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  1. small batches work better , some trim is frostier.
    cleaning the screen in between, second batch might get some moisture and this prevents trichomes from freeze drying and falling through screen.
    I used to use ice water , but the dry ice is the best so far!
    just my personnel pref.
    And the finished product is ” keif””kief”
    justmy2cents !

  2. that looks sweet as hell. i have a question about making dry ice hash, i wonder if you can help? i made 2 batches of dry ice hash, the first i used 2 oz of trim, and got 8 grams of hash, the second batch i figured i could save some time so i used the rest of my trim (6 oz} i was completely confused when i got only 10grams of hash. can anyone shed some light on this for me?
    confused and frustrated.

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