang and other marijuana related things that I needed answers too. I was always embarrassed, because they were things that  it seemed most other marijuana fans already knew. But, without being told at least once, there was no way for me to know what people were talking about. A question that I had early on, and a question that I was recently asked by an older reader who was new to consuming marijuana, is ‘what is a marijuana eighth (1/8)?’

An ‘eighth’ is a marijuana slang term for roughly one eighth of an ounce of marijuana. An eighth is 3.5 grams of marijuana. Now I know, some veterans may be thinking, what do you mean ‘roughly one eight of an ounce?’ I think even some experience veterans don’t realize that ‘marijuana math’ is a bit off. An ounce in the marijuana world is almost always measured at 28 grams. However, a true ounce weighs 28.375 grams. So one eight of that would be 3.54688 grams. Now before you try to call out your dealer, realize that most scales don’t measure 1/100ths of a gram. Also, it has been the socially accepted norm for many decades that an eighth is a flat 3.5 grams.

So, marijuana rookies, there you have it. Now you can go out into the marijuana world and know exactly what people are talking about when they are saying eighth, and you don’t have to be embarrassed to ask a marijuana veteran what they mean, like I had to once upon a time. If you have a question that you think is too simple, and you don’t want to ask your friends for fear of ridicule, feel free to send me an e-mail and I’ll try to answer your questions in article form so that others searching on Google can benefit from your curiosity.

  • Carol jean

    Nice to stay informed
    happy holidays all
    stay safe
    stay warm
    stay connected♡

  • Vixxis

    Back in the 70’s the minimum purchase was a “quarter ounce” for $10, of course that was Mexican “brick” weed which included quite a bit of seeds and stems. But it still did the trick.

  • Big Bill

    Back in the day (late 60s) a “lid” of pot (roughly an ounce) was $15.00.

    • Pcdocjon

      Oh for the good old days. 1970 – 1971 a lid of decent to good grade pot was $15.00 for a lid, which was close to or sometimes a bit more than an ounce.
      I wonder where the term lid came from?

      • Sarijuana

        duplicate post

      • Sarijuana

        I wonder too, but it’s just another slang term that came from a subculture of the MJ subculture just like all the other slang terms. I grew up in the greater NYC burbs, and back in the day a lid was less than an oz but way more than 1/2 oz. You would buy a quarter lb, split it into 4-1oz bags, pull a bit out of each of the four bags making a fifth bag for the gipper, and sell the other four as lids…unless you were an ass@#*e who sold them as ounces.

        • kycountry

          damn Sari…..sounds like you were there…lol i know i was there, and that;s how it worked…

          • Spider

            sounds about right…the way i remember it,it went oz $40, lid $35, 1/2 oz $20, 1/4 oz (dime bag) $10, 1/8 oz(nickle bag) $5. this was late 70’s early 80’s.

      • Washington Pot Rules

        Maybe a lid measurement used plastic bottle caps to measure.

    • MrPC

      True. But you had to smoke about 10 times more to get the same effect as today’s top-shelf product, so maybe not really so different.

      • kycountry

        Not necessarily true MrPC. I smoked herb overseas that was killer, and some red bud colombian here in the states that was very good. Some names given back “then” to herb was, Mesmahcan, rainbow, and tai-sticks. Be nice to see some genetics with todays crossed with todays herb. Peace

        • Atticflowers

          Ahh tai-sticks havent heard those words in a bit i wish i could get som of that now, i wonder if people even still sell it? LOL

    • Sarijuana

      I remember lids in the early 70s

      • Jetdoc

        I remember paying $125/QP

        • Sarijuana

          we paid $100!

        • Randy Johnson

          hell yea Jett and 2$ for a pack of smokes..

    • kycountry

      I remember those $15.00 lids. I paid $17.00 for a four finger lid and it was a cause for alarm til we started twisting. It was great with a good glow, but nothing compared to the herb today. Peace

      • BaybeeCakez9

        I remember hearing that havent heard that in a LONG time…lol

  • Legalize freedom

    that picture is a ton of weed, it looks like an ounce or more

    • Doc Deadhead

      If you think that’s an ounce I have a pound for ya! cheap too! only full price!

    • Sarijuana

      And THAT’s why this series for beginners was born.

      • Holly VanScyoc

        If that’s an ounce, then I’m Harry Potter!! lol or you’ve got the lightest bud in town.

        • Randy Johnson

          More like heaviest thats mabey a half at the most dude… 2 quads

    • S

      No, and ounce looks like this.

      • BaybeeCakez9

        So thats reggie then…? Looks like a lot to be dro..?

      • Randy Johnson

        Looks like a good evening is what it looks like …. a couple of days anyway..

  • Doc Deadhead

    in the eighties in Florida we would get a ‘sack’, it weighed about 3/4 of an ounce, in California(Berkley) we would get a ‘bag’ that weighed an ounce but always had a gram of hash in it.

    At least the term eighth has a real relationship with weights!

  • cris

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  • karenf

    Delighted you are aware of those “behind” you. It’s true. I have my notebook w/ questions. I tried hard to find websites/blogs that I could trust and work with so I’d go [to the dispensary] prepared. One only needs 2 sites/blogs. I don’t believe at 12/hr, staff is NOT required to do my work for me.
    I did take their advice, most of the time, and I’m grateful to them, always.
    Pictures: I love visuals. Thanks for the 1/8th foto. Most appreciated.

    • Jeremy Miller

      dude can I get 1/8th the weed is shity back here

  • SUE

    I would like to know if I make a tincture with a Magic Butter machine, can I use it in a Vap apparatus? What genetics do I want if I want to smoke or Vap for euphoria and what for Cancer? What methods are best for each?

    • Jetdoc

      Yes you can! I have a Vision Spinner that I vape tincture through all the time.

  • Thatadamsmith

    Or, you know, they could google it.

    • Mark Malone

      So, you are saying, that this site should not post an article about the topic, because people can just Google it. But if everyone thought that, then there would be no articles for Google to display. Not to mention that by posting the article on this site, when someone does Google it, it can bring them to this site, and the person could then search the site for more articles, resulting in more traffic for this site.

      Just something to think about.

  • Jefferey Burnside

    Last I knew it was 3.5 grams

  • Jefferey Burnside

    I miss the days when I could get an oz for 40$

  • Kim

    I hate these stupid ass people selling shitty shit for $20 a gram…

  • Imjay

    1971 some Army friends made a trip to Mexico, came back selling for what they paid (no markup, not even a pinch less of weight), $10/lid, $40 for a quarter pound. Street buyers never had scales. A good deal was a “4 finger lid”. We’d take a “3 finger lid” if that’s all we could find. $5 would get you a matchbox of weed. We’d have turned down sensemilla, cuz if you didn’t see seeds it could be dried seaweed or oregano. Premium weed was Panama Red or Panama Gold, but chances were good that no matter what it was called, it was prolly ditchweed.

    • Randy Johnson

      YOu get get 40 pound bails for 150$ if it was ont he rott well slidding anyway..

  • Lawrence Hambrick

    Ok!…Here in the GREAT Northwest, I can get a Q for $45 on some FIRE!…$80 for a half on some FIRE 14.3 gm!…And $160 for an Oz 29-30 gm or so.

    • William Jen Francois

      Philly? Lawrence hambrick

    • Jagv

      You still go does deals??

  • stoner_stuff

    Let’s cut to the chase for all those weighing out baggies. Here’s how many grams are in an 8th: http://stuffstonerslike.com/2015/10/how-many-grams-in-an-eighth/

  • Randy Johnson

    3.5 without the bag unless you are a twat and why dont you call a 1/8 a joint anyway..lol wtf

  • Andy Fierro

    I giv 3.5 away for $5.00. N its gud A$$ smoke too. No sticks or seeds straight buds. N not none of that bammer A$$ junk either.

    • Dat boul

      I wish you were in philly. You’re a real ass dealer. There’s a lot of schemes out here, I’m thinking about growing my own

  • Michael

    Hello. i saw this article too http://allweednews.com/how-many-grams-is-18-ounce-of-weed/ You can find there more info about Dime, Dub, Teenth, Eighth, Quarter, Half, “O” or ”Z”, Lid and with pictures. i think that it is more informative.